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4.0 Stars

Chatime seems to be almost everywhere, but it was my first time to actually to visit it (at any branch). It's never too late, right? 128522

And of course, my matcha / green tea "feelers" helped me to spot any matcha offerings in Chatime's menu. And true enough, they had it! 128522

They have a Matcha Tea Latte iced drink priced at ₱95 (medium) and ₱105 (large). Pay extra ₱20 if you want a red beans add-on (the recommended add-on BTW).

I ordered a medium size Matcha Tea Latte with red beans and settled for the "normal" sugar level and "normal" amount of ice (that's the way you order at Chatime, though you may specify what level of sugar you'd like your drink to have).

Perhaps I could have settled at 25% sugar level because the drink turned out to be a bit too sweet for me, and it was further compounded by the sweet red beans. They overwhelmed the matcha. But other than that, it was a good drink and it satisfied my matcha / green tea fix. 128522

(Rating: 3.5 / 5 rounded off to 4).

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Yatai Yakitori Ramen

5.0 Stars

127836 If you're someone who's craving for Japanese food but are often short of budget (just like me lols), no problem! There's Yatai Yakitori Ramen to the rescue!

This Japanese food stand only opens from late in the afternoon until the wee hours of the morning. It has a handful of branches not only in Rizal but in Metro Manila as well. And we're lucky enough to discover a branch that's only a 10-minute jeepney ride away from where we live.

What we had:
🔸Kara Tantanmen (regular, ₱75)
🔸Negimiso Ramen (regular, ₱75)
🔸Gyoza (₱40)

Both ramen were good! I could taste the miso in my sister's Negimiso Ramen (well, it wasn't just a name was it?). It was light (but not too light) and flavorful.

I was glad I ordered the Kara Tantanmen because I like anything with a kick. This one was spicy but it didn't overwhelm the other components like the broth itself and the flavor from the leeks. Me pagka-umami pa rin... and that's something you shouldn't miss in a good ramen.

Servings were generous for its size. We ordered only the smallest sizes para tikim-tikim muna, and to see if they were any good. And it was really good! Chashu was thin, but that was expected, considering the price. "You get what you pay for." 128513

They also have "Overload" ramen sizes whose prices range from ₱120 to ₱130.

Their gyoza was also good, if a bit oily. We could really taste the fresh veggie flavors!

I've read a rather dissastisfied review on their Facebook page which says "if you're looking for an authentic ramen taste, go somewhere else."

If you pay ₱75 for a ramen, would you expect that to be at par with Mendokoro or even just Ramen Kuroda? Dami arte, kumain ka pa sa cheap na ramen place tapos magrereklamo na hindi authentic. Duhhh. 128514

For me, this was more than just okay. Personally, I like my ramen broth dense enough (but not too dense), so Yatai Yakitori's ramen was just perfect to satisfy my ramen fix. There was a good balance of flavors, too. Don't bother looking for some authenticity... just enjoy it! (at lasang legit ramen naman ah) 128516

I also liked the atmosphere of the place. It's like a carinderia, but in Japanese style. Since this is situated at the roadside, you'll get the feeling that you're like eating at Japanese food stalls in an open-air setting. Never mind the noise from the vehicles.

"Yatai" literally means "shop stand." Before night time breaks, they will set up their stall and the tables outside Brezza Wellness building, and voila! Yatai Yakitori Ramen is now ready to serve hungry motorists and commuters from 5:30 pm to 1 am.

I had an enjoyable first experience at Yatai Yakitori Ramen. Will surely come back for their yakitori and other ramen variants!

(Rating: 4.5 over 5 stars, rounded off to 5)

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Uggy Cafe

5.0 Stars

Seeking refuge from a very scorching afternoon, my sister and I spent a few hours here.

I ordered a Kai Soda while she chose Cafe Latte. I love Uggy's carbonated beverages. Definitely a better alternative to softdrinks.

We also shared their new Ham and Cheese Sandwich -- at long last, my dreams came true! 128522

It had a generous filling. I don't normally like capers, but they blended well into the mayo.

