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Cafe Voi-la

3.0 Stars

Inside and out, Cafe Voi La in Tagaytay City is totally geared for your IG feed -- colorful, fun, festive, rustic and a bit mysterious.

The menu, on the other hand, is 90% Asian -- Filipino/Vietnamese/Thai with some Italian thrown in.

Once our eyes (and smartphones) were done with Cafe Voi La's visual factor, now we'd like to see if their food would be any good and worth the price.

What we had:

⏺Garlic Beef Tapa (₱375 x 2 orders = ₱750)
- I'd say this tapsilog was good, although in my opinion the beef tapa at Bag of Beans is better. I didn't expect that this all-day breakfast meal would be served with two sunny side-up fried eggs. The servings were even good for two.

I loved the pink-colored vinegar-based condiment. It was good.

⏺Shrimp Rolls (₱495) - 5-piece tempura-like spring rolls on a clump of vegetables and served with a dip. I could not eat this due to allergy. The food was even served to us by mistake but it was not their fault anyway, but it was due to our own mistake. We wanted to have the pomelo salad sana, but because of our miscommunication we were brought with the wrong dish. 128514 I wasn't able to take a pic of it.

We only had service water, as we wanted coffee from anywhere else.

We were also served with complimentary breads -- or more specifically, banh mi breads I supposed, as I have not tried banh mi yet. I loved them! They were crispy, light and delightfully airy. Probably the best thing I had there. 128513

Cafe Voi La was just okay. A bit overrated for me. It was a bit more on the expensive side, and some stuff like those shrimp rolls didn't justify the price. The ambiance though was unbeatable.

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Starbucks Coffee

4.0 Stars

Recently I have been let down by Starbucks' limited edition drinks... pero kung me manlilibre sa akin sa SB, why not? Sino ba naman ako para tumanggi? Hahahaha. 128513128513128513

My sister treated me at Starbucks SM Center Angono (my 27th review here, btw) and SB launched the Butterbeer frappe for a limited time only (3 PM to 6 PM) as part of their "grande Wednesdays" for Php100 promo. While their frappes have been a disappointment lately, their pastries and baked goods are still hits for me.

We had the Chicken Pot Pie and the Maple Pecan Danish (or something like that) for Php95 each. I always love the Chicken Pot Pie! So savory, creamy and flaky. The Maple Pecan Danish was good too. Pecan is one of my favorite nuts because its delightful texture.

As for the Butterbeer, it was too sweet -- kind of grating to my throat. I didn't finish it so I took it home. Tasted it again after the ice had been melted. Sobrang tamis pa rin.

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Krispy Kreme

5.0 Stars

9749127849 ATM: here at Krispy Kreme inside SM Center Angono... Just having coffee and a doughnut.

I love churros, so I ordered the churros doughnut (₱49) and a small cup of Americano, small (₱95).

I am pleasantly surprised that the churros doughnut is not too sickeningly sweet, as I have expected. But it is rather cake-y, and the chocolate dip has solidified.

So I have thought of a rather unusual trick: I quickly dipped the chocolate-covered part of the doughnut into the hot coffee. Result: the chocolate dip has melted, and the texture of the doughnut has become more agreeable to the bite.

And the coffee? Mejo mas me chocolate at cinnamon flavor na 128513

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Nomi Matcha

5.0 Stars

BGC is a completely foreign place to me (and a bit intimidating, at least initially).

But since having read about the opening of a new matcha place there named Nomi on, my matcha feelers got so excited, of course. I just had to give myself a bit more time before my schedule would allow me to go to the further south of the Metro.

I have tried and enjoyed a couple of matcha cafes here already like Kissako and Tsujiri, which are near to where I live compared to Nomi. So I made a personal quest of mine to visit Nomi and complete my "matcha cafe pilgrimage" in the metro, hahaha.

I know that matcha is an acquired taste, but it has gone a long way here in the Philippine food scene. It just means many have become fans of matcha due the fact (among other reasons) that one can indulge on matcha drinks and desserts without feeling guilty about it. Hehehe. It's healthy stuff, you know.

I was once a non-believer of matcha myself; at first I was repelled by the grassy, stomach-turning bitter taste and I even had a "traumatic" matcha experience six years back that I almost puked. Hahaha. But now I am a full-fledged matcha convert! I wish for more matcha places in the metro and also on the outskirts as well.

Thanks to the combined efforts of BGC Bus, as well as GPS and Google Maps on my phone, I managed to locate Nomi at W City Center at the corner of 30th Street and 7th Avenue (parang streets sa NYC hahaha, sorry ignorante lang).

