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House of Minis

4.0 Stars

Having childhood memories of House of Minis' (Greenhills) steaks brought me to their stall at Food Choices, Glorietta 4. Was it nice? Well yeah steaks were good but not as great as the one in Greenhills. I always ask for Porterhouse, medium well (drooling), but for this particular spot they served me well done instead of my usual. Did i return the steak, i was too hungry not to do so (sucks!). Moneys worth? It wont hurt to visit the Greenhills branch all over again.

Verdict: Wont let this experience ruin my fond childhood steak memories 128521

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Cupcakes by Sonja

3.0 Stars

Red velvet cupcakes are now more accessible, woopee!128525 Location is nice since they have cozy table settings for customers to dine. It had been open for just a couple weeks thats why they havent got all flavors available yet. Though I had a yummy berries n' cream cupcake I missed out on their iced tea which I love 128549 will wait....until theyve got everything customers look for 10084

Verdict: Nothing more to say, i love sonja's and will just patiently wait!

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Krocodile Grille

2.0 Stars

⭕ They had enough tables good for groups of people ranging from 12-20.
❌ Wonky tables that move side by side!

⭕ Several servers roamed the restaurant.
❌ I think they forgot they also have customers dining al fresco!

⭕ Wide selection of drinks, (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and food.
❌ Most of that on the list, UNAVAILABLE!

Verdict: Not worth the money nor time. Id rather visit Gilligan's (no bias).

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Go Nuts Donuts

2.0 Stars

Poor service, unappetizing donuts (for this branch alone), dirty surroundings to name a few of my frustrations for this Go Nuts branch. Not to mention those overrated, uber frustrating cookie butter donuts (I bought a dozen!)

I used to love Go Nuts Donuts especially their strawberry ones and my daughter's favorite Disney shaped donuts. After having those cookie butter donuts, I guess its time to give J.Co a chance 128521

Verdict: Affordable than most donuts these days, just dont visit this branch in particular.

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Rue Bourbon

4.0 Stars

Caramel beer, nachos, onion rings, buffalo fingers are the reasons why I tried out this place.

Rumor has it that their "big ass" caramel beer is a must try, and it dint fail me! A very tall, very heavy mug of draft beer infused with caramel was served and gave me caramel burps til I slept.

Their signature nachos is a plateful of toppings! It doesnt look that appetizing but it does taste good.

Onion rings are ginormous! Though its more batter than onions, its still not bad. Besides, who wants onion breath after all?

Buffalo fingers is the best "chicha" we had! Spicy goodness without the bones, isnt that just great? No hassle of removing bones from chicken wings.

Verdict: pricey but still worth every peso 128522

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Jang Ga Nae

4.0 Stars

Cozy place, affordable good, service with a smile, these are the thigs that made me eant to go back for more at Jang Ga Nae. Grilled Pork is heaven! Sipping their spicy ramen transported me to Korea in a snap. Endless kimchi, need I say more?

This place packs a punch! After having dinner, right accross is Central and Laiya for some booze.

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