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Lido Cocina Tsina by Panciteria Lido

4.0 Stars

The first Lido Cocina Tsina branch I visited is the one located in Visayas Avenue mainly because it’s near my place. Little did I know there’s another one close to me.

The Mindanao Avenue branch may not be as spacious as the one in Visayas Avenue but it does have parking spaces and they’re right beside a gas station. Moreover, this Lido Cocina Tsina branch is well-lit, clean and ventilated. Their staff are courteous and friendly, too!

When it comes to food, their Chinese dishes which are adapted to suit the Filipino palate doesn’t disappoint. In fact, they offer many choices which means you will surely find a dish that you will enjoy. They have some Rice Toppings Classico and Rice Toppings Primera perfect for solo diners. But if you’re with your family and/or friends, sharing is way better!

For this food trip, we enjoyed the following:

Hunan Style Lomi

Beef Broccoli

Drunken Lechon Macau

Manchurian Wings

Pugon-Roasted Asado

Shrimp Foo-Yong

Beef with Shallot Fried Rice

Though all these dishes are delicious, there are a few that really stood out. First on my list is the Manchurian Wings. It’s very flavorful and eating it with the Beef with Shallot Fried Rice was pleasant because there was a balance of taste.

Next is the Drunken Lechon Macau. It looks simple but did you know that this was marinated in Chinese White wine and spices for 60 hours? No wonder it’s flavorful and juicy; not to mention, the skin also crispy.

Another dish I love is the Shrimp Foo-Yong. When I eat at a Chinese restaurant, Foo Young an omelette dish is a must-have. This is my first time trying their Shrimp Foo-Yong and I was not disappointed.

For drinks and dessert, we had Four Seasons Shake as well as Buchi and Lychee with Tutti Frutti Jelly. Lido Cocina Tsina’s Four Seasons Shake is oozing with goodness. The only problem was that it took a little while to be served but it is worth the wait!

Now for the dessert. Between the two, I prefer the freshly-made Buchi – it’s warm, soft and delicious. The Tutti Frutti Jelly was good; however, it was too sweet making it difficult to enjoy.

Overall, I had a great dining experience at Lido Cocina Tsina. I will not only choose this restaurant for simple lunch/ dinner with family and/or friends but also for special occasions!

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Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe

4.0 Stars

Dreamland Arts & Crafts Café, a homey place targeted to all dreamers as well as doers, thinkers, artists and crafters.

Just look at that lovely interior and colorful decorations. Everywhere you look you’ll find something that would brighten your day – dreamcatchers of every color and size, inspirational quotes as well as arts & crafts (that you can buy). Even the tables, seats and stairs don’t break theme.

Indeed, Dreamland Arts & Crafts Café will inspire you to dream and conquer. What’s great about this is they won’t let you conquer the world on an empty stomach! 128521

Take note that the main attraction is their arts & crafts and their food is their secondary offering. Moreover, Dreamland Arts & Crafts Café is not a a fast food chain which means that they cook your food upon ordering. Though it might take a while (depending on your order), you’ll get to eat good food cooked with love and NO preservatives.

The café serves Dreamer’s Starters, Dreamer’s Combo Meals, Dreamer’s Squad Meals, Dreamer’s Heavy Hearty Meals, Pasta-inna-Taza, some Indie Healthy Coolers and of course, some Dreamer’s Delights.

For this trip, we tried their Nachos, Lasagna and Tapa as well as Mango and Mango Banana Shake (no picture).

Despite the warning that they “cook slow”, the service was fast and people were accommodating as reflected in their café’s ambiance. Actually, even if they don’t serve your food fast there are multiple things to do there. You can explore the place, check out the items and take pictures.

What about the food, you ask? Though simple, the food was good and serving ample. But what made the food taste even better was the company that day and the perfect environment Dreamland Arts & Crafts Café provided.

