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Scrapyard Cafeteria

5.0 Stars

No matter what, I will always have a soft spot for lugaw (and goto). Whenever I want it, there's Scrapyard where I'll have my lugaw fix, anytime.

But it was the first time for me to try their Lugaw Overload. For only ₱60 you'll get a nice big enough bowl of hot lugaw with many fixings -- chicken, tokwa't baboy, boiled egg, toasted garlic, green onions. Just add toyo, kalamansi, and black pepper. Wala akong masabi kundi super sarap! Para na ring me kanin at ulam -- the pork in particular was soft. *burp* Sakto for these cold days. 128077128077128077128077128077

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Ramen Kuroda

5.0 Stars
Ramen or Noodle

Even my clumsiness in holding chopsticks (I will never, ever learn how to properly eat with chopsticks) won't stop me from enjoying Japanese food.

My date and I went to Venice Piazza Grand Canal Mall for the first time, sort of our post-Valentines date. For our dinner, we went to Ramen Kuroda since we wanted to have a noodle meal.

We chose the cheapest ramen available, the Kuro Ramen (₱180). I'm also a fan of anything garlic, so I thought the Kuro Ramen would taste good. It had chashu (pork) and soft-boiled tamago (egg).

And it did taste good! We even added crushed sesame seeds and chili powder for some more kick. For such a price, it was a big bowl enough to satisfy both of us.

The yellow mango shake (₱50) was something we shared. It looked creamy and you'd never think that it had some ice because it looked really smooth. It tasted yummy.

Good first experience at Ramen Kuroda! Now dreaming of the garlicky Kuro Ramen as I'm typing this. 127836128077

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3.0 Stars

Used to be sequestered within Bloomingdale Subdivision in Angono, Hideout52 has finally become more accessible to a lot more foodies as it has moved to a new (and more public) location, just along the threshold of Angono-Binangonan highway.

The place - 11088110881108811088 the burger joint's black-and-white urban-style wall art makes it impossible for one not to notice it as he/she enters the premises. There's also a no-seats dining area at the interior upper and lower decks. The atmosphere evoked a young, hip vibe so no wonder it has fast become a magnet among the students and yuppies.

The names of the dishes almost made us to think twice to say out to the servers because they are connected with anything criminal. Lol.

What we had:

127831 SUSPECT (sweet and spicy, 4 pieces of chicken wings, ₱85) - 11088110881108811088 This was supposed to be their mildest but we didn't even taste some sweetness. Our tongues felt burned by these things!!! I liked how spicy the wings were; they were delicious, only they defied the description of the menu. Siguro nga we were "victimized" by the SUSPECT chicken wings. Sweet and spicy daw e puro anghang hehe.

127828 DOUBLE MURDER Burger (₱140) - 110881108811088 Their burgers are supposed to be the "star" of their menu. But when I took a bite of it, I was kind of underwhelmed. Masarap naman, but I was looking for some beefiness to the patties. It led me to even think if it was really beef they used for their patties -- kind of like pork or something else to me he he. It was like I was eating a sandwich, not a burger. Besides, for its price the burger was somewhat small, despite having two patties. I have had burgers for around the same price but they were otherwise big ones.

127848 CHOCOLATE CHEAT (₱105) - 11088110881108811088 It looked pretty! Not too sweet as well! If you're going to order their spicy chicken wings, order their frappes and milkshakes such as this. They make perfect partners. It also doubled as a dessert as well.

127863BLUE LEMONADE (₱30) -110881108811088 Refreshing drink.

Ambiance - 110881108811088 if you're looking for a place to sit back and chill out while enjoying your meal, Hideout52 is not exactly going to be it. The music was too loud! We asked one of the servers to send the music's volume down a bit. The place was also packed and it continued to receive incoming customers, so there was a lot of distractions going on there.

Service -110881108811088 They did their best though to attend to every table, as the place was full of diners so we patiently waited for our orders.

Average rating -110881108811088 (3.4 to be exact)

I was kind of let down by the burger and taken aback by the spiciness of the wings (contrary to their description as "sweet and spicy") but other items like nachos and dynamite are promising. I will try their other "crazy" milkshakes next time!

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Kim is Hungry

5.0 Stars

ATM. The Strawberry Shortcake (₱100 per slice) 127856 is love... Too bad this isn't always available.

It's light but not too light, and once I take a bite of it I couldn't resist to have another one again! Great balance of sweetness, tartness and blandness (from the light cream -- whipped cream methinks).

