Brand Assets & Guidelines

The looloo identity system has been thoughtfully developed and should be used with care. Below are brand assets that can be used for editorial and marketing purposes along with guidelines for implementation.

Logo Meaning

The Star Flag

The looloo Star Flag is the primary mark that represents our brand. Embedded within the design are two symbols that are tightly tied into our service offering and mission.

  1. The Flag

    Throughout history flags have served critical roles by conveying ideologies, for instance cultural unity, and also more utilitarian functions like marking great things we want to remember for later.

    Specific to looloo, flag symbolism represents the discovery of new places, leadership, and a community that's united through a positive purpose.

  2. The Star

    Core to our service offering is the ability to rate and review a wide variety of businesses, attractions and services. Below is an illustration depicting how the star shape from our 5-point rating system is integrated into our mark to create the Star Flag.

Rating Star
Our rating star
Star Integration
Star integration
Star Flag
The looloo Star Flag

Logo Guidelines

Allow Clear Space

When using our logos, clear space or "breathing room" should be implemented around the perimeter. The required minimum clear space is proportionally equal to the left section of the Star Flag, which can be used as a guide.

Clear Space

Do Not Modify

The design integrity of our logos must always be maintained when using them. Modifications should never be made to proportions, color or style.

Do Not Distort
Do Not Distort
Do Not Stylize
Do Not Stylize
Cat With Glasses
Do Not… actually we might let this slide.

Logo Downloads

Standard Logo

When possible and when space allows, the Standard Logo should be used.

White Logo Sample
Download white logo EPSPNG
Blue Logo Sample
Download blue logo EPSPNG

Star Flag Logo

Under certain conditions, such as when space is limited, the Star Flag Logo may be used.

White Flag Sample
Download white flag EPSPNG
Blue Flag Sample
Download blue flag EPSPNG

Spelling & Capitalization

Do Not Capitalize

When appearing in editorial content and other written forms, "looloo" should never be capitalized.