Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina

75 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig, Metro Manila
Mexican Open from 10:30a to 1:00a
Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina

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Jhenn Y.

Finally! I loved everything!

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Billy R.

CATCH-UP DINNER!! Because I just discovered the greatness of the pasig kapitolyo melting pot, we decided to try its famous mexican diner- yes, I am talking about the famous, 4.5/5 star-rated, Silantro. This place is crazy! People lined up and wait for their tables outside. We arrived at around...

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Paula P.

I haven't been eating these past few weeks, I don't know why but last Friday I freaking ate like a pig, thanks Silantro. You ruined my appetite. The highlight of my night was their Beef Nachos. IT WAS THE BOMB. YES IT'S SO DAMN GOOD I WENT TO NACHO HEAVEN. I also liked their Chicken Wings but...

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Trixia C.

Sometimes I love being your friend but most of the time, I wonder why 128514128514128514 Justin J && Paula P. The "walang kaplano-planong pagkikita" 128514 The "dapat sa privato tayo eh" Sorry na guys. 128518128518128518 Anyhoo, we waited to be seated for like almost 2 hours? Yeah, 2 effin hours. Me: Kapag to di masarap gugulong...

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Joel A.

The family and I went there last Sunday as a second thought. I had the quesadilla in the picture. Taste was good but it lacked some heat. My wire ordered the soft lengua taco. For a strange reason, it was tainted with lamb as we all tasted it. My daughter had some kind of steak that the waiter...

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Neb M.

Place is usually (or should I say always) packed so bring a lot of patience if you decide to dine there. Please please order their nachos. They serve the best nachos in town, I am pretty confident that they have set the standards on nachos. 128525 Don't forget to dip or let your orders swim in their...

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Det Z.

filipinized mexican food. but it trumps all the other mexican restos! set your eyes on their soft tacos in lamb and/or lengua, silantro's quesadillas, caliente wings, burger and burritos. these are the best items on their menu. you will never go wrong! nachos are ok but get soggy. nothing to...

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CrishYna P.

Good place and good value for money with pleasant staff, and good food! Try the cheesy quesadillas, 2 pieces for 160 pesos only and their nachos, its surprisingly really filling! 128523128077 yummy!

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Angela Marie C.

2nd time to eat here and it still is one of the best Mexican joints I have ever visited. They serve affordable food items but all packed with flavor. Their servings are huge for the price, and everything tastes amazing!!! 100841008410084️ can't wait to come back! 128525128525128525

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Mary Love S.

It took us a long time before we decided to go with Silantro. It’s the curse of having so many options. One wants this place while another says the other. It was hard to reach a consensus. Anyway, Silantro won. I ordered the Completo (PHP110) again with three choices of meat. This time, I went...

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