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Terry's Selection

4.0 Stars

Came in earlier to get a few bottles of wine. They have a premium section here and remember to walk carefully in their cellar without kids because they are muy caro, cuesta muchi dinero. In other words mahalia jackson. One of the bottles in one of my photos costs 65k 128184

After much deliberation, we decided on two bottles of Pintia 2013. Placed in a wooden crate for an extra 150 per piece.

We couldn’t resist and sat down in their restaurant for dessert... and of course wine for 2.

Had the Marquesa de Chocolate. A rich and smooth chocolate dessert topped with almond praline.

We probably spent an hour just sitting down and chatting what was left of 2018. Terrys is still a good place to visit, more popular with a certain demographic but don’t let it stop you from trying it, you might find yourself enjoying the place. This branch is very hidden if you’re not familiar with the place. Even when you enter the building complex you might doubt you’re in the right place. Parking is very limited on weekdays. On the weekends you can use the slots for the other tenant.


Made this review to send out my love to the | crew - Peanut D, Roegan T, Bella J, Denise J, Gwen I, Jessica G 100841008410084

You’ve made | the awesome community it is since 2012. You gave us an unforgettable 6 years filled with fun and laughter.

2018 is crazy af, and I’m wishing everyone a psychedelic 2019.

Team Kaladkarin, my fellow foodies, and globe trotters, happy new year!

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Motto Motto

4.0 Stars

Got a sneak preview a few weeks back, thanks to Raintree, for their newest restaurant Motto Motto. It’s a collaboration between Piglet, Tokyo and the the restaurant group.

The place is very vibrant. Love the modern red and white hues throughout the restaurant. A big display of desserts and bread will welcome you as you walk in. A wall of tiny daruma are right by the counter.

We were able to try the bread and pastries at that time, as they were yet about to open. Enjoyed the matcha melon the most, but wish it came with custard in it. It had a nice crusty sugary top.

We’re trying the savoury meals today with Team K - Angela Marie C, Dennis O, Jayson J, Kristin A, Midz S, Russel F. Excited to eat here. Late sila, as always 10084

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Santis Delicatessen

4.0 Stars

Armageddon. Grabe 128514128514128514

But their meat and cheese is cheaper here than the adjacent Rustans.

Bring someone to line up for you while you get what you need. Don’t linger, don’t hesitate. You’re delaying everyone else behind you.

Pasko na guys!!!

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4.0 Stars

It’s no secret how much I love the food here. One of my go to restaurants when in Aura. I’ve tried everything here, mostly. While I usually order the same thing in a restaurant, I find myself getting something different depending on my mood.

For Christmas, Providore is offering their best food in party trays. Super sized portions of my favourites.

127876 127775 Macaroni Pimiento & 4-Cheese Gratin
Cheese pimiento cream, sharp cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, house cured smoked bacon and macaroni
One of the best Mac & Cheese out there. Super cheesy. The pimiento is a good addition to the classic.

127876 127775 Grilled Pepper & Herb US Beef Belly
Burnt corn & bell pepper chimichurri, beef jus, kale & spinach sauté, creamy mashed potatoes

127876 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Crispy Fried Chicken
I hate frying chicken at home 128517 This is perfect.

127876Seafood Cioppino
Shrimp, mussels, calamari with tomato sauce.

127876Salmon Casserole Bake
Baked salmon topped with a generous butter mashed potatoes.

We’re probably getting the Mac & Cheese and Beef Belly over the holidays. I wish I could say I had time to cook for every pot luck party I’m going to. The trays are good for 6-8 people, but if you have other food on the table you can definitely double the portion.

And I finally tried the Ube Champorado! Yessss. It comes with super crunchy danggit, milk, and toasted coconut. Such a tropical dish. Worth trying even once. It’s a huge bowl, bring a friend to share it with.

••• Invitation from Raintree & Providore •••

Thank you EJ B for styling the Ube Champorado 10084

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4.0 Stars

Look at this massive piece of pork!

I really love this place. Always feels homey to me. Seems like they updated the menu already and so nice to see all the food photos. I

I don’t remember what this is, I think it’s a country fried steak that came with mashed potato and gravy. Look at the fork on the second for reference. The pork breading was crunchy, definitely to share because I couldn’t have finished this without the help of my little girl. Needs work on the gravy.

Steel Plate Cooked Butter Salpicao is so rich and tasty. Beef was very tender. If we had more bread we would probably soak all that butter on it. It’s cooked well here, unfortunately, as my dining companion requested for well done *cry*.

Seemed like the dessert got smaller too. Still good thought. Try the cookies! The ones with cornflakes on them. They are chewy delicious. Pass on the custard.

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Hey Handsome

5.0 Stars

Been a regular patron of this place whether dining in or calling for pick-up. Brought many friends and family here as I I knew I could share something more than the usual. I just simply love the food here. Some changes since they first opened. But I’m glad it still tastes as great.

Came in as soon as we read about the drama. Can’t believe they’re leaving BGC. They officially said goodbye kanina.

Got myself my favorite orders of beetroot paneer and pork belly. Tried a few dishes for the first time - an eggplant dish, chicken wings, and spicy shrimp. Serving size seemed to be smaller that what I’ve had before. Taste still great. But the original beetroot paneer recipe is definitely so much better. Still very good, but the first version was the best.

Chef Q said they’re looking at another space, probably in another city, hopefully in the not so distant future.

I will miss you HH. Please find a new home

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5.0 Stars

Aperitif /äˌperəˈtif/ finally opened its first store in SM Aura. Known for their luxe grazing tables and gift boxes, they designed a grab-n-go lifestyle concept store for everyday celebrations.

