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La Carmela de Boracay

1.0 Stars

They do not have enough towels. You will not get a decent breakfast as well. Go find someplace else

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Pomodoro Pizza

3.0 Stars

Some people have been telling me to try this place. I guess they overhyped it for me.

Had average tasting bolognese, and the pizza was just okay.

It's worth what you pay for, whatever that means.

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D&B Duck & Buvette

2.0 Stars

Food was good but couldn't enjoy it as i was too irritated because mains were served before appetizers (which took too long, i was almost done with my main when it came)

Hopefully they learn why this is a problem. Will try again when they do.

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Wild Flour Restaurant

4.0 Stars

I've been wanting to try this place for awhile as I've heard a lot about it. I was thinking that this place was overrated so i just came in with moderate expectations. I guess it's just my mood today but I can say I had a great meal here.

We had the french onion soup, mac and cheese, roast chicken and steak and eggs. The quality is worth what you're paying. Me and my companion were well satisfied with the food. The service was attentive and treated us well.

I also ordered for the salted chocolate cake but they approached me saying they needed 45 minutes to prepare it, asking me to select another item instead. Since I really wanted to try it and since we're waiting for a friend anyway, I kinda called their bluff and they were surprised I was willing to wait, haha. So they're making the cake now. Hopefully it's worth the wait.

EDIT: The wait was worth it.

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Café Juanita

4.0 Stars

Had the bagnet and ampalaya with catfish flakes. Excellent place for dinner and dates; with live piano music. It's just a bit pricey for what you get (not that much though). Recommend to try at least once.

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Spring by Ha Yuan

5.0 Stars

You cannot go wrong here. It's my second time (at a different branch though) and still got the same great food (healthy too) and great service. I can eat here everyday, seriously.

Try the roast chicken and lumpia.

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4.0 Stars

Exceptional service! Had the Kare-Kare which was quite good. They have a standard version and a twist version of your favorite pinoy dishes which makes things interesting.

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