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Tokyo Bubble Tea

3.0 Stars

Went here with my cousins a while ago while waiting for the family gathering to finish in Oriental Palace. We originally wanted Coco but we had to take a grab all the way to Fisher Mall & we lacked time.

My cousin recommended me the Bubble Milk Tea w/ pearls. Their medium sized drink costs 115 while their large costs 125. I ordered large size and did it 0% sugar level.

For its size, I find it expensive. Taste wise, it was okay. I would still have to go for Coco. But will I still go back? There's a chance due to the ambiance & I actually want to try their food.

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3.0 Stars
Ramen or Noodle

Last June 24, the parentals and I decided to have a Sunday family day in Vertis North. We were craving for Japanese food and good thing, Vertis North has an area called Japan Town. Different kinds of Japanese restaurants are located in this area.

While we were looking for a restaurant to eat in, the sumo wrestler outside Kureji caught my attention. So, we decided to eat in this resto.

The interiors of the restaurant are simple. The 3 of us decided to try their sizzling ramen served in a stone bowl. I ordered their Sizzling Miso Butter Tempura Ramen (420php) since they say it’s one of their best sellers. My verdict for this dish: Just alright. I was expecting more flavor for this dish. It could have been better if the broth was tasty. Their tempura was just alright as well.

Do I have plans of going back? Not anytime soon. Once they are able to make their broth tastier, then I might give Kureji another try.

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Mitsuyado Sei-Men

4.0 Stars
Ramen or Noodle

Last Friday, my office best friend and I were craving for some Japanese. He decided to bring me to Mitsuyado Sei-Men located at Jupiter. He's been raving about this restaurant and I've been curious with what's so special about this place.

Basically, this resto is well known for their Tsukemen. Tsukemen stands for "cold noodles". He ordered spicy tsukemen, regular size. I like the fact how the cold noodles complemented the broth. It was definitely a different experience. But I don't think this ramen joint is something I will keep on looking for. I would still go for Mendokoro Ramenba. But do I still plan to go back? Absolutely! Been seeing reviews about the tsukemen with cheese 128513

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Cha Tuk Chak

4.0 Stars

I’ve been wanting to go to Cha Tuk Chak for some time now since they serve authentic Thai tea which makes it different from other milk tea places. All thanks to Herl C. , I was able to find out that Cha Tuk Chak already has a branch in Don Antonio, Quezon City.
I tried out one of their best sellers (which Herl recommended) called Cha Kiao. It costs 125php and just add 20php if you want pearls. This is actually expensive for a milk tea place. But I actually understand why it’s expensive. They ship their ingredients in Thailand itself.

The Cha Kiao was quite good. The thai tea and jasmine green tea had the right combination. Although, I found the taste nakakaumay after. Maybe I’m just not use to the flowery taste then mix it with some thai tea.

I still plan to go back because I have yet to try their other best sellers.

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4.0 Stars
Frozen Yogurt

It has been 4 months since my last looloo rendezvoos and to tell you honestly, I really missed it! I missed the thrill of tasting different kinds of food, to take pictures not just for looloo but for the ‘gram as well. I also missed these wonderful people and just talk about food in general.
So last Saturday, I was invited to a morning rendezvoos in Megamall. This is no other than Pinkberry.

Pinkberry is a frozen yogurt place and started last 2011. They currently have 6 branches and the one located in Megamall is their 5th branch. It was named as such because the owner loves the color pink and berries. Thus, it was named Pinkberry.

We were welcomed by Mira who has been too sweet and kind during our visit. She told us that we can order anything in their menu. Plus, we were able to get the chance to try their upcoming and newly launched products.

