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The Ghost Knife Kitchen

4.0 Stars

Also known by many as Kuriiiing's Desserts and Pastries, the Ghost Knife Kitchen is easily accessible, as it is just located near the Angono Municipal Hall and at the back of 7-11.

The restaurant is tiny, it's like a carinderia-style establishment with only four tables and seating up to around 10 people I think. The sliding door is a smart option as there is little room for a regular door to swing it open.

What I ordered

🔸Beef with Broccoli - ₱109
🔸Bacon Crepe (solo) - ₱70
🔸Cucumber Lemonade - ₱25

The service may be a little slow considering that I was the only diner there at the time, but it was kind of okay as I could hear and smell the sauteeing... and the smell of the meal being cooked was wafting throughout the room. 'Twas nice. It reminded me of my mom (or my sister) cooking it in our kitchen he he. After all, you can only wait for good food, and it's not a fast food resto anyway. It was reasonable.

The Beef with Broccoli was nice if a bit salty. But the steamed broccoli helped balance the overall flavors. It was also a bit sweet. The beef was nice and tender.

The Cucumber Lemonade, on the other hand, tasted a bit bland for me, lacking some sweetness or sourness.

I loved their Bacon Crepe tho! The best part was the ice cream -- I bet it was homemade and I was correct after asking the lady who prepared the meals (I think she is also the owner 128522). The ice cream was milky and had the right sweetness, having a hint of yema or something.

It also serves as a bake shop, as there were also some baked goods displayed there. Might come back again to try them! 128522

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Uggy Cafe

3.0 Stars

After a heavy meal at Wings on the Go with the family (on a Wednesday), I suddenly wanted to have some coffee and quiet "me time" and Uggy Cafe was the perfect answer to that.

It came at the right smack because the day was starting to get windy and was showering a bit. So I stayed there for a while.

Their brewed coffee, in this case my cup of Americano, was perfect in this windy weather.

I realized that I hadn't tried their frappuccino yet so I ordered their Hazelnut Mocha (₱125, maybe?) for a takeout. I was craving for something Nutella-like.

While I'll always love Uggy's deep, strong and richly flavored brewed coffee (I asked for a syrup, BTW), I was otherwise underwhelmed by their Hazelnut mocha frappe. It tasted just cocoa and I didn't get even just a hint of the hazelnut or something like that. Huhuhu sorry po, 128532 that's what my taste buds discovered. I hope they could improve on this but I admit I have yet to try their other frappes.

Despite that I will often come back to this place. I love the interiors, the ambiance, the free and fast Wi-Fi and the nice, friendly and smiling crew too. And of course their single-origin coffee. 9749128077

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Churreria La Lola

4.0 Stars

Peanut D 's review of La Lola's Churro Ice Cream sandwich, matcha flavor, got me wanting to try it. #matchalover

So just today I tried it (₱145). I also ordered the Americano, hot, with free churro (medium, ₱100). Ung free churro diko napicture-ran he he.

What can I say?

Flavor-wise, I'd rate the ice cream 128154128154128154128154 out of 128154128154128154128154128154 matcha points. It's almost like Kissako's ice cream. It definitely has some bitterness, but not too bitter. And not too sweet either. It's somewhere in the middle. 128522

However, since first time ko lang makatikim ng matcha ice cream nila, I found the texture kinda off. A bit of the iciness was OK to me, but the texture overall was not quite smooth like what I had expected. I could feel and even chew the lumpy bits. It was like the ice cream was not mixed very well. I even found bits of white chocolate or something (it was good tho lol). Or was it supposed to be served like that? I'm not familiar kasi... 128513

Despite that, I enjoyed the dish a lot, so the ice cream sandwich satisfied my matcha craving and I will definitely order this again. And La Lola's classic churro that came free with the coffee is still the best. 128522

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Wings On The Go

5.0 Stars

Late lunch / early dinner with family at Wings on the Go:

🔹Garden Salad (₱110) - always a favorite 127858

🔹El Nacho - (₱90) - first time to try their nachos! The nacho chips themselves were flavored and that was OK to me, as long as it was loaded with lots a cheese! 127805🧀

🔹Grilled Cheese Sandwich (₱75) - classic grilled cheese sandwich. Filled with gooey gooey cheese! I could have partnered this with their Grilled Pork Ribs had it not arrived late. But it was OK, as there came the... 🧀

🔹... Cheesy Porktatoes (₱130) - Potato wedges loaded with sweet-spicy pulled pork and lotsa gooey cheese! Now I couldn't decide which of them (the other is Pizza Fries) is the most favorite. Maybe it depends on the mood. If I like something porky, this is what I'll order! I could say this was "PORK-tastic"! 128522🧀128055

🔹 Grilled Pork Ribs (₱190) - See my previous review on this dish 128522 I waited so long for this but by the time I placed my order I was advised naman that the ribs to be cooked had not been delivered yet. But I told the owner, Ms. Faye, that it was OK and I'd like to continue with the order (besides, I was still waiting for my squad to come at that time). Hahaha I could guess my family was about to finish their meal so I asked that the ribs be made as a takeout instead. Nabusog na pala kami. But good thing we still have the glorious ribs to eat at home later (or tomorrow) he he. 127830

🔹Drinks (1 cucumber lemonade / 2 blue lemonade / 1 iced tea) - ₱120, all of them. 127819

Again, another nakakabusog moment at WOTG! Plus I liked the new look of the interiors highlighted by the faux-foliage wall at the corner -- good background for taking food pix. 128516

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Mex & Match

4.0 Stars

This stall inside The Truck Park introduces the "FreeMex" where you, to quote: "CHOOSE a base, ADD topping/filling, PICK a dip then REPEAT as much as you want! " It has a hash tag: #ChooseAddPickRepeat.