I "revisit" one of my old faves, the super-yummy and super-sulit Ham and Cheese Clubhouse plus chips (₱100, with free iced tea for dine-in only). Good for sharing, or if you have a big appetite this dish will surely satisfy your tummy!

Aside from the free iced tea, I ordered brewed coffee (₱50). Siyempre hindi mawawala kape haha.9749

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Farron Cafe

4.0 Stars

I want to have their mug lol. Latte, ₱60. 9749

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Buendia Food By The Court

4.0 Stars
Food Bazaar

🍽127936 Finally, Makati has a food park! It is now ready to serve more hungry foodies around the metro, especially those who are looking for another food park adventure.

It was a spur-of-the-moment foodtrip there for me and my sister that Friday. We actually intended to eat somewhere else (Kapitolyo or even Maginhawa) after our trip to the National Museum. After NM, we immmediately hailed a jeep bound for Buendia, and after getting off at Buendia we boarded a bus back to Crossing.

Darkness was looming and it was rush hour at the time, so obviously we got stuck in hellish traffic that went on for minutes. We were exasperated by it and at the same time we were hungry. As our bus remained stationary on the road, we noticed a brightly lit sign "Buendia Food by the Court," the eye-catching wall art by the parking lot, and the rope-and-string outdoor lamps that you usually see at other food parks.

Crowds flocked to the place, making it even more alive and vibrant. We were curious by now so with no hesitation (plus growling stomachs) we immediately got off the bus (even as we already paid the fare to the bus conductor hahahaha). We spent our dinner there as we were biding our time until the traffic eased off.

As we entered the premises, we also saw a basketball court furnished with new flooring. Actually, the court is also part of this sprawling complex, hence the food park's name. Buendia Food by the Court may be the first food park in the Philippines with a basketball court! It is available for rent.

At the time we were there, we also found out that it was the official opening day (or night) of this food park, although it had a media launch a few days back. So we were one of its first customers! Lols. Not all spaces were occupied at the time, but there were already lots of stores open.

It took us a while before finally deciding on the stores to buy our grub. We settled at the upper deck which allowed us to survey the streets (kung trapik pa rin o hindi na hahaha).

What we had:

🔹Mad Subs
Roast Beef Sub (₱130) - 11088110881108811088
Chicken Katsu (₱130) - 11088110881108811088
2 Pink Lemonade Slush (₱50 each) - 110881108811088
2 Mineral Water (₱25 each)

🔹Lamexa Cantina
Nachos (₱130) - 11088110881108811088

🔹Brother's Blends
Java Chip (I don't exactly remember the name, or the price) - 110881108811088
Dark Mocha (I don't either lol) - 110881108811088

The Roast Beef Sub was nice but it could be too wieldy to eat -- they used a baguette or French bread or something like that. I loved the mayo! Not sure it was Japanese mayo or some other type of mayo, basta masarap siya hehehe. It was a big sandwich, so it was good for sharing. Good for its price.

The Chicken Katsu looked like it was murdered in some of my pics lol. It was not a crunchy katsu like what I expected, but it made that up with its flavor and texture. The chicken was so soft and tender, and I liked the strong gingery hints.

Lamexa's nachos were fine, I like that they were so cheesy and a bit pungent (duh). Coming from a non-nachos fan, I'd say their nachos were good! But I thought the servings somewhat didn't justify the price (P130), mejo konti para sa akin. I couldn't help comparing this to other nachos we've tried before (at P100 or less yet the servings are heaps and some of them are a lot cheesier). Mejo damihan nila nang konti pls hahaha nagustuhan ko pa naman nachos nila.

Lamexa's service was a little off that night. My sister went to buy nachos and paid exactly P130 for the order. Much later, one of the service crewmembers walked back to our table and mistakenly handed us a change (P370), although he correctly mentioned our number card ("number 4?" he asked). After he left, my sister told me she paid the exact amount for the nachos (I thought she paid a bigger bill or something). I admit, we were kind of tempted to keep the money, but we thought someone else was waiting for his/her change and besides our conscience started to bother us. So we returned the money, which was the right and the best thing to do.

I think it was understandable for a restaurant crew to sometimes get mixed up, especially on their first day of operations. But next time they should be more attentive especially when handing out changes or else they won't be making any revenue!

I didn't know why ordering a lot of beverages crossed my mind. Even though we had the Mad Subs' Pink Lemonade Slush plus mineral water, I couldn't leave the place without at least having a coffee. And I didn't know why I ordered frappes at Brother's Blends instead of hot coffee on this chilly and windy night. But then again, it was an unplanned foodtrip hehehe.

