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Marugame Udon

5.0 Stars

I suggested Marugame Udon for our team dinner's Christmas Party because this place is not just affordable, but also serves delicious udon and tempura.

I had Sukiyaki Ninja Udon in regular size. The taste was legit, a bit sweet for me! Beef was tender and flavorful. The udon made me really full and totally worth it.

My officemates had their udon, rice meals, katsu, and so much more food items but I didn't have the chance to take a pic. They said that they loved everything that they eat here and took some of the left overs at home.

Marugame Udon is really bang for the buck! 🤙🏼

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Bistro Charlemagne

5.0 Stars

Bistro Charlemagne is a hidden gem in the city. You won't easily notice its existence in Ayala Malls Feliz because the location is quite unseen in the mall's prime spot. But believe me, their food here is a reward after finding where they are located.

This restaurant started out their first branch in Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The concept of Bistro Charlemagne mainly came from Little Asia, the restaurant that loved by many as they served satisfying Asian cuisines. Now, they got the idea to bring back the legacy to this restaurant and apparently, add more fresh food concepts that will surely excite every diners. Bistro Charlemagne offers more than hundreds of food on their menu which has the Asian and European food twist.

I was glad to be part of the bloggers who recently visited Bistro Charlemagne and tried out some of their best sellers. Together with my co-foodies, we were warmly welcomed by Mr. Charlemagne Lim, the owner of the restaurant. He humbly told us how he started everything - from Little Asia to his two branches of Bistro Charlemagne.

As part of the menu, we had the chance to try the following:

We started off by eating this comforting soup. I loved how it was too creamy and satisfying. One bowl could be shared up to two persons.

If you are sushi lover, you will definitely enjoy this starter. It has a bit of spice but everything worked so well for my taste buds. I also found the crispy tempura flakes surprisingly good with the salad.

Another crowd's favorite! This dish bursted with cheese and terriyaki sauce inside my mouth. Imagine how heavenly all the ingredients combined that even kids would surely loved this.

The dish which is sinfully satisfying. I loved all the ingredients combined that created a texture of flavors. Every bite was exciting (especially with the rice).

A heirloom recipe that passed from three generations until today. Taste was almost same to Chinese spring chicken. It was savory good, especially when combined with their gravy.

I loved how the shrimp was too succulent and flavorful. The flavors popped inside my mouth as it the combination of creamy and slightly spicy.

Super tender octopus meat but for me, taste was too bland. It lacked a little bit of saltiness as every food that we tried was too flavorful.

Ordering shake is always my thing whenever I visited a restaurant. Here in Charlemagne, I tried this flavor which is something I found interesting in the menu. The taste? I loved it as it wasn't too sweet for my preference.

We tried two flavors; chocolate and Reese's. Both were good if you want to have best of both worlds.

Bistro Charlemagne has sophisticated European vibe when it comes to their interior design. The chairs, tables, and everything matched its overall feel.

Bistro Charlemagne is indeed a gem in the city. With its delectable food items that came from heirloom recipes to newly created modern twist, every diner will surely love every single item on the menu. Thanks to Mr. Charlemagne Lim for inviting us! With everything that I tasted here, I would definitely be back.

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Ombu Kusina

5.0 Stars

Filipino dishes are one of the most distinctive yet delicious food we always have during celebrations or any family gatherings. The Filipino tastes bring back a lot of good memories because we always feel the comfort of eating with the same taste over and over again. But of course, we also love the idea of giving those traditional food a good twist to make the taste more flavorful and exciting.

Ombu Kusina, is one of the traditional restaurants that serve Filipino comfort food with modern twist to the usual taste. Located in Sequioa Hotel in Timog QC, this restaurant is not under my radar not until I got an invite from one of my foodie friends. Little didn't I know that Ombu Kusina is serving satisfying meals for five years already, to family and friends who are staying in the hotel, celebrating special occassions, or just simply love eating.

During the launch we had the following:

This fusion of Italian x Kapampangan dish is simply one of my top choices during the event. I liked how every ingredients worked so well especially that the sisig was way too flavorful. Our taste buds were so happy when we added the garlic sauce that made the dish a lot more creamier.

Salted egg flavored dish is not yet over! Here in Ombu Kusina, they have this flavor for their pasta. What makes them distinctive to other restaurant that offers same dish, is that they uses fresh salted egg and not the usual powdered one. By this, it simply makes the flavor more enhanced. For me, I liked it because it wasn't too salty like what I was expecting. Maybe, a lot creamier would add a little more exciting if they create another version.

I was so wrong to think that this dish was like sushi because the gabi leaves looked a lot like nori sheets. 🤣 But, of course, this is seafood laing wrapped in gabi leaves with coconut sauce. At first, it didn't have the strong laing smell but when I tasted it, the creaminess of coconut plus the gabi were got really good.

