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Genki Sushi

5.0 Stars

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend, Roby, and I got invited to a PR dinner by my friend Tania (who works for DigistarPH) in behalf of Genki. I also got to invite my fellow foodies Nievs G, Camille S, and Herl C (it was great seeing you guys!)

Initially, we thought we were going to have the regular items already available on the menu. So we were pleasantly surprised when we were informed that we were also getting an exclusive look at Genki Sushi's six newest dishes.

These new offerings are available only here in the Philippines (yes, in all their branches) and features the perfect blend of Japanese technique and Filipino flavors and dishes we all know very well. Here are the new dishes you can check out at the nearest Genki Sushi branch:

JAPANESE TUNA ADOBO (PHP 180) - Made up of tuna adobo, donburi rice, Japanese mayo, whole kennel corn, nori strips, and leeks. Any adobo fan will enjoy the Japanese twist on this Filipino classic. The mayo definitely added another layer of flavor that you normally won't associate with adobo.

YAKIMESHI CHAHAN (PHP 170) - Basically Japanese fried rice with egg, meat, and vegetables. If you can't have one meal without rice, this is the perfect dish to have. Simple, but done well.

MINCED PORK (PHP 250) - Made up of minced pork belly, wasabi mayo, white onions, tanugi, and leeks. This will definitely remind you of sisig. I enjoyed this one, even with the wasabi mayo. The heat was just right and the mayo counteracts the oiliness of the belly.

GUMOKU CHAHAN (PHP 190) - If rice mixed with meat isn't really your thing, maybe you can try this. It's Japanese fried rice with egg, vegetables, tuna, salmon, and shrimp. Between the two chahan, this was my favorite.

MINCED SEAFOOD (PHP 260) - Made up of salmon, tuna, shrimp, sriracha mayo, white onions, tanugi, and leeks. This was clearly the group's favorite for the night. Super, super yummy and flavorful. Will definitely order this the next time I find myself in Genki Sushi.

KYURI UNAGI UDON (PHP 160) - The lone sushi option among the new dishes. If you're a fan of unagi, this is something you will definitely enjoy.

Thank you so much to Tania and Genki Sushi for having us! We definitely enjoyed our experience!

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Medley Buffet

5.0 Stars

MY 300TH REVIEW!!! FINALLY REACHED IT!!! 127881127881127881128131๐Ÿป

I purposely delayed my other reviews so I can dedicate my 300th one to my favorite person, Roby L, who's celebrating his birthday today! 10084

As one of my schemes to celebrate his birthday, we went for an early birthday dinner at Okada last night. After watching the fountain show (which was a lot shorter than I expected), we headed straight to Medley Buffet.

It hasn't changed at all since I was last here, though it was quite a bummer that they didn't serve salmon sashimi since it's one of Roby's favorites.

I liked how they've already embraced the holiday spirit since the buffet stations (especially the dessert area) were Christmas-y already.

As for the food, still a wide variety that will make you feel like you're getting value for money. The Indian station is still my favorite savory food station with the roti, naan, and the dips.

The dessert area will always be the star of this buffet and the main reason why I love coming back here. The sheer number of options will make any dessert lover super happy. I particularly love the coffee creme brรปlรฉe. I hope they serve it more frequently.

Service was great. Sometimes I'd look up from my food and I'd get surprised that the used dishes on our table were gone. Such ninja skills! Haha

Also, when I made our reservation, I was asked if there was an occasion. I answered that it was Roby's birthday dinner, though I pointed out that his actual birthday wasn't last night. Still, the birthday cake and the singing servers arrived at our table during dinner.

I know some buffets are super strict with the birthday treats and even require an ID so I appreciated this very much.

Overall, it was a great experience. We ate so much and yup, I'll definitely be back here!j

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4.0 Stars

Unexpectedly got the chance to spend my boyfriend's lunch break with him last Friday so we went to one of our go-to restos that's walking distance from where he works, Tanabe.

Whenever I eat in a Japanese restaurant, it's always a good sign whenever I see Japanese nationals eating there as well. I've been to Tanabe twice already and on both times, at least half of the diners were Japanese. It can't get anymore authentic than that.

