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Hawker Chan

4.0 Stars

I tried Hawker Chan so many times but it never failed to impress me. Fortunately, this branch is just near to me so I can go here whenever I crave for a cheap Michelin star dish.

My husband and I ordered the Chef's Combination: Mixed Roast which is consist of soya sauce chicken, char siew, and roasted pork. The serving size is small but actually good for two persons. Among the three, I liked the char siew better while the roasted pork's skin was hard to chew. The soy chicken was good, too, and best paired with their chili sauce.

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5.0 Stars
Ramen or Noodle

I'm a big fan of ramen or any Japanese dish. And the first resto in mind is always Ippudo. Since we were in Eastwood on a weekend night, we decided to go here to fix our cravings.

Husband and I ordered the Shiromaru Special and Okonomiyaki. I liked how the broth of the ramen was perfectly cooked, noodles were tender, and the meat was easily melted in the mouth. We also had the their Okonomiyaki which I found soooo goood! You know i tried Okonomiyak before but this one was so good, especially the sauce that made it taste liked bbq. I think I will be back for this!

Service was good but the aircon wasn't perfectly working that time. There was an uneven heat/cold inside the resto.

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Antidote Bar

4.0 Stars

Makati is indeed one of the prime destinations when it comes to bars and party places. When I had the chance to stay in I’m Hotel, I learned about their rooftop bar which is called Antidote.

Oozing with uniqueness, Antidote is the first jellyfish bar in the country with colourful live jellyfish display that will surely mesmerize every eye. The setting is also perfect as it has the 360-degree view of the metro, literally awesome if you just want to chill with your friends or love one.

Tucked at the rooftop of I’m Hotel, Antidote has the ambiance of perfection while drinking with your favorite margarita or mojito. For the price, it’s the same with other bars around the area - a bit expensive but reasonable for the ambiance of the place.

Crowd is mostly foreigners whether they are staying at the hotel or just plainly visiting the bar. The genre of the music is all for the party. You’ll definitely enjoy the place if you are looking for a unique place to hangout.

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3.0 Stars

Since it was my birthday, my mother in law suggested to order a cake for me. We got the famous Mango Bravo from Contis because it's been a long a time since we had one. I was expecting for a better taste but I think this flavor changed or something had changed with the ingredients. The amount of sansrival wasn't even out and there were lots of cream inside. Eh? We were disappointed of why did my fave cake suddenly change. We used to consume the entire cake in one sitting, but now, we didn't touch the half of it.

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Lots'A Pizza

5.0 Stars

I asked for their best seller and the staff offered the "Great Manhattan". I got the biggest size which is only P330, sobrang affordable for a pizza that has a lot of toppings. Super love the cheesy taste that went well with the crispy crust of the pizza! I will give this more than 5 stars if there's an option.

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Las Casas Manila

4.0 Stars

The yearly tradition for my birthday is to go out somewhere new to celebrate, but this year, I changed my plan to something else. Since I had a limited time to think of a place to go, I checked out my list on where we can have a romantic dinner just within the Metro. Then Las Casas in Quezon City came to my thought.

Ever since this place opened in public, I was so eager to try and this birthday celebration became the reason that it was about time to experience the beauty of Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Quezon City. After getting the information from their page, I immediately asked for reservation for dinner for three persons.

I just couldn’t believe that within the area of Roosevelt Ave, there’s this place that exudes beauty and charm to every eye. You can easily notice that you already arrived in Las Casas if you see the white wall covering the area with a huge name of the place. Parking is also available outside with security that ensuring the safety of your car.

Inside the Las Casas QC, you can find Casa Juico where it has Art-deco design style by National Artist for Architecture Pablo Antonio in the late 60’s. Everything that you can see here is the extension of the magnificent Las Casas in Bataan. I’ve been there once, and I must say that every detail has great resemblance to one another just like the old Spanish era.

