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Army Navy

4.0 Stars

I ordered crunchy tacos. They were okay, I wish there was a bit more cheese on them though.

I had one freedom fry (on a diet) and LOVED it. Way better than I remember (the last time I tried freedom fries was YEARS ago). My friend enjoyed her quesadilla.

My only major complaint was that it took forever to order. Even though they'd take down orders of those in line, the cashier was super slow. Took me 10 minutes to place my order and all I wanted was a taco with bottled water. There wasn't a line when we got there but when we sat down to order there were 5 people behind us. Service was pretty smooth after that, the server was attentive enough.

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Cold Stone Creamery

5.0 Stars
Ice Cream

Must try: Cookiedoughntyouwantsome

I have a soft spot for anything cookie dough related. I guess that's why I married an excellent cookie baker. Anyway, I ordered my typical order of the cookie dough ice cream and I just have to say it is totally worth the belly fat that I'll be showing while in El Nido next month.

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Lord Stow's Bakery

5.0 Stars

Last Saturday Khalil had a craving for egg tarts so we dropped by Lord Stow's Bakery.

Thought process while looking around: Hmm barbecue cassava chips. What exactly is a cassava? I'm not really sure. (at this point I ask the lady in the store) Bakery woman says its a root. Hmm. Root. Sounds weird but I like barbecue. I'll try it, its only Php45 and must be healthier than junk food.

And there began my love affair with barbecue cassava chips.

I may or may not have eaten the whole bag in one sitting.

I also may or may not have ordered 8 more packs last night through HeyKuya.


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Motorino Pizza Manila

4.0 Stars

Kal K. and I met a friend for lunch in Motorino last Saturday. I'll be honest, I'm a bit of a tough critic when it comes to Italian food. I really find it hard to find a place I enjoy or can call authentic. I did, however, really enjoy Motorino. The pizza is almost what it tastes like back home and I'll probably be back when craving Italian pizza.

They have pretty cool interiors. The brick oven is visible so its fun to see them taking pizzas out of the oven.

We ordered the following:
Pizza: I can't remember the name but it was pepperoni and anchovies. This was awesome.
Caesar salad: I wasn't able to try this but my friend seemed to enjoy it.
Spaghetti and Meatballs: The sauce lacked a bit of salt and personally I found the noodles overcooked. The meatballs were great though. They managed to recreate how meatballs in Italy taste. Very tender and tasty. Most restaurants manage to overcook the meatballs. This was something like what my grandma would make for me as a child.

I also tried what I fondly call "wine all you can" (I'm not sure if this is the actual name, it's possible that it is) which got me pleasantly buzzed by the end of my lunch. You basically can choose white or red wine and drink as much as you want for an hour and a half. Not bad at all for P395.

We had a pretty good time here. The place is clean, staff is attentive and food is good. :)

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4.0 Stars

Kal K. and I recently visited Saboten after months not having gone. The food is just as good, portions just as big, ambiance just as great. I only have one small concern, they seem slightly understaffed. It took a little time to get the attention of our servers.

We ordered:
Tenderloin (M&L) : Delicious, not fatty! Rice is nice and sticky and they have the tastiest miso soup!
Ham and Cheese Roll: Try this! You can order this ala carte, its basically two large pieces of tonkatsu with ham and cheese in the middle.


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UCC Clockwork

4.0 Stars

I had lunch with my boss and a friend today. We ordered the grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. I really liked the food. The grilled cheese was great and I loved the tomato soup.

The only thing that I really didn't like was the service. The servers were clumped together in one area and weren't really attentive to the customers. It took quite a while to get their attention. I also ordered an iced tea which they forgot. We decided to order dessert and waited another 20 minutes.

I'm really hoping that the staff can just put a little extra effort with the customers. I enjoyed the food and will likely be back.

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4.0 Stars

First, I would like to send out a super huge thank you to Peanut D and the awesome team of Dohtonbori for inviting us this looloorendezvooos! We didn't really know what to expect since it was our first time but it was so much fun!

Ambiance: I loved the look & feel of the restaurant. The vibe here isn't fancy (which most Japanese restaurants tend to go for), instead, it's fun and relaxed. There are little accent pieces everywhere which are so cute. In fact, there is a sleeping cat by the foot lockers and when I heard that the poor kitty had no name I took advantage of the situation and officially named her after myself.... AriKai. Get it? Arianna Kaimo? Sounds Japanese right?? I'm really hoping this catches on. People of the world, look for AriKai when you go :)


•Garlic Angus Striploin (with compound garlic butter):
This was the first dish we got to try that night. The woman assisting/cooking for us asked how we would like ours done and we agreed on medium. Unfortunately, by the time we got ours it was over cooked. The meat was a bit tough and well done. The compound butter was delicious but I just really prefer my meat less cooked. After reading other reviews I see now that a few of us had the same note for this dish despite having different servers so I don't think it was her fault..

