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5.0 Stars

Most of the time when i try a new place to eat i don't always come back even though i like the food of the place. The first time that i've been here was with my boyfriend. We were looking of a new place to have our lunch and upon searching we saw this japanese restaurant. The second time that i've been here, i was with my sister and cousin naman.

I had already tried their Pork Yakiniku (180.00), Mixed Okonomiyaki (290.00), Hiroshima Yaki (390.00) and their Quattro Formaggi Pizza (240.00)

My favorite of all the foods that i've tried here was the Hiroshima Yaki. It was sooooooo good. The staffs here were so accommodating and attentive. You can asked them to cook the okonomiyaki for you if you like. (I would like to try myself some other time to cook okonomiyaki but since itlog na nga lang nasusunog ko pa wag ko nalang itry. Sayang yung ibabayad namin hahaha).

Just take note that 1 order of okonomiyaki is good for 2-3 persons. Medyo nakakaumay din kasi siya if ikaw lang mag isa yung kakain. Kaya much better to only order 1 if hindi naman kayo ganung kadami kakain.

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Zark's Burgers

4.0 Stars

I've been hearing about this burger shop for quite some times now (even before their super fail 8 pesos anniversary burger hahahaha i remember someone made a train to busan parody about it) so my boyfriend and i decided to try it one afternoon when we were arguing again of where to eat since i think we had almost eaten everywhere in SM Manila.

I had already forgotten the names of the burgers that we had tried (signs of aging hahaha) but the taste were ok for me (well hello carbs!) and too oily. Nothing special about the taste so i don't understand what the hype is all about. I had a hard time finishing my entire burger and i've been thinking, how can someone finished their jaw breaker for just 5 minutes?

The price was sulit na for me we pay not more than 500 pesos i think for the burgers.

The staffs were attentive and very accommodating. Not sure if just because we only went there ng hindi lunch and dinner time.

I would love to try again their 4 cheese burger some other time (my love for cheese talaga is sobra) because... wala lang. Cheese kasi eh.

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4.0 Stars

My sister asked me if i would like to accompany her in her previous school because she was going to return reviewers to her former classmate. She also said that she will treat me if i come with her. That's actually the reason why i said yes. Haha.

After doing her thing at her previous school we looked for a place where we can eat and after walking a few minutes she said that she knows a place and that's when we went here at T Cup Zone to ate dinner (lunch and dinner for me since i have not eaten all day because sleep is life)

She let me choose what to eat but upon seeing the long list of menu i just told her to choose for me.

She ordered Wintermelon Milk Tea (75.00) for herself, Choco Cereal Milk Tea (75.00) for me, Roasted Pork Spaghetti Bread (80.00) which is so cool because this is the first time that i've seen a spaghetti in a foot long bread and it taste good too, and Sweet and Sour Pork (85.00) my mom's sweet and sour pork taste much better but it was ok na din naman for me.

I would like to try their soups some other time as i saw some people there that's eating it and it looks delicious.

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Nadai Fujisoba

5.0 Stars

I only see cold noodles in the kdramas that i watch so it's my first time to try cold noodles and being a fan of everything cold (i like iced coffee more than the hot one) i must say that this is the noodles that i've been looking for. Charot!

I tried searching first on google on how to eat cold noodles and i learned that you have to take a few strands of soba noodles and dip them into the sauce before eating them. Thank you so much google hindi ako nagmukhang noob while eating cold noodles. I would also like to thank metrodeal for the vouchers that we bought. (Kukunin na ba kong endorser ng metrodeal kakapromote ko?)

I ordered Niku Tsuke Soba (cold dipping soba noodles, sliced beef, sesame seed, sesame oil, shredded roasted wakame seaweed - 320.00) while my boyfriend ordered Niku Fuji Soba (soba/udon noodles, sliced beef, hard-boiled egg, onion leeks, wakame seaweed - 280.00)

i'm not really good in describing how a food taste like but this cold noodles is so good you have to try it and you decide. Basta ako bet na bet ko talaga! Hahaha!

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Happy Cup

5.0 Stars

If you are looking for some happiness in a cup, you should try this newly-opened store in front of ABS-CBN that's owned by the Gonzaga sister's, (Toni and Alex) swear! I'm quite addicted to it na. I always order their dark chocolate milk tea every time my colleagues and i go here (almost 3 times a week). I tried their mocha frappe before but the taste was a little matabang for me. I like mcdo's iced mocha more.

