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Nomi Matcha

4.0 Stars

128154128154128154128154128154 Hot and Iced (not in photo) Matcha Latte - got both drinks with no sweeteners (syrup/honey) I was afraid that it will be too milky, like most matcha lattes, but this one got the mixture right! You can definitely taste the matcha, and it wasn’t just a hint of matcha. It was full-bodied flavour

128154128154128154128154128154 Frozen Matcha S’mores - the best dessert among all that I’ve ordered. They would torch the marshmallow in front of you. And it being a marshmallow, it was sweet. But i like how there was a crunch to it as you dig through the s’mores

Sample Sample (4 desserts in one order)
128154128154128154 matcha churros - it was crunchy on the outside but chewy on the inside! It had the taste of matcha, but I think they placed too much plain white choco on top, that the matcha flavour of the churros was over powered
128154128154128154 matcha brownies - it definitely had the matcha taste, however it reminded me more of a fudge bar than a brownie bar.
128154 matcha tiramisu - didn’t taste the matcha at all, it was overly creamy, the cake layer was too soggy when it should have been soft and spongy.
128154128154128154 matcha cookie - it had the matcha flavor, it was what I expected of a matcha cookie. But I think it needs some chunky bits, like white chocolate or pretzel or something.

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Cerchio Grill & Lounge

2.0 Stars

Cerchio's Pork Sisig - given that Sisig should have lots of fats, this one was just fats. Not even a little meat. It's not even crunchy, and you can see all the oil oozing out and quickly turning into "sebo"

Singaporean Crispy Squid Heads - I thought it should be squid heads? We got three heads and the rest were legs or fried breading. Aside from that, we noticed that our order is definitely a lot less in quantity compared to the other table whose order arrived the same time as ours. (Not very visible in the photo, but it's the table in the background) it would have been a yummy order, except it didn't live up to its name - although it was crunchy. Just not squid heads.

Pumpkin Malunggay Soup - 128077 this was good, something new and it was not too creamy. Although they could have served the soup a little more warmer.

Garlic Pasta with Chicken - it was too dry, doesn't even taste like there's garlic.

(Not in photo) :
Karekare - 128077it's good too. The meat isn't hard, there were enough veggies and meat ratio too. Although I have to admit that I've tasted better Karekare elsewhere.

Pesto Pasta - (the no shrimp or chicken version) it's good. 128076 And this is the only dish all four of us who ate here agree that it's the best among the other food we ordered.

As for service: it wasn't that good. But it wasn't that bad too. You have to wait a while for a waiter to respond to you. You have to (sometimes) request for warm water or toothpick or whatever it is, twice before they give it to you. The bill came out quickly though, and that's a plus.

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4.0 Stars

Good service. Good food.

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5.0 Stars

If you're up for fried Japanese food this place is a must go! Rice and cabbage is unlimited (for most orders in the menu). Quite pricey but it's worth your money. If your very meticulous about quality, the 'Kurobuta Rosu' is very yummy. Aside from pork, they also serve seafood like soft shell crab, oysters, creamy crab, and others. Take note, all they serve is fried food, some people just don't eat fried. :)

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