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Urbiztondo Beach

4.0 Stars
Great Outdoors

Brgy. Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union is the surfing capital of the North. It's almost 5 hrs. leisure drive (we have so many stop overs and picture taking along the way 128512128512128512) passing through TPLEX until Rosario, La Union.

The beach is slightly similar to Baler, just smaller waves with moderate phase, so it's quite easy to learn basic surfing lessons here. Surfing lesson is at P400 per hour with free use of surfboard and surfboard rental is at P200 per hour.

During our 1st day, there were few big waves so my son doesn't want to go on surfing, he just dipped in the sea. Unluckily, there were so many seaweeds and jellyfish at the shore, so he didn't enjoy it either.

Next day, we woke up late due to some issues in the hotel, but we still went to the sea to check if it's good time to surf. We weren't lucky to have bigger waves again, so we just had our bodies dipped the water. The sand is a bit hot (I almost couldn't walk in it) but the water is still cold at 9am so we stayed longer pero sobrang init na nung sand when we left at 11am (I almost had blisters in my feet).

There are so many food establishments at the beachfront where you can eat and stay for a while but we opted not to because we have other plans.

According to one local, bigger waves will arrive on Monday, in fact surfers already extended their stay until Tuesday just to experience it. She suggested me to get a number of one surf instructor so that I could ask when it will be best day to come for surfing in the future.

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Pepper Lunch Express

4.0 Stars

Good way to start my 1st day in my new store. Heavy as it is because I am looking forward to a heavy workload today. This is my favorite beef with curry and cheese. I love the mozzarella cheese and the honey sauce. Since this is located in the food court, tables were not well maintained and cleaned, you will ask pa the service crew to clean. You need also to strategize to get a table kasi marami talagang tao. Nevertheless, the food is really awesome!

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Pinto Art Museum

5.0 Stars
Art Gallery

Last Holy Week we supposed to go to La Union but the room at certain resort wasn't available so we decided to just roam around the Metro.

Sunday after fellowship we had lunch at Romeo's Steak House in Antipolo and proceeded to Pinto Art Museum after.

The place is quite big and has very strict rules eg. bringing of back pack, it is not allowed even if its too small, anyway there's a luggage counter where you can leave the bag. Kinda hustle lang coz ang laman lang ng backpack ko ay wallet at cellphone so I need to hand-carry it dahil wala akong pockets. There's a paper with list of their rules plus a map din so that you can maximize your stay.

Each room has different theme, it depends on how it was made, materials etc. There are also paintings for sale located near the entrace.

You are not allowed to bring in foods and drinks but there's a restaurant naman inside where you can dine and prices are competitive. Comfort rooms are located anywhere din and its clean.

If you just want to think or be out in the Metro for awhile this place is a good escape. If you're artistic, you'll definitely love it.

Entrance fee:
200 adult
100 student
Kids 3 ft below is free.

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Romeo's Spice & Steaks

4.0 Stars

My second time here and I really like the place. Its an open area with grills like a veranda, location is high enough to view the Metro, though some trees and bamboo leaves were high which almost cover the view.

We visited for lunch and have the following:

Shrimp Tempura - bigger than the Tokyo Tokyo Tempura, flavorful even without the dip.

Grilled Squid - Stuffed Squid with melted Cheese, diced onions, tomatoes and green chilies. One of the best! The squid is cooked right, not gummy.
Bulalo - Beef is too gummy and very ordinary.

Kare-Kare Gulay - Veggies are crunchy, the sauce is thick, flavorful and you can taste the freshly ground peanut. The Bagoong is a bit salty but it compliments with the sweet Kare-kare sauce.

The place is a bit small but if you are with a big group there's a function that can accommodate 50 people downstairs.

Service Crews were friendly but they had difficulties computing for Senior Citizen Discounts so.... ending we just left the discounts and give it as a tip. This is a bit disappointing to the availer of SC Discount nevertheless the experience is good so I am rating it 4 127775.

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Lechon Haus

3.0 Stars

This place opens a year ago and during the 1st 3 months it was a hit. For Php 119 you can get lechon and unli rice. What I like about this place now is it's not too crowded anymore and they have lechon sinigang.

Though I like their food their service is quite disappointing.. Staffs were busy chatting, not attentive, ang tipid sa greetings and when you talk to them parang di nila alam what they are serving, they always ask the manager to answer very simple inquiries.

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Pound by Todd English

3.0 Stars

This place opened just last week in Vertis North Mall, Ayala's new lifestyle mall in the north.

I arrived late so I just ordered T.E. Crispy Chicken Burger P225, Todd English Poutine and Ginger Ale but only the T. E. Crispy Chicken arrived, well, I didn't bother to do follow up the rest of my orders because we're about to leave going to Sebastian's.

I liked my burger, chicken is really crispy and blends well with caramelized onions, but the bun, it's a bit hard to bite.

My new Looloo friends Mark L , and Nievs G , shared to me their orders:

Pound Foei Gras Burger P700 with 50 seared foei gras
The burger patty is a bit bland and buhaghag when we sliced it, so I believed it's over cooked. I am expecting it to be juicy and flavorful.

Tod English Poutine P180
Fries covered with mozzarella cheese and beef. I liked this but the servings is a bit small.

The place is a bit small, it's hard to move around and the area was covered with smoke when they are cooking, maybe an addititonal exhaust fan will help.

Thank you Peanut D for having us! Till our next Looloo Rendezvoos!

