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Dahilayan Adventure Park

5.0 Stars
Great Outdoors

Our first destination for our CDO-Camiguin-Bukidnon trip was at Dahilayan Adventure Park. The place reminded me a lot of Baguio with its pine trees and cool weather. Even when we had our activities in the morning, the climate was still pretty cold. Good thing I always bring a jacket on every trip I go – even if that place is the beach.

We checked in first to leave our things. I really loved the rooms! 128149 I always check the bed and bathroom first – bed must be really comfortable and bathroom must be clean. Not only did it satisfy both conditions, the room itself had a very homey feel with its white and wooden accents. We got the family loft and I just fell in love with the second floor. It has a roof design and mini balcony. I also loved how the windows were the right size which allowed the natural sunlight to peak through.

128682Rooms and rates
• Suite Php3,500 – 4 persons
• Deluxe Php3,200 – 4 persons
• Standard Php2,800 – 4 persons
• Family Loft Php3,800 – 6 persons
• Family Room Php5,000 – 8 persons
• Dormitory Php5,000 – 8 persons

9971️ Attractions
We arrived pretty late in the afternoon so we just took a self mini tour around the place. It's really picturesque and instagram worthy! The next morning was when all the fun began as Dahilayan is known for its attractions. Personally, I loved the zipline, dropzone, sky jump and rope course.

Zipline |
840m Ziplines with a drop of 100 meters. I was pretty nervous at first because the 840m seems so long and up high but when you’re actually there, it’s just breathtaking. The cool weather + view was just perfect. When I got to the end, I realized that it was quite short and just wanted to go for another ride.

Dropzone |
120 ft Freefall into a manmade lake. Swoop to within feet of the water surface making it an adrenaline pumping screamer of a ride. More commonly known as the Philippine’s first extreme pendulum swing of its kind. Another must try! My heart fell with this ride.

Sky Jump |
8 storey platform and the highest parajump in the Philippines using a cell site tower. Experience a split second free fall followed by a gradual descent, ending in a soft landing in less than 10 seconds.

Ropes Course |
Up for a mini workout? Challenge yourself to Dahilayan’s rope course!

Flying Lizard
I wouldn’t recommend this. I saw most people get stuck paddling in the middle.

Python Roller Zipride
Similar to the zipline but your lying on your back with swings. I didn’t get to try this one so I can’t really give a full review on it.

For day tours, Dahilayan opens daily 8AM to 4PM. There is no entrance fee but the rides are priced individually. Overall, I had a really great time!

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Dean & DeLuca

4.0 Stars

A must try: D&D’s Salted Egg Croissant. I want this for breakfast E V E R Y D A Y. At first bite, you get to taste and feel the light and crisp croissant. Then as you get to the middle, a generous salted egg filing oozes out. I always thought that salted egg is used for more savory and salty dishes but D&D’s had a slight sweet taste to it. Really good. Don’t miss this!
After the appetizer (yes, the croissant was my appetizer), I tried the Organic Squid Ink Pasta with squid and prawns, extra virgin olive oil and cherry tomatoes. Unfortunately, they ran out of squid ink pasta during my visit so it was replaced with spaghetti instead. Pretty good. Pasta was al dente, flavors were good and the seafood portion was generous.
Loved the ambiance. There’s something about it that makes me feel really relaxed.
Will be back next time to try more of their dishes and pastries. Yum! 128069

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4.0 Stars

After substantially finishing work piled up for months, I thought it was finally time to catch up with my friends (and looloo). So one Saturday, we planned to have brunch at Bean and Yolk but it was closed (apparently, for quite some time already). Turns out commune was just around the corner and I’ve always wanted to give it a try.
As we entered, a modern black and white café with wooden accents welcomed us. I really appreciated the big windows that let the natural light brighten the room. Place was a little undone but relaxing. In the middle of everything is the counter where the baristas showcase their expertise – making 3D coffee.
I said brunch but it was already past noon when we got there and I was famished. I played safe and opted for the classics.
We started with | Croque Madame which is just a sandwich toast with ham and cheese, béchamel and fried egg. It’s good – I liked the cheese they used but I would have preferred the bread to be a bit more toasted. Then came the | Grilled Cheese which is just four cheese in buttered brioche. It came along with a sweetened tomato mash that I think paired really well with the sandwich itself.  On a separate note, my friend actually thought otherwise. The sauce seemed to overpower the grilled cheese because the cheese flavor was not as strong as expected.
To cleanse everything, I ordered a cup of | Cappuccino – with 3D art.  I don’t know if I should even drink it. It’s just too cute! But eventually, I forced myself to drown the kitty staring at me with a teaspoon of sugar 128563
Worth a try? Yes. I really loved the 3D art 128149
Worth a return? Hmm.  Maybe just for coffee and the ambiance.  Great place to catch up with a friend over coffee.  The place seems ideal for work too if you want a quiet place natural lit by the sun.

