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Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen

4.0 Stars

Craving for Chinese food? I recommend dining at Luk Foo where you can enjoy some lovely Cantonese dishes.

Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen can be found at almost every Puregold store one of which is at Mindanao Avenue. Whenever we go there, we’d see people pass by the restaurant after grocery shopping. Sometimes they would just go straight to it.

Seeing this, we we’re intrigued and tried to dine in a few times but was unsuccessful because the place is always full. Luck was finally on our side last weekend as we were able to experience dining at Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen.

Judging from the outside, you might have an impression that the place is small. But once you enter, you’ll be surprised on how big the place actually is. There are round and long tables perfect for families as well as booths for small groups. Moreover, the restaurant is clean, well-lit and ventilated. The staff are attentive and courteous, too. And that includes kuya guard who welcomes you to the restaurant.

What about the food?

Luk Foo offers a wide range of Cantonese dishes from Dimsum, Soup, Noodles to Roasts and Fried Rice Toppings. You have to be careful though as the menu can be quite confusing especially under the Main Dish choices. We had to look intently because not only are there many choices but the font and size well, let’s just say they need to update it so it will be easier to read.

Despite that small issue, we were able to enjoy our food. I have my favorites. But first let me show you what we ordered.

Chicken Asparagus Soup

Broccoli with Scallops and Shrimps

Chicken Style Beef Tenderloin

Beef & Broccoli

Braised Ampalaya with Tofu Lechon Kawali

I’m not going to lie to you. All these dishes are delicious but I’m going to pick my top 3. First on my list is the Chicken Asparagus Soup. Though it was a cold day, I believe that this soup is perfect for any type of weather because the overall taste just warms up the heart.

Second is the Broccoli with Scallops and Shrimps. Okay, I’m allergic to shrimps. But I can take a bite or two. Let me tell you, I loved every bite. I just wish the broccoli florets and stems be a little bit tender.

Last on my list is the Chicken Style Beef Tenderloin. I was a bit concerned about this dish at first because we were with our grandmother and you know how difficult it is for them to eat. But let me tell you that we all enjoyed the Chicken Style Beef Tenderloin especially her. The meat is tender and very flavorful. *Two thumbs up!

If you’re craving for Chinese food, Luk Foo is a good place. They have a wide range of delicious Cantonese dishes plus the service is good. Now in terms of price. The most expensive in the main dish costs Php3000+ BUT there are dishes that costs waaay less than that. Simply browse through their menu and you’ll see a number of affordable dishes perfect for the whole family/ friends!

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Delice Patisserie

4.0 Stars

If you’re looking for a great place to catch up with friends, head over to Chimes Square at Congressional Avenue Extension. On the second floor, you will find a small dessert parlor that offers delicately hand-crafted homemade desserts.

Though small, Délice Patisserie is clean, well-ventilated and has a beautiful interior. They also have glass windows with a view of Congressional Avenue Extension. It truly has the perfect environment making sure you’ll enjoy your coffee and sweets.

It’s also an ideal place for people who need to do a little work done. You can set up your laptop on any of the tables. They have round wooden tables inside as well as a bar-type one near the windows.

Besides that, Délice Patisserie is also perfect for catching up with friends. Since we can get a little noisy, we opted for their outdoor seating which wasn’t bad at all. It’s clean and has an ample space.

Now onto their selection of sweet treats. Délice Patisserie’s offerings are made from scratch using only the finest, natural ingredients. They have traditional French Macaroons, sansrival, silvanas, novelty cupcakes and cakes.

We able to try the following: Maltesers, Oreos & Cream, Ferrero Nutella, Nestle Crunch, and New York Cheesecake.

Everything tastes good but the New York Cheesecake stood out for us. It’s rich, creamy and delicious. Definitely the perfect dessert to cap off the night. But you’ll also need some drinks to go with those lovely desserts.

Délice Patisserie offers coffee and milkshakes but we opted for a warm cup of their Green Tea and Hot Chocolate. Ready to catch up and enjoy some sweet treats? Délice Patisserie is a good place.

