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4.0 Stars
Fast Food

Milky White is the best halo-halo here at Chowking. Next time I'll try to have the ice cream add-on at ₱10 per scoop. For now, nabusog na ako kahit sa small size lang. #cheapeats

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Krispy Kreme

4.0 Stars

Green Tea Kitkat doughnut (₱48) for a limited time only. 127849127807

First time to try Kaffe Kreme (₱100) and I was surprised to find it so good! 9749

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Starbucks Coffee

4.0 Stars

Starbucks' Pop'zel Coffee Frappuccino (one of the limited edition flavors at present) reminds me of Costa Coffee's Popcorn Latte Frostino. Deep salted caramel flavor that's just right! Be sure to eat the popcorn and pretzel (sorry di kita sa pic eh) immediately first though or else they'll turn mushy!

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Dency's Kainan sa Aurora

4.0 Stars

Dency's has been a veteran in the Angono food landscape since the 1990s, one of the original eateries that serves budbod (in my own estimation). It is located at a neighborhood within Aurora Subdivision, just near the Angono-Taytay border.

I just tagged along with my sister who craved for beef budbod (perhaps Dency's most popular budbod). Since we had pizza at the Art Capital Cafe a while ago, I didn't feel I needed to eat a heavy meal. She had beef budbod and sago't gulaman while I only had the latter. She let me have a taste of the beef budbod, though. It was good, though I'm always partial to my favorite pork budbod.

Place was nice too -- like what you expect from a carinderia-style restaurant -- crude and rustic, although it can be too hot towards the mid-afternoon. There's also a cute mini garden at the farther end of the eatery.

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Art Capital Cafe

4.0 Stars

I was surprised to learn that Art Capital Cafe also serves pizza, so we checked it out. It is only my third time to be there.

What we ordered:
⚪Cotton Candy Frappe (₱100)
⚪Java Chip Frappe (₱100)
⚪Butter beer Frappe (₱100)
⚪Lucio pizza [probably named after National Artist and Angono's pride, composer Lucio San Pedro] (₱190)

Kind of disappointed that my Java Chip wasn't topped with a blue whipped cream, but just a regular whipped cream. Nevertheless, it tasted great! Sweet and deep flavored at the same time, I tasted the coffee in it and it wasn't overwhelmed by sweetness of the chocolate.

The pizza looked simple but the taste and texture were surprisingly good! The crust was the most noticeable thing about this pizza -- it was thin and crunchy! The smoky bacon bits also saved it from becoming an ordinary-tasting pizza. We could have ordered the Botong pizza (with spicy chicken and bell peppers) but it wasn't available at the time.

Understandably, it took a while before the pizza was served, but it was good so 'twas worth the wait.

Overall, a good snack time at the Art Capital Cafe! 128522

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Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe

5.0 Stars

My nthnthnth review on Kissako haha. Took my neighbor there as a promise to treat her. She's also a matcha lover like me. 128154

Despite my disappointment (once again) that the Strawberry Parfait and Matcha Roll Cake were not available (ayaw ba nila sa akin? Every time I'm there they're not always available LOL), their matcha creations quickly dissipated my slight feelings of upset.

My first time to try their pudding desserts. I realized that I liked the Matcha Pudding Parfait (₱150) much better than the Matcha Parfait (₱195). I loved the smooth, silky, gelatinous and creamy texture of the pudding underneath the layers of yummy whipped cream and matcha ice cream, together with the strong grassy/earthy goodness of the matcha. It's a lot cheaper and a much less complicated dessert than the Matcha Parfait, to boot.

Because I got to like the pudding parfait a lot, it led me to order their Matcha Pudding (₱75). It was served in a tiny bamboo-like cup. But despite its size, this dessert was packed! We even shared it.

Even though the Matcha Pudding Parfait has now replaced the Matcha Parfait as my favorite chilled dessert at Kissako, I would still recommend the Matcha Parfait to my friends whenever I treat them there.

The Matcha Fromage (₱170) was fine too! It was creamy but not the kind that would gag me he he. It had an interesting combination of saltiness, bitterness and sweetness.

I also treated my neighbor and my sister two bowls of Matcha Ramen (₱200 each bowl). Good servings for its price.127836

As expected, my neighbor loved everything that was served to our table. Good for her (and for me too, at least I never ended up feeling embarrassed haha).

To the staff: please please pretty please make the Strawberry Parfait and Matcha Roll Cake readily available.128518

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Angono Lakeside Park

4.0 Stars

Affectionately referred by locals as "Wawa," the Angono Lakeside Park is the place to go especially when dusk looms, where the townsfolk hang out and enjoy the views of the sunset, the Laguna de Bay, and the Metro Manila skyline. This place is also the favorite spot for photographers.

The lake side (and the lake itself), has been the site of the fluvial parade to celebrate the feast of St. Clement (November 22-23).

Amenities include the playground, bike/sidecar/toy car rentals, the zip line (over the lake), and the funfair (perya). When the day's particularly windy, people would also fly kites.

The most recent addition, the "Banchetto de Angono," a food bazaar that consists of 25 food stalls that offer a wide range of mostly cheap eats, from pica-picas, frappes, BBQs, rice meals, burgers and a lot more. There are also tables and chairs that are placed in front of the stalls.

I've been there a lot of times. I'm glad that they've gotten rid of the weeds that once proliferated there. It means less mosquitoes that used to breed and swarm the place especially during late in the afternoon. However, I hope they do something about some of the litter there.

