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Uggy Cafe

4.0 Stars

9749127864 Made a return to Uggy Cafe after a while. Got to taste and enjoyed my sister's order, the Espresso Martini, which I thought was better than the other cocktail I had on my previous visits (the Mocha Margarita, although it was good too). It had pronounced sweetness that I liked. As usual, I had my favorite affogato (no pic of it but you may have seen it on my previous reviews).

I also got to try some of this cafe's newest offerings, the Las Delicias Guatemala that they procured from Norway-based coffee brewer Ild og Bonner. It was smooth and had fruity notes. At present, they're actually selling those whole beans packed in 250 grams, so I asked the staff to grind the beans so that I could brew them on my French press at home.

They didn't grind all of the beans because they're not actually keen on selling pre-ground beans like the other coffee shops do -- pinagbigyan lang siguro ako hahahaha, so they told me that they would grind only some of the beans.

They actually had advised me on Facebook (before I made a visit) that I should invest on hand grinders for home use (I thought I could get the maximum taste when the coffee is just fresh off the grinder and brewer, compared to coffee beans that have already been ground, packed and stored):

"... we just want customer to enjoy the best coffee possible, to create awareness between great coffee and good coffee." (sic). That's what they told me on the FB PM.

I tell you, Uggy Cafe takes its coffee very seriously -- from the procurement of the beans, to the grinding, and to the brewing. I won't find another coffee shop like this in Angono, and that's one of the things I truly appreciate about Uggy Cafe -- they see coffee making as some of an art.

Although I asked the staff to have the beans coarsely ground, when I took them home I found out that they had already been finely ground which left me a bit disappointed. I could still use finely ground coffee beans on my French press but they would leave some residues when the coffee has been brewed and poured into the cup. Fortunately, I still have the whole beans too which I would grind to the texture that I want. Perhaps I should consider getting a hand grinder!

I loved the new update on their wall art at the outdoor area which illustrated the process of coffee-making. Staff is friendly and accommodating as always. Plus, they now issue loyalty cards, yay!

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Barneys Burger

4.0 Stars

I was saddened by the closure of Barneys Burger here in Angono a year ago 128557128557128557 And when I heard that they were going to have a soft opening at their new branch along Ortigas avenue extension in Taytay, I had mixed emotions. "Bakit lumayo pa?" 🙁 But at the same time, I was glad na rin because at least it is still in Rizal.

I had the Fully Loaded (Supreme) plus I ordered extra bacon, and then fries. They didn't have Sprite (effective for those who want to burp real bad 128514) so I settled instead for Coke Zero and ordered a cucumber juice too.

I wasn't keen on the bun though -- too dry -- but other than that I loved theit burger! I missed this a lot! Beefy, greasy and salty (mostly due to the extra bacon) -- everything that's bad! 127828127839 Hahahaha. At least this is way better than the overhyped Zark's. 128522128522128522

Ample dining space, something that their now-non-existent branch in Angono was lacking.

PS To Barneys Burger management open kayo ulit dito sa Angono plssss... 128591128591128591 yung mas malaking space.

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5.0 Stars

Ordered the "Autumn" smoothie which consisted of banana, pineapple, mango and watermelon. 127817127820127821 (I wish there was a mango emoji).

"Medium" and "large" sizes were not available at that time, so instead I had the "grande." (₱119)

From now on I vow to take in more natural fruit juices and smoothies (and less coffee except when really needed) when eating out. Lagi akong kape -- SB, McCafe, etc. pag lumalabas ako lols.

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Sisig Hooray!

4.0 Stars

For a change, I ordered the Tuna Kasilog instead of my usual favorite Bangus Kasilog. 128031

Verdict? The tuna was a bit too fishy compared to bangus, but still good.

You can also see a pile of crispy pork at the counter... Yum Yum pampabata 128055

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Bon Appetea

4.0 Stars

Why don't all Bon Appetea branches serve real meals? We were delighted when Bon Appetea at Robinsons Antipolo serves rice meals and pasta in addition to their milk tea and waffles.