To experience what the place has to offer, trying out the the taste of their restaurant is mandatory. Las Casas Manila by Chef Margarita Fores is the restaurant inside the Casa Juico that serves Spanish dishes. You can feel the royal treatment as they give you the service that you deserve.

After scanning out the menu in which they currently have limited dishes, I decided to order the following:

▫️Porrusalda, Chistorra Crumble
In English, this soup is called Leek and Potato Soup. The taste was good that it wasn’t salty. Serving size is for one only, but my son didn’t consume the entire bowl so we didn’t have a choice but to help him.

▫️Gambas Al Ajillo
For the appetizer, we had this dish which is basically shrimp sauteed in garlic with bread on the side. I liked how succulent the shrimps were. For the price, it’s not cheap for P250 for 7 pieces of shrimps.

▫️Penne con Chorizo
I skipped ordering their Spaghetti for this which I think I made a mistake. I found nothing special with this pasta dish, except that it was cheesy though.

▫️Chuleton, Salsa Verde, Paprika Mayonesa
One of the best Grilled Marinated Ribeye Steak that I’ve tried so far! The meat was tender and juicy, not to mention that it was cooked the way I wanted it, medium-rare. One of the best dishes to celebrate my special day!

▫️Red Grape and Dalandan Shake
As much as I wanted to order wine, I cannot because they are tad expensive so we just had their shakes for P180 each. The taste was okay and enough to make us full.

While waiting for our food to arrive, we checked the areas within Casa Juico. You can have your photos taken outside the patio area where everyone has a laid back setting of a garden. The walls are very similar to the design of Las Casas in Bataan. The details are also very prominent.

I also checked the rooms near the dining area. All of them were closed when we got there maybe because o avoid people coming in inside for photos. I still captured some of them with my camera in which if you look closely, the details are magnificent and very intricate.

On the second floor, there are also function areas which they are allowed for events. I just took few photos because one of them was occupied by guests.

On the other side of Casa Juico, they have the pool area where we waited for few minutes before we went home. I liked how relaxing the place was, even at night. The art on the wall is also noticeable because it has an interesting design.

Las Casas Quezon City is one of the beautiful places here in Manila which you can have for your special day. In my experience, I loved everything in here specially that the place is really picture-perfect! Their restaurant may not be cheap but I think it’s worth the price for the quality and service you can get inside. And soon, they will be opening their hotel in public in which I’m also excited about!

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Genki Sushi

5.0 Stars

How awesome to see those little bullet trains that deliver your freshly made sashimi and sushi? It's way too cool because Genki Sushi is known for it. Instead of having the traditional waiter who will take orders, you can just place them on the tablet and everything will be delivered right next to your table. In my experience, I super enjoyed it as this was something new to me!

Genki Sushi was established in Japan in 1990 and continue to expand their branches globally including the Philippines. Now, they have several branches here that serve those freshly delivered food straight from Japan, even their condiments and all.

What I loved about Genki Sushi is their wide variety of dishes like Maki Mono, Nigiri, Gunkan, Seared, Sashimi, and a lot more. The price of each dish is different from one another but everything is worth trying for. I'd love to recommend the Salmon Trio, Seared Cheese Shrimp, Salmon Sashimi, and Seared Salmon with Black Pepper for the first timers here!

Aside from the dishes I mentioned above, they also have these newest additions to their menu which are only available here in the Philippines. We got to enjoy the dishes made with Japanese technique of cooking but with the twist of Filipino tastes. This thing is not new to us since there are lots of Japanese-Filipino fusion food out there.

Chahan is Japanese fried rice which is similar to Chinese cooking with different toppings and seasoning. Basically, this version of Genki has egg, meat, and vegetables. The whole serving is good to make your belly full.

Another version of Japanese fried rice but this one has egg, vegetables and topped with chunks of tuna, salmon, and shrimp. I liked this one more because it has a lot of toppings compare to the Yakimeshi flavor.

This is Genki Sushi's take on Pinoy Sisig. It has a mixture of minced pork belly, wasabi mayo, white onions and topped with leeks and egg on the side.