That's quite cool! Look at their menu (in the last photo) on how to order their food by following those steps. The nice thing about Mex and Match is that you get to choose your desired base (nachos or burrito, etc.), toppings and dips/sauces. 128522

We ordered the Don Nachos (₱265) which, we discovered, was actually good for 5-6 people. But there were only four of us (my three sisters and me) so the nachos were more than enough.... sobrang sulit na! 128077 And it looked pretty too with the colorful nacho chips and the variety of toppings and sauces. Perfect na pulutan! That is, if only I can drink beer lol.

My "Ate" liked the nacho chips themselves, fortunately (eh siya pa mejo pihikan eh I thought hindi niya magugustuhan). 128522 It was the first time for me to eat nachos with mushrooms as one of the toppings. Pwede!!!

In my book, Mex and Match's nachos is one of the best nachos I've tried. Maybe second to the best. (Una pa rin sa akin ung nachos ng Tazabell coffee shop sa Taytay). 127805🧀

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Soya Bar

4.0 Stars

After a heavy dinner at Tokyo Tokyo (which I reviewed earlier), my sister and I were looking for a nice warm cup of coffee. But as I caught sight of the Soya Bar stall as we went up the second floor of SM City Taytay, I suddenly thought of their silky-sweet delicious chilled taho (₱35 each) and I told her "masarap yan!" and convinced her to try it.

At first, she was incredulous just thinking of a cold version of our much-loved street fare, which is usually served hot. I couldn't blame her because I myself was a bit skeptic too when I got to have my first Soya Bar experience at Greenfield.

But just like me then, she became an instant convert too! She was kinda amazed to discover that taho can be also delicious even if it's chilled. Sorry no picture of the chilled taho as they were served to us. Instead, I just pictured the almost empty plastic cup. Hehehe.

We didn't have to go to a coffee shop or submit ourselves to expensive Starbucks stuff as we also found hot coffee at Soya Bar. That is, hot coffee with a twist: their line of Espressoy drinks also had taho in them. Taho and coffee? Why not?

We ordered the Taho Latte and the Taho Mocha (₱74 each). This was, I thought, the only coffee that we could actually eat! We were provided with a plastic spoon to better distribute the ingredients and scoop out the silken tofu, as the tofu itself could be a bit bitter. It was delicious -- and I thought it was a genius coffee concoction LOLs.

Since it is just a stall, I thought that this branch only offers chilled taho and drinks. But to my surprise (and a bit of dismay), it also offers a full menu -- just like the ones in Greenfield branch! How come I didn't know about this earlier? Soya Bar actually is one of the oldest existing stalls ever since SM City Taytay opened, methinks. Pero hindi ko to pinansin dati at ngayon lang talaga ako kumain dito hahahaha. Next time I will order my favorite Chicken Alfredo pasta. Yummy, healthy and cheap fare. Buti na lang me Soya Bar na malapit sa amin lols. :)

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Starbucks Coffee

5.0 Stars

18th review for this branch. I liked this lime torte cake a lot. Tasted "refreshing" -- not too sweet nor not too tart. And it looked so pretty with the bits of the lime zest on the cake. Aromatic, too. Hindi nakakaumay. It's always chocolate stuff whenever I'd buy SB's sweet baked goodies but I'll most likely order this cake again.

I also ordered the Irish Cream Coffee Pudding frappuccino. I liked this one miles better than the Banana Split Mocha frappe and I'll order this again. My "ate" ordered her favorite Dark Mocha frappe, and she would compare how cheap Starbucks drinks are here in the Philippines unlike in Singapore (where she is based right now, she was only here for a short visit). :)

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Sherman's Burgers

4.0 Stars

I wanted the Triple Decker sana but it was unavailable, so I settled instead for their original burger served with potato wedges and dip for the same price (₱198).

Classic BLT cheeseburger. I could have gotten the same type of burger for a lower price, but when I was at the Truck Park I wanted a burger all of a sudden and Sherman's answered my cravings. Hehehehe. The dip was nice too.

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Bacon Brigade

5.0 Stars

Somewhere in Marikina I found a little piece of bacon heaven named Bacon Brigade, inside The Truck Park food park. 128055

The "Tank" (₱295) is described as "Bacon-wrapped egg-in-a-hole sandwich, chips" in the menu.

The price may be steep to me but OMG. Being a bacon lover, I'd naturally gush like that. And then every bite of it the melted cheese oozed out of the sandwich. 128523 I loved the chips too, but I didn't know what they were. They were not potato chips nor tortilla chips or what. Can someone tell me what kind of chips Bacon Brigade serves? They left me intrigued in no end. 128522

Will come back there someday to try their other bacon dishes like the bacon-wrapped chocolate. 🙂

Edit: yay I have just gotten a new badge! 128515

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