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Apo Island

5.0 Stars
Great Outdoors

Ahh... Apo Island. How do I even begin? 128156

It's such an understatement to describe how beautiful and awesome of an experience to snorkel in the waters of this island. It's just soooo so so amazing. Makes me cry. 128557128156

Me and a barkada of mine went on a week-long travel to Western Visayas, and Dumaguete was our first stop. We stayed at Harold's Mansion, that's just next door to the tour group/agency that handled our Apo Island day tour.

Tour package (1.2K/person) include:

Snorkeling gears (life vest, mask & fins)
Transfers (Harold's Mansion-Wharf-Harold's Mansion)
Boat fee

The tour started around 7 AM. The travel time from the hostel to the wharf was almost an hour. From the wharf, the travel time going to the island was about 30-40 mins. Our boat didn't dock at the island, we just sailed around it until about 4 PM.


* No tourist is allowed to snorkel/dive alone. Me and my friend were partnered with another pair of tourists and were assigned to 1 divemaster. So, 4 people = 1 guide.

* Do not touch the corals, fish and the turtles 'coz there's a fine of 5,000 pesos.

* Leave no trash behind. There are trash bins on the boat.

* Bring additional food for lunch. Our lunch that's included in the tour package was only pancit with boiled egg. Good thing we asked about this beforehand, so we managed to buy additional food.

* They (the guides) offer clean water for free to drink.

* There's a CR on the boat, so don't pee in the sea. 128517

The photos here aren't enough to justify the beauty of the coral reefs around. It really felt like an entirely different world down there and it's magnificent. 128156 Swimming with the pawikans was really AMAZING, and again, that's such an understatement. The whole experience made me appreciate and respect the ocean more. 128149 One of the dive masters told us that the coral reefs in Apo Island are uniquely just there, and you wouldn't find it anywhere else. 128156

It's just sad that there were a few trash floating around. I did get as much trash as I could whenever I'd see one and brought it up with me to the boat to throw in the trash bin. It's not grossly many though.

Anyway, do not skip this tour when you travel to Dumaguete. One of the highlights of our trip. It's definitely worth it. 128522

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Single Origin

4.0 Stars

Had lunch here with the |ooloo team one afternoon. 128522

I ordered their Bacon & Egg Baked Rice Casserole for 195 php. It took about 15 minutes before it arrived. Not bad.

Although I was so shocked with its size. 128561 Everyone was. 128514 I was so hungry, and seeing a tiny serving of food in front of me wasn't fun. 128517 I'm a light eater, but the size really took me by surprise. Hangry na 'ko. 128517

With a bad impression in place, I was anticipating a not so good dish already, but to my surprise, it was actually pretty good! 128562 It was really filling and flavorful, but the bacon bits were small though.

I don't recommend ordering this if you're a heavy eater, but for the light eaters like me, mabubusog ka na rin nya. 128517 It's a dish with "small but terrible" written all over it. 128518

PS: Photos by Roegan T. TY! 128513

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Macao Imperial Tea

5.0 Stars

Finally got to try this one! I've been intrigued by this place ever since I saw reviews about it here on |ooloo. (FYI: We keep seeing you guys misspelling looloo. It's lowercase L for the first letter 128521)

Anyway, I was just in the neighborhood running some errands when I saw this branch and thought to myself, why not try it out? There were lots of unoccupied tables when I went 'coz it was also around 3 PM when everyone's at work and busy.

I didn't know what to get so I asked the staff their bestsellers and she recommended a few. What got me interested was the Cream Cheese Milk Tea for 120 pesos which include pearls already. To my surprise, they only have 1 size for all their drinks. I should've asked why, actually. I forgot. 128517 I wasn't also asked for the sugar level, I think? I find those weird, but I just let it go.

My drink was ready in less than 5 minutes and I loved it. 128522 You can truly taste the cream cheese with a hint of the tea taste, of course. For the pearls, they were a little tough but pwede na rin.

The staff was friendly, too. 128522 I'll definitely try their other drinks next time. 128077

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The Beef

3.0 Stars

Finally got to try The Beef, and I wasn't impressed. 128517 I had high expectations for this burger because of the numerous praises from my colleagues + the high ratings here on |ooloo.

For 410 php, I could've spent that amount on 2 classic burgers from Army Navy with a drink and freedom fries. 128514

There's nothing special about the patty, except for the bun which I liked coz it's soft but that's basically it. The fries that came with it was also just okay, nothing spectacular. 128533

Will I try it again?

