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3.0 Stars

One Sunday, we were debating on where to have dinner in Glorietta. I suggested Fatburger as it is one of the rising burger joints in the country. I've read a few reviews that the burgers were quite good as well.

It has a sports restaurant set up with bar tables and large flat screen televisions across the room. Various table designs such as the classic wood, booths and your steel. Perfect ambiance to enjoy your burger.

Pay as you order. Fatburger has a fast food set up wherein you line up to order. For the hungry little me, I got a Double burger [P295] + Cheddar cheese [P40], Onion rings [P90], Rootbeer float [P155] (for sharing) and Lemonade [P65].

They really lived up to their name - burger was really fat. I should have went for the regular one. Takaw tingin moments 128517 However, its dryness and lack of flavors was disappointing. A standard perfect burger must be juicy, flavorful and generous. It won the generous portion that's for sure. I was struggling to fit the height of it in my mouth. FYI, I enjoy my burgers barbaric style - bare hands and messy. Price wise, it's expensive. The burger meal excludes add ons such as cheese and bacon. The add on prices are insane, trust me. Onion rings, rootbeer float and lemonade were all average.

Partnered up with Fatburger is Buffalo's. We ordered two flavors of their chicken tenders. I didn't like the bourbon one as the alcohol flavor was too strong, as if it was not reduced well. Chicken itself was on the drier side too.

There's free service water so don't be obliged to order their drinks like we did. Nothing to comment on service as it has a fast food set up.

Overall, it was an okay visit but I don't think I'll be coming back. There are way better burgers for the same price, if not lower.

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5.0 Stars

Among the many restaurants that recently opened in the new food wing of MOA is Basil. I've been craving Pad Thai for the longest time that I just had to dine here.

For a Saturday lunch, the place was quite empty which I couldn't understand why because their food is really good. Plus, I love their classy interiors and royal ambiance.

For starters, we ordered Basil's PAW PIA TOD a.k.a. Crispy spring rolls [P260] 11088110881108811088
Fried until crispy golden brown, mixed of grounded pork and shrimp with fresh vegetables rolled in a rice paper. Served with sweet chili sauce and spicy dipping sauce. It's just your regular crispy spring rolls but executed well - crispy on the outside yet moist and flavorful in the inside. Sauces were good too!

NUE SA TAE a.k.a. Beef Satay with Peanut Sauce [P345] 1108811088110881108811088
Grilled strips of beef marinated in a special Thai paste served with our special homemade peanut sauce.
Loved how the beef was really tender and flavorful! Their special sauce (the white one) has a sticky consistency that's unusual but heavenly. Serving size is seven thin sticks. Quite on the expensive side, but really good.

PAD THAI [P360] 1108811088110881108811088
Fried rice noodles with fresh prawns, ground roasted peanuts in a tamarind dressing. This world renowned dish was created during World War II in the period of Prime Minister General Por Phiboonsongkram.
Finally, I get to satisfy my cravings! 128069 I find their Pad Thai better than the street food pad thais I've tried when I was in Thailand. That in itself says a lot. But I have to say, the price here is times three of the price there. A bit expensive.

I liked how they brought their plates and utensils from Thailand as well. You don't see silver plates and bamboo leaves together everyday. Plus, their spoon and fork are really heavy. Too much metal content 128514

THAI ICED TEA [P95] 1108811088110881108811088
Rather than iced tea, it tastes more like milk tea but better. It has somewhat a special taste from the regular milk teas available. Love the presentation as well. Classy looking Thai Iced Tea. Regardless, it's really good. Recommend 128077🏻

Overall, really good visit! Bring a jacket because it's quite cold. And eat fast to enjoy a warm meal.

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3.0 Stars

My office mates were raving about a new korean ramen place opening nearby and we went to check it out. I was surprised that it was just packed instant noodles. Here are the steps on how to get your customized ramen:

How to order:
Step 1
Select your choice of ramyun. Prices range from P100 to P130 depending on the type of noodles. Ramyun comes with free iced tea and side dish (kimchi or radish).

Step 2
You may add cheese, rice or egg, as preferred.
Egg P15
Rice P20
Cheese P20

Step 3

I got Shin Ramyun [P100] with egg [P15]. The set came with a glass of iced tea and a small serving of kimchi. I liked how they served it in a small pot. It's really adorable. As for the taste, it's just like regular instant noodles. They egg was cooked whole though. They literally drop the raw egg inside without even stirring it 128514

This place is recommended for those who are too lazy to cook their own ramen. But as for me, I'd rather save my money and cook my own.

