Beeffalo by Hotrocks

Gil Fernando Ave., Marikina, Metro Manila
Steak Reopens: 11:00a-10:00p
Beeffalo by Hotrocks

From 21 Reviewers

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Most Recent Reviews

Rica J.

Paid 245 for this. A flat Caesar salad that's supposed to be good for 2. I feel robbed. Grrrr.

Ria L.

Got complimentary coffee :) everything we ordered was great! Order thicker cuts of their steak to...

Mailene N.

The place looks simple and even its outdoor area was cute with hanging lights atop the chairs....

Arnel C.

Steaks and Pasta Rocks!

Maria Carmina T.

Good ambience. Affordable prices. Delicious food. All in Marikina!

Hannah Marga S.

Second time here at Beefalo but not quite satisfied with what I ordered that day. In the picture:...

Faye L.

I've been hearing about beeffalo from marikina foodies but never got the chance to try the place...

Gabby G.

Cheese pizza in thin crust is love!

Marvin L.

Grilled to perfection and cheap baby back ribs for 270 not bad..

Argee E.

For this night's saturdate foodie: The next BIG thing! Their main deal! For 270php, it's...

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