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Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen

4.0 Stars

Bluesmith Coffee & Kitchen serves artisanal coffees made from specialty grade beans and comfort foods. They serve an all-day breakfast food like waffles & pancakes and mains such as pasta.

The place is very cozy and quiet. Though, the place is a bit dark for me, It’s a perfect place for any person who wants to chill. You can bring your family and friends for a reunion or just a simple meal.

The holidays are a few weeks away and by December, Bluesmith now offers party packages. Depending on your choice, these party packages are good for 10 pax or 15 pax.

They offer various types of packages and what we had was the “Favorites” party package. The package includes Creamy Pasta Tartufo, Flaming Buffalo Wings, Fish Gratinee, Tenderloin Beef Salpicao, and White plain rice.

Creamy Pasta Tartufo (5/5) 11088
Contains black truffle, butter and cream pasta served with baguette chips.
This pasta is a must try for truffle lovers. I love how creamy and milky this is. The truffle is flavourful but not overwhelming. I had two servings of this so that says a lot. Definitely one of my favourites from the bunch.

Flaming Buffalo Wings (4/5) 11088
Crispy buffalo chicken wings with bleu cheese dip.
I recommend that you get this! It’s another favourite of mine along with their truffle pasta. The chicken is not very spicy but it is really flavourful. It is tasty even without the dip but once you dip it in the bleu cheese, it’s like a different dish but better! Their bleu cheese has the most beautiful texture I’ve ever seen. It’s not watery unlike the ones i’ve tried. The flavour did not disappoint as well. I only rated 4 just because it’s not spicy despite naming it Flaming Buffalo Wings so I would not recommend it for people who likes spicy stuff. I do hope that they make different levels of spiciness to this dish because it’s really good!

Fish Gratinee (4/5)
Crusted fillet of white fish, milk stew, potatoes, and cheese melt served with mixed vegetables.
I’m not a big fan of most fish dishes since they can be very overwhelming but I really liked this one. It’s so soft and creamy. Moreover, it has potatoes, milk and cheese! I’m a fan of these combinations. Also, let’s not forget that this has vegetables in it. So good!

Tenderloin Beef Salpicao (2/5)
Tenderloin beef squares, marbled potatoes, worcestershire oil and toasted garlic served with mixed vegetables.
I didn’t like the flavour of this. Maybe it’s just me but it’s a bit salty for my taste. Also, I don’t like how the beef is cooked. It was served as medium rare (i think) and I’m not a fan of that. I prefer my beef to be cooked at medium well. The texture of the beef was also chewy. It was kind of hard to eat it.

Overall, I definitely recommend this place for everyone who likes pastas, chicken and other comfort foods. Next time I visit, I would love to try their pancakes and their coffee.

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Alice Tea Salon

3.0 Stars

My friend and I arrive at the cafe around lunch time. The place is pretty and it indeed portrays the Alice in Wonderland theme which is cool. But I hoped they actually made their food choices have that Alice in Wonderland theme so that was disappointing to me.

I ordered their Iced Matcha with Red Bean and their Salmon and Egg Croissant. For dessert, I ordered their Oreo Cheesecake which is one of their bestsellers. The Iced Matcha with Red Bean doesn’t really suit my taste. I was expecting it to taste more bitter and creamy but it isn’t. Moreover, it was hard drinking it because of the red beans. On the other hand, the Salmon and Egg Croissant is really delicious. I’m a fan of Salmon so that’s one of the reasons I ordered it. Lastly, their Oreo Cheesecake is so good as well. It was very creamy and cheesy. It is more on the heavy side so if you like airy cheesecake then this is not for you. The one thing I didn’t like about the cake is how pricey it is. I don’t think it is worth P195.00.

As for their menu, they have lots of options for the drinks but very few on savoury breads. One more thing, their cake slices are really small and pricey at the same time. The Oreo Cheesecake was the only one that looks average so I ordered that one.