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Friends & Family

4.0 Stars

They say first impressions always last but that’s not the case for Friends and Family, at least not for me. When I got an invite from Peanut D for a looloo rendezvous at Friends and Family, the first that popped into my mind was a typical American diner (aside from feeling giddy inside when you see that Peanut messaged you 128518). Oh boy did I have it wrong 180 degrees because their dishes yell classic Filipino comfort food – really good Filipino comfort food I must say.
Here’s the list of what was served (if not already their menu because what we had was a feast!)
128205The Classic Sisig [Php225 Friends • Php350 Family]
Crispy pork, tenga, face, liver, mayo and butter
128205Putok Batok Platter Php350
Isaw manok, chicharon, kropek, chicken skin, isaw bilog, mama sita’s sinamak
128205Cheesy Garlic Butter Scallops Php375
Topped with breadcrumbs, calamansi and garlic parsley butter
128205Crispy Catfish & Buro Platter Php375
Homemade buro, mustasa leaves, green mango salad, red onions, fresh ginger, ground peanuts, hibi, calamansi, patis, garlic and fresh chilies
128205Roasted Chicken and Tinapa Russian Salad Php220
Roasted chicken bits, tinapa flakes, peas, carrots, potatoes and baguio beans dressed with tartar sauce
128205Sizzling Bulalo Steak | [Php550 Friends • Php995 Family]
Smothered with peppered beef gravy, served with potatoes, carrots, cabbage, baguio pechay and green beans
128205Barbeque Platter Php850
Pork barbeque, grilled liempo, atchara and sauces
128205Gising Gising with Taba ng Talangka | Php220
Chili tops, crispy alamang, creamy coconut milk
128205Claypot Humba Rice P395
Braised pork belly topped with banana blossoms and grilled pineapple served with fried banana
128205F&F Lechon Manok Special [Php220 Half • Php550 Whole]
128205Bagoong Rice | Php195
128205Embutido | Php220
128205Birthday Spaghetti Php250
128205Salted Egg, Tomato and Onions Php95
128205Pickled Ampalaya Php75
128205Isawan Platter Php550
128205Beef Tadyang Php795
128205Banoffee Pie | Php195
128205Yema Cake Php175
I won’t go into detail for each since there’s like twenty items on the list but I will share my insights on those that I would recommend.
Top Five:
| Sizzling Bulalo Steak [Php550 Friends • Php995 Family]
I’m speechless – this was literally love at first bite.  Beef was really tender – spoon tender (because fork tender is an understatement), flavorful and just heavenly. I could recommend this to my father (the worst food critic I know) and am confident that he wouldn’t complain about it.  With this on the table, expect silence because everyone would be too focused on eating.  Yes, that good.
| Gising Gising with Taba ng Talangka Php220
For the love of coconut milk and crab fat. I have nothing negative to say about this dish. By far, the best Gising Gising I’ve had. I would come back just for this – a definite must try! Thank you, F&F.
*Best paired with plain rice to really appreciate the flavors.
| Bagoong Rice Php195
When in doubt, go for anything with bagoong. What differentiates F&F’s version with the typical ones is that F&F has friend egg floss all over. This provided that added texture and flavor you normally wouldn’t get. In-love with this! 128149
| Embutido Php220
This had mixed reviews among looloo representatives that night but I’m grouping this under my favorites. It just screams lola’s signature cooking – homey and comforting. Others argue that it was too soft and almost fell apart when you bite into it but I that didn’t bother me at all.
| Banoffee Pie Php195
I must say, they did a very good job in elevating the classic banoffee pie. I liked how they infused the whipped cream with banana flavor and topped it with banana and wonton chips for that added texture. Sweetness level was just right and banana serving was generous. Another order please! 128069
Crowd favorites (not mentioned above but definitely worth discussing):
128077🏻 Cheesy Garlic Butter Scallops Php375
What’s not to love about this one? Cheesy. Garlic. Butter. Scallops. Enough said.
128077🏻 Claypot Humba Rice P395
Really, really tender and flavorful pork meat. Reminds me of my dad’s Kiampung (Rice cooked in Chinese Adobo) but a bit more saucy and tender.  The pineapple was a wise idea as it contradicts the richness of the sauce (to avoid that umay flavor).
128077🏻 F&F Lechon Manok Special [Php220 Half • Php550 Whole]
Juicy, tender and flavorful. What more can you ask for with lechon manok?
128077🏻 Birthday Spaghetti Php250
Everyone loved this but I thought it was just slightly above average. Go for it if you want that nostalgic childhood spaghetti dish.
Loved the interiors – modern with traces of traditional features.  Black and white accents with a touch of green fill the room.  Plates and utensils are arranged in a traditional way wherein these are piled on the side for the head of the family to distribute once lunch/dinner is ready. It provides a reason for people who dine together to interact with each other rather than stare at their phone (sadly, this is a curse of the 21st century).  Music selection is good too! 127908
So would I come back? That’s a definite YES. This place screams good comfort food – perfect for catching up with friends and family! Bring your enemies here and you’ll be friends afterwards 128521
Thank you again, Peanut D for the invite and to fellow looloo reviewers for new found friends!
P.S. Sorry for the late review and my months of absence here in looloo. Been really busy. Hehe 9996🏻️