Brother's Blends sells organically made beverages such as cold-pressed juices and coffee as well as other treats. I liked the taste of their frappes -- sweet and strong -- but they weren't exactly smooth in every sip. In fact, my sister's frapped was left with a lump of accumulated shaved ice. Or maybe because it was the effect of the cold weather? Not sure! I'm interested to try their cold-pressed juices and hot coffee next time.

I like the festive ambiance (11088110881108811088), which was only suitable for an outdoor dining setting such as food parks. Well, the noise was something I could tolerate with since there's no rule that prohibits customers from talking loudly above the din, you can expect that from food parks. At saka siyempre any food park won't be lively without some merrymaking.

However, our table next to us was a bit too much. Magbabarkada silang nag-iinuman, and they became not just too noisy, but also a bit rambunctious and sometimes rude as alcohol infiltrated their senses. First, they knocked over a bottle or two. And then without warning, one guy FLASHED HIS ASS 127825 IN FRONT OF ME 128552 and the others (I pretended not to notice it, but I really saw it) before he and his friends left the table. Up to now, I still can't get over it... nasira gabi ko dahil dun huhuhu 128553. Sana next time maglagay sila ng mga CCTV so that they can spot any untoward incidents such as this.

Except for that unsavory butt-sighting, I had a good first experience at Buendia Food by the Court. I'll take my date there one day!

By the way, here's the list of the stores in case you want to know. They look interesting to check them all out!

Bakmi Nyona
Barrel Smoer's
Brother's Blends
Burgers Meet Wings (BMW)
Doss Pares
Goto Pinoy
Ice Cold
Jack's Joint
Korvitz Grill
Lamexa Cantina
Little Kodo
Rojak Salad
Rouche Grille
Shangkee Buns
Sising MNL

Sorry for the loooong review. 🙂

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Jamie's Cakery & Kitchen

3.0 Stars

I don't go out that much beyond Rizal (as I work at home anyway) but fortunately there are a lot of places here to eat and hang out.

Whenever stress hits me, I usually go out to eat, not too far away from home. Most of the time I go back to a certain resto or cafe again and again, and sometimes I'm on the quest to find a new place for some grub.

Some time ago I read Casey D 's review (Casey, you should have reco'ed this to me hehehe) of a new-ish cafe in Taytay called Jamie's Cakery & Kitchen, but it's just today that I decided to try it out.

Locating it is easy. Get off at Singer along Ortigas Avenue Extension. Then go to E. Rodriguez Ave., which is also the way to Siena College Taytay and Taytay New Life Fellowship (the latter is much nearer to the cafe, about a couple of blocks away). You may want to flag down a trike for ₱20 per head, but we figured we could just walk all the way to save some fare -- and we found out that Jamie's is just relatively near from the main thoroughfare and pretty much accessible.

Cafe is small, I think it could accommodate only 20+ people, including the outdoor seating at the storefront.

One thing you'd instantly notice about Jamie's is the color scheme -- it doesn't hold back on the pastel. Which is fine especially when it's hit by a natural light from the outside -- good for #foodporn photography. However, we elected to dine outside as the day was cool and windy, even at 3 in the sunny afternoon.

There's also a cute "pastel crib" at the corner, consisting of a mat, a low table and pastel-colored throw pillows where customers can laze around while dining. Make sure you take off your footwear first before settling yourself in the pastel crib.

No Wi-Fi, as the cafe encourages real and personal conversation and interaction.

The crew may be busy at the time -- in fact they seemed to forget one of my orders -- but they made sure you'd have every meal you need!

We had lunch already at home so we ordered mostly sweets as we were hankering for them.

What we had:

🔹Tuna & Mushroom Penne (₱85) 110881108811088 - I was looking for any piquancy or any salt in the dish. Kind of bland to me, although I could pick out hints of garlic.

🔸Bacon Waffle ala Mode (if that's the name haha) (₱150) 1108811088110881108811088 I loved this dish! Freshly-made, soft, thick and fluffy waffle sprinkled with crunchy bacon bits, topped with three scoops of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. It was served with maple syrup which you drizzle onto the waffle. Even when the dish later turned cold, the waffle was still soft to the bite and the bacon bits remained crunchy.