Food ratings:
Oreo Cheesecake (4/5)
Salmon and Egg Croissant (4/5)
Iced Matcha with Red Bean (1/5)

Overall, I’m not sure if I would come back here. Maybe if they will lower their prices, I would. But right now, it is just not worth it for me. I rated this 3/5 because they actually serve good food plus the place is instagrammable. I deducted 2 points because of their prices and food selection.

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Oh My Tea

5.0 Stars

If you are getting bored with the milk tea craze, then you should try this new milk tea shop located at Maginhawa.

Oh My Tea serves delicious and legit Thai milk tea that will satisfy your cravings. Their ingredients are from Thailand so you know you're getting the real deal. Just like other milk tea shops, you can customize the sugar level of your orders and add toppings. Just to let you know, all of our orders have normal sugar level.

The location of the place is along Maginhawa. It is quiet around the area which is a plus for me. Though I find the place a bit dark, the place is quite relaxing.

We had Thai Red Salted Caramel Cream, Thai Matcha Caramel Cream, and Brown Sugar Milk Tea. I love how unique the flavor is compared to other tea shops. So far, I don’t think you could taste this kind of milk tea here in Manila. This is one of the reasons why I like this tea shop, It is just so unique.

I’m a big fan of Sweet and Salty combinations so my fave is the Thai Red Salted Caramel Cream. Out of everything I've tried, this one tasted the best and the most addicting. It has the right balance of sweet & salty and you can definitely taste that it is different from the usual milk tea flavors out there.

The Thai Matcha Caramel Cream is also good but if you prefer your matcha to be bitter, I recommend skipping this one since this is more on the sweet side. You can't really taste the bitter matcha because, in Thailand, they prefer their sweet Matcha. I’m a fan of the bitter flavor of Matcha and I actually really liked this one.

Finally but not the least, their Brown Sugar Milk Tea is one of the best brown sugar renditions I’ve tried. I’ve tried Yi Fang but I liked this one more because of its unique taste. So if you’re a fan of brown sugar milk teas, definitely order this one.

Overall, I enjoyed everything I’ve tried and I would definitely come back for their milk teas especially the caramel cream series.

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Misibis Bay

4.0 Stars

One of the most beautiful places I have seen.

Upon arriving at the resort, we were immediately greeted by the staff. They gave us cool drinks while we were waiting for our room to be available. The drink was really good too.

The resort is quite big so there were mini cars (I don't know what's it called) to drive you around. The place is really beautiful. It was so picturesque and instagrammable. They also have lots of pools, for adults and kids, around the resort.

On the other hand, I was quite disappointed with the beach. Maybe because I had high expectations. Moreover, they don't have that many activities around the area. But it was still pretty as well.

Their rooms on the other hand screams luxury. It was very beautiful. Unfortunately, I don't have photos of the room. But It was so much better than other luxury hotels.

Overall, I recommend this place for a vacation.

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Farmacy Ice Cream & Soda Fountain

4.0 Stars
Ice Cream

My friend and I went to Farmacy late afternoon. The place was really packed. It was really hot that day so It was fine. This place is much prettier at night so I recommend to visit this place late afternoon or nighttime.

As for the overall vibe of the place, it is a perfect place to chill out. The area was not loud so you can chill and chat with your friends at the same time. Moreover, the place is so instagrammable so that's a plus.

We ordered Banutter & Hot Fudge Sundaes. I like how we can customize the flavors in each sundae. I picked Banana Salted Caramel, Matcha Green Tea and Pistachio. The sundae is not too sweet. I like the combination of butterscotch sauce, candied peanuts and toffee nut to my sundae. My favorite ice cream flavor would be the Banana Salted Caramel. I swear that this taste so good! I don't think you can find this flavor elsewhere so you better try it here.

Overall, I recommend this place. I've been here twice already and I know I will come back if I'm around the area.

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LAVA Cheese Tarts

4.0 Stars

Lava cheese tart was the first cheese tart that I have tried and it did not disappoint. It was so good that I wanted them all for myself. These tarts were the reason that I went Cheese Tart tasting spree. If this wasn't that pricy, this would be my top pick.
Taste (5/5)
The butter crust is flaky but not hard. As for the cheese, it's incredibly creamy and cheesy. It has a bit of salty flavor to it, but that is one of the reasons why I love this tart so much.