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Sebastian's Ice Cream

5.0 Stars
Ice Cream

After we dined at Pound, we went to Sebastian's Ice Cream located at the Cinema area of Vertis North. We were welcomed by no lessthan the ever creative owner of Sebastian's, Mr. Ian Carandang.

The soon to be launched Chubby Bars (March 10,2018) were first served. It has 4 flavors namely:

1. Peppermint Brownie Chubby Bar 127775127775127775127775127775
I love dark chocolate and mint, put these together viola!

2. Strawberry Brownie Chubby Bar 127775127775127775127775127775
I tasted the sweet and sour flavors which describes a typical strawberry fruit. Funny because while I am eating the strawberry I remember my Baguio days when I was eating strawberry ice cream being sold in the streets of Session Rd., Mabini St. and Burnham Park.

3. Salted Caramel Brownie Chubby Bar 127775127775127775127775127775
My favorite! I love salted caramel! I loved that I tasted first the salty flavor while the sweet caramel flavor lingers in my mouth.

4. Walnut Brownie Chubby Bars 127775127775127775127775
I am not fan of walnuts but I liked it though its a bit sweet for me.

All of the chubby bars are priced P125 each.

Then there's this tall dessert glass filled with layered chocolate ice cream, brownies, fudge, chocolate strousel, cocoa-whipped cream and chocolate covered almonds and cherry called The Chocapocalypse P320 127775127775127775127775

I loved chocolates but I think this one is not for me, I liked the cocoa-roasted almonds, sweet outside but a bit salty inside.

Dipped Banana Split P385 127775127775127775127775
Frozen banana dipped in delicious chocolate shell served with 3 scoops of ice cream of your choice, toppings, sauce and whipped cream. Crowned with maraschino cherry perfect for sharing!

Fiesta Sorbetes Sundae P375 127775127775127775127775127775
2 scoops of Pinoy flavors Sapin-Sapin, Champorado and Mangga't Suman Ice cream, served on top of warm ube brownie with ube strousel, ube fudge, ube whipped cream, a cherry and sprinkled with ube latik.

This is the best part!

I really loved the Champorado, it taste like real Champorado that was kept in the freezer! Sapin-sapin is a masterpiece! Imagine eating the popular filipino kakanin Sapin-sapin but it's an ice cream. This is amazing!

Taho Milkshake P160
Silken Tofu in sweet cream ice cream topped with warm sago pearls and arnibal.

Looks delicious but I am full already so I listed it to my come back Looloo review assignment.

Thank you Peanut D for the invites in the Looloo Rendezvoos. I met so many bubbly Looloo reviewers!

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Eduardo's Peri-Peri Flamed Grilled Chicken

4.0 Stars
BBQ Joint

Opened last year at SM North Edsa, this is kinda the local version of the famous international resto Nando's Peri-peri.

The chicken and ribs taste great. The place is clean and looks very nice. Service crews are friendly. Meal starts from P99 so its affordable, a P1 per scoop of rice when you buy any quarter size chicken meal is a good reason to overeat rice128516. I tried the sundae and it taste good too!

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Plaza Brew

5.0 Stars

My stay at Plaza Hotel is with a complimentary breakfast at Plaza Brew. I went here at 7am and surprisingly, Wednesday morning is a bit peak in this resto mostly hotel guest were eating.

I had the Bataan's famous Tinapang Bangus, sunnyside up egg, served with vinegar, a glass of pineapple juice and fruits for dessert. The tinapang bangus is a must-try! Ibang klase ang pagkakasmoked kasi lasang-lasa bawat spices na inilagay, plus intact ang meat ng fish and cooked until the fish skin is crispy.

They are serving various coffee, pasta and pastries too but the breakfast meal is enough to make me full kaya I didn't try anymore.

If you opt for room service they can also deliver para less hustle na rin if you're staying naman the whole day sa room.

Adding to its rexaling ambiance is the cute interior with different themed tables: there's a cozy couch with a small center table, a garden table, a princess cut couch with dining table etc.

The service is good too, my order arrived in 10 minutes and the waitress keeps on asking if I need something, even the supervisor was there, greeting incoming guests and from time to time he goes around to check if there are pending orders.

Based on this visit, the food is good, the service is excellent so I am giving it a 5 11088.

I checked the menu and I could say it's a bit pricey but who knows how big is the servings. Will surely come back here for pastries and pasta.

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The Plaza Hotel Balanga

5.0 Stars

I am totally amazed in this fascinating old architecture, what more to stay in it. I stayed here for a night for work related reason. The place is basically accessible to anywhere, there's nearby resto and fastfood chains, a small mall, a church that's just accross the hotel, right to it is a small stall selling fresh fruits and some "kutkutin" to bring home for pasalubong. I heard that the palengke is near also but my time didn't allowed me to go there. The bus terminal is just a tricycle away for P30 only.

The room is cozy but quite small for two person but if you're alone like me it okay. The room temperature is perfect for me at 22c kasi lamigin ako. I am requesting sana for a room facing the church to see the over all view of the plaza but it was taken na daw so I just had the one back of the plaza.

Service is amazing, they've got me with their "hello" its consistent with smile and sincerely said. Theu allowed me also to leave my luggage while on work and then I just picked up when I was about to leave. By the way, there's no van transfers offered so you will have to get a tricycle to go anyway. Don't worry there's tricycle naman everywhere, you just need to make kaway para hintuan ka, you will pay from P30 to P60 depending on how far you will go.

My stay is great! I will surely come back. I forgot to take photo pala :(

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