Luna was named after the famous Luna brothers. Antonio Luna was one of the best generals during the Spanish Revolution and Juan Luna was one of the most influential Filipino artists. Their mother, Doña Laureana Novicio Luna was born in this town.

Before the Lunas came in the picture, the town was once named Namacpacan, which in Ilocano means, “one who has given food” or “the one who feeds.” No one’s really sure why this town was named this way.

Today, Luna boasts of its rich historical and mystical value. Devotees from all over the country go on a pilgrimage to see the wooden image of the Virgin Mary in Apo Baket Namacpacan or Our Lady of Namacpacan. It is said that this wooden image was brought to town by a galleon when it was merely a visita or a settlement with a church back in the Spanish era.

Still, the locals believe that the Lady of Namacpacan has graced their land from the heavens in the form of millions of pebbles. The pebbles were strewn all over the shore, which is now the popular tourist destination, Pebble Beach. Children oftentimes collect these colorful stones, place them in bottles, and sell them to the public.

Also found in the beach are remnants of a once tall and grand lighthouse. Back in the Spanish era, the lighthouse was used by the guardia civil (civil guards) to warn the townsfolk of incoming danger. This lighthouse was also used during the first and second World War, up until it got destroyed. Only the ruins are left on the beach. Still, visitors go to the place and take pictures. It makes for a good backdrop, after all.

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