🔹Ube Galaxy Cheesecake (₱95 per slice) 110881108811088 Unlike what I saw from the pictures on FB and IG, the Ube Galaxy Cake that I had looked more like a rainbow cheesecake to me. I liked that it was a bit salty, which a cheesecake should really be I guess. Other cheesecakes are too sweet for me. However, there was only a hint of ube, something which I was kind of let down considering I love ube and I expected the cake to have much of ube flavor. It looked gorgeous though!

🔸Unicorn Cake Ball (₱20 per piece) - 1108811088 11088 It looked pretty! But no fondant ears (unlike the ones I saw on the pics). Cake itself was OK, it was soft. I just ate some of the butter cream icing, I'm not a fan of that.

🔹Butterbeer Float (₱65) -110881108811088 Not too sweet, having a bit of effervescence (to me at least). I loved the mason jar, the shape reminded me of plastic containers of gulaman sold on the sidewalks.

🔸Cafe Viet (₱65) - 11088110881108811088 My first Vietnamese coffee, methinks! Served with condensed milk. It's strength was quite distinctive from the usual coffee I get. Heavy and intense, and earthy too. If this was really a Vietnamese coffee, then my quest to try it officially ended here! I liked it, despite having a hard time dissolving the condensed milk as the coffee was cold.

Jamie's is a self-service cafe. There's a station where you can get a glass of water and cutlery by yourself.

The ambiance -110881108811088 Colors were pretty, the decor was sparse but cute and highly Instagrammable, but the music inside was a bit too loud at the time we were there, which undermined the cafe's "laid-back" and "relaxing" factor a bit.

Price -11088110881108811088 quite affordable!

The cafe also serves burgers, sandwiches, rice meals and starters. I want to try the pita and the chicken with waffles next time, as well as their hot drinks and rice meals. Selection of cakes and other sweets was limited though.

Recommended (so far) - Bacon Waffle (ala mode). Good enough for two!

Average rating (based on the number of stars in this review) - 3.5

For lovers: you can express your love (and promise to each other) by affixing lovelocks at the railings outside the cafe. Lols.128274

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BonChon Chicken

4.0 Stars
Fried Chicken

127847 Despite being a matcha lover I was a little too late to have discovered and tried their Matcha Vanilla Bingsu (11088110881108811088) But it's OK! For only ₱79 you'll enjoy a bowl of nice bingsu -- enough to make you full even if you didn't order anything else.

But in my case, I was famished so right after my work-at-home-writer duties I went to SM Center Angono to have some pretty heavy late lunch/merienda/early dinner rolled into one hahahq.

127835 In addition to the Matcha Vanilla Bingsu, I also ordered the Chicken Bibimbowl meal (11088110881108811088). For only ₱155 you'll have a bibim meal plus Bulgogi Noodle Soup and a beverage of your choice (I chose iced tea).

The bibim bowl itself consisted of their signature glazed chicken, fried egg, julienned carrots and nori on top of fried rice. It was served with a paper lid which instructed to mix the whole caboodle first before eating it, but I admit it was too colorful and too pretty to mix them all up hehehe. The dish was sweet and spicy, the chicken was crunchy and the nori gave some additional punch to it.

127836 The Bulgogi Noodle Soup was yummy! At first slurp, I first noticed how sweet this soup was but later on the beefy and "umami" flavor dominated throughout my taste buds. It's best to eat this while hot.

The Matcha Vanilla Bingsu consisted of matcha powder, red beans, pieces of white chocolate cereal, and ice cream (I believe it was ice cream) over the powdery shaved ice. I loved the white chocolate cereal bits as they gave some crunchy texture to the bingsu. Even as the ice melted and the consistency became creamy, these bits remained nice and crunchy. 128525

I'm going to try their other bingsu flavors, the Strawberry shortcake and the chocolate ones next time.

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Uggy Cafe

4.0 Stars

9749 I normally brew coffee at home (using my trusty French press), but I haven't experienced coffee being brewed right on my table inside a coffee shop. That is, until I paid a visit to Uggy Cafe, a boutique cafe here in Angono.

I learned a lot of things during my first visit there yesterday. I thought coffee is just something to have when you sit back, relax and unwind. But I realized there was something more I needed to learn about everyone's favorite beverage.

I have seen the term "single-origin," which a lot of cafes serve. Uggy Cafe also serves single-origin coffee (and I think it also sells single-origin type beans). I'm naturally shy, but my curiosity at that time prodded me to ask the crew about the meaning of a "single origin" coffee.

I was told that a "single-origin coffee" is coffee which originates from a single geographical source or a single producer. The coffee may be grown from a single country, a single region, or even a single farm. The coffee is named after that source.

