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Baker Studio

5.0 Stars

It's just today that I got to try Baker Studio's branch at SM Center Angono although it has been there for a while. I loved all the breads there, especially the pork floss, sarap-sarap 128523. Mejo parang BreadTalk pero mura. 10084

They have seating too and also offer coffee as well. Will try dining there next time! Hope that their coffee will not be acidic.

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Starbucks Coffee

4.0 Stars

Franken Frappuccino - nothing extraordinary but at least I liked this more than the last (green tea yogurt).

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Happy Lemon

3.0 Stars

Sorry for the not-so-good pic. My date and I availed of the BOGO Happy Lemon Matcha Latte for ₱89 by using Booky app. And we opted to have sago so they cost ₱109 in total. They were more like green tea than matcha but they were enough to quench our thirst. 128522

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Sisig Hooray!

5.0 Stars

Wherever you go, Sisig Hooray never fails. Still the same good quality and service, this time at their SM City North EDSA branch.

I will always love their bangus sisig -- parang pork sisig din but there's only a bit of fishy taste (hindi masyadong malansa) and earthy aftertaste of the bangus which would often come in large chunks -- and a bit healthier too hahaha. I always order their bangus sisig kasilog. Just loving it. :)

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Pho Hoa

4.0 Stars

It was another first for me -- trying Vietnamese cuisine! 🇻🇳

I was happy that I was treated at Pho Hoa by my sister as I had been hearing from her how good their noodles and fried spring rolls were.

Their beef pho was different to ramen: not too rich, quite light, flavorful but refreshing, especially when you add lemon and the leaves whose name I didn't know. Mint? I didn't think so -- it smelled quite pungent (almost peppery) but when I got to bite it, the taste was more minty. I loved the thin slices of beef too. If you want it spicy just add sriracha, which I did. 128522

But what blew me away were their fried spring rolls with vermicelli, minced pork and mushrooms - forgot its name tho. I loved the bubbled texture of the spring rolls -- ibang iba sa lumpia natin. So, so crunchy, meaty and flavorful! Bitin lang hahaha. 128523

Place was a bit dingy to me though... and looked a bit oudated. But their food was obviously tops!

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Big Daddy's Grilled Burger

4.0 Stars

I had the cheeseburger for ₱155. Definitely better than Zark's Burgers. (Which, I think, is a little overhyped) 127828128077

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5.0 Stars
Fast Food

Burger Steak meal + Jolly Spaghetti + iced tea for only ₱99. How come I didn't know this before? 128561

I still can't believe there's such a Value Meal at Jollibee that lets you have two meals at their regular servings. I thought maliit lang ung servings ng spaghetti that would be put together with the burger steak meal in one plate.

But when the server came, she brought two plates! All for me! Hahaha. At marami-rami rin ang spaghetti. Perfect too for sharing of course. 128522 Ideal and quick way to treat your special someone on a budget when he/she bugs you, "libre mo naman ako o!" 128513128513128513 Pasok na pasok sa bulsa. 128077

Sulit na sulit talaga. BEE-da talaga ang saya!

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Cocina Peruvia

4.0 Stars

Looking back at my previous looloo rendezvoos, I have tasted Thai/Chinese, Japanese, Italian/American and Filipino dishes -- flavors that I have been quite familiar with and immensely enjoyed. But when I received an invite from Peanut D to a Peruvian food eat-up, I became very curious in particular becuase I haven't tried Peruvian food before... and that made me more excited about so I said yes.

After all, Peruvian cuisine is not as popular as the other global cuisines here in the Philippines. But after a food- and fun-filled rendezvoos at Cocina Peruvia inside the new Ayala Malls Vertis North last night, I concluded that Peruvian cuisine deserves to be tasted and enjoyed by more Filipinos. It's different yet it's also familiar to our palates at the same time.

What we had:

127831127830128031 APPETIZER/MAINS
🔹Ceviche Nikkei (₱250) - Honestly, I haven't tried kinilaw or kilawin before because, like in the case of sushi, I'm hesitant to try raw food. But this dish turned out to be agreeable -- I liked both the jackfish and the salmon, particularly the latter. They were soft and almost jelly-like to the bite and this ceviche's acidity was not too overpowering.

