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Hello hello |ooloo peeps! Its nice to be writing back. Its been sooo soooo long since the last time I wrote a review for a place that definitely is worth writing about.

I found this hole in a wall food truck stall that serves mouth watering, insanely good chows that wont rip your wallets off. Pinky swear!!! 🀚🏻🀚🏻🀚🏻aaaaaand! What is more crazy about it is that they serve their food with top notch quality service all the way down to plating. Yeeeeees!!! You heard me correct! You gotta check out how the minds behind this ingenious masterpiece work on your plate. Its the happy sight for gastronomic adventurers here!

The over all package may be unsuited with the food truck vibe, but oh boy! this one is certainly catchy. So my advice, visit the place soon before people start to flock on this one. To make the experience even more classy, grab some wines from the next food truck, it makes a good pairing with portly's offerings.

For that night, we ordered tons of things cause, honestly, seeing such unique selections from the usual food truck selection makes me want to devour and try everything.

For starters (chos!! Sosyal right?!) we had the bruschetta. In all honestly its a little salty and the filler was somehow cold as it should be, making it perfect with chugging beers. 127866128513127867 price is 199 for twenty full bruschettas! The most SULIT bar chow you can find in the area.

Also, we had the chicken rice bowl and meatball rice bowl. Sadly, I didnt had the chance to try the chicken because my buddy was so hungry, he was so into devouring his meal that he didnt even allow me to take a picture of it. 128527128527128527 But am guessing it was soooo good cause he is asking me to dine here again 128521 (so I guess you will be reading another portly review soon) On one hand, I was so in love with my sweddish meatballs, so moist and the taste is nothing you'd expect a local meatball shop would serve you, sweddish alright. Something new to the palate of the locals. I actually forgot the price but am pretty sure that it was under 150 as well as the chicken too. So that is really a grab right?!? You may think that the portions are small but you are totally mistaken! The servings are enough to make you full (for those of you who know that I love big serving food) this really is a good deal. You must try it to believe I guess. 128514128514128514

Anyhow, while second browsing their fb page I found an interesting meal that I would wanted to try as well, its the fried oysters! (SORRY NO PICTURE) Yes yes yes! You read it right! Fried oysters 128525128525128525 You can grab a good bowl of these loves for 120 pesos only!!!! 128563128561🀀 this is one of the "shut-up-and-take-my-money" deals 128184128184128184 they served it to me fried hot so at the first bite I couldn't appreciate the taste because it was killing my buds but after letting it cool for a few I then was able to appreciate it and it was 128519128519128519!!! Another plus was their tangy-spicy dip that comes with it. 128523128523128523 however, I was not a fan of the bread crumbs on the batter, cause I just dont like bread crumbs at all 🀣 But I guess I need to appreciate it more now cause I think it helped the fried oysters to remain crunchy even when it was cold already.

Okay, so I thought the whole meal was complete then suddenly their chicken roulade flew in. (Oh shoot! I forgot that I ordered that one too 128557128557128557) well, I wished that it came in first because this baby is the show stealer of all show stealers!!!! Ultra moist tender juicy chicken wrapped in a crispy bacon, one of the food where the ingredients speak for itself. Just amazing!!!! I feel like I wanna go back for more of these babies right now! Deliveries pleeeease!!! 128591🏻128591🏻128591🏻 and the price was ofcourse under 200! Its a wow!

Next time I'd be ordering that squid in eggs and ofcourse another of that chicken roulade and chicken rice bowl and pork macau rice bowl and oh great! Here I go again 🀣🀣🀣

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4.0 Stars

At loooong last! Something new to try within the area. Aaand, Oh hi |ooloo!!! It's been a while. Finally able to write another review. Hihi took me sometime but heeey! Am back :)

Anyway!!! So just the other night I was craving for some pasta and got interested with this new place in promenade. We went past 9pm and the place was packed but luckily a group was willing to share a table with us two. I think we dined at a bad time, I was actually opting to get a good sip of their premium iced teas and chill out a bit but forgot that they also serve amazing wines and beers and so the place was already rackety when we arrived. Good thing I was so high-spirited to try out their food.

Planned my meal ahead and so I was hoping to get their fudgee brownie in skillet and angry pasta with their peach iced tea. Sadly, that most awaited brownie ended up with their banana turnover dessert because mr. J is dont have the patience to wait. 128527 they have great and extensive food choices since they're open from brunch til the wee hours, i think around 12mn. They have covered sandwiches and pasta, from iced teas to coffee and imported beers and wines. The only ones they left out are rice usual, they even serve steak too!

Two things I noticed, one is the great lighting they have around the dining area. It wasn't too bright to ruin the cheery mood yet not too dim to shoo away diners. Two was the incomplete menu they gave me πŸ™„. Funny that my pastry page was missing, and that was my favorite fold.

Our orders did not take too long, esp the drinks we got. Mr. J had their hongkong milk tea which was a good balance between what it tasted like a freshly brewed tea and silky milk with the right hint of sweetness. Well, I got the Valrhona mocha (yes! Yes! I skipped on the peach) because of the enticing name. Hahahah. Got mine hot and it waaaas... Blah blah blah. good but I was disappointed that it wasn't Valrhona tasting, the coffee was too strong (silly me cause I knew it had 2shots of espresso) it tasted like a regular latte, I was hoping to get the balance between the name that they are marketing despite the espresso they added but, na ah!