It is being said that Nomi offers the bitterest matcha. If I had been repulsed by that six years ago, now I welcome to taste the bitterness of (real) matcha.

What I had:

🔸Simply Matcha, iced (₱120) ✔
No additional cream or milk or anything else for now. I wanted to get some matcha basics first, but with a little sweetness on the side. It was served with just a sweet syrup (I asked the server if it was agave syrup or anything else, but she said it was just a regular sugar syrup). At first sip, I knew it was a real deal! I first tasted it without the syrup first -- I found out I could take a pure matcha beverage without the syrup, as it had just a bit of natural sweetness. Just a bit. But of course, I later added it with the syrup to make it a bit more palatable. I loved this. It was so refreshing.

I would have chosen a hot matcha (because I prefer hot matcha drinks), but it was so hot that day so I chose iced instead. If I liked the iced matcha, then I will definitely love the hot one if I get the chance to try it.

🔸Matcha Mix Platter (₱470) - it consisted of:
➡ Matcha Churros
➡ Legendary Greenies ✔
➡ Green Cookie Monster
➡ Tea-ramisu Dream

- Matcha Churros were all right. They were crispy and airy -- in fact, too light and too airy for me compared to other churros I've tried. I wanted them to have some "doughy" texture to balance it out.

- Legendary Greenies was the BOMB! Soft and chewy. It had bit of toasty hints which were well complemented by the sweetness of the brownie itself and the bitterness of the matcha powder. I didn't know if it was made with some rice flour because it was really, really chewy compared to other brownies I have tried, but oh God, I loved this. If I had a box of a dozen Legenedary Greenies, I can finish them all in one sitting! 128513

- Green Cookie Monster was just okay. Sakto lang. Compared to other matcha cookies that I've tried, this one was thick, compact and a bit more chewy, which I liked.

- The Tea-ramisu Dream was a bit lumpy for me. I like Kissako's matcha tiramisu better. But in terms of taste, it had a good balance of bitter, sweet and creamy.

I didn't think that pink and green would go together as an interior color scheme, but they worked here at Nomi. It was so cute. It was a well-lit cafe due to its high windows that let natural light in, although interior lights were turned on too. Some seats were upholstered and had cute throw pillows. I sat on one of these comfy seats.

I also liked the fact that they used bamboo straws.

Servers were friendly, too!

Will be back to try their savory dishes as well as other matcha and non-matcha goodies!

I therefore conclude: Nomi is the bitterest of them all... but in a good way. As in, so, so bitter. If you're looking for some sweet green tea stuff, Nomi is not the place to go. But for serious matcha lovers, Nomi is going to be your next matcha haven!

128221 Note: it has a pre-VAT 10% service charge.

Rating: 4.5/5 (rounded off to 5)

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Camp John Hay

4.0 Stars
Tourist Attraction

After our breakfast at Choco-late de Batirol, we just strolled around, took pics, sat, and cooled our heels to reflect and appreciate the wonderful surroundings and a great sunny, mild and balmy weather.

Of course, hanggang tingin lang kami sa golf course.

But it also turned out to be another litter-picking task for me.

The Starbucks cup is one of the pieces of litter I saw and picked up, and there were lots more! Kulang na lang magdala ako ng garbage bag eh. The trash bin may be too far from where I picked up the trash (just outside Choco-late de Batirol, with separate "Biodegradable" and "Non-Biodegradable" bins) but is looking for a garbage bin this hard for them? Does that require too much effort? 128545

If these people really care about the environment, then no government or anyone else should discipline or tell them what to do. Disposing of litter propely is easy but many people take it for granted. Naturingan pa naman silang mga edukado pero wala silang urbanidad. All they care is posing for selfies, etc., but they don't care about the environment, even only a bit. Please be responsible tourists. 128549

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Yuchengco Museum

3.0 Stars

Happy International Museum Day! 🏛

While I'm not really from Angono (I live in neighboring Binangonan), nakaka-proud pa rin whenever I see works of Carlos "Botong" Francisco being displayed at prominent museums. Which it should be... he's a National Artist.

Unfortunately, his tall and imposing portrait of the Yuchengco couple -- that my date has been raving about in tears 128514 and which I was excited to see pa naman -- has been currently shelved from a gallery due to an event or something, but the curators told us they will put it back this coming week. So disappointed. 128557 He actually invited me to come to the museum just for that, because he has been there a few times. 128514

My date is a fan of Botong as well as Ang Kiukok. (Maybe I will invite him here so that we can pay a visit to Botong's ancestral house someday).

