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Sunnies Cafe

3.0 Stars

Last week, I was invited to Peanut D's "book club" (you might know it as the looloo rendezvoos HAHAHA) in Sunnies Cafe's newest branch in UP Town

I've eaten in Sunnies' Megamall and BHS branches. numerous times and they were general okay. I was hoping my experience in UP Town would be better. It ended up being... yep, just okay too.

The place, like the other Sunnies branches, is Instagrammable and easily attracts the fashionable crowd of Katipunan.

The food that we were served were the following small plates, rice bowls, and desserts:

| GUACAMOLE POKE SALMON - One of my favorite dishes of the night. The salmon and guacamole went really well with the crispy taro chips

| CRISPY TACOS - This is supposedly one of Sunnies' bestsellers. It was just okay.

| TRUFFLE TATERS - Again, just okay.

| SOUTHERN STYLE FRIED CHICKEN WINGS - Pretty dry and not memorable at all

| CHICKEN AND PANCAKES - This actually wasn't part of the initial offerings. This came at EJ's request. I enjoyed the fried chicken and found it well-fried and juicy.

| SUNNIES PORK BOWL - This could use more pieces of pork. Taste-wise, it's okay but when you consider the price, not worth it

| BEEF KIMCHI EGG BOWL - One of the better rice bowls that was served to us. Spice was just right and not off for someone like who hates spicy food

| CRISPY HONEY GARLIC CHICKEN BOWL - Kind of dry and nothing special

| CREAMY CARAMELIZED SPAM BOWL - Nothing special either

| UMAMI SURF & TURF - This one's my favorite among the rice bowls. The steak was tender and the shrimp was cooked right. The unagi sauce tied it all together. This is also one of the two new bowls Sunnies is offering.

| CRISPY SWEET CHILI FISH - I got confused by this one. I was expecting a sweet chili flavor. I got sour instead.

| SUNNIES FUNFETTI - Man, if I ordered this on some other day, I'd feel very, very robbed. It's a lot like those cakes you can make from mixes you can buy in the grocery

| MATCHA BOMB - Blondie still tasted raw. Nothing about it stands out

| SOUR CREAM APPLE PIE - Just your regular ol' apple pie

| DARK CHOCO SALTED CARAMEL BROWNIE - I think this the best one out of the desserts. Comfort food!

| BLACK BOTTOM BANOFFEE PIE - The crust was so crumbly, it resembled soil lol

Some of us also ordered milkshakes. I got the Kimye, which is basically cookies and cream milkshake.

Basically, the food's just okay. Not worth the price. But special shoutout to one of the servers, Edson, for the excellent service.

Thanks for the invite, looloo! And it was great meeting everyone 10084

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Becky's Kitchen

4.0 Stars

My parents brought home this Tiramisu cake from Becky's the other day and I immediately got myself a slice.

The cake's pretty soft, the kind that will tend to go soggy easily. I didn't find it too sweet and had just the right chocolatey flavor. It costs around Php500 bucks, which is definitely not bad at all considering how expensive other cakes could get.

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The Fat Seed Cafe + Roastery

5.0 Stars

I've been here thrice since it opened its doors last February 13 and I can happily say that it's my favorite restaurant in UP Town and Katipunan 10084 I just really enjoy the ambiance. Perfect for working or studying. It's easy to zone out and focus on your work and the super yummy food. Plus, there's wifi. There are sockets. Jackpot!