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Kim is Hungry

5.0 Stars

My 10th review. Ha ha... Sure, Kim Is Hungry is known here around town for its yummy cakes and cupcakes. But what many people don't realize is that the cafe can't also be left behind when it comes to serving savory dishes, pica-pica's and sandwiches (I always love their sandwiches!)

I'm a fan of the Garlic Parmesan chicken wings flavor, since first tasting Yellow Cab's version of it. I prefer wings that are not drenched in sauce so as to retain their crunchiness. Besides, I'm a fan of garlic. And cheese.

I'm glad Kim Is Hungry also serves their own version of Garlic Parmesan wings (₱170, six pieces? Can't remember!) ! Sure, it's not Yellow Cab, but Kim Is Hungry's take on the recipe is delicious on its own. The wings had a bit of crunch on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, and a bit buttery, too! Hindi nakakaumay! In my opinion, this is better than Pizza Huts' version. Pa-takeout na ko neto next time!

My nieces always love Kim Is Hungry as much as I do. In fact, one of them wasn't too hard-pressed to blurt out these phrases repeatedly: "Ang sarap!... Ang sarap!" And kids make the best food critics -- they don't lie! 128513 She's not normally a chicken lover, but she loved the wings! As for the cupcakes, she always orders her favorite Red Velvet (partly because of the sugar heart that topped the cream cheese frosting).

I had a matcha fix again by sipping their matcha frappe (₱95). We had their yummy beefy/cheesy nachos too and cupcakes. Dinner/pica-pica was solved! 128525

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The Sweet Life Cafe

3.0 Stars

This is the only third time to be there (last visit there was on Valentine's Day two years ago). I don't know why I didn't keep on coming back to this cafe despite the great food and cutesy interiors.

Maybe it is the distance (that is, if I want to have some sweets and frappes, I'd usually go to Kim Is Hungry, which is just located in the town proper. There's also Starbucks or Farron Cafe if I am short of funds, hehe). Customer service is also partly the reason -- it was OK, they were efficient, but they left me with a rather cold impression.

If not only for their summer promo -- the ₱99 unli-ice cream -- I wouldn't really bother to come back there.

As I stepped inside the cafe again -- whoa, they almost radically renovated the interiors. There's now a carpeted nook with pillows where you can sit on, but if you don't wear your own socks you have to buy a new pair (₱30) before you'll be allowed to sit there. Wow.

I liked the old look of the cafe better. It was so much cuter. The interiors now looked more hip but I dunno, I felt kind of sad haha. The counter display of the cakes, cupcakes and gourmet turons from Turonne de Manila is gone. Oh, speaking of gourmet turons, wala na sila nun. Someone commented on my old Blogspot post, that the partners had already parted ways. So I am still wondering why the cafe hasn't changed its logo (because it still has the words "gourmet turon" when the cafe is no longer selling it).

Anyway, what I had:

⚪Mac n' Cheese (₱89) - classic fare. Just macaroni, cheese sauce, and grated cheese on top! I liked it. It was creamy.

⚪Unli ice cream promo - it comes with three toppings of your choice. Here are the mechanics to get it:

1) Order any of their waffles (price ranges from ₱68-₱89, but the server showed me the menu -- the waffles ranged from ₱85-₱89, I saw no ₱68 or something. Or did i fail to browse the menu thoroughly? I ordered the purple yam for ₱89, but they didn't have it so I chose strawberry instead for the same price).

2) Pick the ice cream flavor (they didn't offer me choices though when I was there, so I couldn't choose. So the flavor available seemed to be only chocolate).

3) Choose 3 toppings (I chose ube sticks, choco crunch and cookie crumbles).

The waffles had nary a hint of strawberry. And they we're kind of rubbery. But the ice cream was good! It wasn't aerated, so the texture was dense, smooth and creamy, plus it didn't melt easily. I bet they made their own ice cream.

About the unli-ice cream:

*limited time offer
*till supplies last
*no sharing, take outs, and leftovers

While I was eating, the server already put a receipt inside a small metal bucket, in front of me, where I was supposed to drop my payment. Part ng policy daw nila. I usually ask for a bill-out when I'm done with my food, so I found this charging style kinda off.

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Taco Vengo

4.0 Stars

🌮 It's ₱28 a taco promo at Taco Vengo SM Megamall branch, as part of its grand (formal) launch there. It started last March 28 and runs until April 4, 12pm-2pm, 6pm-8pm.

My date and I checked it out after we bought some art supplies. Contrary to what we expected, the line at the takeout counter was thankfully short at the time we arrived.

Six flavors are included in the promo:

🌮 Pork Cheek Confit
🌮 Honey Soy Chicken
🌮 Crispy Chicken
🌮 BBQ Beef Belly
🌮 Crispy Fish
🌮 Asian Slaw Tofu

I ordered the Pork Cheek Confit while he had the Honey Soy Chicken. My taco had an interesting contrast of textures in particular -- the crispiness of the fried pork cheek and the gelatinous, melts-in-your-mouth fat underneath it, and the crunchiness of the chicharon topping. It was zesty and a bit spicy and aromatic. It was good! 128077

My date said his own taco was good, a bit sweet and tangy.

Since it was my first time at Taco Vengo, I expected that their taco shells won't be hard and happily, they weren't. 128522

Only a maximum of two tacos is allowed per person.

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