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4.0 Stars

After all the excitement, I left SM Cinema 2 hurt and honestly, quite hungry. Pretty sure you’ve guessed which movie I’m talking about. Anyway, my family and I were at The Block, SM North EDSA and the first place you would want to check out when you’re hungry is The Food Circuit located at the ground floor.

Why, you ask? Well, The Food Circuit features many restaurants and cafes which means that whatever type of dish you want, you will definitely find it there. So when my grandmother said she was craving for lechon, we checked each restaurant and something caught our eye. We saw an aluminum (I think) silver lechon and below it is a sign that says Manilachon, The Famous Lechon Porchetta.

Manilachon has a simple set up but their strikingly beautiful wall décor/ signage, lights and those two crispy lechon displayed near the entrance made the place so inviting. But what I like even more is the simplicity of their menu.

Want some Lechon Porchetta? You can order the classic or the spicy garlic one complete with rice (plain or Java – go for the latter), salsa, and their signature vinegar for Php 149. Another must-try is Manilachon’s awesome Saucy Ribs with Java Rice for Php173.

Honestly, all these dishes are so tasty and surprisingly tender! It turns out Manilchon’s lechon is BAKED NOT FRIED. In order to melt most FATS AWAY leaving you nothing but lean lechon, it undergoes 4 hours of SLOW COOKING. No wonder it’s tasty and tender!

Sadly, we don’t have that much free time, energy and perhaps even equipment at home. With Manilachon, it’s not a problem anymore! Whether you’re dining solo or with friends/family, you have a place at Manilachon. 128521

So, are you ready to try their Lechon Porchetta or perhaps their awesome Ribs? You can find them at: Ground Floor, The Block, SM City North EDSA.

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Cafe Kumori

4.0 Stars

Want some fluffy and luscious Japanese breads and pastries? Try Kumori Japanese Bakery & Cafe’s selection of freshly baked goodies. They only use the best and finest ingredients from Japan with no added preservatives or additives making sure every bite you take is like biting into clouds.


Kumori’s natural and handmade Japanese bread, cakes and pastries are fresh and of high quality. All their products offer unique flavors and textures take their Matcha Butter Bun for example. This is actually the first one we tried. We assure you that every bite was heaven. The bread was fluffy and soft, the texture beautiful and the taste divine.

Moreover, their Butter Croissant, Cinnamon Bun, Cranberry Cheese Bread, Green Apple Bun, Blueberry Brioche, Peach Brioche, Toyohashi Pudding and their famous Hanjuku Cheese and Signature Cheese Tart are worth a try. They really don’t skimp on quality or flavor. Besides bread and pastry, Kumori Japanese Bakery & Cafe also offer coffee, tea and some signature drinks which you can enjoy in their lovely cafe area.

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Ineng's Special BBQ

3.0 Stars
BBQ Joint

Are you a regular at Ineng’s Special BBQ in Wilcon City Center? If you are, then you would be happy to know that after months of renovation Ineng’s has finally opened it’s doors.

Gone is the quaint restaurant we all know as the place is sporting a modern look with glass windows and light fixtures. This set up made the restaurant look bigger and brighter perfect for everyone.

Though the look and feel is different, Ineng’s still offers their Special Pork BBQ and their Greatest Hits meal which is served with their special java rice, atchara and drink. Other Filipino dishes or “Ineng’s Lutong Bahay” which includes Bicol Express, Chopseuy, Bangus, Pancit, and Sizzling Tuna Sisig as well as classic merienda and “Sweets Ni Ineng” remain on the menu.

Dining Experience

We had the opportunity to dine in during their soft opening week. Though you can see and feel that the staff is still learning, they were very courteous. They assisted us especially my grandmother (that’s a plus point).

Now for the food, we ordered some Special Pork BBQ, Sinigang and Bangus.

We truly enjoyed our meal; however, we encountered two problems.