•Cheesy Pork Okonomiyaki:
They bring out all the ingredients that will be used to make your Okonomiyaki so you get to see exactly what is going into this dish. There's pork, pickled red ginger, tempura bits, spring onions, cabbage, egg and mozzarella cheese (I hope I didn't miss anything 128586), this is all mixed together and then cooked in front of you. This takes about 15 minutes to prepare so be patient! They top it off with their special sauces and mayo + some sort of seaweed powder and boom you're ready to eat! I really liked this. I'm not such a fan of lots of flavors in one bite but this really worked. I rather enjoyed this.

•Dohtonbori Pizza:
This is made with pancake batter, strips of pork, cabbage, pickled ginger, different cheeses, tempura bits and lastly, an egg. Then they add their sauce + mayo + seaweed combo.
This dish was my ultimate favorite from that night. The pork was crunchy which added great texture (probably what I found lacking in the okonomiyaki) and the flavors just mixed so well together. I highly recommend this dish!

•Omelette Yakisoba:
This looked like the most complicated thing to make, I actually felt sorry for our server. To make a long story short, they cook the noodles and the egg separately and then somehow envelop the noodles into the egg as you would an omelette.
I rather enjoyed the noodles. I am not such a fan of omelette a in the first place but I did like how the noodles were cooked and I loved how they had a great bite to them.

•Cold Soba:
I don't really like cold soba so I didn't try this dish :)

I also have never been a fan of kimchi but since I find that my food preferences as I age are different I decided to try a bite of kimchi. I liked their version, it was spicy (although I hear it's less spicy than its Korean counterpart) and I enjoyed the flavor. Probably still wouldn't be my number 1 choice though.

•Chocolate Parfait:
Bits of chocolate brownie, crispies and ice cream.

•Iced tea:
Since my previous review was about iced tea.. Everyone was watching me for my reaction when taking my first sip. Haha. I liked this iced tea. My only note was it was slightly watery. I prefer my iced teas to have a little more depth but I would probably order this agin.

The staff:

I really liked their staff. They are so accommodating and are very knowledgable on menu items and are able to answer all of your questions about the food. I think this is also because of the attitude of the people in charge of this brand. We met Kim (the owner), Rey and chef Kosugi and they were just as friendly and accommodating!

The company:
I don't usually include this in reviews but I had the best time with all of you! I was initially considering live reviewing this one but just had too much fun to do so. Jairus d April H Unisse C Will C Denise A Clarissa P Jenn N Peanut D and of course my love Kal K. Can't wait for the next one!

Kal and I are going to be doing a blog on Wordpress soon about our adventures as a married couple and will likely be doing joint reviews on there as well as looloo. I'm not sure how joint reviewing will work but we're willing to try. I'll let you all know when it's ready 128514

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Sweet Nothing

5.0 Stars

Anyone who has shared a meal with me has experienced the following scenario:

Me flipping to the beverage page, asking he server what kind of iced tea they have (is it really brewed or is it powdered? "Nestea ba? No thank you") and then silently deliberating whether or not to order iced tea.

You see, iced tea is my guilty pleasure. Have I ordered an obscene amount of food already? Yes. Will I add a ton of extra calories and sugar to my meal? Hell yes. There is just something about iced tea that makes the dining experience complete.

Now that you are all understand how deeply my love for iced tea is.. Let's discuss Sweet Nothing's iced tea.

It's P50 for a large size drink. This in itself is already a big plus. I hate it when restaurants charge an insane amount of money for drinks (yes I know that's where they make money, but still). The iced tea itself is the perfect blend of bitter and sweet and I really do enjoy it. I'm not really sure if this is powdered or brewed (I think it may be powdered) but for once I don't really care because I do like the taste regardless.

I've been here twice and always plan to order the smores shake but I can't seem to let go of my iced tea obsession. 128514

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The Masala Bar

4.0 Stars

I was overwhelmed with the large selection of food available at GastroPark in Kapitolyo. Did I want tempura? Fries? Singaporean food? I couldn't decide and found myself visiting each stall, trying to figure out what I was in the mood for.

Then I found it. My new obsession: beef masala quesedillas.

Affordable at P160 and delicious.

I ended up going back a few days later to pick some up for lunch. Yum.

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Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar

4.0 Stars

I don't have a photo of the actual food so you'll just have to make do with a selfie we took here.

Had the best time here last night. The chips + queso & their salsa was so yummy!

The chicken quesadilla was also good. And let's not forget their margaritas 128131

This is a nice chill spot with good food, affordable prices and good service.

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