🔹Anticuchos de Corazon de Vaca
This dish has been popular in the Andes region since the pre-colonial era, and now it is especially popular as a snack and street food in Peru.

I ate two pieces of beef heart cubes -- the first one was tender but the second one was a bit chewy and gamey. But I liked the flavor. I like spicy foods, so this one was a hit for me. Pwedeng pampulutan hehehe.

🔹Pollo ala Brasa (₱380 / ₱750)
The chicken was good, tender, not too flavorful and had no raw blood inside (he he). It wasn't distinctive in itself until you added the aji cilantro dip and the salsa and boom... you got the explosion of flavors. Some of the fried potato wedges were salty, some weren't.

🔹Adobo Peruvia (₱400 / ₱1190)
The Peruvian adobo is entirely different to Filipino adobo. Instead of vinegar and soy sauce, Adobo Peruvia was flavored with cream sauce. It was a bit on the salty side to me. But it also reminded me of hamonado because it had some sweetness. The thin slices of pork were so tender and the fat melted in my mouth. No wonder this was one of the most favorite dishes on our rendezvoos.

🔹 Lomo Saltado - (₱450 / ₱1190)
The beef was nice and tender, but it was more on the salty side.

🔹Rocoto Chicken Wings
Rocoto is a type of chili native to South America, and it was used in this dish. I loved it (I forgot to mention this as one of my favorite dishes). It was quite spicy like the usual buffalo wings, only these wings were not drenched in chili sauce. I think I ate four pieces of these.

🔹Arroz con Mariscos
This was their version of seafood paella. The mussels were too salty and even a bit acrid, but the rice was otherwise bland. It was not the most favorite dish there for the majority of the looloo reviewers, but I liked it enough. Since we didn't have any plain rice, I used this dish instead to partner with their more flavorful dishes like the rocoto chicken wings, the lomo saltado and especially the adobo Peruvia. Perfect pairs, I tell you. So ok na rin na di malasa ung kanin. 128513

127837 PASTA (all-linguine)

🔸Pasta a la Huancaina (₱250) - My most favorite pasta served there. It was different to the other pasta dishes I've tried. It looked like carbonara but it didn't taste like one at all -- and I don't like carbonara hahaha. Instead, this pasta dish was dressed in Huancaina sauce - a sauce made from white cheese, pepper, milk and sometimes crushed crackers, among other ingredients.

🔸Pasta Verde (₱250) - Many people (me included) don't like cilantro -- it is an acquired taste. But I was willing to try this dish. It turned out to be okay, the cilantro was not too intense. I squeezed some lemon into it, and that made this dish tasting a lot better.

🔸Chorizo con Pasta (₱250) - The flavor of this dish hit closer to home because it had the familiar Pomodoro sauce. I liked it. 128522

127851 DESSERT

🔸Galera de Chocolate (₱350) - Chocolate tart topped with figs, tortillas, and potato chips. This was decadence in a plate! Rich, dark, deep and certainly luxurious. I cried chocolate tears on this one!!! But when I learned about the price, I just cried. Hahaha. 128514

Their flavors are unique yet familiar at the same time. Cocina Peruvia makes sure that their dishes should also be agreeable to the Filipino palate. Personally, I liked most of the food served to us -- they should just work on the salty level on some of the dishes.

Another, the pricing is a bit too steep for my standards, and the servings of some of the dishes don't quite parallel to the price. Well, you also pay for the ambiance and the unique experience of eating Peruvian dishes, anyway. 128522

Thank you looloo and Peanut for inviting me again! 128521128077

Thank you Cocina Peruvia for providing us quite a gastronomic adventure by giving us a good introduction to the flavors of Peru 🇵🇪! Nice to meet the other looloo reviewers as well. 128522

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Potato Corner

4.0 Stars

Availed of the buy 1 get 1 jumbo fries by using Booky app digital coupon. First time actually to taste the Garlic Parmesan flavor. It was good! Pero sour cream pa rin ang pinaka favorite kong flavor. 128522127839

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4.0 Stars
Fast Food

First time to try KFC's Sisig Rice Bowl and I was completely blown away by its richness! Quite rich, in fact, that I needed an extra rice for this.

It was lacking hotness to my liking -- I would have wanted it to be a bit spicier -- but it did capture the classic sisig flavor. I liked it. 128522

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