Also, I wasn't able to take much pics due to my phone's low battery. But we were still able to see the works of other National Artists, visit the Rizal gallery, and admire the Chinese artifacts which are the Yuchengco family's own personal collection, I guess.

A couple of things really fascinated me:
- An honest-to-God real geode. It dazzled me no end.
- A meticulously detailed miniature carving of a Chinese town (or something like that) straight out of an ivory tusk. You can even see the expressions of the people there! Ang busisi.

'Twas a quick visit. Will come back soon just to see Botong's Yuchengco portrait.

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Uggy Cafe

5.0 Stars

Availed myself of the free drink, the zesty and effervescent Jumanji Lemon (one of the cafe's three specialty summer drinks -- I have tried them all and they are so good!), using my loyalty card. 128522

The full list of what I had:

💮 Jumanji Lemon (₱125) -- which was made free, by the way.
💮 Affogato (₱115) - my default order
💮 Ham and Cheese Sandwich (₱125) - I correct myself. They're actually olives, not capers (as I mentioned on my previous review).
💮 Caramel Chocolate Cake (₱95)
💮 Extra shot of espresso (₱55) - because I needed to be up for my shift.

All good! Free and fast Wi-Fi, and relaxing ambiance as always.

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Coffee Project

3.0 Stars

The interiors were definitely IG-worthy, even inside the restroom. I think Coffee Project has the prettiest restroom I have ever seen, just yet. It looks better than my own bedroom, hehehe. 128516

The ambiance surely felt rustic and cozy, if a bit dark in some corners.

What I had:

💠 Matcha Green Tea Latte (hot, grande) - ₱165
Quite sweet and milky to my liking. And it had a bit of rough mouthfeel.

💠 Arrabiata Penne - ₱180
Too salty. Mas masarap pa ata ung homemade pasta sauce ko (with ripe tomatoes) kesa sa sauce jan. But I liked the "heat" factor.

💠 Red Velvet Cookie - ₱55
Cookie was ok. It was more on the crispy side. (I usually like a chewy chocolate chip cookie).

Wi-Fi was free (with a designated password for up to three devices), but sometimes it experienced some downtime. Luckily, there was another free Wi-Fi from its building, the World Wide Corporate Center and it was working fine.

This branch operates 24 hours on certain days.

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Wings On The Go

5.0 Stars

One of the best restaurants in Angono has just gotten even bigger and better! It has moved to a two-story building (beside Metrobank and opposite the Angono municipal hall and Angono gym, not too far from their old location) to accommodate more customers.

It had always been crowded at Wings on the Go since it opened its first store on E. Rodriguez street two years ago, that's why the owners decided to move out to a bigger location. Good move. Their food has always been a hit with customers since it started as a takeout/delivery online business a few years back. WOTG has certainly gotten a long way. 128522

It still serves as a lifestyle shop as well.

Interiors are prettier (especially on the second floor) and everything is IG-worthy. 128522

What we had:
🔸Buffalo wings, 4 pcs - ₱90 ✔
🔸El Nacho - ₱90
🔸Green Salad - ₱110 ✔
🔸2 Grilled Cheese Sandwich - ₱75 each, so ₱150 ✔
🔸Pizza Fries - ₱110 ✔
🔸Creamy Tuna Pesto - ₱130
🔸Chicken Parmigiana - ₱140 ✔
🔸5 drinks (houseblend iced tea, cucumber lemonade, blue lemonade) - ₱30 each so ₱150.

Everything was good but I put a check on my personal favorites. 128513

Servings were generous as always! I had found a new favorite in Chicken Parmigiana. Lots of chicken! It was smothered in Pomodoro sauce, gooey melted cheese and Parmesan. 128525 It was even good for two! 128077

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Wright Park

3.0 Stars

My second time to go to Wright Park. It was a bit more crowded than in my previous visit.

While I have been to Baguio a few times, it was the first time that I finally got to taste the strawberry ice cream (believe it or not)! I crossed this one off of my list. 127846127827 Patok sa mga tao si mamang sorbetero, hehehe.

I also had a chance to pose for a posterity picture with Keanu, the gentle short-haired Saint Bernard. Luckily, he didn't drool like Beethoven. Good boy. 128054

I needed a belt and good thing there was a hawker selling them. He claimed that his belts were made of pure leather. Whatever, I bought one for ₱150.

At the farther end of Wright Park was a small line of souvenir shops. There was also the famous horse with a neon pink mane, and my two nieces were excited to pose pictures with it. :) Akala ko sa Mines View Park lang meron neto. 128513

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