Odell R.

A new steak place in the newly opened East wing of Shangri-La Plaza mall.

Walking in, the place looks nice.

I'm guessing because the place is new and it's the early afternoon, the place was empty aside from the staff, so I was the only one eating here.

I ordered their "Creekstone Black Angus". It's their 10 oz "prime grade, grain-fed" ribeye.

The steak is served on a cutting board with the restaurant's name on it.. A nice touch.

How was the steak? It was excellent. Juicy. Tender. Flavorful.

The problem is that a small platoon of flies thought so also. I spent more time swatting flies away than cutting my delicious steak!

They kept buzzing around, landing on the table, on my arm, on my shoulder, on my ear! Extremely annoying. Pesky flies!

While the food was really good, because I was being attacked by multiple flies the entire time I was eating, it was a very uncomfortable and frustrating experience.

What really sucked was how two minutes after my mashed potatoes were served, two flies landed in it! Sly devils!

I wasn't able to eat it! Since sides are a la carte, that was a total waste of money.

On my way out, I even gently let the manager know about the flies and how I wasn't even able to eat my mashed potatoes. It's obvious I didn't eat it. Plus there's no way he didn't see me trying to fight off flies while eating. I was their only customer! While he did apologize, I was curious to see if he'd at least extend an offer to refund my side. Nope.

Food good. Overall experience bad.

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