Negros Island

A newly formed region in mid-2015, the Negros Island Region (NIR) is comprised of the two Negros provinces – Occidental and Oriental. Prior to forming NIR, the provinces belonged to the Western and Central Visayas provinces respectively.

The mountain range in the middle of the island serves as a rough border that separates the western and eastern province.

Negros is noted for being the prime producer of sugar in the country, with Negros Occidental earning the title, “sugar bowl of the Philippines”. Aside from the vast sugar plantations in the province, there are countless cultural and natural landmarks here. The capital city, Bacolod, also knows as the “city of smiles” is home to the colorful and lively MassKara festival.

A must-visit in this province is The Ruins in the city of Talisay. It was built in the 19th century by local sugar magnate, Don Mariano Ledesma de Lacson. Burned down in World War II, only the skeleton of the ancestral mansion stands today. Tourists who flock the site are captivated by its neo-Romanesque columns and grand architecture.

On the eastern part of the island lies Negros Oriental. Not to be beat by its other half, it is also packed with many things to do, making it one of the top tourist spots in the country. Make sure to check out Silliman University, the oldest American-founded university in Asia. It houses the Silliman Anthropological Museum, which is home to 2,000-year old artifacts and information about the indigenous culture and history of the Philippines.

Places to visit in Negros Island

  1. Negros Occidental

    Negros Occidental

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  2. Negros Oriental

    Negros Oriental

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