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Sibyullee Flavors of Seoul

5.0 Stars

We ordered:
Galbi cheese bbq set and spicy pork something 128517 , loved the food. Beef was so tender, the bbq set has a lot of sides: rice cake, egg, corn and some bell peppers. The pork was really spicy, I loved it! Perfect pairing for the lettuce. ♥️♥️♥️

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Emack & Bolio's

5.0 Stars
Ice Cream

So many flavors to try, but I have to choose just one flavor. So first I ordered my cone which is with rice crispies. Then I chose space cake, the description says it’s a cake batter ice cream with shortbread crumbs and red velvet cake pieces. First thing, it was HUGE! 128561 Got a lot of attention because of it. 128514 Second, it was surprisingly really good, too creamy for the bf though 128517. But I’ll be back to try their other flavors.♥️

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Café Mary Grace

4.0 Stars

Looooved their chocolate mousse cake and mango bene. ♥️128525

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The Café at Hyatt

5.0 Stars

It was our second visit here at the cafe hyatt, the first one was lunch time so now we opted for the dinner buffet. 128522

They have less varities of food compared to other buffets. If I remember correctly, they have appetizer station, Italian Station, Carving Station, Japanese Station, Chinese Station, Seafood Station, Filipino(?) not sure but I saw some lechon kawali 128517, and the dessert station.

Appetizers 🥗🥙🧀🥐🥖
- they have ready made salad, but you can also opt to make your own. There were also quite a few cold cuts, cheese and breads. Tried some of them and they were good. ♥️

- they also have fruits on one side. They were fresh and my parenta loved it. 127817127824127822127818127816

Italian station 127829127837🧀
- requested for truffle pasta and it was quite deliciou128522. The pizza was also very good as bf was able to finish half of a whole pizza while eating rice 128517128561

Carving station 127830🥓
- they know their meat 128076🏻♥️. Everything on this station was perfection. They had ribe eye, medium rare steak, ribs etc.. There’s also a sisig corner where you can ask them to cook a chicken, pork or fish sisig.

Japanese station 127843127844127857
- they have a selection of sashimi, maki and tempura. I wasn’t able to try those except for the tempura. 128522

Chinese station 127831127841127842
- this is where you’ll find the rice, plain and fried, dumplings, pecking duck, pecking duck wrap etc.. I LOVED their pecking duck wrap 128522128523,

Seafood and Filipino station 🦐🦂🦀128032
- wasn’t able to try these but it looked good 128522

Dessert station 127856127846127854127853
- they had cheesecake, chocolate cake, apple pie and some mini cakes like red velvet, coconut something 128517, some brownie-like cake and the one with mousse-type. They also have soft-serve ice cream, halo halo station, mango sago and some knick knacks with chocolates (chocolate bark, red velvet praline etc.)128525♥️

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Golden Bay

5.0 Stars

When craving for authentic chinese cuisine, golden bay is our go-to place. 128522

Last time we had dinner we ordered:

Steamed spinach dumplings 127841127807
Hakaw 🦐
Hot prawn salad (my favorite) 🦀12785812852510084
Sweet and sour fish 128031
Forgot the other dishes 128514 but everything was so good, as usual. 100841008410084128522128522100841008410084

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Izakaya Kikufuji

5.0 Stars

Brought bf and a friend here. Quite crowded but we were accommodated immediately. Bf only wanted ebi tempura, the friend only ordered curry and some sashimi. 128530 Obviously, they were not in the mood to order so I took charge and ordered my favorites. 128514

As soon as the orders came in, they started digging in. They both started to say "sarap", my friend even told me it's the best sashimi he had ever tasted. 10084️ So happy they ended up loving the food and the restaurant. 100841008410084

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Cru Kitchen

5.0 Stars

Loved their butterscotch bites 10084

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5.0 Stars
Frozen Yogurt

They seriously should have a branch near me. Loooove pinkberry 12852510084

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Mamou Too!

5.0 Stars

Was craving for their steak and truffle pasta, so bf and I decided to have our sunday lunch here. 128522

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