One the service was slow. We understand that they just opened and the staff is still being trained BUT do not leave one waitress (kudos to her!) attending to all the customers. It was a Sunday evening and people do tend to dine out on that day so assign a bit more people on the dining area.

Second there’s no doubt that the Sinigang is a delicious medley of fresh veggies and tender cuts of meat in a light tamarind soup base. Sadly, it was way too sour making it difficult to enjoy the soup. If they could lessen the amount of tamarind, that would make the dish even perfect.

Will we return? Of course! Ineng’s Special BBQ just re-opened after months of renovation. We’ll be back in a few months to try some other dishes.

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Cafe Fratello

4.0 Stars

Recently, I tried Cafe Fratello's Italian Cremosa. It's a fruity flavoured sparkling soda topped with whip cream, fresh lemon and mint leaf. Though I love Cafe Fratello's Fratccino and Dessert Frappe, I think their Italian Cremosa is more suitable for the warm weather we're currently experiencing. It's tasty and totally refreshing!

Cafe Fratello's Italian Cremosa comes in Kumquat & Lemon, Tropical, Green Apple, Strawberry and Bluberry. Oh! It only costs 95 pesos!

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Shabby Chic Hand & Foot Spa

4.0 Stars
Day Spa

Shabby Chic is a great nail salon. The place is clean, well-ventilated and colorful. The staff are nice and friendly, too. They really take care you. The only problem I have here is the building stairs. You see whenever I go to a nail salon, I always bring my grandmother. It's our bonding time. It's not the fault of the salon though. I just wish the building stairs were designed perfect for everyone. Having an elevator would be great as my grandmother is not the only senior who visits the nail salon.

If you live near the area or the nail spa you go to is jampack, Shabby Chic is worth the visit.

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Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen

4.0 Stars

Craving for Chinese food? I recommend dining at Luk Foo where you can enjoy some lovely Cantonese dishes.

Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen can be found at almost every Puregold store one of which is at Mindanao Avenue. Whenever we go there, we’d see people pass by the restaurant after grocery shopping. Sometimes they would just go straight to it.

Seeing this, we we’re intrigued and tried to dine in a few times but was unsuccessful because the place is always full. Luck was finally on our side last weekend as we were able to experience dining at Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen.

Judging from the outside, you might have an impression that the place is small. But once you enter, you’ll be surprised on how big the place actually is. There are round and long tables perfect for families as well as booths for small groups. Moreover, the restaurant is clean, well-lit and ventilated. The staff are attentive and courteous, too. And that includes kuya guard who welcomes you to the restaurant.

What about the food?

Luk Foo offers a wide range of Cantonese dishes from Dimsum, Soup, Noodles to Roasts and Fried Rice Toppings. You have to be careful though as the menu can be quite confusing especially under the Main Dish choices. We had to look intently because not only are there many choices but the font and size well, let’s just say they need to update it so it will be easier to read.

Despite that small issue, we were able to enjoy our food. I have my favorites. But first let me show you what we ordered.

Chicken Asparagus Soup

Broccoli with Scallops and Shrimps

Chicken Style Beef Tenderloin

Beef & Broccoli

Braised Ampalaya with Tofu Lechon Kawali

I’m not going to lie to you. All these dishes are delicious but I’m going to pick my top 3. First on my list is the Chicken Asparagus Soup. Though it was a cold day, I believe that this soup is perfect for any type of weather because the overall taste just warms up the heart.

Second is the Broccoli with Scallops and Shrimps. Okay, I’m allergic to shrimps. But I can take a bite or two. Let me tell you, I loved every bite. I just wish the broccoli florets and stems be a little bit tender.

Last on my list is the Chicken Style Beef Tenderloin. I was a bit concerned about this dish at first because we were with our grandmother and you know how difficult it is for them to eat. But let me tell you that we all enjoyed the Chicken Style Beef Tenderloin especially her. The meat is tender and very flavorful. *Two thumbs up!

