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Mochi Creme

4.0 Stars

We were craving something sweet so we only ordered the tarts. The fruits looked so shiny and delicious that we couldn't resist. Although everything was a little pricey.. It's ok nevertheless.

The strawberry tart was sweet and tangy and I could tell that the pie(?) was newly baked. But for the fruit tart, was hard to break. So minus points for that.

I will comeback though to try their mochi and the green tea/macha drinks.

Also the melon pan is so cute so i had to buy it it wasn't exactly melon flavored but it was good. 128514

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Starbucks Coffee

5.0 Stars

I always come here every week to satisfy my coffee fix. I love going here. 128537

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Duke's Coffee Place

4.0 Stars

I always spend my Monday afternoon here at Coffee place. But this would probably be the last time because my schedule is so hectic next term. Anyways..

Peach Iced Tea 110php
Carbonara 150php

The carbonara is very creamy. You would instantly feel full half way through eating. It also comes with a spoon incase you want to sip that creamy white sauce off the plate.

The Peach Iced Tea taste like sola for me. Maybe it is, I don't know. It's a little bit more sweeter and they put in a lemon so I love the tangy ness of it all.

As for the citrus lemon tea and salted caramel cake. The salted caramel looks very sweet but it's actually a good balance between the chocolate and caramel. My friend didn't like the tea too much because of the zest.

The service is always great. Vibe is perfect. And there's wifi. You need to ask for the password at the counter though.
Plus if you love k-pop and all things Korean, you'll like it here.

P.s. They sell red ginger products by the counter. Like candy and such. I heard its good for you so maybe I'll try buying some someday.

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