The province of Siquijor is perhaps best known as the land of the paranormal thanks to the numerous folklores that have been passed down from generation to generation. Such a reputation has its perks as it draws many adventurous tourists to the island who wish to see if such tales speak the truth. Beyond its charm as the so-called “Mystical Island,” Siquijor has much more to offer its visitors.

The town of Lazi, formerly called Tigbawan, is one of the six municipalities in the province. It is where you can find the San Isidro Labrador Church, declared by the National Museum of the Philippines as a Natural Cultural Treasure. Simply known as the Lazi Church, it is home to the Lazi Convent or the “Bahay na Bato”. This Baroque-inspired architecture constructed in 1887 is said to be the oldest and largest convent in Asia.

Two kilometers away from the church is the Cambugahay Falls. Swim leisurely in its waters, which come from the natural springs up in the mountains, or enjoy the thrill of jumping from one of its three tiers.

The old Balete tree found in Barangay Campalanas is another favorite of those who wish to relax and unwind. Dip your feet in the pool of water beneath the tree and let the numerous Doctor fish in the pool give you a fish spa experience.

Swim in the fresh water pools or dive and visit the beautiful corals underwater when you visit the Lazi Beach Club. The Lazi Beach Club also offers tours to nearby caves and springs.

For those who prefer mountain climbing, Mt. Bandilaan sits at the border of Lazi. There you can find the Mt. Bandilaan National Park. Bathe in its natural springs, try spelunking and explore its many caves, or take the religious route and visit the Stations of the Cross and the shrine dedicated to the Our Lady of Lourdes. Mt. Bandilaan National Park also houses the Bandilaan Butterfly Farm.

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