Tanabe has an extensive menu, albeit the prices are on the steep side. Roby and I both ordered a Katsudon each, plus some Ebi Tempura to share. The Ebi Tempura was just okay. I certainly had better in other Japanese restaurants.

The first thing I noticed with the Katsudon is the amount of onions it has. More than I prefer, definitely. I also wished that the pork cutlets were more tender. But overall, I liked the dish, especially how I didn't find the sauce too cloying.

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Starbucks Coffee

3.0 Stars

Had time to kill last Saturday while waiting for one of my sisters to get back from a concert so the rest of the fam and I stayed here.

Since the Pumpkin Spice series is no longer available, I took the opportunity to try the newest holiday drink: Snowy Cranberry White Mocha. Went for the frappuccino this time.

The third of Starbucks' Christmas trio usually disappoints for me and this year's no different. Remove the Snowy Cranberry part of the name and what's left of it is really what you get. It's just a mocha frappe. Sure, there were cranberry somethings sprinkled on top, but they didn't do anything for the flavor. Would've preferred a more pronounced cranberry flavor since, after all, it's called Snowy Cranberry White Mocha.

Rating this a 2.5, but rounding off!

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Toby's Estate Coffee

5.0 Stars

While waiting for my boyfriend to get off from work, I stayed here for a while since I suddenly craved for the Chai Chocolate. Still as good as I remember with the right balance of tea and chocolate. It's my go-to order at Toby's and it doesn't disappoint. Love the latte art too!

Place wasn't super packed while I was there. There are outlets available but no wifi. So if you want to work here, you gotta have your own pocket wifi with you.

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Tim Hortons

4.0 Stars

The P2P from Makati to Katipunan took awhile to arrive earlier so I decided to wait at Tim Hortons. Ordered the White Hot Chocolate, which I liked. Though in terms of consistency, it was a tad bit watery.

I also got the Bacon and Cheese sandwich and opted for biscuits instead of a muffin. Pretty tasty too, though nothing special.

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Fresh International Buffet

5.0 Stars

Had lunch here with my family last Sunday to celebrate one of my sister's 19th birthday. It's been a few years since we last ate here since we usually opt for Okada or The Peninsula for important family celebrations. It's great to be back though!


When it comes to variety, I'd say Fresh is the halfway point of Escolta (the buffet in The Peninsula) and Medley Buffet (the buffet in Okada). You get your usual buffet stations like Chinese, Japanese (fair warning though: they don't serve sashimi during the lunch buffet), salads, grilled meats, noodles, cold cuts and cheeses, Italian, roast meat, desserts, and even Indian.

For drinks, they have a limited selection of unlimited ones, such as the blue lemonade and red iced tea. Coffee and tea also come for free.

Overall, I liked the selection of the food. It's not overwhelming, which suited me just fine. I usually stay away from heavy meats during buffets though so I didn't try any of those. Another fair warning though: there are no seafood available during the lunch buffet service either.

Personally, what makes or breaks any buffet for me is the dessert selection. And I can honestly say that I'm very satisfied with Fresh's choices. They had cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, kakanin, halo halo, fruits, and other sweet treats. I must say that my favorite one was the cheesecake with a strawberry swirl. Lost count of how many I ate. Haha


It's very elegant and I like how open and spacious Fresh is. We were seated at the area nearer to the shops and I enjoyed how bright and tropical-themed the area is.


Excellent service, I must say. When we first got to our table, I noticed that the sunlight from outside would directly hit it so I requested for another table. We got it right away. Our used plates were cleared right away and we didn't have to wait long to have our glasses refilled with water.

The best part happened when my Dad, who can eat shrimp and lobster the entire time during the buffet, went looking for said seafood. So he was pretty disappointed when he found out that they don't serve seafood during lunch. But to our surprise, a chef came and gave us a bowl of grilled shrimp, mussels, fish, and other seafood. On the house. Awesome!!!


Every weekend lunch service, a singing chef (who btw has an excellent voice worthy of any singing contest... or opera stage) visits each table, chats with guests, and sings a song or two by request.