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Pancake House

4.0 Stars

Good breakfast to kick off our Sunday. Since I was extra hungry today, I went for one golden brown waffle and their special salisbury steak. Pancake House has a new promo wherein you can choose any two from the following for only PHP370! Super sulit! I listed their individual prices below for comparison.
128205FISH ROLLS [P255]
128205PAN CHICKEN [P199]
128205ICED TEA [P65]
*new item. I couldn't find the regular price anywhere in the menu.

SPECIAL SALISBURY STEAK [P255] 11088110881108811088
Premium 1/3 lb. salisbury steak topped with creamy mushroom gravy and bacon bits. Steak itself is really flavorful and juicy. A generous heap of mushrooms went on top of it. Better than expected 128077🏻

GOLDEN BROWN WAFFLE [P180] 11088110881108811088
Classic and crispy delicious golden brown waffle
I love Pancake House's waffles. Their miso butter makes the world of a difference. Too bad this one isn't as crispy as their usual, I would have given it a five if that was present.

I loved the ambiance of this branch. It's classy and homey at the same time with its tall wall windows and drop down lights. Service was great too. Dad gave them quite a hard time but they remained professional 128077🏻

Great visit!

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4.0 Stars
Frozen Yogurt

What to get when you just had a really heavy meal but still need dessert? ---> Yogurt!
Because how can we skip dessert? 128523

This is actually my third time trying Llao Llao's frozen yogurt. First time I got the medium size with one topping - passion fruit [P99], second I went for the small plain cup [P40], and third, medium size with one topping again, but with cookie butter [P99].

I liked how the yogurt itself had a cleansing taste to the tongue. It had the right amount of tanginess and sweetness. Out of the two toppings I've tried, I think I like the passion fruit better as the seeds gave it a nice crunch. It wasn't too sour like I thought it would be either. In fact, it had a sweet taste to it. The cookie butter, on the other hand, overpowered the yogurt a little bit too much.

Regardless, I liked all my visits and would continue to repurchase in the future 128077🏻

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IHOP Restaurant

1.0 Stars

Here's the story how IHOP received barely one star for this visit. First, service was bad 128078🏻 Servers were quite inattentive. Since the set up of the restaurant itself was in an "L" shape, servers neglected the other side too much. We were waiving and waiving to get there attention, I even yelled "excuse me!" but to my dismay, still ignored. We had to put way too much effort just to get their attention every single time and the place was two-thirds empty.

Second, food was bad. We got chicken and waffles and split decision breakfast.

Four all-white-meat crispy chicken strips with Belgian waffle. Served with honey mustard dipping sauce
Chicken was dry and bland. "Belgian" waffle tasted like pancakes in a waffle shape. Not crispy at all. A real disappointment.

Two eggs • two bacon strips • two pork sausage links • two triangles of French toast • two buttermilk pancakes
Eggs were cooked perfectly. Bacon was good. Sausage links were out of stock so we got ham instead. Should've went for more bacon instead because the ham was really bad. French toast was okay, a bit on the bland side. Pancakes were fluffy and good. A few hits and misses on this dish.

Lastly, they only had two kinds of syrup from the normal four. Really sad.

Overall, it was a bad breakfast. Good thing this visit was sponsored by |looloo GCs or else my wallet would have cried.

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Kushikatsu Daruma

5.0 Stars

I find myself slowly being drawn into being a Japanese food fanatic. Just when I think that Japanese cuisine is already awesome as it is, chefs continue to prove me wrong by coming up with even better and improved versions. I had no idea as to what Kushikatsu Daruma offered. At the back of my mind, I thought it was going to be another mainstream katsu place, but boy oh boy, was I wrong. I absolutely loved everything about Kushikatsu Daruma! 128149 Starting from the ambiance and interiors of the place, to the great service and ultimately to the oishi dishes that made my taste buds dance in joy.

Kushikatsu literally means katsu on a stick. One of the misconceptions by the Filipino Community, myself included, is that we think we know what Katsu means - any deep fried meat in a breading. I didn’t know katsu applied to vegetables, eggs and even livers! Or maybe that’s just me 128517 Anyhow, I loved the concept of katsu on skewers. It’s quite similar to our isaw, squid balls and kwek kwek. BUT! It’s also different as they do not allow to people double dip in the communal sauce. If you think about it, it’s nice to know that the sauce your dipping in and consuming is clean. Yay for hygiene!

