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Osaka Ohsho

2.0 Stars

So im back for a few days in Manila and am doing what I do best - EAT! 128522128513128518

Haven't been in SM Megamall for a loong time and surprised that there's a lot of changes πŸ™‚ a lot of new wings i havent seen before. And roaming around, I saw this Ramen resto.
I love ramen... I love noodles... So i tried it.

Ordered their Tonkotsu Ramen since i love tonkotsu-based soup.

Pros: Ambience is nice. Staff are friendly and attentive.
Cons: The soup was not thick... Its so thin and bland... The ramen itself looks like an instant noodle soup! 128530128533

Good thing i didn't go for the unli ramen... For me it's not worth it.

Will I go back to it? Nope.

Well, that's for me... But you may try & decide for yourself.

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Shawarma Snack Center

5.0 Stars
Middle Eastern

For fsmily dinner last night, my sister & brother inlaws suggested we go to SSC. I'm like.... What's SSC? Apparently, it stands for Shawarma Snack Center, a Middle Eastern Restaurant in Manila. My first impression, am I in heaven? Are these clouds? Cloudy much?! Well, no, im not, I am in Malate... its not cloudy, its just smoky much on their entrance coz its where they smoke the meaty-goodness food they are serving.
What we ordered & my review:
Kabsah Lahem (Lamb) - Sorry, i dont eat lamb so im not sble to tell you based on my own tastebuds 128517 but my husband, sister inlaw & brother inlaw like it 128522They said the lamb was cooked perfectly & no aftertaste effect hehe

Kabsah Chicken - This i tried. Its like Biryani Chicken Rice (if tour familiar with Indian food) but not spicy. Its yummy!

1k BBQ Mixed Grilled (Chicken & Beef) with Falafel Bread & Chappati bread served with Yogurt, Hummus & Baba Ganoush Dips with pickled veggies on the side. - This is s winner mesl for me 128513 Since i love bread, i really enjoy the Chappati bread dipped in Hunmus! 128523128523128523

All their juices & smoothies are made from fresh fruits. We ordered Orange, Watermelon, Banana with Yogurt, Ripe Mango & Green Mango - its Delicious! 128523128523128523

I posted our receipt for price guide to make your budgeting easier 128521 (since i wasnt able to take pic of the menu haha)

Food - 5/5
Service - 4.5/5 (The staff still tried to be attentive despite a very busy night)
Ambience - 4/5

Its a MUST TRY! I recommend you go & taste for yourself!

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5.0 Stars

We're on our way to Bacoor for Undas 2018.
We stopped by to have lunch first. Afrer checking the restos availble in Magsaysay area, we opted to dine at Racks.
We ordered:
Clam Chowder
House Salad
Half Back Beef Ribs
Half Boneless Pork
Half Slab Baby back Ribs
For Sides - Corn on Cob, steamed Rice, Broccoli & Cheese, Beans & Carrots and Garlic Bread
My review:
Service 5/5
Food 5/5
Ambience 4.5/5 (coz there's 2 flies but the staff was able to give us a candle on the table to atleast ward it off)

Nice ambience.
Attentive staff.
The Salad is just ok whike the Ribs are all Great! Fall off rhe bone indeed!
Their house bbq sauces are good.

not much really... maybe justvthe 2 flies haha

Would definitely be back & recommend you guys to try.

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Manam Express

3.0 Stars

We saw the ad on their wall to have been serving:
#1 Sisig in Manila by (Crispy Sisig)
#3 Sinigang na Short Ribs and Watermelon by
And so we tried it. We ordered set meals of:
Crispy Sisig, Mangoes & Tomatoes as sides with Tinapa Rice
Sinigang Short Ribs with Watermelon, Pinakbet as sides with Plain whote Rice

and here's my review:

βœ”οΈ affordable price for a combo meal
βœ”οΈ Service was good & fast

❌ The CRISPY SISIG is NOT crispy at all but it was Hard & Chewy! So disappointing
❌There was no Tinapa in Tinapa rice nor did it taste tinapa at all
❌ The Sinigang with Watermelon doesnt taste like sinigang at all. Maybe because we were ecpecting it to be sour/tangy but ended up to be sweet foe our taste.

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Bacolod Chicken House

3.0 Stars

Me & my husband enjoyed our food trippin in Bacolod province before so were excited to try this resto. We ordered La Paz Batchoy Special, Paa (Chicken Leg BBQ) Garlic Rice Set & 2 Sticks of Pork BBQ Grlic Rice Set. Here's my review:

βœ”οΈ It was very near our Airbnb place - The Beacon
βœ”οΈ The Chicken & Pork BBQ are tasty
βœ”οΈ The price is affordable

❌ 128078 on their service. Staff are not that attentive. I asked for Napkins coz there was none in the napkin holder in our table, the staff noded... But it never came.
❌ Chicken size & Pork BBQ slices are quite small
❌ The La Paz Batchoy is quite disappointing. It was not hot as im expecting when served & it was so bland.

(was so hungry that i havent got the time to take pic of each food haha)

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Dunkin' Donuts

4.0 Stars

First time to try their Iced Coffee & it was good 128522

βœ”οΈ They have an "Anytime Meal" combo good for two people perfect for me & my friend. We ordered combo#1 which is composed of your choice of 2 Classic Donuts & Hot or Cold Coffee and its just P110! 128522
βœ”οΈ They are using Paper Straws which is pro-enviroment 128522

❌We wanted to have one hot & one cold coffee, unfortunately, the crew said it should be the same. So we ended up having both cold coffee. It would have been better if we can opt to have hot & cold.

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