Value (3/5)
One tart retails to P80.00 which is really pricey for me. I wish they would consider repricing their products because I want to buy them more.

Overall, I recommend this place for those who are a big fan of cheese and for those who don't mind spending more money.

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102 Izakaya

4.0 Stars

The restaurant has interesting wall art which I really adore. I love the overall vibes of this place. Like usual Japanese restaurants, the place is not too bright or too dark.

We tried several dishes from them but I will only be sharing my recommendations and these are…

Rock and Roll (5/5) - This one is my favorite Maki. I think this is the best one among the rest. I definitely will order this when I come back.

Katsu Curry (5/5) - I don’t like Curry but when I tasted this one, I wanted more of it. And this was literally gone in minutes.

Beef Usuyaki (4/5) - If you like beef and bacon, order this one. This is love at first bite.

Marilyn Mon Roll (3/5) - If you like to try different types of sushi then, I recommend this one.

Spicy Tori Karaage (3/5) - I’m a fan of chicken and spicy things so this one is good. Not too spicy and not too sweet.

L.A. Maki (4/5) - I love California Maki and this is their version of it with a twist. The mango is on top which makes this so pretty.

Coffee Jelly (4/5) - Not so sweet. In fact, it’s kinda bitter but I love coffee and dessert. So this is perfect for me.

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Black Scoop Cafe

5.0 Stars

My sister and I were looking for a place to chill around Maginhawa and we happen to find this place which looks so cool.

The interior of the place is so inviting and very well designed. The place is perfect for people who love to chill and hang out with friends. The only downside is that the place is quite noisy so I don't recommend it for people who want to study or work. As of now, they don't provide wifi and only accepts cash payment. But they said it will be provided in the future so that's good.

We had a hard time choosing what to order because everything looks so good. We were contemplating if would try their soft served ice cream but we decided to just order their pancakes and bbq flavored fries.

The pancakes were so good! So far, It was the best pancakes I have ever tried. It was so soft, creamy and fluffy, just the way we want it. Their serving is just enough for one. I have tried pancakes from IHOP, Pancake House, Dennys, and even McDonalds. Compared to those, this one is the best.

The bbq fries is good as well. I like that we were served newly cooked fries. What I really liked about this is that, even when the fries have cooled down, it still taste really good especially when you dip it in ketchup. Moreover, the servings are quite big.

Overall, I recommend you guys check their place. Next time we visit, I want to try their ice cream.

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4.0 Stars

I was craving steaks and chicken wings and this place happened to be the closest and affordable as well.

At first glance, I thought the place is small and had only two tables but I didn’t notice that there was a second floor and it was spacious.

We ordered Griddle Steak Chef’s Pick and Honey Bagoong Wings which were all recommended by their waiter. I’m very glad we tried those especially the steak. The steak is really flavourful and soft. They also give you a gravy and that makes it tastier. For the price, the steak is a steal.

The Bagoong wings were also good. To be honest, I didn’t expect that I will like it since I don’t like bagoong but I did. I guess it was because of the honey.

I recommend ordering their chef’s pick steak and be adventurous and order their weird flavored wings. Aside from bagoong, they have kare-kare and sinigang wings so I’ll try that one when I come back.

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4.0 Stars
Wine Bar

Barcino is a restaurant that serves Spanish cuisine and wine. The ambiance of the place is really nice and classy. It is perfect for family gatherings and eating out with your friends. Moreover, they offer party packages that is good for at least 10 people. I know most people only visit this restaurant at night but we went here during lunch time because why not? This restaurant also serves good food for lunch.

From the meal we had, I recommend the following:
Paella de Chorizo y Pollo (4/5) - This is really good but I hoped there are more ingredients/sahog to it
Spaguettis a la Catalana (4/5) - I think I ate this the most because I love spaghetti.
Croquetas de Chorizo (5/5) - I love this one. Definitely order this one when you go here.
Ensalada les Rambles (4/5) - If you love tuna salads, then you would like this one.

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