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Caravan Black

5.0 Stars

I have been here a few times already. It's where I usually find solace in the hustle and bustle of BGC. Don't get me wrong, I do love a busy city, but sometimes I want to have some peace and quiet. Caravan Black Coffee is one of those special places where you can just relax, where common noise registers as harmony to my ears, where the light is just right to rest my eyes. The interior is as industrial as a New Yorker kind of cafe. High-rise ceiling painted black, tall glass windows, a wall painted with a map in it, and a counter embelished with eclectic accents.

Of course, a glutton like me will go crazy on the menu. I won't dive in on each food and beverage but I will pick my favorites. And of course, by that, you'll be curious to visit my site for the full review.

On top of my list are their Christmas drinks, Noel and Jack Frost. Who doesn't love to be festive during Yuletide. I bet everyone would be a little "extra" and try out every seasonal offering there is out there. What I love about their Christmas drinks is that it comes with either hot or cold but both are knock-outs in the taste department. It's very cinnamony and sweet, just perfect for the holidays.

For the food, both Naked Chorizo and Caravan Tuna Melt took my breath away. Caravan Tuna Melt's cheese is so gooey and thick. Naked Chorizo, on the other hand, is a hearty meal, an all-rounder for it has vegetables, meat, and quinoa and red rice. Plus, there's kimchi in the mix too!

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Chicken & Beer

5.0 Stars
Fried Chicken

I wanted to try this restaurant for months now and this afternoon I got the chance to sit down and order their well-known food.

I have been a fan of Korean cuisine. Its rich in flavors and the colors present in every plating is just vibrant.

I asked for their recommendations and ended up ordering them. I bought beef bulgogi rice and yangnyum chicken. You can smell the aroma of the food across the tiny room and its just fantastic. The room is also well-lit with a bunch of succulents near its windows. Its a breath of fresh air to see a view like this. Its kind of giving you authentic Korean feels.

Beef bulgogi rice was first served. A mix of vegetables, mushroom, beef and rice with sauce underneath. It’s still burning hot when it was served and all I can do was to mix it until the heat subsides. The first thing I noticed about this meal is the delicateness of the beef. Its unlike some of the beef served that’s very gum-like.  The rice I felt was a little ordinary-tasting but still a good deal for its price.

But the most important thing I liked about BBQ Chicken and Beer is their staff. They are the nicest, most accommodating crew I have ever had the chance of meeting. I even asked them to pose for the camera and they are more than willing to do it with smiles on their faces.

A definite gem amidst the cut throat competition of establishments in Bonifacio Global City.

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Sunnies Cafe

5.0 Stars

The interior is divine! I love retro-themed restos plus the pastel really relaxes the eyes. Also had the pleasure to see Elmo and Janella dining together that night.

I ordered Kimye Milkshake (Oreo) and Crispy Eggs Benny while the others ordered the other off their menu.

I love a really sweet milkshake and Kimye does the job well. I love the creamy froth and the texture of the chocolate bits. I drank all of it within a few minutes. Hahaha! I'm not ashamed to admit it, though 128523🤣

Crispy Eggs Benny on the other hand, tasted the right kind of salty. It is drenched in cheese, covering the crispy potato and bacon bits. I love the contrast of the soft cheese and bun and the hardness of potato and bacon. The arugula is strategically placed on the side but is actually doing a major job neutralizing the meal.

Hope you can visit my blog post about Sunnies Cafe.

It's my first time writing the blog in an active voice so please bear with me. Hehehe. I would love for you to comment there as well.

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5.0 Stars
Ice Cream

Spent the rainy Saturday night walking along Bonifacio High Street with this delectable dessert. I know, ice cream and rain doesn't go together. But I just finished eating Phó and I needed something to balance out the warmth of the noodle. I chose 2 flavors: pistachio almond and peanut butter chocolate. I was first drawn to them because of their colors, its very complimentary and vibrant. I live for color schemes. Whilst, their colors compliment each other, their taste couldn't have been any where similar. One is ultra sweet (which I like to some extent) and one has this saltiness in it (which I love). Thank goodness, I picked a good combination because I couldn't risk paying for something I can't finish eating. Plus the view of Bonifacio High Street and people-watching is a definite plus to me!

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Army Navy

4.0 Stars

Eating my favorite food from their menu. Though its a bit oily, still gets me through a very tiring night. Wish it was thicker so I can really indulge myself with the flavor and chicken more.

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Krispy Kreme

5.0 Stars

Has anyone of you tried this flavor before?

Guys please help me gain likes for this photograph. Thank you so much in advance.

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Boutique Burger Kitchen

5.0 Stars

We were originally eyeing to go to Puzzles, a nearby resto with board games. But since we brought our own card game and it is a busy Friday night, we stumbled upon this quaint hidden gem in the heart of the bustling city.

The place is very cozy like those American hometown restaurants where you can feel really at home - very retro chic.

The food has a wide variety as well. We ordered so many foods but I only got to shoot two of them because we were busy playing. The food was very flavorful.

We ended up staying later than we should because who wouldnt enjoy good food, good place and good company

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Filling Station Bar and Restaurant

5.0 Stars

Love the whole idea of this place. The entire place is embellished with everythig retro. I found some photos of James Dean, as well - one of my favorite actors ever existed, so that's a definite plus. The food doesn't disappoint, too. Though, it may come off as a little pricey, every meal on the menu is a sure fire, pun intended.

Would love to go back here again.

P.S. It is soooo near my workplace. :)

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Casa Italia

5.0 Stars

First of all, WOW. This resto is so beautiful. Love the ambiance, very high-end and classy. The pizza and macaroni ziti we ordered were so delicious, as well. Love the way it was served. Can't wait to go back and try the other food on their menu.

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