Bagoong was the highlight of this dish because they wanted to establish its taste next to the eggplant. I noticed that they used thick consistency for the bagoong which was something new to me. The bagoong and eggplant were best paired with the crispy pork on top!

I loved this dish because it's very traditional to Filipino homes. The dilis were also crispy and not salty. This was so good with the Laing and the Adobochon.

During the event, they also introduced two newest dishes in their menu:

This is their take on the usual lechon. The twist? It is best paired with Adobo Sauce. I noticed that the sauce was also thickly made, in which according to their Chef, "to enhance the flavor of adobo".

Who wouldn't love an exhibition before eating? 128513 The chicken was put in fia re right in front of us then they added the sauce. The result was an oozing aroma smell of the roasted chicken. The meat was also tender and flavorful.

The ambiance of Ombu Kusina exudes a comforting vibe. The overlooking glass window creates a nice view of the outside. I just love the natural lights coming in during daylight. I guess, at night, a date would also be perfect to spend here.

Thank you Ombu Kusina for hosting the event. 10024 I will definitely be back.

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Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

4.0 Stars

Joined the Yellowcab's Ultimate Unli Party for P399 last night. They served unlimited pizza (Hawaiian or The Bronx Creamy Mushroom) and Mountain Dew + 1 serving of Regular Hot Wings & Pasta (I chose Spaghetti & Meatballs).

I found this sulit as the spaghetti & meatballs and wings were generously served. After consuming them, I felt that I was already full. Super liked the spaghetti because the sauce was just right, meatball was too juicy. But of course, I still got the unlimited pizza. I tried the The Bronx Creamy Mushroom because this one was more sulit for its flavor. The pizza was a bit dry, even the crust was harder to chew. I guess, it was exposed in the box for a long time and since it was already late, they didn't bother to cook a new one. I just consumed 4 slices without eating the crust 128556

I thought the promo was meant for two hours but we only spent more or less 45mins.

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Costa Coffee

5.0 Stars

Christmas is indeed the happiest time of the year. We all love the feeling of celebrating the season, and Costa being consistent with their seasonal promo on their food and drinks as their way of making the holiday more festive.

So last November 15, Costa Coffee Philippines launched their "Wish Upon a Costa" Christmas campaign. They are offering the newest cakes, pastries, and beverages to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

Luckily, I was part of the looloo reviewers who were invited to try Costa's Christmas campaign. We had tried the following:

🔻Festive Food:
*Purple Glaze Cake
*Choco Mint Cake
*Candy Cane Cake
*Cheesecake Yule Bar
*Gingerbread Cookies

Among these, my top choices would be the Purple Glaze and Cheesecake Yule Bar. I liked how the Purple Glaze Cake was not too sweet for my taste. The mirror-glaze ganache on top was also smooth to bite. For the Cheesecake Yule Bar, the cheesy taste was so fulfilling. I liked how the chocolate on top complimented well with the cheese cake.

🔻Festive Drinks
*Salted Pistachio Mocha
*Golden Hazelnut Hot Choco
*Billionaire's Hot Chocolate
*Salted Pistachio Mocho Frostino
*Golden Hazelnut Frostino
*Candy Cane Frostino

Whether you want them hot or cold, Costa Coffee can give you what you need to satisfy your cravings. Among the beverages, I enjoyed the Golden Hazelnut Hot Choco, Golden Hazelnut Frostino, and the Salted Pistachio Mocha. The taste of the Golden Hazelnut whether it's hot or cold was indeed chocolaty. If you want to take a break from the usual coffee routine, you'll super this beverage. As for the hot one, I found the Salted Pistachio Mocha interesting because it is just one which is coffee -based and comes with stick of pistachio bread.

Celebrate this season with sweetness in Costa. Feel the joy and warm of the season. This Christmas promo is available in all branches and will run until the second week of January.

Thank you Costa Coffee for hosting our looloo rendezvoos. Thank's Roegan T for the invite. 🤩

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Uncle Cheffy

4.0 Stars

I think they moved from Eastwood Mall to this place.

Since our manager from the US came here to visit our team, we had to do usual team dinner before sending him back home. I was assigned to look for a place and then I recommended Eastwood City.

It was a struggle to find one decent place at 2:00 in the morning because almost all of the places that opened were bars only. Good thing that we stumbled upon Uncle Cheffy after several searching.

We ordered the group meals which I forgot the name but it was around P3,000. It is composed of garden salad, paella, dori fish, lechon, panizza, steak, dessert, and ice tea.

We all enjoyed eating the panizza even without the veggie. It was a bit oily but damn, the cheese was so good. My taste buds were so happy! The paella's serving was too huge that all of us eight didn't consume the entire of it. The steak, however, needs a little bit of improvement as it was a bit salty for me. Other food was good but not really that remarkable.