These were the ff. we ordered during our visit :

• Fresh Fruit Parfait (220php) – It consists of different kinds of fruits and frozen yogurt. It consists of 140-250 calories. This is perfect for those who were not able to eat breakfast.
• Babble Waffle (250php w/ toppings ; 110php a la carte) – this is good for sharing since the waffle is too heavy. It could have been better if they added more yogurt since we found the serving quite expensive. By the way, Jomarie was the one who ordered this.
• Before leaving the event, I was able to try their LIMITED edition of speculous ice cream with lotus spread. What actually made me want to try this? It’s all thanks to EJ B. HAHAHA. I would have to say, this will be my go-to dessert when I get to pass by Pinkberry.

Overall, I highly recommend Pinkberry due to the taste and service they provide. But, I just find the price quite expensive and the place is quite small. It’s really a perfect place if you just want to get a quick bite.

Thank you Roegan T. for that wonderful looloo rendezvoos! It was great seeing you guys again Pat D. , EJ, Jomarie A. , Judie Ann Princess M. <3. It was nice meeting you Kiko G. !

(Flatlay by the one and only, EJ B. .)

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Everything Nice

4.0 Stars

Before we left Baguio a while ago, we decided to have breakfast in Everything Nice. It was my first time to eat in this restaurant despite trying their cookies.

The place is very laidback and a perfect place to have breakfast. We ordered the ff:

10024 Baguio Longganisa
My dad ordered this dish. You have the option to pick 6pcs or 12pcs. These are bite sized. It was quite good but I just don't like it when you burp, the smell of the longganisa comes as well.

10024 Best Filipino Corned Beef
I ordered this breakfast meal since I loooove corned beef. It's just your typical corned beef. Nothing special about it.

10024 Homemade Beef Tapa
My aunt ordered this meal and it was good! The tapa was tender and quite juicy which the taste of it comes to life. Will definitely order this when I go back to Baguio. (Wasnt able to take a picture though hehe)

10024 Baguio Blend
Majority of us ordered this coffee. It was pretty good! No need for sugar and creamer 128076🏼

Btw, a MUST try are their cookies. Made sure to bring home oatmeal cookies and choco chip cookies 128076🏼

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Stobosa Hillside Homes Artwork

4.0 Stars
Tourist Attraction

Been to Baguio a couple of times last year but we just couldn't find this place. Because of Jon B 's review of Stobosa and sakto, we were also in Baguio yesterday. Good thing Jon placed directions on how to get there. So off we went to search for Stobosa.

Stobosa is indeed en route to Strawberry Farm. Once you arrive Stobosa, you are only allowed to do a quick stopover since you can't park at the side of the streets. Also, you will have to fill up a registration sheet for tourists. But don't worry! There's no entrance fee for this attraction 128513

One look at this attraction, it instantly reminds me that I've been brought to Brazil. It's also interesting to look at it and Instagram worthy. Even the clothes and wires everywhere are also Insta worthy 128517

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Taqueria Seta

4.0 Stars

I was invited to a last minute looloo rendezvoos in Taqueria Seta. Located at Poblacion, it’s a Mexican restaurant owned by no other than, Chef Ian P. You read it right. He’s the man behind Common Table located at Salcedo Village, Makati.
The restaurant was born last December 2017. Seta means “mushroom” and they actually use a lot of mushrooms in their food. They aim to make good and affordable food.

The interiors of the place really has a touch of Mexican feel to it. There were colourful mural arts surrounding the restaurant and hanging lights which created this fiesta feels to it.

Now, on to the food. Since this is a Mexican restaurant, expect their dishes to have different levels of spiciness! What makes Taqueria Seta different from other Mexican joints is that they officially get their chilis straight from Mexico. They make sure that they incorporate different kinds of chilies to complement the kinds of dishes they will cook.

