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5.0 Stars

This place is cozy to eat in. I had my birthday dinner here with my family and their food is delish!! For appetizers, we tried the cheese and bechamel baked mussels. They serve it with the cheese melted, it's almost like thick soup so eat it fast if you don't want it to go back to its normal consistency..

The salad we ordered was Maximo salad (sundries tomatoes, bleu cheese, candied walnuts, crispy capers, edam and romaine). It's a mixture of sweet, salty and sour. So lovely!

Their lamb salpicao was soft and tasty. Not like most salpicaos that are difficult to chew. Although it's served with oil all around it in a plate, it didn't taste too oily for me when you separate it with the meat. Eat it with the chunks of garlic. It's one of my favorites.

Baked iberian chicken is served as a half chicken. If you don't like too oily food, you should think twice of ordering this but it's what gives the chicken it's taste.

We also ordered cobbler in crab fat + kaffir lime. It's fish with aligue. This one's my second favorite from the lamb salpicao. This is also good if you don't like to eat red meat.

For desserts were ordered chocnut chocolate cake and bibingka mamon with queso de bola and itlog na maalat. The latter is best eaten when served, this way, you can appreciate its softness that melts in your mouth. The chocnut chocolate cake tastes mostly like chocolate so you have to eat the chocnut that is drizzled on top of it.

The staff was also really nice and professional.

In general, this is a place i would go back to. :)

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