The staff was gracious enough to let us sample the wine-y and delicious Candy Long Black -- an effervescent iced coffee infused with berry flavor. Thank you Uggy Cafe for your generosity! 128079

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Bakere Cafe

4.0 Stars

Bakere Cafe is a rather spacious joint along Brixton St. in Kapitolyo. Had a heavy brekkie there this morning.

It seems to have a fine offering of baked goods. It also serves sandwiches, pastas, and rice meals, as well as a handful of selection of beverages.

I was rather intrigued by some of the names of their menu. Here's what I had:

🔸BXU Rice (₱290) - It turned out to be a meal consisting of chopped lechon on top of the rice. As I did some research about this, BXU is the code for Butuan Airport, and so apparently this is the Butuan-style lechon.

Personally, sweet-ish viands and sauces aren't a particular favorite. Kung nanjan naman, kakainin ko pero it's not something that I'm craving for. The usual lechon is served with a sweet liver-based sarsa. But BXU Rice is not your ordinary lechon meal. The intense flavors of the lechon were balanced by pickled vegetables that were a bit similar to acharra but not quite -- this was not as acidic as the usual acharra. The lechon was a bit too salty to me so I guess it should have been added with a bit more rice. But it was flavorful so no need for the sarsa. Other than the salty factor, I liked this meal. I liked this style of lechon.

🔸Grilled Ensaymada and Chocolate Sandwich (₱220) - A chocolate spread was sandwiched between two pieces of grilled buttery ensaymada. The ensaymada was not the usual fluffy ensaymada -- it was rather thin and a bit flaky. The chocolate was good, not too sweet. At first, I thought it was Nutella (which I think is overrated lols, besides it's way too sweet) but thankfully, it wasn't. The grilling made the ensaymada a bit crunchy so it is best eaten while warm.

🔸Bicerin (₱155) - I was curious by bicerin, so I ordered it. It turned out to be an espresso-based drink with cocoa and milk. I was guessing it originated from Turkey (because it sounded Turkish haha) but when I researched mejo malapit na, hahaha -- Turin, Italy. 128516

Pronounced as "bit-che-rin," (I think wahaha) bicerin is a traditional drink in Turin. Rich, a bit sweet, dark and a bit creamy -- like an adult version of a kiddie choco drink. I could not resist myself from taking sip after sip! It tasted great as it looked. 128077

Ambiance was relaxing, and servers were polite too. Price-wise, it was a bit too much for me, but it won't hurt if you treat yourself in a grand way for a while. You deserve this. 128522

I strongly recommend the bicerin, btw. 128077

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Wings On The Go

5.0 Stars

It's been a long time since we were last here, so imagine how much we missed their Garden Salad, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and Sweet and Spicy Wings (I would have wanted them spicier, but I knew my Nanay won't like it 128513).

It was jampacked when we were there. Good thing Wings on the Go will relocate to a bigger place very soon to accommodate more customers! 128522

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Kim is Hungry

5.0 Stars

Everything is good as always! Treating my niece to a belated birthday mini-feast. 128522 Finally availed ourselves of the "get two shakes for ₱150" deal! 128525 #eatspiration

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Starbucks Coffee

3.0 Stars

Knowing how infamous this Butterfly Pea Lemonade cold brew has become, to be honest I felt a little scared while ordering this, but curiosity got the better of me anyway 128517. And here I was, there was no turning back lols.

This drink stood true to its tagline: "Sip the Unexpected." At first sip, I was like, "wow, this was not bad at all!" It was entirely different to other Starbucks beverages I've tried. It was tangy, yet strong -- you know the taste of Coke that has lost its effervescence (ung "espirito") and has turned a bit acidic when you drink it? That was my first impression of this drink.

At first, I was going sip after sip of this drink. But later on, I felt as if all of my blood was rushing up to my brain, and my heart started to beat a little faster. So okay, stop muna ako... It was then that I realized how actually very strong its coffee was. I equated this to a shot of some alcoholic beverage (and I don't even drink alcohol).