If you’re craving for Chinese food, Luk Foo is a good place. They have a wide range of delicious Cantonese dishes plus the service is good. Now in terms of price. The most expensive in the main dish costs Php3000+ BUT there are dishes that costs waaay less than that. Simply browse through their menu and you’ll see a number of affordable dishes perfect for the whole family/ friends!

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Delice Patisserie

4.0 Stars

If you’re looking for a great place to catch up with friends, head over to Chimes Square at Congressional Avenue Extension. On the second floor, you will find a small dessert parlor that offers delicately hand-crafted homemade desserts.

Though small, Délice Patisserie is clean, well-ventilated and has a beautiful interior. They also have glass windows with a view of Congressional Avenue Extension. It truly has the perfect environment making sure you’ll enjoy your coffee and sweets.

It’s also an ideal place for people who need to do a little work done. You can set up your laptop on any of the tables. They have round wooden tables inside as well as a bar-type one near the windows.

Besides that, Délice Patisserie is also perfect for catching up with friends. Since we can get a little noisy, we opted for their outdoor seating which wasn’t bad at all. It’s clean and has an ample space.

Now onto their selection of sweet treats. Délice Patisserie’s offerings are made from scratch using only the finest, natural ingredients. They have traditional French Macaroons, sansrival, silvanas, novelty cupcakes and cakes.

We able to try the following: Maltesers, Oreos & Cream, Ferrero Nutella, Nestle Crunch, and New York Cheesecake.

Everything tastes good but the New York Cheesecake stood out for us. It’s rich, creamy and delicious. Definitely the perfect dessert to cap off the night. But you’ll also need some drinks to go with those lovely desserts.

Délice Patisserie offers coffee and milkshakes but we opted for a warm cup of their Green Tea and Hot Chocolate. Ready to catch up and enjoy some sweet treats? Délice Patisserie is a good place.

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Oliva Bistro Cafe

5.0 Stars

Do you love dishes such as Roti Prata and Shish Kebab? Then make sure to visit Oliva Bistro Cafe in Quezon City because the 54-seater restaurant features an exciting mix of traditional Asian and Western flavors. They have a wide selection of appetizers, salads, pasta, sandwiches as well as Indian specialties making sure you will find a flavor that will suit your taste.

Besides solo plates, Oliva Bistro Cafe also offers their authentic and delicious dishes for sharing. So if you’re dining in with your family, friends or celebrating, browse their “Great for Sharing” menu.

We tried the following:

Grilled Pork Chops: 4 pieces of pork chops with atchara, soy sauce and calamansi.

Baked Salmon: 4 pieces of salmon fillet with Cheese Crust and vegetable sidings.

Beef Shish Kebabs: 5 sticks of beef kebabs with tzatziki sauce and grilled onion and tomato.

Besides these, Oliva Bistro Cafe also offers pasta for sharing. If you’ve tried the restaurant’s “Pasta All You Can”, you know how delicious all their choices are and you’ve probably found you’re favorite so don’t hesitate with the group sharing.

All of Oliva Bistro Cafe's offerings are great. The Grilled Pork Chops and Beef Shish Kebabs are tender and juicy. They’re both easy to eat and enjoy especially the beef kebabs with tzatziki sauce. You have to take note that the kebabs can be mild or spicy. I suggest going for mild because the overall taste blends well.

In addition, the Baked Salmon with Cheese Crust (can also be Pesto Crust) is delicious. I’m sure people who don’t like salmon or any fish will grow to love this one.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Oliva Bistro Cafe offers Hummus with Pita Bread. When I’m with family, I always order the Roti Prata with Curry Sauce for appetizer. But the Hummus with Pita Bread is also a great choice.

When it comes to drinks, the restaurant offers some new addition like the Cucumber Mint Cooler and Mixed Berry Smoothie. If you like it a bit tangy, go for the previous but if you want it sweet, the latter is for you.

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