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Promenade Cinemas

4.0 Stars
Movie Theatre

Watched the second Percy Jackson movie with a blockmate at Greenhills. We didn't plan on watching at the new cinemas, so we were quite surprised with the quality of the experience. Cinemas 6,7 and 8 of Promenade Cinemas are part of the new part of the building that has just been finished recently. The standees say that "the Dolby Atmos theatres are the first and only in the Philippines". The size is a lot smaller compared to other cinemas in the Philippines. It reminded me so much of the theatres in the States, just one section of 15 rows with 18-24 seats per row. Anyway, with the Dolby Atmos speakers, you can really hear the big picture. It feels like you're watching the movie from the set instead of from the cinema. I can't wait to try watching in a Dolby Atmos theatre on 3D. Bet that's gonna be on a whole new level 128077

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