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Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings

5.0 Stars

Yo! I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want! I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really, really, really wanna wingzag, ahh ~

I love chicken but never into the wings part mainly because it has less meat and I find it hard to get in between the bones. But Frankies, oh, it made me change my point of view on wings TOTALLY. Generous portions of chicken wings and freshly cooked for every order. I can tell since our orders took a while to arrive for both my visits 128514 Crispy, hot and very flavorful. Plus, it’s affordable. Definitely a go to place to wings lovers 128077🏻

Flavors tried so far:
128681 Frankie’s Classic Buffalo
For those who love that classic buffalo sauce, this is for you. They have it in mild and spicy. My sister really loves this one.

128681 Garlic Parmesan
This made it into my top 3. It’s not too salty even if is covered with parmesan and can be eaten even without rice. Garlic flavor was not overpowering either.

128681 Honey Mustard 128525
Mama mia! You can never go wrong with honey mustard – whether as a dip or wings flavor!

128681 Salted Egg 128525
This is soooo gooood. I am not kidding. All of us agreed that their salted egg chicken wings were good as made it into everyone’s top three. It has a nice kick but tolerable for those who cannot eat too much spicy dishes. The salted egg flavor is very rich and I love how flavorful it was.

128681 Hickory Barbeque
Reminds me of baby back ribs but in wings form. It almost crossed the line for being too sweet but still good nonetheless.

128176 Prices:
Half dozen Php199
One dozen Php369
Extra rice Php30

Overall, great place with good food for that casual catch up with friends and family.

128161 Tip for eating wings
Twist the wings from its joint and split it into two. For the bigger part, there are two bones. Wiggle and twists the bones until it comes out clean and enjoy the chicken as if it was boneless!


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Premier The Samgyupsal

5.0 Stars

So far, one the best unlimited samgyupsal and beef in the Metro I've tried 128588🏼 A bold statement, yes, but I have facts to back it up.

Not sure if this is new in the area since I'm just the second reviewer as of today. Anyway, let's jump to "Why others would love this place?"

1. It's only Php599 for unlimited beef, pork, rice, Korean side dishes, soybean soup (Duenjang), special seafood soup, and steamed egg.

2. Unlike others (who offer the same type of service and products), their meat are of higher quality.
Beef don't have those tiny bones in the middle. Those tiny bones are an indication that the beef is of lower quality. Well, I can't blame them for using lower class meat since it is unlimited for a cheap price. Their pork, on the other hand, is thick cut and marinated! With good flavor!

