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Backyard Kitchen + Brew

5.0 Stars

I've eaten here probably three times already and none of the dishes ever stood out for me. They were all generally bland for my taste and nothing special despite having an appetizing selection of dishes on the menu. I wasn't very thrilled to be having brunch here again but no other restaurant was open. I know I said the dishes I tried here aren't at all 5 stars but this bibingka pancake makes up for it. In fact, it far outweighs them.128518 SO good. It's brilliant. Bibingka lovers will definitely not be disappointed--they may even be surprised.9786️128076🏻

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Magnum Opus

5.0 Stars

The Heartbreaker coffee alone is enough to make me a fan. I LOVE their coffee here. It's perfect. I love the Heartbreaker so much I drank it on Valentine's and it made my heart even more whole hahaha!

Also tried their grilled cheese. Yummy!!10084️ Almost perfect--seems the star of this grilled cheese is more on the herbed bread that they cooked like French toast (I love French toast) but the cheese falls a little short--needs a little more sharpness. Still, cheese is generous and I love the blue berry jam they serve the sandwich with. Crave worthy.

I'll be back again for sure!

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1.0 Stars

Worst service ever. Lowest rating I ever gave on Looloo. See why:

My husband and I were turned down not once, not twice, not thrice, but FOUR TIMES because this place is SO maarte.

The first time: we love yogurt and we were so happy to know that they served a good yogurt bowl with fruits in the cafe cause we live in the grove; we thought to ourselves, "We finally have a yogurt go to place!"

Unfortunately, it became the hardest place to go to...

2nd time: we walked in on a Monday. They said they're closed every Monday. Ok, fine. Monday's are usually the worst day of the week for restaurants.

3rd time: we came one night, there were NO customers at all. The chef was just sitting down doing NOTHING. We asked to have yogurt. The waitress, all smiles and annoyingly happy said, "Oh we only serve that during breakfast/day time!🤗" We asked since you don't need to cook yogurt but just assemble it, if the chef could accommodate it. She asked. She came back even happier looking, "Sorry we can't talaga po!128518 We have a completely different menu at night!128522" (pet peeve when waiters don't know how to apologize or at least sympathize with customers)

They should've actually been thankful someone actually came to their store that night. Wala nga silang tao eh.

4th time: We came in at 3 to get yogurt for merienda. The super happy waitress met us again. We asked for yogurt. "Oh our kitchen is closed for food from 10am-2:30.128512 We only serve coffee.🤗" We were like, what?! What kind of restaurant CAFE doesn't serve food during lunch and brunch time when they have a BREAKFAST MENU? We asked if she was sure. She repeated that schedule over and over again. So odd! And to think it was already 3! They should've been serving food again!

5th time: We wanted to have a healthy breakfast so I told my husband this would be the last chance we'd give to precynct. It wasn't a Monday. It wasn't at night. It wasn't brunch time or lunch. We came for breakfast before 10. A waitress came and said "HI! We're open at 10 pa but food is only served by 10:30.128516" WHAT?!! "So you only serve your breakfast menu at brunch time?" She said, "Yes po!"

See how confusing this cafe is and how annoyingly inconsiderate and incapable of adjusting their staff is?128532 We were SO turned off. Their yogurt isn't even worth it. The first and only time we went there, the food wasn't even good.

I DO NOT recommend this place at all. This is the lowest rating I ever gave in Looloo cause I don't like putting restaurants down. But their service is just so bad. Just wanted to spare others the trouble. Ahh. Sorry for the rant. There's just too many bad experiences here.

PS. In case you're wondering why we gave it so many chances, we live right above it...and yet still so hard to get to.:)) Not worth it.