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Oliva Bistro Cafe

5.0 Stars

Do you love dishes such as Roti Prata and Shish Kebab? Then make sure to visit Oliva Bistro Cafe in Quezon City because the 54-seater restaurant features an exciting mix of traditional Asian and Western flavors. They have a wide selection of appetizers, salads, pasta, sandwiches as well as Indian specialties making sure you will find a flavor that will suit your taste.

Besides solo plates, Oliva Bistro Cafe also offers their authentic and delicious dishes for sharing. So if you’re dining in with your family, friends or celebrating, browse their “Great for Sharing” menu.

We tried the following:

Grilled Pork Chops: 4 pieces of pork chops with atchara, soy sauce and calamansi.

Baked Salmon: 4 pieces of salmon fillet with Cheese Crust and vegetable sidings.

Beef Shish Kebabs: 5 sticks of beef kebabs with tzatziki sauce and grilled onion and tomato.

Besides these, Oliva Bistro Cafe also offers pasta for sharing. If you’ve tried the restaurant’s “Pasta All You Can”, you know how delicious all their choices are and you’ve probably found you’re favorite so don’t hesitate with the group sharing.

All of Oliva Bistro Cafe's offerings are great. The Grilled Pork Chops and Beef Shish Kebabs are tender and juicy. They’re both easy to eat and enjoy especially the beef kebabs with tzatziki sauce. You have to take note that the kebabs can be mild or spicy. I suggest going for mild because the overall taste blends well.

In addition, the Baked Salmon with Cheese Crust (can also be Pesto Crust) is delicious. I’m sure people who don’t like salmon or any fish will grow to love this one.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Oliva Bistro Cafe offers Hummus with Pita Bread. When I’m with family, I always order the Roti Prata with Curry Sauce for appetizer. But the Hummus with Pita Bread is also a great choice.

When it comes to drinks, the restaurant offers some new addition like the Cucumber Mint Cooler and Mixed Berry Smoothie. If you like it a bit tangy, go for the previous but if you want it sweet, the latter is for you.

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Rainbow Dreams Cafe

4.0 Stars

Rainbow Dreams Cafe is the first unicorn cafe in Maginhawa. The place isn't huge but has an ample space for diners. It is also clean, well-ventilated and filled with beautiful vibes from the windows to the special “unicorn” stage.

Yes, there is a special place where diners are free to take pictures. They can also wear unicorn onesies if they want to. There are onesies for both kids and adults. So don't be shy if your young at heart because Rainbow Dreams Cafe is basically for everyone.

Besides the magical experience, Rainbow Dreams Cafe also offers rainbow-themed treats which are surprisingly great. Sure they're colorful and all but let me tell you that the flavors are great.

The Carbonara which is made of unicorn pasta in carbonara sauce topped with ham and cheese served with star toast is not only pretty but also delicious. The Hungarian Sausage is meaty and very flavorful with a hint of spice. When it comes to shakes, they have the most magical tasting shakes. I think whichever you choose is delicious.

Our trip to Rainbow Dreams Cafe was really fun. The food is good but the magical experience made the whole thing great. The question now is will we come back?

Of course! Rainbow Dreams Cafe is a great place to enjoy a simple meal and bond with the whole family. If you have kids, make sure to take them here once in a while. The place will surely make them and you happy.

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Jack's Loft

4.0 Stars

Take note that Jack's Loft Dessert Bar's next door neighbors - Pho Hoa and My Thai are also under the same company. When you eat at one of these three, you can also order at the other two.

Cool, right? After ordering some dishes at Pho Hoa and My Thai, we stumbled upon Jack's Loft drinks and dessert menu. Since there's three of us, sharing a Fishbowl Ice Tea sounds pleasing. For dessert, we had my favorite New York Cheesecake. Jack's Loft Dessert Bar's Baked New York Cheesecake has the traditional style creamy cheesecake piled high on a graham cracker crust. For me, it's the best dessert to end a lovely dinner.

Since our dining experience here was great, we're planning to go back again and try Jack's Loft Dessert Bar's other special desserts!

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My Thai

4.0 Stars

If you're a fan of Pad Thai, My Thai Kitchen offers those as well as Thai Curries and a range of rice meals one of which is Bagoong Fried Rice. This comes with sweet pork and green mangoes which is delicious and also very Filipino.

