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Twin Lagoons

5.0 Stars
Great Outdoors

Palawan is famous for its lagoons and limestones. El Nido has small lagoon, big lagoon, and secret lagoon to name a few. While in Coron, the most popular is Twin Lagoon. The name says it all. There are two lagoons separated by a small limestone in the middle. It’s fascinating how the limestone in the middle has a hole underneath, big enough for people to pass through. Although do be careful because the rocks are sharp and can easily injure people.
Upon entering the inner lagoon, I was captivated with its exquisite beauty 128525 I wish I could buy the place and just swim around every day. Amidst the intense heat from the afternoon sun is a cool lagoon. This was due to the towering limestones that brought about a unique scenery. It was very relaxing to just swim and float around the lagoon. I felt tranquil, something I rarely feel when I’m in the city.
Upon reaching the farther portion of the lagoon, I felt a mix of cold and hot water. The lagoon water is actually 60% fresh water and 40% salt water. How is that you may ask? Well, the salt water comes from the ocean which is slightly blocked by the limestone fence while the fresh water comes from the spring below. This causes the temperature from the two sources to mix and thus the mingling of cool and hot water. I found it really fascinating.
P.S. Do wear your life vest as the lagoon is very deep, around 30 meters if I remember correctly. Also, there’s not much to see down below since there are only a few fishes and no jellyfishes.

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The Spa

5.0 Stars
Day Spa

For my birthday, K treated me to a really relaxing date at The Spa. I believe that the best things come in experiences and moments rather than material things. And luckily, K thought so too.
We got the executive room package since it looked like the one which we would get the most worth out of our money. You can also upgrade it into a suite or villa if you have extra cash. The packages are already good for two pax.
Executive [Regular Php1,012/Php1,463 Member Php880/Php1,265]
Suite/Villa [Regular Php1,320/Php1,925 Member Php1,155/Php1,678]
The package includes your choice of massage and 30 minutes’ worth of time to use their facilities such as the Jacuzzi, steam bath and shower room. There are four available types of massage:
🇸🇪 Swedish [60min/90min] – Classic oil body massage
🇯🇵 Shiatsu [60min/90min] – Japanese style acupressure massage
➕ Combination [60min/90min] – Swedish + Shiatsu
128170🏼 Deep Tissue [60min/90min] – A stronger body massage that uses elbows and forearms to work on deeper tissues which relieves muscle tightness.
Upon arrival, we were asked to fill out the guest information and waiver forms. We chose our package and paid before we were instructed to proceed to our locker rooms where someone would pick us up individually and usher us to our private room. I immediately changed out of my clothes and went for a shower before enjoying their steam bath. I need to have one of these in my home when I become successful one day. The shower is one with the steam bath. Awesome!
After sweating for 15 minutes, we hopped right in the Jacuzzi which was good for one person, in a general sense, but we managed to squeeze both of ourselves inside. The Jacuzzi was the size of a bath tub. I liked how the Jacuzzi was situated outside, like a covered balcony type. It’s nice and refreshing 128524

Before we knew it, 30 minutes went by fast and it was time for our massage. It’s weird how they only had one shorts so I had to wear my underwear during the massage. Good thing I brought extra!
Anyway, I got Swedish and the experience was great. Unlike the other massage places I frequent to, the masseuse here take their time so it really feels relaxing. I was surprised that 60 minutes were gone in a snap! After the massage, we were offered some ginger tea and water. I personally did not enjoy the tea. I felt like I was drinking tempura sauce with a very strong ginger flavor.

The only thing that ruined the experience was the balcony door. It would not fully close so the noise outside was faintly ringing through our ears during the massage. But other than that, it was a really great experience. It’s definitely worth the splurge once in a while to really have a personal time to heal ourselves.

P. S. I recommend bringing and wearing your swimsuit for the jacuzzi. Good thing I brought mine 128077🏻

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King Chef Seafood Restaurant

4.0 Stars

Even though we frequent on Chinese dishes at home, we still crave for dimsum and authentic Chinese food. Diverting away from our usual diner, we drove all the way to Banawe just for King Chef.
For appetizers, we ordered soup and dimsum.
128204Fish Lips Soup [PHP450 M] 110881108811088
128204Hakaw [PHP110 4pcs] 1108811088110881108811088
128204Pork Siomao [PHP80 4pcs] 1108811088110881108811088
128204Beancurd Roll [PHP105 3pcs] 11088110881108811088
128204Chicken Feet [PHP80 4pcs] 110881108811088
For our mains, we had the following:
128204Mapo Tofu [Php390 M] 110881108811088
128204French Beans with Minced Pork [Php450 M] 1108811088
128204Beef Hofan [Php450 M] 1108811088110881108811088
128204Salted Fish with Chicken Fried Rice [Php660 L] 11088110881108811088
128204Fish Fillet Taosi with Tofu in Hotpot [Php470 M] 110881108811088
My favorites were Hakaw, Siomai and Beef Hofan. I found the French Beans with Minced Pork and Mapo Tofu to be weird. Somehow the execution was not as good as my previous visits. Everything else was pretty okay.