During my first visit, The Fat Seed was still on soft opening but during my two other visits. I was super excited because the full menu was available! I'm seriously on a quest to eat every item on the magazine-type menu that The Fat Seed has (someone come with me!). HAHAHA. Here's what I ordered during my two most recent visits:

| TARTUFO PASTA (Php 310) - This one has truffle cream sauce, porcini, prosciutto, and Parmesan cheese. Really enjoyed this one! Pasta was al dente and there was just enough sauce to coat the noodles. I usually find tartufo pastas cloying after sometime but not this one!

| MANGO AFTER DARK (Php 125) - I think this will be my go-to drink here. Super refreshing!

| BRAZILIAN LIMEADE (Php 135) - When I asked what this was, I was told it's basically limeade and condensed milk. I was hesitant at first but when I tried it, it was good! Just the right sour kick 128076🏻

| THE FAT SEED SIGNATURE PORKCHOP (Php 395) - AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IT'S SO, SO, SO GOOD I NEARLY DID A HAPPY DANCE WHEN I HAD MY FIRST BITE (kaso nahiya ako hahaha). Man, I can eat this over and over again. The beer brined porkchop was huge and was tender and cooked evenly. Slather on some of the sweet potato purée and homemade miso it's served with and you're all set! I actually can eat the miso and sweet potato purée together on their own. Super good! Wish there were more tomatoes on the plate, though. They really do cut through all the rich flavors.

Ah, writing about it's making me crave for it and I just ate it yesterday 128557

If and when I can resist the porkchop, I'll probably try the Wagyu Pares, Hotate Soy Cream Pasta, or one of the Eggs Benedict on the menu (There's one with a slab of maple bacon, one that has corned beef hash, and another that has smoked salmon).

When you visit The Fat Seed, be ready with your cameras because everything's just so Instagrammable! Even the food!

The owners are also around every day (I eventually discovered that one of them attended the same HS as I did) so don't be shy and chat with them! Super accommodating, will answer your questions, and make sure you're having a great experience 10084

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Salad Stop!

5.0 Stars

Had my super late lunch here the other day. I usually go for the create your own wrap and that day was no different. Here's what I went for:

|Greens: Romaine
|Toppings: Egg, bacon, mangoes, grapes, broccoli
|Dressing: Ranch

Super filling meal. I usually have a difficult time finishing an order since I get stuffed quickly whenever I eat a Salad Stop wrap. But I guess I was just really hungry that day 128518 Ranch was quite tangy so it went well with mangoes and grapes.

I also ordered my usual Chocolate Chia Pudding. I think I have a perpetual craving for it. So good!

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8Cuts Burgers (formerly Burger Bar)

5.0 Stars


And it's still super, super good!!! On the outside, the crab was deep fried to crispy goodness, but on the inside, it still remained moist and juicy! I wish there's more mango tho!

|Note: You can choose between two kinds of crab 'wich: Original or Spicy

Also had the onion rings, which will always be a must order whenever I dine in 8 Cuts!

P.S.: 8 Cuts transferred location already. It's no longer above Manam. It has a two-floor restaurant of its own. If I'm not mistaken, Bread Talk used to occupy the space 8 Cuts now has

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Cuba Libre

5.0 Stars

My first |ooloo rendezvoos for 2018 10084

I was running late (thanks for that, Manila traffic) and I had absolutely no idea where in Serendra is Cuba Libre. It turned out it wasn't hard to find at all. In fact, the bright lights, yellow umbrellas, and the mural you can see through the windows will demand your attention.

I loved how bright and colorful it is inside. I felt like I was transported to Havana since it was so similar to the pictures I've seen of the city.

The ordering system is straightforward. You pick your mains, your rice, and one side. But don't take those words as gospel, yeah? There are still some changes to be implemented in the future, like having the option to order two mains.

I stepped inside fully expecting some exotic flavors. What I got in return were flavors that were familiar but still packed a lot of punch. What I got to taste were the following:


PICADILLO CUBANO - This one reminded me of home because my kapampangan grandmother has a very similar recipe.

ROPA VIEJA - This was one of my favorites. Very similar to kaldereta. The beef was super tender and the sauce wasn't overpowering.

CUBAN PORK ADOBO - Not your typical soy sauce-drenched adobo. It was interesting to see and taste a different kind of what I consider the national dish (sorry, sinigang 128518)

PEANUT CHICKEN - The crowd favorite. This was super yummy! I wish we didn't have to share it HAHAHAHA

CUBAN FRIED CHICKEN - Cuts were big and the meat was tender

CREOLE MEATBALLS - Again, good-sizes meatballs and a really tasty sauce. It liked how the meatballs weren't dry.