Such a quaint little shop with a whole lot of surprises. Definitely looks fancy with their cream colored paint adorned with gold trimmings, a narrow bar of white marble for diners, and a shelf full of gold items to buy. I thought we were coming in here just for desserts but got really giddy and excited to learn they had their signature pasta – cheese wheel in the store. Everything was delicious. Prices I find very affordable for the serving size and the quality of ingredients.

Here’s what we had:

4” - 650.00 / 6” 850.00
1250 8” (online)
Crafted especially for for Aperitif by international and award winning pastry chef, Kean Chuan of Malaysia. Enclosed in a gold belgian chocolate shell, topped with an extra kick of premium chocolate and the exquisite touch of 24K gold leaf. Fudgy that it is best eaten with a spoon.

This was amazing. More fudge than cake, more chocolate than anything else. Rich and decadent. Never underestimate the power of chocolate.

I’ve never tried a dream cake, don’t really know what that is because people kept mentioning it. But Aileen, who has tried one said this definitely takes the crown. We tried the 6” and it really is to share. You can’t really eat so much of it because it it’s just so rich. Wish they had tea, but they do have wine and this one absolutely goes well with wine.

127904 127775 OOEY GOOEY
Single – 180.00 / Box of 4 – 720.00
Box of 6 – 1,080.00 / Box of 12 – 2,160.00

Served warm from the oven. Ooooh la la. Manifique! Makes me want to go to a fireplace and cuddle with Santa as we both dip this in full cream milk. We were all raving about this. 180 for a massive cookie is worth it.

127904 GELATO
Fleur or Cup - 220.00
Cappuccino, Dark Chocolate, French Vanilla, Watermelon Sorbet, Green Tea, Wild Berry, Tiramisu, Mango

Served just the way they do in Italy. Takes a lot of patience to make it and wait for it. I was too full to get my own cone, and opted just to get a forkful (ehem, mga 5) from Angela’s vanilla and green tea, and a taste of the watermelon to cleanse the palate. It’s pretty good, but I’ve had better.

Pesto – 250.00
Prosciutto – 250.00
Truffle Mushroom – 299.00
Smoked Salmon & Caviar – 299.00

Look at the price of this one. Super busog for one person, definitely sulit, even for a grab-n-go. The pastas are all cream based so they basically taste the same and just differ in toppings. Noodles were not al dente but we did take too long to eat it. Hoping when I go back noodles will be perfect. The prosciutto, seems like they fried it. Next time, hope they don’t.

If you like creamy, cheesy pastas, this is for you. You can see them really scraping the cheese for you. You don’t really need to flambé the wheel, traditionally, scraping is ok. Too bad SM Aura disallowed customers from bringing in food from Aperitif to their cinema, which they initially permitted.

This was fun. I will definitely recommend them.

Nievs G, happy birthday, birthday girl!

Fun times with |ooloo and you cuties - Jessica G, Angela Marie C, Aileen L, Aira A, Anna D, Pat D, Salie D.

5 stars for the cake and cookies. Not perfect, but I will be back.

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Bulgogi Brothers

3.0 Stars

I’ve only eaten in B.B. once, in their Greenbelt branch when they first opened there. We didn’t use any bistro card here, but as with any Bistro restaurant, they’ll keep asking you if you want one.

We got beef and pork on the grill, needed to be seasoned. I always dip mine in sesame oil (by request) which I learned from Soban. This one I enjoyed, but they’re the same taste you can get most Korean restaurants. The premium pork belly had a lot of fat, not as meaty as the photo they used on the menu.

Gujeolpan, was disappointing. It was served cold. The dolsot bibimbap was not cooked well. There was no tutong, like the stone was not heated well. There’s no potato side dish.

Service was a hit and miss. My friend kept asking for water, you would have to keep asking refills of the side dishes because they don’t ask you themselves or that even when you ask for more they just really give you one small bowl of it. But when they do get to your table they’re very friendly.

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Newport Performing Arts Theater

4.0 Stars

Watched All Out of Love last night with about 200 of the Hs university brothers and their dates. I must say I wasn’t looking forward to this. I was too young when Air Supply came out and sappy love songs are not my thing.

The show was entertaining. While it is a love story, it’s also a comedy set in 80s New York City, which I didn’t expect. The actors had fantastic voices - Migs A, Rachel A, and Tanya M, Raymund C, and Jaime W.

Set was nice. We stayed right smack in the middle of Row F and they’re really good seats. Close enough to see the actors and their expressions very clearly, far enough to see the whole stage. They have 2 screens on the side but seems like they forgot to focus the cameras on the actors, like a movie. They just kept the screen showing the whole stage, which is a bummer if you’re seated a little farther back.

It was fun when Migs A went around the middle aisle to high five everyone during the final songs and dance with a couple of ladies from the audience. They also performed a fun medley of songs when the show ended.

Don’t be shy to stand up and dance with them at the end of the song.

I think it’s their last showing today, 3pm and 8pm shows. They’re offering Buy One Get One for both shows.

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Wheely's Cafe

4.0 Stars

Sooo happy I tried this. I had time to spare before heading to the opening of BLK just below. I’ve never been up here, I must say I was surprised to see how big this Top of the Glo was.

I initially wanted to try Taco Man just a few steps away, because I’ve never tried Silantro. But I saw this and read the stellar review of Dennis O and immediately grabbed myself a seat.

It is really small. Just a kiosk but glad they have seats. Good thing it wasn’t too hot.

Got myself the:

Vegan Shawarma
Housemade tortilla from unbleached flour, filled with vegan shawarma meat and vegan ranch sauce.

Liked it!I mean not fantabulously perfect, but I was very satisfied with my meal. I wish i had some twister fries with this. Didn’t miss the meat. Doesn’t taste like it’s just tofu. The sauce was creamy. Not really a shawarma but I can pretend it is haha.

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