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Catanauan Cove

4.0 Stars

Of course I wouldn't let this long weekend go to waste. Hehe. This was supposed to be a Calaguas trip but some of our friends ditched us. Hahaha! But anyway... If you really want to. You have to do something. So us who happened to be left by our friends decided to go on our own. We went to Catanauan Cove. A one hour drive from our province. Yeah I know you're not familiar. But if you're from Manila take a bus in Buendia going to Lucena. From there you are going to take another ride, a van perhaps in SM Lucena going to Gumaca or in Pacific Mall if you're a little early. Too bad if you're already late. The only option I know is going via bus which mostly are ordinary buses. I'm not sure also if there is a vehicle going straight to Catanauan. But anyway, after the ride to Gumaca, take a jeep somewhere near Jollibee. And yes, it's better to go in the morning coz' jeepneys are up to six in the evening. Estimated fare cost would be as follows:

Manila-Lucena : 210
Lucena-Gumaca : 100
Gumaca-Catanauan : 50 I guess? Hahaha! We took a private vehicle, okay? Hehe.

So yep, if you have your own car you may. I think it'll save more. So we stopped over to take a break. It was my first time to go too. And you'll not experience traffic. It's a smooth sailing ride. You could go 140. Hehe. Yeah seriously but don't do it. It's dangerous. lol.

So when we got in. We have no reservations at all. We didn't call in advance or so. Luckily we didn't have to 'coz we literally own the entire place. Hahaha! No one checked in but us. But for your own good, call. Make a reservation. For sure. Hehe. The place was big. Amenities include, volleyball field/soccer field, kayak, swimming polls, bar by the beach, restaurant, jet ski, atv. Yeah, probably that's it. We truly enjoyed the place coz it's just us. Haha!

What I didn't like was the poor lighting in the pool. You can't go night swimming. Too dark. The soft muddy like water floor in the sea where you could go kayaking or swimming maybe. Strict policy of bringing food. That's sad. We brought hotdogs and marinated pork pa naman.

But everything was fun. If you want to go somewhere far from the city without going to far riding boats to the destination. Road trip maybe? It's not your picture perfect place, but hey if you're up to some private getaways. 128077🏻

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Uptown Cinemas

4.0 Stars
Movie Theatre

I don't know for what reason we had to buy vip, last full show tickets. The most pricey movie tickets so far.

It was jam-packed! The lines were long. Super! I think it's because there were just two cashiers that accommodated us. We weren't decided yet what to watch when were lined up to claim the tickets. Confused whether to buy a regular ticket different from the vip ticket 'coz we're afraid we might get the last full show and thinking buying the vip tickets were not sulit. 128529

At last! We got yey! Vip tickets. I'm excited too 'coz I've been hearing good reviews, blogs regarding the movie house. And it's new. First dibs. Hehe. We waited until we can get in. Well what do we have here. No dismay! Worth every cent you pay. Servers palang, winner na. Parang aattend ng starmagic ball. Hahaha! Kidding aside. The place was just the right temperature. Big screen. Eye level every seat from the nearest up to the farthest. And the unlimited snacks. Popcorn with different flavors were ready. Take note they're not chewy. It's fresh. Even the drinks were unlimited. You can choose from bottled soft drinks and water. It's spacious. Plus the reclining seats were great! You could sleep. 128514 cuddle maybe? lol.

Well I found my new favorite hang out. 128077🏻 A two thumbs up! Highly recommended.

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Buddy's Pancit Lucban at Longganisang Lucban

4.0 Stars

So before our today's errands start, we went to QC near the place where mom made her papers for business. It was past lunch time and we're a little hungry. We went to Buddy's and had something to eat. And of course we have a balikbayan so where else to take her but in Filipino restaurants. She's been looking for Razon's halo halo but anyway. Food here is fantastic too.

I ordered the usual. Their pork sisig and pancit habhab. The order was quick. The hot plate for the sisig was sizzling, egg is still cooking and fats were rendered. Yum! This is by far one of the best sisig I had. Tender meat and just the right taste. If you think it's too greasy, you might want to separate it. Drain it. Anything. Sometimes we take it home and cooked it two or three times just so some of the oil is gone. The pancit habhab is also my favorite in the menu. It's bigger noodles than bihon and a little darker. Look how hefty the veggies are. I also love that it has sauce. I mean it's not dry. Plus add vinegar. Don't forget the vinegar. Perfect! The usual or the proper way of eating a habhab in Quezon where it is popular is the literally to "habhab" meaning you don't have to use fork or spoon to eat it. You simply have to put it in banana leaves and use your mouth to eat it. Hehe. Did I make any sense? Hahaha. But yeah, that's how you do it.

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Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Hotel

4.0 Stars

So my aunt from US just flew back here. We toured her around the metro and now we went out of town. The whole fam is present.

It was two to four hours drive to Bataan. We stopped over for chips and a little stretching. We arrived at lunch time. A little late, we still enjoyed our lunch tho everything was on the salty side. We ordered kare-kare, pancit, pinakbet. We were also serenaded by musicians. They were great! We even requested for a new song and they know it. Hehe. After our lunch, we roam around and took some photos before our tour starts. We went to one of the casas for viewing. It has Pilipinong laro like sungka, boardgames, billiards, chinese garter, and all sorts of pampalibang every afternoon. You could also have refreshments like sago't gulaman. Rest and siesta before having the tour. They will also give you wet towels for your sticky skin due to hot weather. Hehehe!

The tour took more likely as half day. We were provided with a tour guide who tells us about each casas' history, where it's name came from and old terms for household furnitures, and areas.

