Manolo Fortich

Just a short drive away from Cagayan de Oro City, Manolo Fortich is a small town dotted with exciting things to do. Blessed with a cool weather and stretches of open land, this municipality is a great place to have an adventure. Manolo Fortich is also home to Del Monte’s pineapple plantation and Asia’s Longest Zipline.

To start your trip, go to the Del Monte Clubhouse, choose from their array of steaks, and tell them how you want it to be served. Del Monte is famous for their food and their fresh fruit juices. Near the Clubhouse is the pineapple plantation, which stretches as far as the eye can see. Sometimes they even hold tours where you can see the pineapples up close. Back in the day, they used to offer horseback riding in the area. They also have a golf course which is a venue for tournaments with participants coming in from all over Mindanao.

Just a couple of miles away and an uphill drive from Del Monte is the Dahilayan Adventure Park. The park is a popular tourist destination and its pride and joy are its different zipline options — one of them being the first longest dual zipline in Asia. Other than that, the park also has a lodge where visitors can stay and spend the night. Right beside the lodge is the Dahilayan Forest Park, which is home to several statues, making it a popular spot for taking pictures. Since these two parks are situated in the mountains, there are a lot of pine trees, which is a great backdrop for photo ops. There are also random dogs that have been strolling around the picnic area that aren’t your usual street dogs. You’d be surprised to find that they’re St. Bernards and Golden Retrievers. They’re very friendly so you won’t have to worry about them biting your children.

Aside from that, Dahilayan Park offers horseback riding. For a small fee, you can pick your own horse and follow a route going up the mountain. The guides will teach you how to signal to the horses, as well! It’s a great escape from reality, be sure to bring your jackets though!

Just ten minutes away from the parks, in Barangay Kalugmanan, is a hidden camp called Bagalangit Ultimate Bivouac where you can have some fun yet challenging outdoor activities — from tactical shooting to archery to even rappelling. This is the perfect place for camping and team building activities.

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