3. Side dishes, soup and steamed egg are really good too. The soybean paste soup is especially delicious 128069

4. Most importantly, this place is open 24/7! Perfect for someone like me who craves for Korean food during odd hours.

5. They also have unlimited shabu shabu for Php500 per head and ala cart dishes for those who are not heavy eaters 128077🏻

I hope these five salient points entice people to visit here too 128149 They do have rooms for improvement especially on their service. It was quite slow and it was hard to get the staff's attention. We did visit on a Sunday evening and there was a long line of customers still waiting to be seated. But anyway, I can look past those since it was really sulit!

Worth a try? Oh yeah.
Worth a return? Definitely.
Worth the splurge? It won't cost you a fortune. Come here during lunch and you won't be needing breakfast and dinner.

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Figaro Coffee Company

4.0 Stars

Way before all these hipster cafes joined the bandwagon, Figaro was already present. Frankly speaking, I never would have imagined that Figaro was a local brand so I was quite surprised when Joanne gave us a brief history about it. Founded in November 1993, a group of coffee lovers started a small kiosk in Glorietta mall of Ayala, Makati selling fresh ground coffee and tea paraphernalia. Their first outlet was called the "F" store. After a few months, the owners decided to give the coffee shop a name. The name Figaro was thought of by the owners as an idea to complete the European concept. They wanted to come up with a name that is widely recognized but not commercially and commonly used. The "Opera: Barber of Seville" has the song "Figaro" which popularized the name, thus Figaro was born.

It’s been a while since my last | rendezvous so I was really excited when I saw an invite from Peanut D! When we got there, Figaro’s marketing manager, Joanne, was very accommodating and informative about their business. She shared her experiences with their customers such as surprise wedding and boyfriend-girlfriend proposals in their cafes! It was really fun to hear stories how Figaro was able to bring two people together and share happiness for the rest of their lives. She also shared which drinks and dishes were the best sellers and which ones we should try depending our preferences. I got a Green Tea Frappe and enjoyed it. 127861

Based from my previous visits with Figaro, I never came across hot plates so I was intrigued when they began serving pizzas, pastas, and even kare-kare! Here are some of my top picks based on what they served:

BBQ PULLED PORK SANDWICH Php280 1108811088110881108811088
I really liked this one. It’s something I would recommend to anyone who wants a filling and flavorful sandwich. A generous serving of tender, sweet and savory pulled pork with special barbeque sauce, fresh greens and coleslaw on batard bread. The meat was not dry compared to some I’ve tried in the past. Really good!

PASTA ALA CARLO Php235 1108811088110881108811088
Sweet and spicy medley of flavors, light tomato basil sauce, capers, tuna chuncks, black olives and olive oil

I think this has to the crowd’s favorite since it was in everyone’s top 3 dishes for the night. It’s not something I have not tried elsewhere but it’s nicely executed. This dish was actually named after one of the seven owners – Carlo. I guess he either conceptualized it or it’s a favorite of his.

FIVE CHEESE AND GARLIC PIZZA Php225 1108811088110881108811088
Figaor’s cheese pizza comprises of – mozzarella, parmesan, cream cheese, pizza cheese, sharp cheddar and flavorful garlic sauce. It has everything a good cheese pizza should have – crust, cheese and flavor. The cheese serving was very generous. One bite was all it took for the harmonized cheese flavors to dance inside my mouth. Cheesy goodness! 🧀

One thing did strike my curiosity – what is pizza cheese? Seriously, it’s the first time I’ve heard of it. Apparently, pizza cheese melts evenly as it get cooked and doesn’t burn! Unlike cheddar and mozzarella, it doesn’t leave a mark that it melted just on that spot. I was fascinated. Next time I hit the supermarket, I’m checking out the cheese section for pizza cheese.

ADOBO FLAKES KARE-KARE Php269 1108811088110881108811088
Classic pork adobo flakes, served with Java rice and kare-kare sauce
If you’re looking for crispy adobo flakes, this is not for you. Figaro’s version is almost like pulled-pork adobo. I liked the texture of the meat since its strands were nicely separated and the meat itself was flavorful - mix of saltiness and a slight tangy taste of the classic Filipino adobo. The kare-kare sauce, on the other hand, had a beautiful roasted peanut flavor which complemented the adobo flakes very well. No need for bagoong here! Recommended for those who are looking for a more fuller meal.