I think it'll be the first and the last. 128517

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Soban K-Town Grill

4.0 Stars

I went here with my 2 siblings for dinner months ago. I always see this place packed whenever I walk by near it, and so this became my target of curiosity. Lol

I remember liking the food here. We ordered the 6-Flavor Samgyupsal Set (1,420) which is good for 3-4 people, so it was perfect for us. It also comes with 4 unlimited rice, soup and side dishes. Pretty good deal. 128522

I also ordered dessert, their house special, Coffee Prince (120). I loved this one. 10084️ It's coffee ice cream with graham crackers and red beans. It's good! 128522

I'll go back to try their other set meals. 128522

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Zaan Japanese Tea House

3.0 Stars

I visited this place a few weeks back to meet up with a friend over lunch. The time was around 12pm, and there were only 2 tables occupied when I arrived, but the place got packed so quickly in just after a few minutes. Lucky me. 128516

Bonito & Cheese Razu (photo 3):
This is rice sandwich or "onigirazu" like what the menu stated. I liked it! I would've ordered another batch if only it wasn't that filling. Madali ako mabusog e. 128517 I think this was 180 php. 🙂

Chicken Soboro (photo 1):
I was planning on trying out Sukiyakidon since that's one of their recommended dishes, but it wasn't available at that time so I chose this one. It was a little dry, so I suggest to have water around with this. 128517 But it's good! I liked it. 128522 This was 200 php. 🙂

Kintsuba (photo 2):
The menu says, "Japanese oil-free dessert that is made of sweet bean paste coated with a thin layer of batter." I didn't want something heavy for dessert, so I opted for this one. I wasn't expecting it to be tiny af though. 128517 It was just okay.. Nothing special. It was sweet, but dry.

They only had 1 server roaming around, and I felt sorry for ate. Ang tagal tuloy ng serving time. 128533 I hope they hire more staff. The place was small, but neat and nice. It was just an okay visit. 128076

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Pepper Lunch

5.0 Stars

I've always loved Pepper Lunch. 128522 Got my usual pick which is the Beef Pepper Rice and I added cheese to it. So good! 128525 My only complain is that it's really oily. Oily food irks me, but I guess in this case it cannot be helped. Oh welp.. 🤷🏻‍♀️

After that, I scanned their menu for dessert and found that they have molten lava cake! I had to try it since I always crave for something sweet after having a meal. 128523

I loved the warm cake and the oozing chocolate lava that came out after I sliced a side of it. 128525 Wish we can post snaps here so I can show it. 128557 Loved the vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce, too! 10084️

Anyway, overall I enjoyed my food and visit here as always. 128522

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Sebastian's Ice Cream

5.0 Stars
Ice Cream

Ahh, Sebastian's. 128149

This is an automatic option after having a hearty meal, especially for someone like me who is a sucker for desserts. 128525

This one is called Dulce de Leche Torte. 128156

It's got dark chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake chunks, and Dulce de Leche ripple. #nakakaiyak 128557 The description alone painted the words on my tombstone. 128555

Of course, it tasted SO GOOD. 128525 The combo of the two is perfectly blended, hitting those happy hormones in your brain. Sigh.. 128149

Sorry, I forgot how much was it. 128517 It's a little over 200 pesos for 2 scoops, which was totally worth it. 128522

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Grind Bistro

4.0 Stars

Had lunch here with the |ooloo team last week. Thanks to our |ooloo parents, Odell R & Peanut D. 128522

I haven't had a burger in a while, so I opted for their Grind Burger. On the menu it says that it's 100% USDA beef, which I think is true, but the patty lacked flavor. I've had better ones, but this wasn't too bad either. 9786

On the other hand, I loved the brioche 'coz it tasted like it's freshly baked. 128522 Love the potato chips on the side, too! It's not too salty nor too oily. It was perfect. 9786

I'd probably go back for their dessert 'coz I found their calamansi pie intriguing. 128522

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Bench Cafe

4.0 Stars

Tsoknut Ice Cream Sandwich! It's toasted ensaymada filled with Tsoknut ice cream for only 150php. 128512

Me and Denise J just shared 'coz we're still super full from dinner before going here, but of course, there's always room for dessert. 128513

This was surprisingly good! 128522 I wasn't really expecting anything from it other than it's sweet since it's a dessert, but wow.. it definitely caught our attention. There's just something in it that tasted really good. It's creamy, and the sweetness was just perfect. The bread was good, too. 128522

I'd love to try their dishes sometimes. 128522

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