But by the time I was taking my order, it was kind of slow. It seemed that there was something wrong with their system or whatever it was.

Second, the area was filled with smoke from the cooking. There was a range hood over their stove, but it was still hazy, and the smell caught on our hair and clothes. So we decided to eat outside.

My Adobo Flakes meal was tasty; even though we were served with Maggi Savor seasoning, there was no need for me to season it. My sister's Pesto Pasta was good too.

I had their Green Tea Yakult tea while my sister had Rock Salt and Cheese Matcha. Both were refreshing but I wished I ordered a medium size drink. I ordered a large one, but I could not finish it.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars (rounded off to 4)

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4.0 Stars
Fast Food

We longed to try McDonald's "Sundae Your Way" and we found a McDo dessert stand outside its branch at Victory Park & Shop (just near Antipolo Cathedral).

We were a bit disappointed because the Sans Rival bits were unavailable. So we went with:

▪ Me: Matcha and Oreo (yeah, like Oreo Matcha McFlurry)
▪ My sister: Strawberry syrup and Oreo

Besides, marshmallows and colorful sprinklers were not our type, anyway. I even liked my sister's sundae more than mine because it was sweet and a bit sour.

Note: two choices of toppings for ₱39.

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Goto Believe

4.0 Stars

We were disappointed that we didn't make it to Policarpio street on time. The street is a famous Christmas attraction for its houses that come to life every evening with its spectacular show of thousands of colorful Christmas lights and decorations. The public viewing of the dazzling displays of lights, we were informed, end at 10 every evening until the holidays are over.

Oh well, it was our first time to go to the other side of Mandaluyong. To make this up, my date and I went on a late-night (or early-morning) food trip.

We spotted a hole-in-the-wall "gotohan" on nearby San Rafael street named Goto Believe.

It serves the usual goto and lugaw, but with a gourmet twist.

You can choose either the "wet" (classic goto or lugaw) or "dry" (plain rice, or rice flavored with goto broth -- sort of deconstructed goto). We chose the regular lugaw (₱30 each).

If you want to partner your lugaw or goto with an egg, you have many choices -- aside from the classic partner, the hard-boiled egg, there are also scrambled, sunny side-up, 6-minute, quail, and century. My date suggested that I should try century egg (₱30). I hesitated at first, but then my curiosity got the better of me. 128516

Adding to the "gourmet" factor are the different toppings for the goto or lugaw. There are over a dozen toppings that include chicken liver, pork belly, calamares, chicken butt (which they call "Kim Kardashian" lol), tempura, etc. You have the option if you want these toppings fried or grilled. I missed eating chicharon bulaklak, so I ordered it fried.

As I've implied before, the goto and lugaw are quite regular. Classic lugaw and goto that are reinvented or, to my opinion, are made more "hipster" and "millennial." Lols.

In fairness, the servings of our lugaw were big enough for us. The lugaw was okay naman. But I was a bit disappointed by the chicharon bulaklak. I expected a deep-fried, crunchy chicharon bulaklak but instead, the pieces came off as too chewy. They should have been fried longer.

We shared the chicharon bulaklak and the century egg. As for the egg -- it was gelatinous all over, and the aftertaste was kind of... Hmmm.. Putrid? Interesting. Tolerable naman. But classic hard-boiled egg pa rin he he he.

For dessert, we had their signature Champorado Cheesecake with Candied Dilis (₱150 per slice). We expected a kakanin-like cake since well, it's champorado... But when we first took a bite of it, the texture was far from glutinous. In fact, this is the most dense cheesecake I've ever tried! It was rich... In fact, it was too rich for us. But the sweetness was just right, and the dilis added a crunchy and sweet-salty factor to the cake. If only the richness could be tempered -- but other than that, it was delicious! A must-try! 128522 Good thing we only ordered one slice -- that cake was heavyyy! I wondered how did they turn a champorado into a cake...