We were also served other dishes which I found were just okay:

BLT CROISSANT Php225 11088110881108811088
Layers of honey-cured bacon, fresh lettuce and ripe red tomatoes on freshly baked butter croissant
This is actually quite good and the bacon was thicker than usual too. I just wished the bacon was cooked a bit more since I prefer a more crispy texture.

QUATTRO FORMAGGIO MAC & CHEESE Php285 11088110881108811088
Mozzarella, paremesan, cream cheese and pizza cheese
I couldn’t include this on the top picks list since there was something missing which I could still not point my finger on 🤔 It’s cheesy but not the type of cheese flavor I’m looking for when I think of mac and cheese.

MEXICAN TACO SALAD Php225 110881108811088
Fresh salad greens, ground beef, jalapenos, cheddar cheese, tomato salsa, corn and black beans

ASIAN CHICKEN SALAD Php219 110881108811088
A medley of crisp greens, red tomatoes, grilled chicken, sesame seeds, candied walnuts, parmesan cheese and sweet tangy Asian vinaigrette

A special blend of three cheeses with sweet ham, pineapple chunks and bacon on a tangy texas barbeque sauce
Sorry to say, this is not good. The sauce just did not compliment it well. There’s just something really off.

Last but not the least, we were served their BANANA FRITTERS for dessert! It's like mini turons with caramel sauce and ice cream on top. I found the turon to be a bit soggy and chewy though.

Overall, I really enjoyed the night. Nice meeting and seeing everyone again Sandy P, Marc M, Kristin A, Vinny L, Clarissa P, Eboy D, TheMitch M, Mei O, and Mae! Thank you to Joanne of Figaro as well for the invite and giveaways 128149

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4.0 Stars

When I’m not on a tight budget, Manam is my go to Filipino restaurant as it offers a wide variety of dishes – both in the traditional and modern versions - and that, I think, is what makes Manam really stand out from the rest. It’s always a safe choice regardless of who I’m dining with – friends, families, or even as a couple. Why? Because the food is great and the dishes comes in three sizes! Small, medium and large which is good for one, three and six, respectively.

For today, I’m visiting with my family + grandparents! Father gave me the control to order for everyone which made me a bit giddy to be honest 128586

CRUNCHY SALT & PEPPER SQUID RINGS [Php160 • Php280 • Php485] 1108811088110881108811088
It is exactly as the name states – crispy, flavorful squid rings. The seasoning was just right – not too salty nor bland. A great appetizer to start dinner with. It would be good paired with a glass of beer too! 127867

GISING GISING [Php120 • Php205 • Php365] 11088110881108811088
I can’t resist anything with gata flavor. It’s just so comforting. Tastes good but I’m not sure what the vegetable used was. I don’t think I’ve tried it before but it’s good – crispy and bite size.

HOUSE CRISPY SISIG | [Php155 • Php255 • Php415] 1108811088110881108811088
No wonder Manam’s sisig is the best in the metro. For someone like me who does not appreciate laman loob, I quite enjoyed it. It really is crispy and flavors were spot on. It definitely deserves its No. 1 spot 128077🏻

CRISPY PORK BINAGOONGAN | [Php205 • Php360 • Php645] 1108811088110881108811088
Loved it before and still love it right now. This right here is a classic and delicious dish that everyone must try. Maybe I’m biased because I love almost anything with bagoong. Always a must whenever I dine here.

SINIGANG NA BEEF SHORT RIB & WATERMELON [Php245 • Php455 • Php775] 11088110881108811088
This has been highly raved about by most diners so I wanted to at least try it once. Even with just my first sip, I felt the burst of flavors in my tongue. Because of the watermelon, the usual sharpness of the tanginess was replaced with a sweet and sour sensation. The flavors were really concentrated so a tablespoon really packs a punch. I’m still unsure of how I feel about it since it did feel a bit overwhelmed but A+ for creativity. Who would have thought watermelon should be mixed in sinigang? 127817

OVERLOADED GARLIC BANGUS BELLY [Php175 • Php295 • Php565] 11088110881108811088
Another classic dish delivered well by Manam. Bangus is really fat and garlic was generous. Perfect with toyo-mansi as its sauce 128076🏻

GARLIC RICE [Php65 • Php100 • Php180] 1108811088110881108811088
Got a big platter to share with everyone. Garlic rice is really the best when its Filipino dishes we are talking about. Yum!