Even if I like strong coffee, I don't think I could handle a coffee *this* strong. So I decided not to sip it in quick succession, and let the ice melt so that it would become a bit diluted. So later on, medyo okay na. Pero hindi na sunud-sunod ang inom hehe.

I should drink a lot of water later on after this. 128514128514128514

Oh well, at least I tried it, buti na lang tall ang inorder ko. The taste was not really that bad, it was interesting, but the coffee was too potent to me. Will I order it again? Maybe when I desparately need some pick-me-up. 128516

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Snow Panda

3.0 Stars

Ordered the Green Tea smoothie for ₱90 (12 oz.)

Too sweet for me. I even took it home to let the ice melt. Pero sobrang tamis pa rin. They should have a sugar level option.

On the second picture, you can see a poster advertising their drinks, as well as their bingsu's. Looks like I wanna try them all! So ok na rin that you start with a smaller size para tikim-tikim muna. 128522

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Sebastian's Ice Cream

5.0 Stars
Ice Cream

All of the looloo rendezvoos I've attended are my "firsts." So it was another new experience for me when we trooped to Sebastian's Ice Cream after we dined at Pound by Todd English.

As you might expect, I had never been to Sebastian's before although I had read about some of their outrageous flavors especially the Mangga at Bagoong-flavored ice cream.

And now I was given a chance to discover how Sebastian's Ice Cream is still undisputed when it comes to innovative and out-of-this-world flavors.

Here's what we tried:
🔸Chubby Bars (₱125)

Rated from the most liked to the least liked:

- Peppermint Brownie - 1108811088110881108811088
(I love Andes mint chocolates, and yes this Chubby Bar reminded me of them. I loved it.)

- Walnut Brownie - 11088110881108811088
(Sebastian's sticks to the traditional brownie with walnuts, not other kinds of nuts. I liked this.)

- Salted Caramel Brownie - 1108811088
(I failed to taste any salt in this. Too sweet all over. Maybe that's just me)

- Strawberry Brownie - 11088
(don't get me wrong... I looove strawberries! But this one reminded me of the strawberry jam in Baguio. No tartness at all. Too sweet)

🔸Chocoapolcalypse (₱320)
To all chocoholics, you're going to enjoy the big bold flavors of chocolate in every scoop. Plus, you won't get just almonds and cherries, but chocolate-covered almonds and cherries! Chocolatey all over, from top to bottom. Luxurious and decadent. Maybe it's called "chocoapocalypse" because I feel that this is *the* chocolate ice cream to end all other chocolate ice creams!

🔸Dipped Banana Split (₱385)
- You can choose and customize your own flavors, from the dipped frozen bananas and even to the whipped cream! We had the chocolate sprinkles-dipped banana, three scoops of ice cream (cannot recall the flavors) and the classic whipped cream. Like a good-ol' diners-style banana split.

I've tried other banana splits before but the banana itself was hard. Good idea that Sebastian's made their banana soft to the bite underneath the delightful frozen chocoate coating.

🔸Fiesta Sorbetes Sundae (₱375)
- Now, I think that this was the highlight of our rendezvoos at Sebastian's!!! It truly captured the flavors of the classic Pinoy sweets and delicacies that we love. Champorado, Sapin-Sapin and Mangga't Suman Ice Cream rested on the warm ube brownie with ube streusel.

The whole caboodle was then topped with ube fudge, crunchy latik, whipped cream and cherry. I liked all ice cream flavors but I had a soft spot for Champorado -- it tasted like the real deal! And the crunchy latik was a great addition -- but I think it's natural to add latik because most kakanins are topped with it. Like the good' ol kakanins that we eat from the streets, only in sundae form and topped with delightuflly crunchy latik. 128525

And the ube brownie -- it was soft and a bit glutinous. Sarap kagatin! Just ube goodness. 128525

The Fiesta Sorbetes Sundae was the one that really brought the house down, so to speak. 128588 I recommend this dish if ever you plan to have your ice cream at Sebastian's for the first time.

We also sampled the ube brownie on its plain, "undressed" form. It was really good on its own!