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Kapeng Mainit

5.0 Stars

Perfect place for merienda with friends/family.128516

Here's what we ordered:

1. Buttermilk Biscuits w/ Honey - reminded me of Popeye's biscuits before but much much better. I just looooved biting the biscuit--crisp, chewy, and delicious. An addicting snack for sure. 5/5

2. Spamusubi - this is basically your spam sushi but with SINIGANG RICE.:)) I was so curious to try the combination and it worked so well. Anything with spam is always yummy. Pairing it with that rice proves the point. 128076🏻 5/5

3. Tapa 2.0 w/ Kimchi Rice - I'm a sucker for beef paired with kimchi rice. The tapa here doesn't taste like tapa though, tastes like sausage! But I like sausage so it was good for me. The rice had just the right amount of spice. I do wish they had more tapa on the plate though. Serving's small if you're really hungry. Still, pretty yummy plus every main comes with free kapeng mainit so it's more sulit. 4/5

4. Corn beef Grilled Cheese - who doesn't like a good panini pressed cheese sandwich? It just takes you back home.9786️ There's nothing special about this though. It's your typical cheese sandwich. Corn beef didn't stand out as much as I would have wanted but I liked the sweet potato chips it came with. Pang merienda talaga. Serving isn't a lot. 3.5/5

5. Green Tea Beignets - What is a beignet? Basically it's like stuffed pillow like doughnuts. Mine was stuffed with a green tea filling that had just the right sweetness. It's really light and yummy. Definitely a unique must try for those who eat here.128077🏻 5/5

Overall, it's a 4.5 here in terms of food. Place is small and cozy, great for catching up with people. Only downside is their kitchen is open and the space, as I said, is small, so they need a stronger exhaust cause our eyes got a little teary from the cooking smokes.128547 Other than that, it's hard not to like. I definitely enjoyed and will come back.128522

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Lugang Café

5.0 Stars

Our family's favorite dessert right now.128149 The peanut smoothie!128514

So it's called a smoothie but it's more like an ice cream that's actually shaved ice mixed with freshly and finely blended peanuts. This is peanut butter tower heaven to any peanut butter lover! I am NOT a fan of shaved ice desserts (like Rita's is really not my thing; so artificial tasting) but this one is the bomb. It's light, fresh, healthy, guilt free, and addictingly peanutbuttery.127881

Most people come to lugang for their Chinese food (and I've already made my review) but this dessert is what I come back here for. It's their hidden gem...or should I say, dragon.:))jk But really, I can imagine them making a separate shaved ice stall and it would be a star on its own.128077🏻

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Kidzania Manila

5.0 Stars

Whoever thought of Kidzania is a G-E-N-I-U-S.

Creative, educational, and FUN both for kids AND adults. I believe Kidzania MNL is better than Korea's (that's my only point of comparison). The layout and flow of the place is much better conceptualized and unified. I would describe in detail this mini city that makes a whole new world come to life but I'll leave it for you to experience. Right when you enter, even for me at twenty three, I wanted to run around and conquer the whole city!

Basically, you first go to a bank to get your money, you apply for jobs to earn more money and with your income, you get to buy goods or services--game of life.128516127881

This place is every child's dream playground. I wish this was already up in my time.:)) Still, watching all my little cousins play and participate in the "jobs" they chose (celebrities, surgeons, firemen, drivers, recording artists, artists, CSI agents, to name a few) was so precious.9786️ So much happiness and so many possibilities!

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Mecha Uma

4.0 Stars

Heard so much about this place so we spent our 30th monthsary here intentionally for my 100th review in Looloo!127881127881127881

First impression: impressive modern Japanese interiors. It's intimate size, dim lighting, and sleek open kitchen really gets you in the zone for a true culinary experience. When we entered however, the music was far from ideal. They were playing loud rap and r&b music in a fine dining ambiance. I would usually get annoyed with that kind of thing but it was so weird we ended up laughing.:)) We did tell them to turn it down at least--or rather, turn it off.:))

On to the dishes!

1) Tuna w/ coconut, foie gras mousse, and roasted pineapple - Perfection. All the combinations, the TEXTURES, the presentation--perfection. Everything just bursts with flavor in your mouth--you'd never think TUNA can taste THAT good. If you brought tuna to heaven, it would probably taste something like that. 5/5 for sure! Must order.