OKRA STEW - I really, really liked this one too. It seemed simple but it was tasty and it paired well with the black bean rice.


WHITE OREGANO RICE - Another crowd favorite. I liked this one too, but not as much as I did the next one on this rundown.

MOROS Y CRISTIANOS - This is the black bean rice I mentioned earlier. I think out of all the rice options, this is the one that pairs well with most, if not all, the dishes. And that's coming from someone who doesn't like beans haha


FRIED RIPE PLANTAINS - Also known as Peanut D's favorite. In fairness, they really were yummy.

TARO AND PUMPKIN FRITTERS - Ah, these croquetas gave me life. HAHAHA. I didn't expect to like this one. But they're probably my most favorite out of all that I've tried

Do me a favor and eat all of these with the mango dipping sauce they're served it. That sauce is 128076🏻128076🏻128076🏻 128076🏻128076🏻 especially with the chicken and the croquetas


ESPRESSO COFFEE LECHE FLAN - The absolute favorite of the looloo app reviewers who attended. Super smooth texture. Creamy. The coffee provided the right bitterness to counteract the sweetness. Heaven. I'd already left the resto but I told my family about it and they asked me to go back to get some to-go HAHAHA


RICE PUDDING WITH CINNAMON - Thanks for satisfying my weeks-old rice pudding craving, Cuba Libre! This was good too!


GUAVA ICED TEA - Really good thirst quencher! Though for a moment I was looking for the guava flavor.

CUBA LIBRE - Need more alcohol. That is all. HAHA

Will I go back here? Definitely! Food tastes great and most of all, super value for money! The other restos in the area are probably quaking in their boots now lol. I find the prices really cheap and with the proposed changes that were relayed to us earlier, they're about to be even more wallet-friendly!

Thanks for having me today, Peanut D! And it's great seeing everyone! Both new faces (for me) and those I've met before 10084

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4.0 Stars

One of my friends dropped by the condo to hang out with me and brought me some treats 128525

GREEN APPLE MACARONS - It's my first time seeing green apple-flavored macarons so I was curious to try them. I expected something tart but in reality, the green apple flavor was barely there. It was more like an aftertaste at the end. But even the aftertaste didn't really taste like green apple.

CHOCOLATE MOUSSE - I liked this one. It wasn't sweet and had the bitter notes you normally associate with dark chocolate

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Kos Greek Ouzeri

2.0 Stars

I enjoy watching cooking and food-related shows, which often leaves me craving for food that are sometimes not easy to find. A particular episode of MasterChef Australia left me craving for Greek food, specifically some loukoumades (Greek donuts) and rice pudding.

So I was pretty excited to when I found out that Kos UP Town serves the donuts. Went there and ordered that along with a glass of cucumber and mint lemonade.

From what I understand about loukoumades (and donuts in general), they're supposed to be soft and light and pillowy. These, however, taste really off and have an unpleasant texture. Very gluey. Ate around three and then I gave up on it.

I really enjoyed the cucumber and mint lemonade though, which is why this became a two-star review.

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Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

5.0 Stars

Life's good. Especially since this soft serve exists.

I don't mind shelling out Php250 for the cheese soft serve plus a slice of the cheesecake. The ice cream on its own is so, so, so gooooooood and the cheesecake balances out the cheese flavor and thick texture of the ice cream with its lightness. Ah, heaven in a cup 10084

I've yet to try the milk soft serve and the mixed one. Are they as good? 128516

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Pasteleria Costa Brava

5.0 Stars

We're not even halfway through the Merry Berry cake from Cakes by Miriam my mom got for her birthday when she received this one.

I'm not really fond of caramel cakes as they're usually either too sweet or bland. What I love most about Costa Brava's version is that it has just the right sweetness. The cake is airy and light and makes you want to eat more than one slice!

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