Overall, I loved almost everything we ordered. I liked the ambiance of the MOA branch better since it had higher ceilings and brighter lights. I really appreciate their menu too. It had lots of photos which helps the diners to easily picture what they would be having. Also, since they do have a lot of twists in the traditional Filipino dishes, it really helps the people to know how it would look like and thus, expectations are within the reasonable level.

Service needs a bit more improvement since it takes a while before the servers notice that we are wanting their attention. Also, my grandma (who is a bit of a neat freak) noticed that the spoon she didn't use was just transferred to the other table for the next customer to use which shouldn't be the case since hygiene is the No. 1 most important thing for those working in the food industry.

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Shabu Yaki

4.0 Stars

Shabu Yaki is a Korean restaurant that serves unlimited shabu shabu and unlimited samgyupsal and beef. Both costs Php500 per person. We were surprised that they agreed we could split our table – 3 for unlimited shabu shabu and 2 for unlimited samgyupsal. I was not sure if it was really allowed since the last time Unisse C went, it was prohibited. Maybe the server got intimidated by my dad 128563

The grill set comes with unlimited beef, pork, rice and side dishes. Each table also gets an order of steamed egg in a hot pot and soybean paste stew. The shabu shabu set on the other hand comes with unlimited pork, beef, veggies and side dishes. It also comes with a one-time serving of seafood for the whole table. I wasn’t a fan of the Korean Shabu Shabu since it didn’t serve sate which is like a Chinese paste used as a dip mixed in with soy sauce.

I enjoyed our dinner since everything was so sulit! I appreciated how the server was very generous whenever we requested for more meat so we wouldn't be calling her attention every 10 minutes 128514 The grill was slightly slanted so that the oil goes directly to a bowl. Also, a tip to remove excess oil is to use the tongs to clip a few sheets of tissue and clean the grill.
The place looked like a home turned restaurant since it had a homey feel to it. It did have a strong smell of the food which can make you feel “umay” even if you haven’t eaten that much. But nonetheless, it was an enjoyable dinner 128077🏻

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The Plantation

4.0 Stars

Whenever my friends need time to chill out and cool down from work and stress, they head out to plantation since it’s only a block away from our office. Due to the tremendous stress I was going through for the past week, I asked if we could “walwal” on a Tuesday night. These gals are always ready for a drink and chit chat to which they responded “yes” immediately 128514
We arrived past 9 and the place was packed! 128563 I was surprised since almost all tables were taken. It made me wonder if it was already Friday. Anyway, we are responsible drinkers so we ordered one bottle of Smirnoff each and a pitcher of Tequila Sunrise (Php350) for sharing. Smirnoff is Php120 for 2 bottles since it’s on an all-day BOGO promo 127867 Since we were on a budget, I tried mixing the tequila sunrise with a bit of Smirnoff (to get hit a bit quicker than usual) and surprisingly, it tasted good. We also ordered a few snacks to munch on while we drank and chit chat our worries away.
We got basket of Nachos and Onion Rings. Both orders were quite generous for the price. For the nachos, I liked that the cheese sauce was served separately to prevent the chips from getting soggy. They also refill the sauce if you run out which is another good thing. The down side is that the beef was served cold, indicating this may have been cooked in advance and sat on the counter waiting to be served. But nonetheless, I can’t really complain since the flavor was okay and serving was generous. The onion rings, on the hand, were humongous! I wasn’t expecting much since it was only Php130. It was quite bland though. 8 cuts’ is still the most sulit 128588🏼

Overall, it was a great night. Good drinks + great company = Good times. I have a feeling I'll become a regular here 127867

P. S. Sariling sikap sa lighting for the photos since the lights are turned off 8pm onwards 128514 It's actually a restaurant that turns into a bar at night. Hooray for cheap resto bars!

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