Calumpit is an urban municipality in Bulacan. It houses several historical destinations that history junkies will go wild for. Aside from that, devotees from all over the country can visit their churches and shrines.

Calumpit is home to two of the country’s oldest churches: the Sta. Lucia Church and the St. John the Baptist Church. Sta. Lucia is the town’s patron saint and the church is famous for its colorful banderitas displayed all year round and come fiesta time, locals and visitors gather to witness the grand fireworks display. The St. John the Baptist Church, on the other hand, bears with it a legend. Back in the Spanish period, there was a secret tunnel inside the church — a tunnel that the friars would use to escape during Chinese or Moro attacks. Today, it is now a Diocesan Shrine of the Diocese of Malolos.

Devotees might also want to visit the Meyto Shrine in the Meyto Church, where the first mass was held in Bulacan and also where the wooden cross is housed. Another religious gathering in this town is the Libad Festival where there is a procession in honor of St. John the Baptist. The locals would sing, dance, and would even sprinkle water onto passersby as a way of “baptizing” them, mimicking St. John the Baptist.

One historical landmark in the town is the Bagbag Bridge where the longest battle against the Americans was held. On this bridge, the troops led by General Gregorio del Pilar or “Goyong” fought the Americans for the sake of our country. Still standing, this bridge is now a couple of decades old and serves as a reminder of the sacrifices our countrymen made for our independence.

Finally, Calumpit is home to the Calumpit River where it continues to be a rich fishing ground for many of the fishermen in town and also serves as the irrigation source of the locals. It still is considered one of the integral parts of the province, having stretched through most of the towns and being the longest river in Bulacan.

Calumpit is a modest and humble town and is the place to be if you’re looking for a lowkey destination.

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