Single origin coffees give a unique flavor that's reflective of the origin of the beans. For instance, Kenya coffee = sweet, savory, chocolatey hints. Costa Rica coffee = fruity, nutty, grassy notes. You'll know the nuances of the coffee tastes and aroma just by knowing their location. One of the owners (I think) let me have a smell of the coffee beans they use.

Although I had already ordered an affogato (₱95), I was also curious about the pour-over brewed coffee using with a syphon coffee maker (₱85 per serving). I asked the crew to serve that one too. As for the type of coffee grounds to be brewed, I chose Kenya.

So yes, I had *two* strong coffee servings yesterday, the affogato and the pour-over coffee (thankfully, I never had an anxiety attack later in the day, but insomnia was inevitable lols).

It was a first time for me to see a syphon coffee maker, one of the more antediluvian contraptions for preparing coffee. It looked like one of the glassware you see inside a science lab... so you know, I witnessed some coffee geekery here!

The siphon composed of a bulb, a funnel and a filter with the metal chain. The filter was inserted into the funnel.

They used some sort of an alcohol burner (with a cloth wick) as a heat source to boil the water inside the bulb.

As the water in the bulb started to boil, then the funnel was set up on top of the bulb. The boiling water soon expanded and rose all the way up to the funnel. The water in the funnel shouldn't be too hot before adding the coffee grounds. One of the servers brought a kitchen thermometer to make sure that the water reached the right temperature.

Afterwards, the coffee grounds were poured into the funnel. The brew was then given an occasional stir to make sure the coffee grounds were submerged and steeped thoroughly in the heated water.

As the burner was removed, the brewed coffee traveled back down to the bulb. The funnel (now with the drained coffee grounds) was then taken away from the bulb, which now contained the freshly brewed coffee. The coffee was first cooled a bit before being poured into my cup (but of course it depends on you if you want it to be served immediately after the brewing stage).

I was totally enraptured while watching (and taking pictures and video recording) the whole process. That's coffee science for you. It's cool and fun to watch!

The coffee brewed from a siphon tasted intense and vibrant. It tasted clean too, and obvioulsy my coffee didn't have any sediments of coffee grounds (which I sometimes encounter with my French press). It was gooood!

The affogato was served and came with a shot of hot espresso. It was also my first time to try an affogato. The usual way to serve it is to drown the ice cream with the espresso. It was like a more adult verson of a McDonald's coffee float. I loved it!

Uggy Cafe's sans rival (₱115) is one of the best sans rivals I have tried. Chewy with a bit of a crunch. Instead of the usual cashew nuts, it was topped with a bunch of slivered almonds. I ate the cake already before I took a picture of it masarap e hehehe.

The cafe was simply but tastefully decorated, with framed pictures and artwork as well as decal art filling the blank upper walls. Well-lit, and the ambiance and background music were relaxing. It also had a free and fast Wi-Fi (I managed to watch an episode of Goblin on my phone hehehe).

Since Uggy Cafe is still relatively new, the choices of their snacks were limited to cakes and a couple of pasta dishes. I even requested they should have sandwiches next time. They said they also received such requests and might be working on serving paninis soon! 128522 But the cafe offers a good range of espresso and espresso-based drinks (latte, mocha, Americano, etc.), hot and iced coffee, tea and ice-blended drinks as well as cocktails.

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Wings On The Go

4.0 Stars

Finally we tried Wings on The Go's new pasta dishes and also got to enjoy the old favorites. This time we didn't order any burger though.

Here's a rundown of our order at WOTG last night:

127837 Italian Meatball 🆕 (₱140) - Spaghetti bolognese with one big beef meatball stuffed with gooey cheese!!! I like the sauce -- natural-tasting at hindi typical na Filipino style spaghetti sauce.
127837 Creamy Tuna Pesto 🆕 (₱130) - Made even yummier with bacon bits!!!
127831 Buffalo Wings 400g (₱170)
127858 Green Salad (₱110)
127839 Pizza Fries (₱110)
127805 El Nacho (₱90) - First time to try their nachos. The nacho chips themselves were not brittle unlike other nachos I've tried -- they were just right to the bite. Loaded with beef and cheese!!!
127862 Drinks (bottled water, Sprite, Coke, ₱70 all)

🔹TOTAL - ₱810

WOTG proves that you don't have to spend a grand to eat grandly! He he. Most of the servings justified the price so the food was really good for sharing.

Sa sobrang kabusugan ko nakatulog tuloy ako pag-uwi. Busog, tulog. 128164

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