2) Kaarage - impressive presentation (looked like intricately weaved balls of fried chicken on a fancy bowl); but the taste was well, "cheap." I've tasted so many that are way better but none of them look as great as Mecha Uma's. Still, taste over presentation, any day. 2.5/5 (don't order this; you'll just be disappointed and quite frankly it's a waste of money in such a fine dining setting)

3) Wagyu Rice - basically it's fried rice with bits of steak (mind you, very veeeery tiny pieces of steak so don't expect too much); I really liked it but it's nothing memorable. It definitely goes well with any ulam you'll order here though so go ahead. 4/5

4) Kurobota Pork - Amazing. Again, the combinations were perfection. Just spot on.128076🏻 Tender, succulent, and creative. Another must try! 5/5

5) Wagyu Cheek - well, I love Wagyu and I love cheeks but I did not love this dish. Uncharacteristically compared to the tuna and the pork, the taste was one dimensional. The presentation was divine! But like the Kaarage, a real let down. It was tender but that's it. I wish I didn't order it. Lesson learned: not everything priciest in an expensive restaurant is THE dish to order. Should've done my research.128531 2/5

6) Matcha Lava, condensed milk, and rice - I was so interested to try a matcha lava cake especially since I'm an absolute lava lovahh.10084️ Haha! I was also excited about how it would all taste with its unique pairings. It was really yummy! But it didn't taste as unique as I was expecting compared to lava cakes I've tried in the past. It was good but not to die for.128522 4.5/5

So on average, this totals 3.5 but plus points for decent service, interiors, and well, the puuuuure awesomeness of the tuna and pork = 4✔️

In conclusion, it's the type of restaurant that I was glad I tried and that's that. I don't really see myself coming back (it's pricy) or at least any time soon. Felt like a satisfied customer but not too satisfied that I would be an occasional regular; it was quite inconsistent. Won't be my special occasion go to place but it's definitely special enough for anyone wanting to celebrate anything over high quality food. You just need to know what to order. That's my fine dining tip for all--you'll be spending more than usual so make sure you get the most out of your money by doing your share of research and review reading.

Had I not ordered my low scoring dishes, I'd be raving about the rest, eager to revisit.

I'm still curious to experience their degustation though so in time, maybe I'll be back. The chef has a 10-13 course tasting menu where you get to sit around the open kitchen and he cooks for you. Cool uh?? Maybe on my next birthday.9786️

PS. This is going to be the third time I say it...order the tuna and pork.:))) These will not disappoint.

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Spice & Cleaver

4.0 Stars

Ordered the kielbasa and the chicken sausage. They were both really yummy!128522 Just right, neither were heavy on the tummy. Came with good sides too. 128077🏻 Was I excited about it, eager to revisit right after? Not really but it was a good meal and I wouldn't mind coming back with friends.128522

Would love to try their other homemade sausages next time; not to mention their camembert pretzel with truffle jam! Yummmm.128514

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5.0 Stars

This place is probably the most researched and well thought out healthy menu I've come across. My boyfriend and I are getting more and more health conscious so organic food is a big thing for us now but I was never really into vegan dishes especially since we're very much into protein rich foods. Susi however has changed the way I see vegan dishes.

If my house cooked the way Susi does, I don't think I would mind being a vegetarian! They are so creative in the way they are able to imitate certain ingredients like cheese, chorizo, bacon, scallops, and burgers by using VEGETABLES and spices. They ACTUALLY taste like the real stuff and that really impressed me! It's a very interesting menu that you just wanna try everything.

I recommend the appetizer with three sauces paired with their gluten free bread (everything here is gluten free by the way!). Their carb-no-nara is pretty cool too (all their pastas are made of quinoa and non-GMO corn), their shepherd's pie, and the chorizo sandwich. My favorite is the scallop quinotto though. It's a quinoa teriyaki risotto with mushroom "scallops" that really taste like scallops!128516 Cool uh?

Their gluten free bread is used on all sandwiches so if you plan to eat a sandwich, don't get an appetizer that uses the same bread cause it's pretty heavy and kakaumay if you eat it all the way. That's my personal tip.

Also, order a side of their mushroom "bacon." it really tastes like bacon.128514

Finally for drinks, their vanilla coconut shake is the bomb.128077

Love the ambiance. Great place for a light and cozy date or an intimate catch up with friends. Also a good place to be alone.:) Very chill.

Best part about Susi though is that everything is an absolute guilt-free meal and it's filling.128076 Looking forward to trying more dishes. I have my eyes on the Mac and "Cheese" next!

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5.0 Stars

Order the fit burger! It actually tastes like mcdo but with a pita (I looooooove chewing pita) and it's actually real beef, leeeeean beef; thus healthier.128516128077 Didn't think lean beef could taste this juicy.

Ate it yesterday, craving it today, eating it tomorrow. That's a good sign. Drop by.128521

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