We left with our bellies obviously full. (It's funny that we have been on a goto/lugaw date these past few days). 128516

If you happen to be in the Boni area or visiting Policarpio (for the time being), you might want to visit Goto Believe on San Rafael street and try their affordable gourmet goto and lugaw. It opens from 5pm to 10am.

128221 - It has a 10% service charge.

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4.0 Stars

Haven't been to Metrowalk in a long, long, long time (almost a decade I think) so it was the ideal place where my date and I chose to go and look for some nice restaurant or cafe to have a quiet breakfast. Maiba naman... Geez, Metrowalk sure has changed a lot.

It was about 8 am and understandably, only a handful of restaurants were open during this hour. There were just a few 24-hour joints there, including GoodAh!!! which we found at an inconspicuous, "backdoor" part of Metrowalk.

Sometimes it's good having a breakfast away from home because it mostly means more quiet ambiance as restaurants (save for fast food chains, perhaps) are not full and very busy.

What we had:
⏺Goto Special
⏺Tokwa't Baboy
⏺Pandan con Yelo
⏺Free drinking water
(Too bad they didn't have at least a brewed coffee)

I was intrigued by the Bulalugaw thing. It turned out that it tasted like the usual goto, but instead of tripes ("tuwalya") you'll have tender chunks of beef. I was expecting bone marrow since the dish's name is a portmanteau of "bulalo" and "lugaw," I was kind of disappointed that it didn't have bone marrow -- but other than that, it was delicious. Not too salty nor oily... Or "ma-vetsin." The same goes for my date's goto.

We shared the Pandan con Yelo -- we both liked it. I like my shakes on the sweeter side since they're usually icy (and ice would numb your taste buds). The Pandan con Yelo was sweet but not too cloying. It had the goodness of pandan flavor.

The ambiance there at the time was mostly chill. Nice place to have a heavy breakfast and their lugaw (I love lugaw/arroz caldo/goto) was good. And great 80s rock/pop/dance music on the background (reminds me of our time lols, we're getting old).

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St. Marc Café

4.0 Stars

Thanks to Matcharap PH on IG, I learned about this promo at St. Marc Cafe.

Get 1 Matcha Choco Cro (just that flavor) + any drink of your choice (hot or iced, medium) for ₱129.

Beverages offered:

⚫Freshly brewed coffee
⚫Vietnam coffee
⚫Cafe latte
⚫Cafe mocha
⚫Yuza tea
⚫Matcha latte

I ordered matcha latte, iced. The serving was bigger than I thought, much to my delight.

As for the matcha choco cro, I loved it! The filling was not thin, it was rather thick and creamy. As for the pastry-to-filling ratio, the filling exceeded a bit, but I wouldn't mind! 128515

My iced matcha latte - more like instant green tea, but the flavor was quite concentrated so I liked it. It was not also too sweet, which was perfect for the matcha choco cro. The amount of ice was just right.

The promo actually started last November 27, and lasts until the end of December.

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Cinco Antonio's Bistro

4.0 Stars

Cinco Antonios Bistro is a two-story, gable-roofed eatery near Mines View Park. It is the former Cora's Restaurant.

It was getting dark and at this hour tourists were having a hard time hailing for taxis since most of them were occupied.

We were feeling freezing cold while waiting for a ride back to our hotel, but we decided to stop at this place to bide our time while waiting for the crowds to whittle down. Perfect place to have some hot hot hot and delicious bulalo.

My younger sister and I also wanted to try their Strawberry Sinigang, but my youngest sister in particular wasn't too very keen on it. Besides, all of their soups came in serving sizes. I wish this restaurant also serves their soups and mains in individual bowls para pwedeng tumikim-tikim.

Some corners were a bit too dark. They should install more lights at such areas.

I also bought a slice of chocolate mousse cake for a take-out. It was just okay. At least it satisfied my sweet hankerings.

And oh, it also had a free and fast Wi-Fi access, so one extra star for that! :)

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