Mahatao, a small town in the province of Batanes must be part of your list of travel destinations. With only a little over 1,500 people calling this place home and being comprised of only four barangays, you clearly don’t have to worry about over-population. The place is peaceful and quiet, perfect for a low-key trip with two or three of your friends.

Home to dozens of attractions, Mahatao will leave you speechless and breathless. The town is simply stunning. With that rustic and charming provincial feel, you’ll feel so immersed in the place you might not want to go back to the city.

One of its landmarks is the San Carlos Borromeo Church, a popular destination for devotees and tourists alike. The structure itself is painted white, except for some of the accents and the doors. It’s a nice backdrop for photo ops but the entirety of Mahatao has plenty of that. Next on the list of places to visit is the Tayid Lighthouse. Perched on top of a hill on the east side of Batan Island, this lighthouse has since been a tourist destination. It isn’t functional anymore but guests are welcome to visit it. On top, you can see a great view of the Pacific Ocean and also some hedgerows and the rest of what Mahatao has to offer.

The hedgerows are in the pattern of a labyrinth. These are made to separate farm lots and also protect the crops from wild animals and soil erosion. It’s marvelous to look at, too. With the cows grazing peacefully in the rolling hills, you can actually imagine being in New Zealand. But nope, you’re in beautiful Batanes.

Another beautiful place you could visit is the lush, Racuh-A-Idi. The place offers a beautiful panoramic view of the horizon and the rest of Batanes. Really, it’s worth seeing! And you can have your little Sound of Music moment while running down its hills.

Beautiful, peaceful, and hidden, the Boat Shelter Port that houses all the fishing vessels of the local fishermen, has become one of the most iconic spots in Batanes. Not only is it scenic but it’s proof of the ingenuity of the people in the province. The port is ideal because it protects the boats from strong currents and other threats, and the fact that it’s situated somewhere really pretty is a bonus.

Let’s not forget the Diura Fishing Village, it offers a gorgeous view of the ocean and is just covered in greenery. Food for the eyes, guys. Lastly, the Racuh-A-Payaman is the perfect place to be if you just want to be one with the rest of the world. The entire area is covered with grass and dozens of cows are peacefully grazing. It’s normally called the Marlboro Country of Batanes. It’s simply gorgeous.

Batanes has more places for you to visit, all you have to do is book that flight.

Top Rated Places in Mahatao Browse All

  1. Racuh a Payaman
    5.0 Stars
    Great Outdoors
    10 Reviews View
  2. Mahatao Tayid Lighthouse
    5.0 Stars
    Historical Site
    9 Reviews View
  3. Chawa Viewdeck
    4.5 Stars
    Tourist Attraction
    6 Reviews View
  4. Cafe Du Tukon
    4.5 Stars
    8 Reviews View
  5. Tukon Chapel
    4.5 Stars
    Historical Site
    5 Reviews View
  6. San Carlos Borromeo Church and Convent
    5.0 Stars
    Historical Site
    3 Reviews View
  7. Paul Vana’s Canteen
    5.0 Stars
    2 Reviews View
  8. Diura Fishing Village
    0 Stars
    Tourist Attraction
    0 Reviews View