As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by Mr. Charlie Paw, one of the partners who brought KushiKatsu Daruma to the Philippines. It’s my first time meeting him and I must say, he is very accommodating and kind. I can also see his passion for food and the gleam in his eyes as he observes the people enjoy food.

Before we got seated, we were handed with menus to order our preferred drink. I wanted to try something new and the LYCHEE CHU HAI | [PHP280] instantly caught my attention. If you are new to the term, Chu Hai is a Japanese canned alcoholic drink. I liked how the drink was not overpowered with alcohol taste as some cocktails can be and how the lychee was really complementing it. Really really good and really really recommended! 128077🏻

To start, we were served with the BEGINNER SET [PHP480] with nine kushikatsu:

• Classic Kushikatsu (Beef) | [PHP59]
• Prawn | [PHP59]
• Chicken with Garlic [PHP59]
• Chikuwa (fish cakes) [PHP59]
• Tsukune (Chicken meat balls) | [PHP59]
• Tonkatsu (Pork) [PHP59]
• Camembert Cheese | [PHP59]
• Onion Leeks [PHP39]
• Potato [PHP39]

To add, we also tried:
• Gyoza | [PHP59]
• Foie Gras [PHP59]
• Asparagus [PHP59]
• Aubergine (eggplant) [PHP59]
• Shitake Mushrooms [PHP59]
• Pork Intestine [PHP39]
• Cherry Tomato [PHP39]
• Quail Egg [PHP39]
• Chahan Rice | [PHP150]
• Yakiniku Rice Bowl [PHP220]

My top five favorites were the classic kushikatsu, prawns, tsukune, camembert cheese and gyoza. Beef was really tender, prawns were really flavorful, tsukune had a nice pepper flavor, camembert cheese was really cheesy and deep fried gyoza? Yes please! 128587🏻 Their version of the chahan rice was really flavorful and can be eaten on its own. Rice itself was not too mushy nor dry.

Nonetheless, everything was delicious! 128069 Their batter and sauce combination is crazy good. Despite being deep fried, I find the batter light and crispy! Their sauce had a more watery consistency than your usual katsu sauce but not a bit lagging from quality. Not gonna lie, the prices can be quite intimidating but I promise it’s worth the try.

11088️ Tips and reminders:
🚫 No double dipping! It’s the restaurant’s only commandment.
128205 If you think a dip is not enough, leave the kushikatsu ten seconds longer in the sauce before taking it out. It’s like marinating it lightly.
128205 Kushikatsu is best eating when hot, so resist the urge to taking too much snaps and just munch away!

Overall, it was a really pleasant and bloating dinner. Thank you | looloo (Peanut D and Pam L) for the invite and to Kushikatsu Daruma for the treat! It’s nice seeing everyone again! 128149

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Kko Kko

3.0 Stars

I've been wanting to try Kko Kko, mainly for their Chicken Cheese Fondue, for the longest time but can't really find the time to drive all the way to ortigas just for it. So when I heard a second branch was opening at Paseo Center, I just had to go and check it out for myself.

| CHICKEN CHEESE FONDUE 110881108811088
Whole [P988] good for 5-6 people
Half [P588] good for 2-3 people

Melted cheese in a bread bowl, served with spicy french fries, onion rings, and boneless chicken chunks tossed in Yang Nyum sauce of your choice. For this visit, we played it safe and went for their classic soy. After 15 minutes, our order was served and I was too excited to dig in that I just snapped a few shots and dipped the chicken in the cheese sauce.

🧀 CHEESE 110881108811088
I had above average expectations because of the reviews I've read but not too high because it is only P588 for 3 people. The cheese sauce's consistency was in between a thick and runny range. It was sticky because of the mozzarella but watery as well due to the other ingredients used. To be honest, it tasted a bit like bottled cheese spreads but with mozzarella. Plus it had this sandy texture that I found quite weird. Not the worst but definitely far from the best.

128036 CHICKEN 11088110881108811088
Chicken was good. Kko Kko's take on classic soy was similar to bon chon's soy garlic but better. It has a good sauce and crunchy texture on the outside and flavorful meat on the inside. It's quite flavorful so it's good paired with rice.

