Hamilo Coast Photo: Paul G.

Hamilo Coast

Away from the busy, congested streets of Metro Manila is a piece of paradise nestled within the mountains and shores of Batangas. Hamilo Coast is a premier seaside residential community and leisure destination that guarantees privacy and exclusivity.

Home to 13 well-protected coves, Hamilo Coast is situated in the coastal town of Nasugbu and is on the Verde Island Passage, which is a part of the Coral Triangle, the world’s center of marine diversity. Three of these coves, Etayo, Santelmo, and Pico de Loro, have been declared as Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) by the government, which prohibits fishing in the area that can disrupt the thriving marine life.

The Pico de Loro Cove has been developed to include a residential complex, a beach and country club, and a hotel for its guests. Hamilo makes it possible and convenient to own a unit in its mid-rise residential buildings. Choose among the one or two bedroom lofts and suites available and make it your home away from home that comes with endless views of the mountain ranges and the sea.

Membership in the Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club promises a lifetime of unrestricted access to its various facilities. Sweat it out on the courts and play a game of basketball, tennis or smash or spend the day scuba diving, jet skiing, or windsurfing. Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club also has a view deck, massage huts, a bar and a cafe for those who want to leisurely unwind during their stay.

Whether you want a view of the lagoon or a view of the mountains, the Pico Sands Hotel offers both for their guests. Schedule a cove tour to explore the coves of Hamilo, enjoy a day snorkeling and make friends with the sea turtles and other marine life in the area or schedule pony ride along the shores.

Dining options are aplenty at Hamilo. Feast on scrumptious Mediterranean cuisine at the Pico Sands Restaurant & Bar or dine beachside at the Reefside Bar. Food, bowling, and billiards go well together at B&B while delicious Asian meals are served at Lagoa.

End your day by booking an appointment at the Rain Spa. Choose between a variety of massages and spa packages that will soothe your body. Feel the stress and exhaustion leave your body as blissful relaxation takes their place.

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