I just pictured the Taho Milkshake (₱160). I didn't get to taste this so I will try it next time!

For sure, Sebastian's ice creams and other frozen creations are never boring. They're bold, adventurous, and will definitely tickle your palette and leave you with a lasting impression. They're not being called "artisanal" ice creams for nothing! I guess (and hope) that they will continue to experiment different kinds of flavors.

Thank you Peanut D and Sebastian Ice Cream's Mr. Ian Carandang for the invite! I just hope they put up a branch in Mandaluyong area someday, that's the nearest I could get. But for now, I will definitely come back there soon (and bring my date, hehehe). 128522128522128522

Rating: 4.5 / 5 (rounded off to 5)

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Pound by Todd English

4.0 Stars

My last looloo rendezvoos for 2017 was at Ayala Malls Vertis North (for the Cocina Peruvia event). And now, I was back at Vertis North for my first looloo rendezvoos for 2018! 🤗🤗🤗

I hadn't been to Pound by Todd English before, so imagine my excitement when looloo sent me an invite last week hehehe. (I was even more thrilled when I learned it would be a double rendezvoos, as we were going to have cool sweets at Sebastian's Ice Cream!)

Pound had just opened its seventh and newest branch at Vertis North so I was excited to try what this burger joint had to offer!

At the rendezvoos, we were told to order anything we fancied. There were some meals that were meant for sharing.

🔸Pound Foie Gras Burger (₱700, with 50g seared foie gras) - the star of our table! It was my first time to taste foie gras. I thought it would taste like chicken liver, but foie gras was entirely different, but in a good way. It was rich, fatty and juicy! Other than that, it was like any other burger. It is the most expensive burger I've seen so far, that I even checked it to see whether it had some hidden gold leaf or something (just kidding! 128513).

🔸Amsterdam Burger (₱280) - The pastrami was too salty to me, while the burger patty itself was bland. The sauerkraut was good though, so somehow there was a balance of flavors. My own order by the way.

🔸T. E. Crispy Chicken Burger (₱225) - I never tried this, although I heard that the chicken was really crispy -- true to its word!

🔸Sizzling Pound Moco (₱180 regular, ₱430 with 25g seared foie gras) - I am a rice person, so I instantly liked this. I was too late to try the foie gras. But I'm afraid I nearly wiped the skillet! (Sorry!). The beef patty was, again, bland. But that didn't stop me from liking this dish.

🔸Portobello Mushroom Burger (₱280) - I never tried this one too, although it looked yummy. Good for vegetarians, or for someone who's on a diet.

🔸Truffle Risotto Tater Tots (₱75) - I loved this one! The tater tots were already flavorful, and the creamy (mayo-based methinks) dip was tasty and rich... So just a dab of this dip was okay enough.

🔸Truffle Fries with Truffle Ketchup (₱160) - I loved the strong hints of truffle oil on this one.

🔸Todd English Poutine (₱180) - Simple, not fancy, just good poutine. We polished this one off rather quickly. 128513

🔸Crispy Goat Cheese Salad (₱225) - to me, the taste was a tad too bright due to the raspberry vinaigrette dressing. I failed to taste any goat cheese as the crispy wrappers somewhat ruined it. But other than that, I liked greens!

🔸Foodee Iced Tea (₱90) - I liked the copper cup.

🔸Some ordered a ginger ale and a glass of wine.

The burgers, which are Pound's "star" offering, could have been showstoppers. However, I felt underwhelmed -- the beef patties were lacking flavor while the buns were a tad hard to the bite

The seating was also a bit problematic, especially when there were a lot of diners so it was kind of difficult to move around.

Since Pound has just been new, there are chances to improve on their food, especially their burgers.

I looooved their sides; it's the sides which really impressed me.

It was a good first experience overall. (Actual rating is 3.5 / 5, rounded off to 4) 9786

Thank you Peanut D and Roegan T and Pound for having us! 128522128522128522 Nice to meet everyone who made it to the rendezvoos. 9786🤗
(shameless plugging, sorry! 128556128517)

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