So, here are the ff. foods that were served to us:

* Nachos (350php) - this is their classic Nachos and it kind of has the same ingredients like the one in Common Table. Since Common Table consists of 5 cheeses, Taqueria has 3 different kinds of cheeses (cheddar, mozzarella and aged cheddar). I was expecting this to be your regular nachos since I’m usually used to nachos not being spicy. But oh boy! This sure is a kicker!
* Soft Tacos - they served us 5 different kinds of tacos which were Cabeza de Credo (Sisig - 110php), Carnitas (110php), Lechon (130php), Tripita (Tripe - 120php), and Lengua (130php). Each of us had their own share of tacos. I was able to get the Tripe and one juicy fact! This is Chef Ian’s favourite soft taco.
* Chicken Skewers - this has got to be EVERYONE’S favourite dish that night. It’s a MUST to order this one when you get the chance to visit Taqueria Seta. I don’t want to spoil anything. Better try it out for yourself :D
* Pollo Frito Pecante (470php) - Next to the Chicken Skewers is this dish. It’s their version of Buffalo Wings. A lot of ingredients were placed in this dish ( I remember this having beer, tomato, garlic and chilies to it). I was expecting this dish to be spicy but thank goodness, it wasn’t.
* Arroz Credo (300php) - This is what you call their Mexican Rice Bowl. The proper way to eat this dish is by mixing the runny egg and other ingredients through breaking the “bowl”. This is my 3rd favourite!
* Last order I’ve tried is what they call “Taco Ng Ina Mo”. Love the play word haha! It’s their version of deep fried burrito and I found this to be quite alright.
* For drinks, I was able to try their Tequila Sunrise. As usual, it was really good. It had its right mix to it.

Thank you Peanut D. for the last minute invite! <3 Thank you Chef for the warm accommodation in your restaurant. Truly can't wait to go back and have another round of your Skewers hihi.

It was nice to see you all, EJ B. and Clarissa P. ! It was great to finally meet you, Pat D. <3

Can't wait for the next looloo rendezvoos!!!

Flatlay : EJ B

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Filling Station Bar and Restaurant

3.0 Stars

Filling Station Bar and Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Burgos St. Makati. Ever since I could remember, I’ve always wanted to try dining in this restaurant because of its ambiance. You could definitely imagine yourself being transported to the past, like around 1950s-1960s. I love their playlist because they were playing classic songs. To the likes of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, etc.
Although I love the ambiance and vibe of Filling Station, I was disappointed with their quality of food and service. I ordered their Filling Station Super Burger priced at 468php. For its price, I found it expensive even though the servings were huge. Nakakaumay yung patty to the point di ko naubos yung order ko. Their burger was just your typical burger. Burger King burgers are much better for me.

As for their service, it took my order approximately 40 minutes til it could arrive on my table. It was even hard to get the attention of the waiters and waitresses.

Although, I would have to say their Breakfast meals are quite good. My best friend ordered waffle w/ chicken. I enjoyed the waffles, tbh. Waffle wasn’t too hard so it was easy for me to eat it. The honey complemented the waffle. The chicken still needs more flavour. I would have to go for Bad Bird’s chicken though.

Overall, Filling Station still needs a lot of improvement when it comes to their food and service. Their ambiance, on the other hand, is very satisfactory.

Just a tip : I highly recommend you ride the Uber/Grab instead of bringing your own car. Parking is hard to find. Limited availability when it comes to side street parking.

Am I still going back? Not anytime soon.

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Mendokoro Ramenba

5.0 Stars
Ramen or Noodle

Now that I am officially a Makati girl, the very first thing I did was to visit this famous ramen joint.

When I went here for dinner a while ago, good thing there was no line. It was smooth sailing for me to get a seat. And good thing, my office is just a walking distance to this ramen joint. Since it was my first time to eat here, I asked the lady staff what their bestsellers were. She recommended to me their Tantanmen which acc. to them is spicy. I ordered this meal and requested my level of spice to be mild.

First sip of their broth, I suddenly felt I was brought to heaven. It's quite true with what others say - that this is one of the best ramens out there. BUT, it is expensive. If you want an affordable option, then I suggest you go to Tamagoya in Marikina. The way Mendokoro makes their broth is quite similar to Tamagoya's. The only difference is that Tamagoya's very affordable and has a bigger bowl. But anyways, I understand why they have to be expensive. Hey, you're in Makati :)

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