Obviously, I would definitely be back for the panizza! I'd like to try other flavors. 128539

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Uncle Moe's Shawarma Hub

3.0 Stars
Middle Eastern

Uncle Moe's has been my favorite restaurant near my workplace because they have indeed yummy food! 128539 So recently, I visited again and ordered the usual kebab platter. As usual, masarap! But, yung extra rice, muntik na ako magka heart attack. Imagine paying P45 which is almost equivalent to 1kg 128530 That's ridiculous that's why I'm giving 3 stars only. I need an explanation, I need an acceptable reason! Char!

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Paradise Dynasty

5.0 Stars

Finally, I was able to try Paradise Dynasty in their newest branch in SM Aura Premiere with my family. We came here at 1:00pm on a weekend and the place was jumpacked with people. We were on a waiting list for about 30 minutes until our names were called.

This place has a sophisticated and modern interior design. It's a great venue if you want to spend family lunch or dinner.

For our food, we ordered the following:
▫️8-flavor Xiao Long Bao
▫️Crispy-fried Crystal Prawns tossed with Salted Egg Yolk
▫️Fried Rice Yang Zhou
▫️Crispy Sweet and Sour Pork
▫️Melon and Watermelon Fruit Shakes

Everything that we had was really good that's why I forgot to take lots of photos. I liked to commend on the crystal prawn with salted egg because it was so damn delicious! It created a nice flavor of salted egg that melted in the mouth, not to mention how crispy the prawns were. Also, the sweet and sour pork, I liked the bite size which could be easily eaten. It was tangy but sweet. For the xiao long bao, I enjoyed the taste of the cheese! I'd recommend this set if you're first timer in Paradise Dynasty.

Service was good as they were attentive and fast. 128522

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Pancake House

5.0 Stars

Stopped by at SLEX to have a dinner and decided to eat at Pancake House because I kinda missed it!

I had the usual 2-pc Panfried Chicken and husband ordered the Salisbury Steak with Spaghetti. Ugh sobrang sarap talaga ng chicken nila. I loved the tangy crispy taste! Also, the salisbury won my heart for the nth time.

Pancake House is something that I would keep on craving all over again. It taste like home. ♥️

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Hawker Chan

5.0 Stars

Known as the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world, Hawker Chan finally opens its doors in SM North EDSA!

To give a brief background, Hawker Chan was opened by Chan Hong Meng, a Malaysian chef, in 2009 in a small store at Chinatown Complex in Singapore. He served soya sauce rice that caught the attention of all the diners across the country. And now, with their 2nd branch here in the Philippines, Hawker Chan continues to serve affordable and delicious dishes. Thanks to Foodee Global Concepts for bringing in new food taste for us Filipinos to try.

From their humble beginnings to offer affordable meals especially the soya rice chicken made them very popular in Singapore. Now, they continue to expand their restaurant to offer wide variety of mouthwatering and affordable dishes. Fortunately, I've got the chance to be invited by looloo team to Hawker Chan's soft opening.

During the event, we tried the following:

Fried tofu with strips of green apple, onions, sweet chili sauce, and peanuts. I liked how this dish can be sweet and tangy. The light taste of the crispy tofu was a good appetizer though. As a tofu lover, I would recommend this dish.

Steamed gai lan with fried garlic bits. Among all the dishes that served to us, this was my least favorite. I found this just a regular dish with a bitter aftertaste.

Unlike the usual roasted chicken, Hawker Chan's version is juicy from its skin up to its meat. It has this sweet and salty taste which is very similar to Chinese flavors. I liked how the juice of the chicken made it more flavorful. Indeed, this deserves a Michelin-star rating!

This dish has char siew, roasted pork, and pork ribs together with either rice or noodles. I chose the latter as this may be something new to me. We all agreed that the roasted pork got the top spot for the most flavorful. It's also crispy just don't mind the fatty meat. The char siew, on the other hand, is like an asado dish, similar to other Chinese restaurants. This one has a sweet and salty taste. And lastly, the pork ribs were my last choice among them as I found it hard to chew because of the bony meat.

This dessert can help ease the umay taste of the meat dishes. Taste, for me, was a little bit bland.

This drink has an authentic tea taste. You can skip the soda intake and you might want to pair this up with their dishes.

Located at the Upper Ground Level, City Center near SM Hypermarket, this branch can accommodate 56 seats. The location has a very good spot for customers who want to taste cheap and yet satisfying meals right after grocery shopping. 128516

Part of their opening, they are giving away Soya Chicken on Rice for the first 100 customers on Dec. 3 & 4!

▫️1-10 Customers = 1 Year
▫️11-30 Customers = 6 Months
▫️31-50 Customers = 3 Months
▫️51-100 Customers = 1 Month

Thank you for the Roegan T invite and Hawker Chan and Foodee Global Concepts for having us! 128523

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