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Krispy Kreme

5.0 Stars

I will always be a lover of KK's doughnuts even if others might think that it's too sweet. Although I prefer their original glaze better than the flavored ones. We always buy it by the dozen to get discounts 128077🏻

Five stars for the original glaze and four stars for the flavored ones 128149

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Ramen Yushoken

5.0 Stars
Ramen or Noodle

Ramen Yushoken specializes in Tonkotsu, or pork-bone broth which is boiled for 12 hours. All soups have Tonkotsu and what differentiates their four main dishes is the tare or base sauce. These include Shio, Shoyu, Tantanmen and Miso. I like a bit of kick in my ramen so I went for their Tantanmen.

TANTAN-MEN [PHP400] 1108811088110881108811088
Tantanmen has sesame paste with chili oil and ground pork. It’s quite delicate yet bold and spicy at the same time.

When eating ramen, it has somehow become a traditional way to taste the broth first before diving into the other elements. One sip of it and my taste buds were rejoicing. The broth was very thick and flavorful, complementing my palate. I then moved to the noodles. Loved the texture. It’s thicker than the usual ramen noodles, almost as thick as spaghetti. Perfectly cooked and al dente. Even if I did let it soak in the soup for quite a while, it didn’t turn soggy 128077🏻

Chasu [PHP130 for 3pcs] and Tamago [PHP80] are available add-ons but I decided to skip on them today. The bowl may look like it wouldn’t be enough but I was actually bloated by the time I hit the bottom of the bowl. Happy tummy! 128055 I’m proud to say that Ramen Yushoken has officially taken the second place on my best ramen restaurants in the Philippines, next to Mendokoro Ramenba. Kudos!

128204All noodles are fresh and house-made daily suing flour and alkali water imported from Japan.
128204Eat ASAP. Ramen should be eaten immediately, while it is piping hot and the noodles are al dente.
128204If you allow the soup to cool down a bit, you will find that a gelatinous film forms on the surface. That is collagen, a form of protein, rich in glycine and proline (the good stuff).
128204Slurping ramen is a must! It helps cool the soup down, allows you to pull more soup along with the noodles, and is considered a sign of compliment to the chef.
128204Ramen Yushoken has a no take out, no delivery policy. “If you want to eat raemn at home, we recommend instant noodles.”
128204Also, they have a chopsticks only policy. No western utensils, just chopsticks and soup spoons.

P. S. I must commend on their service. Our orders were served within five minutes!

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4.0 Stars

Okonomiyaki has already been present in Japan for over 500 years. It became extremely popular during the World War II when resources were extremely scarce and the Japanese made use of whatever ingredients they have with the flour paste and formed a circular dish to what we all now call Okonomiyaki. Currently, Okonomiyaki has become one of the most popular staple food for the Japanese, especially in Osaka, where they consider this as their essential food soul.
From the word itself, Okonomi means “What you want” and Yaki which means “Cooking”, it is basically cooking what you want.
Ever since I tried Chibo Okonomiyaki, I’ve always had my eyes open for other okonomiyaki places. Dohtonburi was the first few Japanese restaurants that brought okonomiyaki to the Philippines and I’m surprised at how I’ve only tried it now.
We booked a reservation for four under Booky to get Php100 off. Yay! 128518

Famished, I quickly ordered.
HAMBURG CHEESE STEAK [Php360] 1108811088110881108811088
Thick and meaty Hamburg Steak Okonomiyaki with sizzling cheese to top it off.
I’m so glad I made the right choice. It has ground beef + sliced beef and cheese to seal everything! To make even more yum, I added bonito flakes, seaweed and Japanese Mayo.
GYOZA [Php120 5pcs] 1108811088110881108811088
I was shocked when I saw their Gyoza was only Php120. So cheap compared to the normal Japanese restaurants! The flavors were average.
Unlike Chibo, Dohtonburi cooks your orders right in front of you which is cool because you really know what’s in your food and you get what you ordered. But service was not good here. Our server barely smiled at us for the whole duration of our visit. Quite weird. Minus 1 star for the service.