It was fun! Everything was picture perfect! The casas were simply beautiful! They were all different. Some were very old, most of it were restored, and all have their own memories. The tour was tiring. We went to ten or more casas. But it was worth it. All of us had fun and learned something new from the old. They also have rooms for occupancy. You could also have reservation for your wedding.

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Sonya's Garden

4.0 Stars

My brother planned a weekend lunch in Tagaytay for parentals' Anniversary. Hahaha! We chose Sonya's secret garden thus mom wanted organic and fresh greens, no meat, more veggies. It was a little far from the city so when we got in Tagaytay, it was already past lunch time. Please do come in early 'coz there are times when it gets rough because of heavy traffic. The place was far from the main road so you might get lost too. Be attentive to signage.

The area was big. It was not just a dining area but they also have function rooms, boutiques, bakery and other shops. The place has green house effect matching the natural vibe. The food choices was few. They have freshly picked greens, homemade dressings, toppings that varies from nuts, fruits, even flowers. You'll get to eat flowers. They also have pasta that you could choose from two sauces. No meat. They use mushroom as an alternative. Sweet potato for dessert. We were a little disappointed knowing the dishes because it was that few and not so good.

After our lunch, we decided to roam around and took some photos 'coz the place was nice. We also bought ourselves some breads, checked out other shops mostly were fragrances, home remedies, home furnitures and designs. They also have spa area where you can extend your relaxation.

We also went to the proposal area. It was such a simple yet beautiful place to propose. Filled with flowers, romantic set up, dinner just for two. So lovely! 10084

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High Street Cafe

4.0 Stars

It's been ages since I last posted. Ohhh how I miss looloo. Super busy na kasi. 128518

First off, mom's birthday treat! It was just an impromptu call for buffet lunch at High Street Cafe. Mom was at her usual, she has no plans for her birthday. Hahaha. So dad decided to make a reservation at the newest Shang. It was great 'coz we got a reservation just for the day. No hassle.

We start at exactly twelve. I haven't had enough breakfast so yeah...I got this. Hindi ako lugi. 128517 The hotel lobby was simple yet elegant. There was nothing much, nothing extravagant. It's spacious. Upon entering, staff were very polite. They greet you with enthusiasm. Looks like I'm going to enjoy. I started with salad of course. Same as the usual buffets, what I came back for was their sesame dressing with bacon. lol. I also had thai salad. 'Coz I'm curious like that. It tasted more like Viet salad, very tangy which I happened to not like. But my mom does liked it.

Next was main course. I had all meat. From the tenderest roasted pork to my favorite lamb and mint. Ugh! I loved both! The lechon was love! 128525 I wanted to have more but I was afraid baka sakit batok. Hahaha! Of course, the steak was there, filipino dishes like kaldereta, spaghetti, dynamite, duck and a whole lot more of protein.

By that point I could feel the defeat. lol. I'm quite full already. 128557 I was aiming for Japanese food. Sadly, I can't. But for dessert, I still have room. It was yum!!! My brother who tried eating here before told us that they got the best array of dessert. I got them ice cream first. Tried the burnt rice and blueberry which was both just okay. Their cakes and tarts. I'm such a sucker for tarts! I love their tarts! Ugh! The crust was perfect. Not hard. A little moist inside and the texture was right. The filling was good! I wanted to take it home. I wanted to have their chocolate lava too but I was full.

All in all was great! Definitely a must try.

#Halloolooween2016 128123

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Puerto Galera White Beach

4.0 Stars
Great Outdoors

My first of summer! 1285269728

It is a far drive from our province to batangas port. But if you're from Manila. I think it'll be 1-2hrs only. After a long drive, make sure you're early for a more or less 2 hours boat ride from batangas port to the beach! Yes! Because it feels like everyone is there. Hahaha! Though the boats are many.

We feel so exhausted by this time, especially we just got out from work work work... 128517 And I gotta stay awake because I was the wingman since my sleepy boyfriend Darz R is the driver. 128517 There were so much activities from water activities to even just chillin' at night. But at first we had our late breakfast and rest! I thought we would just stay at the hotel all weekend because of the exhaustion. 128517 At around 1 in the afternoon we had our lunch and proceeded to island hopping. Yep! We decided to go out, some were hesitant because of the heat. We went to 3 places. Not so jaw dropping though and the bangkeros were quite confusing and they're not helping us to get off and on the boat. 128530

Around 6 in the evening we were finished with our island hopping. Some decided to swim while we were just chillin' by the beach. The place by then was crowded. Water activities were still going. We already reserved our dinner at Dirks. The center and party event in the area. The food took long tho and they hate the loud sound because we're not bangenge pa to party. Haha! At night the whole beach stretch were filled with music, entertainment, and fire dancers. Party, booze, party and booze. It was really a poor man's boracay as they say. Not to commercialized, not famous restaurants compared to Bora. The party continues until morning I guess. We stopped drinking at 11-12pm. The next morning, we did banana boating, well more like a baby dragon boating. Hahaha. It was fuuuuun! My first time too. 128517 I had body ache a few days after. 128517128514 All in all it was a great way to start my summer! 9728


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Carousel Creamery

5.0 Stars
Ice Cream

101 flavors! 128525

I go gaga with the wide odd selection. From cheesy bacon and blue cheese. I had blue cheese haha! And chai tea. Yummy! 128525

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50's Diner

3.0 Stars

Famous 50s diner in Baguio.

Burgers and chickens were big! As in big! Super sulit. 128077🏻 Not a fan of the taste tho. 9996🏻️

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