After a few, our first order came in, the banana turnover was a surprise. A puffed pastry with a filling of vanilla cream drizzled with caramel and sprinkled with caramelized nuts. Downside, it was served in a chopping board and those priceless nuts were falling on the table, such a waste and everytime we cut through it, it goes around the board having more mess128557128557128557. The whole feeling was a dismay, mostly because of the price as it costs 270ish, it just dont feel worth it.

Finally, the angry pasta came in probably after 8minutes or so. This one was the highlight, every diners should not miss this. It has the right amount of sauce, meaty (although the bacon on top wasnt that crunchy), there is a swept of mild sweetness with a kind punch from the heat. Most of all, the sweet and sour bursts from the cherry tomatoes were the highlight. Also, pasta was al dente. Everything was harmonious in every bite. In fact, am planning to get another plate soon. 128536 giving 4 star because of this and the eric's pastries they offer. If not, probably a 2 is enough

Would definitely go back to try that fudgeebrownie they boast. Aaaand, saw that pulled pork sandwich and over the top string potatoes ordered by the next table. Hihi will probably skip on their coffee selections, it made me up til afternoon the next day. Wooow! Just wooow!

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Salad Stop!

5.0 Stars

Devouring on this almighty cobb salad at the moment!!!

Healthy and loaded!!! Not bad for 250php

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Matutinao River

5.0 Stars
Great Outdoors

Adventures doesn't mean risking your life, at least not always. 128540 kidding!

Judging from the 5 reviews posted prior this, I think you all know most facts you need in doing this activity but let me add MORE based on my trip.

If you are coming from Cebu city, go to the south terminal bus and take ceres bus or whatever bus that will pass alegria. Dont worry because all the bus drivers and conductors know already what you meant and they already have a hint on what you will do. Go their as early as 3am, the ideal. For us, we over slept and we were able to depart cebu city around 6am, arrived their at 10. Travel time is just 4hours but if you'll go later than 6am I think it will be more than the usual time as the towns by the road will be busier by then. Take the aircon bus, you need to have a good seat. Fare is 160php.

Eat a meal, before starting. There is a carenderia along the road which looks decent enough for a good meal or bring a packed lunch with you.

Make sure to go to the tourist desk and write your infos in case of emergency. This will be the point where you will meet your guide if you already have one. Ours was Kuya Hermes, a nice guy, very polite and he surely was very attentive to us. Contact number, 0997-208-8371. We contacted him a day prior he was recommended by a fellow tour guide, which I will introduce soon. Our rate was 800 per pax excluding shoe rental, shower fee and motor bike ride. You can wear your own shoe or slipper as long as it is not slippery. This is the cheapest we can get but am not sure if this will still be the same as I have read that they will be establishing a fixed rate. He brought two more guides along so that 800 you are paying is worth every penny. You will realize it at the end of the trail. 128522

There will be a motorbike ride for just 10-15 minutes depending on the bike type, half of the way going their mainly is unpaved so you better hold tight.

In our case, he dropped us in a sarisari store where you can safely have your bags and other valuables kept. Still, i recommend you to bring one of those floating water proof bags, but please keep your valuables inside another waterproof pouch before you put it in just to make sure. If you dont have one, you can rent from the sarisari store owner.

What else?? The whole experience was surreal. Kung ang syota mo is for keeps I think the whole adventure we had is more than that. Something worth sharing to your grandchildren. 128513

Eto pa, Make sure to start you trek not later than 12. The whole treak is four hours, mahirap na maabutan ng dilim doon.

Busses pass by every 15-30 minutes so better get that first bus you see.

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BLK 513

4.0 Stars
Frozen Yogurt

At initial look and comparison from the size of the cup to the price, thought it was one of the good deals that a yoghurt shop had offered to humanity! Haha 185 pesos for a good serving size is a snatch.

Ordering was a breeze, the trouble is that they dont have enough seats for all those high hoped people in queue. And wished they'd let us know why their yoghurt was in an awkward color. The servers looked to tired and snob for them to be asked, they should just have placed a decorative that explains why.

Digging in to my cup felt like heaven. One good yoghurt swimming with a good ripe mango and melon with a good drizzle of their milk jam. I tried mixing them together, the yoghurt being frozen made it hard but the thing that got me dismayed is when it deflated, it just filled about a little over half of the cup :(

the yoghurt is how I'd want it to be, all sour!!! So the instant I had it mixed up with the fruits and crushed cookie, I knew I messed it up! I mean, the reason why I love froyo is because I want a sour dessert, a good cleanser for me. After me and boyfie finished the cup, I felt like I needed to drink water ASAP.

In short, I want a plain yoghurt cup. A good froyo can stand out on its own. Belieeeeve me! :)

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Magnolia Flavor House

5.0 Stars
Ice Cream

Sweet, cold, tasty and cheesy! Thanks magnolia flavor house for such amazing ideas!

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Pho Hoa

4.0 Stars

Puzzling as this may sound but yes, it is my first time in pho hoa and I think I am going back for more. Trying to turn into a little healthy pig. Haha

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4.0 Stars

An al dente lasagna pasta is the key! 128061

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Churreria La Lola

4.0 Stars

Hot, oily, too little choco sauce, yet can't stop munching. Me talking to myself during my first churros experience with Lola. Haha

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