Liked the ambiance and setting of the restaurant. It's clean, spacious and nicely designed 128077🏻

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3.0 Stars

Cravings has taken over me again and this time, it’s for unlimited samgyupsal! 128055

FOOD 11088110881108811088
Unlimited samgyupsal, rice, side dishes, and duenjang jigae for only Php330! Sulit! Fry the samgyupsal until crisp to get that bacon like texture or you can cook it until medium well for that soft meaty consistency. Either way, it tastes great. Also, you have the option to have it thick cut or bacon cut. The soup was very flavorful. Loved it 10084️ However, I had to pass on the side dishes. They were not at par with other Korean restaurants I’ve tried.

P. S. They charge Php200 for every plate of uncooked meat. So don't cook it if you think you can't finish it.

AMBIANCE 1108811088
The place was poorly lit. It was quite dim. Also, they need to maintain cleanliness. The tables were oily. When I wiped it with tissue, the tissue turned gray. Plus, I saw baby cockroaches crawling on the wall. Yikes! 128534 Good thing I was already done eating by then.

Tip: Make sure to wipe the tables and your utensils before you start digging in.

This is where they failed BADLY. The staff were super masungit! I don’t think they smiled even once and I’m not only pertaining to one individual. Almost all of them had that behavior. When we requested for more meat or rice, they made a face. Moreover, we had to follow them up several times before our orders arrived 128530

Would have given this place 4 stars if the service was better. But I would still come back because Php330 for unlimited samgyupsal is a steal!

P. P. S. Sorry for the bad quality photos. Place was too dark plus I was too hungry to take another shot 128517

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4.0 Stars

Ordered the HOKKAIDO MILK TEA [Php75 Large • Php85 Tower] which has a toffee caramel flavor. I added PEARLS [Php10] because I like chewing on something while I enjoy my milk tea. It's surprisingly good. I was worried at first because they didn't have a customized packaging of their own. This is a perfect example that you can never judge a book by its cover 128077🏻

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Sirao Flower Farm

4.0 Stars
Tourist Attraction

My friends have been raving about Sirao and its beauty. I’ve checked a few reviews as well before coming here and the pictures were beautiful. Although when I did arrive at the place, it did not seem to look as how it was on the photos that I saw. The locals mentioned that this is due to the current rainfalls within the area. The peak season is from April to May where the whole garden is bombarded with human-sized flower plants. Too bad we visited a month later 128546 We almost didn’t push through due to the landslide that occurred a few weeks before our visit. Good thing the roads were already cleared by the time we went.
Regardless, there will still a few places within the farm that had beautiful flowers blooming. Also, I loved the designs and structures they’ve put so that the tourists can enjoy taking pictures within the garden. Some of these include little Amsterdam, I love Sirao Garden, Marry Me, Pumpkin carriage and cute chairs and bikes all over the place. We spent an hour here appreciating mother nature and taking photos. Please do not pick the flowers. They have stores/stalls that sell flowers.
A must try is their sweet corn. It’s piping hot and fresh for only Php25! Buko juice is also only Php25 128069
Entrance fee: Php50 per head.
Parking fee: Php20 per vehicle.
128663 How to get there:
Sirao Flower Farm is 30 minutes away from the city. We took a car going there and I suggest taking a car or taxi as the way going there is uphill, similar to the ones in Baguio. But you may also opt taking habal-habal if you’re travelling in a small group.

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Cebu Taoist Temple

4.0 Stars
Tourist Attraction

The Cebu Taoist Temple was built in 1972 by Cebu’s Chinese community. The temple, which includes a chapel, library, souvenir shop, wishing well, and a spacious balcony that has an access to the scenic view of the city, is open to people with different beliefs. Entrance to the temple is similar to the Great Wall of China. It would take more than a few steps to get to the temple itself but the mini hike is worth it. The temple is well-maintained, clean, and spacious. Anyone may say their prayers inside the temple but no shorts or miniskirts please! Taking pictures within the temple's premises is allowed, but the praying area is off limits.
How to get there:
The Cebu Taoist Temple is located in a private subdivision, the Beverly Hills Subdivision, in Lahug, Cebu City. It can only be reached through a private car, taxi, or a motorcycle for hire called the “habal-habal”. But motorcycles for hire are allowed only until the gate of the subdivision and one needs to walk from the gate to the temple which will take for more or less 15 minutes.
P.S. There is no entrance fee! 128077🏻

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