So far this is the only dish we've tried. When we visited this branch, we weren't aware that their next door neighbors - Pho Hoa and Jack's Loft are also under the same company. When you eat at one of these three, you can also order at the other two. So that's what we did.

But since our first dining experience is good, we will be going back to try more of My Thai Kitchen dishes. It's also worth mentioning that the place is clean and well-ventilated. The staff were nice, too and very accommodating.

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Pho Hoa

4.0 Stars

Though Pho Hoa do have some rice plates and vermicelli bowls, they mainly offer healthy Vietnamese Pho noodle soup. In fact, eating noodle soup at this place is fun because there will be a selection of condiments available on our table. This means that you can flavor your soup the way you want. That's what we did with our Chicken Noodle Soup which by the way is perfect for sharing even if you order the small one.

It's also worth mentioning that the place is clean, lighted and well-ventilated. On a side note.. when you eat at this branch you can also order at Pho Hoa's next door neighbor/ sister company - My Thai and Jack's Loft.

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Mesa Filipino Moderne

4.0 Stars

This is the second MESA branch we visited. Like the SM North one, the Tomas Morato branch is also strikingly beautiful creating a relaxing ambience perfect for all occasions. The staff are also attentive and friendly. The dishes are affordable and with ample servings.

On that day, we had the ff: Mangga Salad, Crispy Boneless Pata, Baby Crispy Squid and Laing Fried Rice. All of these were deliciously satisfying. The only problem we encountered during our lunch here was with the Crispy Boneless Pata. It's delicious BUT it wasn't that crispy.

Despite that, overall dining experience was great.

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3.0 Stars

Brickfire, a casual dining steakhouse offers well-marinated prime meats that are roasted in a 400-degree heated oven. This cooking process makes sure that the flavors are intact compared to cooking in an open flame.

Brickfire has been around since 2012 but we only got the chance to try dining there recently. The branch we chose is at The Annex, SM City North EDSA. The restaurant’s interior is well-lighted and simple. The charcoal black chairs and beige tables are neatly aligned with enough space for diners to pass. The walls are bare showing the restaurant’s clean brick walls. Balancing the overall atmosphere is the black walls and lights at the cashier’s area.

In terms of service, Brickfire’s staff are attentive and friendly. You can see them looking around the tables and making eye contact with the diners. It was really easy to call them. Now for the food, we ordered the Cowgirl Annie with rice and sides.

We had some second thoughts with what flavor we should choose – Honey Mustard or Wasabi. In the end, we settled with the Cowgirl Annie in Original and in Wasabi flavor plus the Grilled Salmon.

The steak is indeed juicy and flavorful; however, there is nothing really special about it. BUT we did enjoy the original flavor. The wasabi, on the other hand, was quite surprising. We never thought of adding wasabi in steak but it somehow works. Just don’t add too much though if you can’t take the strong taste of wasabi. Though Brickfire is known for their steaks, the Grilled Salmon should not be ignored. In fact, we recommend it. It’s tender, juicy and very tasty.

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Mesa Filipino Moderne

4.0 Stars

Strikingly beautiful are the words that came to mind when I passed by Mesa Filipino Moderne at SM North EDSA. From where I stood, I can clearly see the orange cushions, pretty lights, rattan weave decorations and cage-designed seats. The sight was simply breathtaking. And because of that, I decided to take my family there one Sunday afternoon.

Here are the dishes we tried:

Stuffed Giant Squid: Stuffed with ground pork and deep fried served with savory sauce.

Grilled Liempo Mesa Way: A classic grilled pork belly.

Blue Marlin Belly: Sizzling blue marlin belly marinated and grilled served with a sweet soya glaze.

Tinapa Rice

What I love about Mesa Filipino Moderne besides the interior is the ambience they created is not only relaxing but also perfect for all occasions. Whether you’re celebrating birthdays or having a family gathering, the restaurant will be able to accommodate you. And if you have friends from another county visiting, this is the perfect go-to place. In addition, the dishes they offer have big servings which are good for sharing and are very affordable and deliciously satisfying.

The branch we have visited is at SM North EDSA. Mesa Filipino Moderne has several other branches within the Metro and provincial areas. If there is one near you, make sure to try it out!

Oh, I would like to recommend sitting at the cage-designed seats. :)

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