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Moonleaf Tea Shop

5.0 Stars

If there's a milktea house that can be found everywhere, I want it to be moonleaf. I'm a fan of milktea and out of all the milk teas i have tried, this is the one that really satisfied my taste buds. I love that it has lots of flavors of milk tea. You'll never get bored of trying all of them. Although my go to milk tea flavor is the wintermelon, I ordered the yakult milk tea and it awoke my taste buds and quenched my thirst. I'm really glad that there's moonleaf in Paseo coz it's so hot here in the Philippines and you really need to refresh specially when going on shopping. What I also love in the place is that while drinking your tea, you can also play their board games and cards in the area. My sister and I played jenga and we had so much fun! Although some of their cards are so old and their board games have missing pieces. I hope they replace it with new ones soon. But overall, it's really nice. I'de definitely go back here even just for moonleaf. :) of course i would be looking at some outlet store. :P

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5.0 Stars

This is the second time I ate here. The first time i got here, I ordered Chicken Pesto which was recommended by a friend. It was really heavy. They served a lot and i just nearly finished it. It tastes better with parmesan cheese.

I love this place. It's vey cozy (specially when you're beside the overlooking wall). The adventure of passing by a parking lot is worth it. They serve a lot for the price. It's very affordable (the average cost is just around P200) And the staff, they're nice and happy to serve their customers. :) will surely go back here and try another dish. 10084️ I ordered Sausage Arrabiata by the way. :)

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