Jen R.

I cannot think of a restaurant that I've been as disappointed in as Taka. 128545128545128545

The first thing you should know about this place is that the servings are tiny. When you browse through their menu, do not make the mistake of thinking that maybe the actual servings are bigger than they appear in the picture. We ordered the red snapper and the serving was three 1"x2"x0.5" cuts of fish that did not even taste good. I was simply shocked when it arrived. In addition, the scales on that tiny fish were not removed well. I choked on both scales and fishbone and I needed to throw up just to dislodge those items from my throat -- I was already spitting blood because of the fish scales.

Second, the selection is limited. I'm not exactly sure if this was what they intended to achieve when they said "Modern Japanese". But I know I would've been more forgiving if their limited selection tasted good at least. It did not. We had the chicken sukiyaki and it tasted like it was just boiled. Plain boiled.

Third, the food was NOT cheap. We paid PhP 1,100 and we felt it was such a waste of money. Better just go to the Italian place beside it or walk further up the road to get to the other restaurants. (F and I ended up going to Wursty Wursty because the experience in Taka was nothing short of bad trip 128545).

(I'm thinking of giving this place 2 stars but F pointed out that there was no tissue in the comfort room. The space inside the restaurant was very cramped. The lighting was flat. And the server forgot our other order. So there.)

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