We got to talk to him at length and found out that his name is Chef Austin and he's one of the pastry chefs at Fresh. He doesn't work at the kitchens full time and he hopes to open his own cafe one day.

Don't be shy to ask for a song or two since he really does have an amazing voice. Really nailed it when he sang The Prayer. I think that he's a wonderful addition to the buffet experience.

Chef Austin, if you really are reading this (since my parents not-so-subtly told him that I'll be reviewing on looloo HAHA), I very much look forward to reviewing and writing about your cafe one day 128516


When we dined here, they had this promo where if there are three full-paying adults, the fourth person is free. We're a family of 6 so my mom old paid for five persons. I wasn't able to get the exact buffet rates but if I remember correctly, it's around Php1,600 something nett per person.


Oh, yes. Definitely yes. Definitely on a weekend lunch too so I can hear Chef Austin sing again!

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5.0 Stars

Last Friday, I began craving for Greek or Mediterranean food. While I got to satisfy that craving the very next day (review for that coming soon!), nahawa pala ang boyfriend ko sa cravings ko HAHAHA. So when we met up with a friend two days ago, we ended up in Cuna for dinner.

Our friend wasn't that hungry so I just opted to order dishes for sharing.

| PINE NUT MELITZANOSALATA (Php 210) - I love eggplants, especially when it's tortang taking and any kind of ensalada. So it's a no-brainer for me to order this. Yum, yum, yum!

| WATERMELON AND FETA (Php 120) - Watermelon's my favorite fruit and I've always loved the combination of watermelon and feta together. It's really refreshing and a good palate cleanser. I can eat this and the Melitzanosalata on my own in one go. Haha

| SAGANAKI (Php 220) - OPA! 128293 I have a weakness for cheese, especially soft cheese and those that are baked, grilled, broiled, whatever.

Roby also ordered some Lamb Gyros (Php 410) and he enjoyed it. I got to snatch a piece of the lamb and it was tender.

I wanted to order some rice pudding but it's not available. It wasn't able too when I last ate here with my family. Sadness 128148

Price-wise, Cyma's prices are pretty steep. But I find Cyma very value for money. Needless to say, I will be back 128516

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3.0 Stars

Was seriously bummed out when Toast Box had to temporarily close down since it's my go-to for my favorite comfort food of all time, Hainanese Chicken Rice. But now it's back as the rebranded Nanyang and my family and I went to try it the soonest opportunity we got.

It didn't really start on a high note since ordering took a long time. You have to line up at the counter to place your order and pay and though the line wasn't snake-like long, it moved so slow.

My mom and dad ordered their favorite Laksa (sorry, no photo!) and they said it tastes the way it always has. Though I personally think that the serving was small.

One of my sisters and I had the Hainanese Chicken Rice. I enjoyed mine and found the serving just right. It's been my favorite dish in general ever since I saw on TV as a kid how it's traditionally made. Nanyang's version didn't disappoint, though I understand why some say it isn't value for money.

My youngest sister ordered the Cheesy Chicken Chop Noodles. The chicken was good and crispy, but the problem was with the noodles. When we all got to try it, my mom's comment right away is "it's instant noodles". My sister herself said it was jajangmyeon, a type of Korean noodles.

I gave Nanyang the benefit of the doubt by thinking that it's not really instant noodles or jajangmyeon. That was until I went to the counter to ask for water and saw them pouring hot water into a bowl of instant cup noodles, which they sent back to the kitchen lol

Malay natin it was for something else since I didn't see them put the noodles on a plate to be served to customers with my own eyes but well, considering how my sister's noodles look and taste like... ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

Overall, I think I'll only ever order the Hainanese Chicken Rice when I eat here and refrain from trying out the other stuff.

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Bistro Ravioli

5.0 Stars

I had dinner here last week since my sister was out for the night and I was in the mood for pasta.

Ravioli's actually one of my favorite pastas because since it has a filling, it ideally has more flavor instead of just having noodles and a sauce.

I ordered the Spinach and Feta Cheese Ravioli in Pesto Sauce. A pretty straightforward dish, really. I liked that the sauce wasn't nakakaumay and that the ravioli had my ideal filling-to-pasta ratio.

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