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Anya Resort & Residences

5.0 Stars

The vibe of this place was so relaxing 128582‍♀️.
βœ” The location was easy to find
βœ” The guards were strict but very friendly
βœ” Room was spacious
βœ” Bathroom was spacious with 2 sinks, vanity area, bath tub, separate shower and toilet
βœ” Bed was so comfy
βœ” Heated swimming pool
βœ” Breakfast buffet P300(adult) and P150(kids). Loved their salad, fruits, fresh blueberry yogurt, freshly made jam, fresh fruit juice, hot choco 128523. They also served cereals, hotdogs, bacon, tocino, fish fillet, chopsuey, arroz caldo, pancake, egg station, diff types of bread, donuts, banana bread, drinks such as iced tea, cold choco, watermelon with basil juice, pineapple juice with something (i forgot 128513).

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Paper Moon Cafe

5.0 Stars

Me want that cookie!!!

Can I have one bite, please?!!!

Maze, 7 months

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Movie Stars Cafe

4.0 Stars

We went here for my brother-in-law's birthday celebration. It was a fun experience. There were shows every hour for 15 minutes. At first, the kids were scared as they saw Chucky and Freddie Krueger performing. My boy even wanted to go home. My nephew, on the other hand, enjoyed esp. Spiderman. The performers were very friendly going around tables and taking pictures with the customers. We saw performances of Pirates of the Carribean, Barbie, Shrek, Spiderman. There were more shows that night like Avengers and Star wars that we did not see as it was getting late.

The buffet choice was not that much. It was filling though, because mostly pasta and fried dishes were served. We got 1 ala carte order for the kids and it was huge. 3 kids shared and there was still leftover.

My nephew really enjoyed the shows and wanted to go back the next day! We enjoyed Shrek because of Lord Farquaad 128522. The best show was Spiderman. It was nice seeing everyone in costumes and the kids enjoyed taking pictures with them.

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Seda Hotel Nuvali

3.0 Stars

Stayed here last Dec 25-26. The hotel was full. We arrived at around 3pm bec of the heavy traffic (everyone seemed to be going to Tagaytay!) But our rooms became ready at 4 and 4:30. My youngest sister already checked in the night before so we stayed in her room for awhile.

The room has a good view of people walking around like ants. The bathroom has no bidet. The water was not that strong. We used their shampoo and bath wash. The shampoo was drying to the hair. The ref did not make our water cold. Floor was not carpeted if I remember it correctly, which was good coz my son and hubby have rhinitis.

The hotel is just walking distance to Solenad restaurants. A lot of people were in the area, I did not want to be stressed anymore finding and waiting for food. I was tired so we just called for Yellow cab delivery. My sisters decided to walk to Solenad to buy food coz they wanted to eat rice. They got their food from Reyes BBQ, that was the only fast food chain that wasnt packed at that time.

The breakfast buffet was ok. We liked the arroz caldo, and champorado. One can choose from danggit, scrambled egg, tocino, fish fillet, veggies, pansit, bread, some salad, some pastries. Not a lot, can taste a bit of everything. There were fruit juices (not fresh). We liked the guava juice.

The kids liked the game room but during this stay they were not able to play as it was full. I think there were 4 xbox consoles to play with. There is also a smaller game room for toddlers with tv, slide and some toys.

I asked for a later check-out but the receptionist told me that the standard check-in time is 2 and check-out is 12. I knew that, so I emphasized that they we were able to checked us in at 4 and 4:30. She transferred me to the front desk and we had the same conversation. She asked me to hold. I waited for awhile and when she returned she said that they were expecting some guests so we really needed to check out at max 12:30, we can still stay at the hotel to use the facilities and for the inconvenience we had she would give me discount for 1 room. It should be 2 rooms discount but I agreed coz my sisters already paid for their rooms online in Agoda.

It was nice to stay here coz of the cool, fresh air. The first time we stayed here we were able to walk in the morning and also enjoyed the night breeze (nov 2014). But this time, it was too crowded outside.

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Crimson Hotel

5.0 Stars

1. Fast wifii
2. Cheesecake
3. Comfy Bed
4. Lobby
5. Swimming pool
6. Everything

- Micah, 10 128103

1. Food!
- Matt, 5128102

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Neil's Kitchen

5.0 Stars

My sister recommended this place. She was walking and looking for a place to eat, passed by this place and tried it out. Her gut feeling did not disappoint her.

We met my mom and sisters for lunch and ordered the following:
Bbq liempo with java rice;
Dinuguan fondue with crispy pork and puto;
Puto bumbong with maja;
Suman with manga and chocnut.

Everything was tasty. The bulalo was generously served with very tender beef and litid which my mom and husband liked. My sister and I liked the dinuguan. Best dinuguan for us. I don't eat callos but this one was delicious. The bbq liempo was sweet and tender which the kids liked.

For our love of kakanin, this is the best puto bumbong for us. The suman was also really good esp with the chocnut and mango combi.

Price was reasonable because of the huge servings. Ambience was comfortable and picture worthy. Servers were attentive and fast.

It was a good dining experience.

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Bizu Patisserie

4.0 Stars

Ang cute lang at ang sarap kainin. Try nyo yung tea set!

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