A mixture of minced salmon, tuna, shrimp, sriracha mayo, white onions and topped with leeks and egg on the side. This was actually everyone's favorite because of the perfect taste of seafood with the right kick of spice from sriracha mayo.

The Filipino style Adobo but this time, it's tunaaaa. The tiny pieces of tuna were succulent and tasty and perfect matched with donburi rice. It is topped with Japanese mayo, whole kernel corn, nori strips, and leeks.

I hardly tasted the eel on this one because it was so good! The size of this couldn't fit my mouth, to be honest.

This is not a new on their menu but I'd highly recommend ordering this one to cleanse of your taste. I liked how the matcha didn't have the grassy after taste or a bitter one.

What impressed me about this restaurant is that it has a lot of dishes to offer aside from their delectable sushi and sashimi which I enjoyed so much. The prices may not be cheap but you are getting what you pay for especially that their products are made and shipped from Japan. Just a tip to avoid overspending: you can check the "View Bill" tab on the tablet so you are aware how much you are paying each time. Everything here is fun especially the ordering system of using the small trains which you can only find in Genki Sushi. Overall, it was an enjoyable and awesome dining experience.

All the new dishes are available starting March 15, 2019.

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Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

5.0 Stars

For my birthday pakain, I availed the 1 peso pasta promo of yellowcab for my officemates. For every order of 2-in-1 Classic Pizza, you can buy Pesto Pasta for only P1.00!

I found this sulit though the serving is only good for 1 person but you can still share. The pizza's size is 10 inches which is good for 3-4pax.

Promo is valid till March end.

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5.0 Stars

Being a big fan of milk tea, I always sense where to find those places that serve one, whatever flavor it is. When I was in SM Aura, I remember to drop by to Nanyang to get their famous Kopi Jelly Milk Tea, finally!

The super nice staff welcomed us with the big smile as we ordered our drinks though the restaurant was about to close in less than 15 minutes.

Unlike other milk tea shops, the way they prepared everything here was interesting, traditional, and has a lot of effort. They made it from scratch, and I was amaze-balls! Tadahh, after few minutes, our Kopi Jelly Milk Teas were done!

I liked how the bitter-y taste of coffee matched the sweetness of milk tea. This fusion is interesting to a person like me with just a limited knowledge to milk tea flavors. I’m the usual Wintermelon-Okinawa-girl and this one surprised my tastebuds. This definitely not my last time to order this, and I promise myself to get one when in SM Aura again. Hopefully, they offer bigger size!

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Max's Restaurant

5.0 Stars

Part of our culture are the sumptuous dishes that describe the uniqueness of every place across the country. Our own flavors are getting a lot attention due to its original tastes and techniques of cooking. It’s no longer a surprise that even internationally, we are getting recognize because of our distinct flavors that evolved through time.

Because of our love to Filipino flavors, Max’s recently launched their Rice Bowls with our favorite Pinoy dishes! Just like music, having these delicious food can also change our appetite. Uplift your mood to the taste of our all-time favorites all-in-one bowl of satisfying and delicious taste of home.

Combination of shrimp, squid, and fish slow cooked in creamy peanut butter sauce

Made up of sauteed fresh vegetables, pork, shrimp, and chicken liver and gizzard

Deep fried tofu cubes tossed in a special spicy mayo base and served with a side of fried egg

Cream dory doused in a combination of sweet and tangy sauce

Aside from the satisfying dishes I’ve mentioned above, they also include Sizzling Chicken, Beef Caldereta, Adobo Ribs, as well as the classic favorites such as Crispy Pata, Kare-kare, Bangus Belly Paksiw, and Fish Fillet in Black Bean Sauce to the flavors of rice bowls.

Match your mood with these Max’s Pinoy Rice Bowls! With all these flavors, anyone can have the perfect appetite anytime of the day. Hurry and try these delectable dishes for FREE in Max’s Glorietta today because they are giving away rice bowls for the first 100 customers!

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