127839 ONION RINGS & FRIES 11088110881108811088
Both side dishes were great. The onion rings was juicy and had a nice batter while the fries were not soggy. We went for the cheese flavored fries but it didn't taste like cheese. It had a sweet sour cream flavor which I find okay. Problem was, these were not served hot despite waiting for 15 minutes.
P. S. Fries were not spicy despite its claim.

The place was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. It didn't have its own "restaurant" space and looked more like a stall instead. Really far from what I had in mind. Service was okay. They did their job but nothing outstanding.

I think this place deserves a second visit but not for the cheese fondue. Their chicken is great so might get the garlic flavored one next time.

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Nonna's Pasta & Pizzeria

4.0 Stars

My sisters and I decided to drive all the way to Nuvali last Saturday just to have lunch at Nonna's. Thank you too | looloo and Nonna's for being generous with their prizes and GCs! 128149

As we entered, we were greeted by welcoming staff, wooden tables and glass windows. I loved the rustic + modern vibe of the place. It's quite adorable how one part of the room is surrounded with wooden rustic feels while the other half was filled with white brick walls and ceramic tables. Who knew such combination could bring life to the place?

We rushed to order as we were famished after the long drive. For appetizer, we went for the MUSHROOM CHICHARON | [P160] 1108811088110881108811088️ which is made of crispy fresh oyster mushrooms served with vinaigrette. At first glance, you'd doubt they were mushrooms. Even after my first bite, I still couldn't believe they were mushrooms. It's really soft but crispy at the same time. A little less sinful than your regular chicharon. I must say, I couldn't stop munching on it. After barely five minutes, the plate was clean and I was restraining myself to order another serving.

For our main dishes, we decided to go for carbs and carbs and carbs!

TUTTI FORMAGGI | [P350] 11088110881108811088
Mozarella • gouda • honeygoat cheese • parmesan • blue cheese
A must for cheese lovers 128525 Add a drizzle of their spicy honey to seal everything in. Or maybe more than a drizzle for my sweet tooth.

PIZZA BIANCO [P450] 1108811088
Alfredo • bacon • mushrooms • cracked black pepper • parmesan cheese • whole egg
I had high expectations for this since I always see people raving about Gino's version and I read a few reviews that Nonna's wasn't bad either. Wasn't really thrilled about the whole egg thing on a pizza. Tasted a bit too raw for my liking.
TOMATO MOZZARELLA [P215] 11088110881108811088
Fresh tomatoes • mozzarella • olive oil • Italian parsley
All pastas are homemade. Definitely feeling the love and attention for food from that 128149 This is something I consider a simple dish executed well. It's light and refreshing yet fulfilling.

UNI CAVIAR PASTA [P350] 11088110881108811088
Alfredo sauce • fresh sea urchin • chives • caviar
Despite my sister's claim that this tasted "fishy", I beg to disagree. I had my expectations and it didn't disappoint!

TRUFFLE MAC AND CHEESE | [P285] 1108811088110881108811088
An all-time Mama Lou’s favorite with truffle cream
Their truffle mac and cheese was on top of my list for today's visit. Truffle flavor was quite evident and the cheese tasted like the good kind of cheese. Recommended!

Staff were nothing short of professional. Despite our loud group, they were still smiling ear to ear at us 128517 Service was quite fast too. But then again, there were only a few tables occupied at that time.

Dedicating my 100th review to Nonna's! Thank you | for the GCs and Nonna's for the experience. Great first visit!

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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

4.0 Stars

A week straight of overtime work calls for a nice good cup of hot chocolate to get the day started. Steering away from the usual Signature Hot Chocolate of Starbucks, I chose CBTL for today.

DOUBLE HOT CHOCOLATE with marshmallows [P140 • Regular] 1108811088110881108811088
Rich, flavorful and most importantly, hot. Instead of the usual cocoa, CBTL uses hazelnut for their hot chocolate. I really loved how chocolatey rich it was 128069

TRIPLE DECKER CHEESECAKE [P145 • slice] 110881108811088
Smooth and rich but had an "umay" factor to it. Since it was named "triple" decker, I assumed it had three different flavors. Upon tasting, flavors were quite similar. I think the blueberry cheesecake would have been a better choice.

Service was quick and staff were very friendly and accommodating 128077🏻

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