There were 3 sizes, petite (60.00), moyen (70.00), and grand (80.00) and i always order the grand size since very sulit na din siya for 80 pesos compared to other milk tea stores na almost 100+ pesos yung pinaka malaki.

I think they are open until 12mn every weekends, 11pm weekdays. If I remember it right.

Try to visit around 8pm-11pm as you might see the Gonzaga sisters there. From all the time that we went here mabibilang lang sa daliri yung time na hindi namin sila nakita dun. If you were lucky enough, oftentimes, Alex and Toni Gonzaga take orders from their customers. They are very accommodating and mabait naman swear! There's also this one time na their whole family were there hahaha (Seve, direk Paul, and Alex's boyfriend also) i like that they are very hands-on with their business. 128522

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Motorino Pizza Manila

5.0 Stars

I cannot find the Motorino Newyork Slice pizza in SM Center Sangandaan so i decided to just put it here. We bought 3 vouchers worth 500 pesos each for only 897.00 pesos (what a deal right?) at metrodeal.

Me, my sister and our cousin decided to bond here at Motorino Newyork Slice. I forgot to bring ID buti nalang the staff allows us to use the voucher even though i forgot to bring my ID. They prefer that you will give them hard copy of the voucher rather than show it through your phone. I'm so glad there are printing services outside the mall.

We were thinking to order a box of pizza but upon seeing the menu, we can't decide what flavor to choose so we decided to just order one slice of all their available pizzas. Why only taste one flavor when we can taste everything right? We tried pepperoni & cheese, hawaiian, 3 cheese & honey, sausage & mushroom, motorino special and the last one that i forgot the name of. We also tried all their available pasta, cheese ziti, creamy mushroom and meatballs, 4pcs chicken wings (too small), and a large tiramisu (we're glad that we order this because you will need it pag umay na umay ka na sa lasa ng pizza and pasta)

the taste were good. I liked the 3 cheese & honey from all the slices that i've taste. Cheese is life bes! The best pasta for us woulf be the creamy mushroom with chicken. We we're so full after eating that's why we just ask the staff to pack the remaining pizza that we were not able to finish and take it home.

I will be going back here for the 3 cheese & honey. So please wait for me!

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Red Table

4.0 Stars

We've been seeing this restaurant in SM San Lazaro for a while now. It is located at the 4th level of the mall beside Bonchon and the cinemas.

At first we thought that it was a fine dining restaurant that has small servings but high prices. That's why we always avoid eating here (as a typical pinoy family syempre dun tayo palagi sa mas mura at mas mabubusog tayo diba?)

My family always make it to a point that we ate outside even once a month (for bonding purposes hahaha) and for that we decided to look for restaurants near us that we haven't tried before. And that's the story of how we learned that it's just a casual korean fast food restaurant.

We looked for menus online (i think they don't have facebook page) and there we saw that the foods were very affordable.

We were thinking if we should just buy their group meal that's good for 4-6 persons, but upon computing we just decided to just order their rice meals for more variety of foods.

The foods were okay. Some were too spicy for me and i think i got full by drinking water. Not for their food. We've been to other korean restaurants that offer much tastier korean dishes. But it was ok for the price though.

The staffs were nice and polite. But unfortunately they don't accept debit or credit card transactions as of the moment. They only accept cash payment.

There are still lots of items on the menu that i haven't tried ao i guess i'll be back some other time to try them. 128522

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Cafe Laferennie

5.0 Stars

We bought 3 vouchers from metrodeal (275 pesos only for a 500 pesos voucher) then went here yesterday night. We were praying that it's not crowded but since we went 9 already we're lucky that we're the only customer of this cafe.

The place is up to 2nd floor. They make us change from their slippers (For sanitary purposes). The interiors were so colorful, one of the reason why i liked it here. Customers who went here can leave notes, post-it, pictures, 1x1 id pictures, love letter, confession letter and so much more.

There are also cribs that were designed with balloon letter like happy birthday, happy monthsarry, happy anniversary and i love you.

They told us that we can seat anywhere we want since there's no other customers there aside from us 3. We chose the happy birthday crib even though no one was celebrating hehe. The only thing that's not allowed is charging and sleeping. But the staffs told us that were the only one there maybe we can do that if we love to.

The staffs were all friendly and nice to us. Making jokes and making us feel at ease with the place.

For our 1500 voucher we were able to order a lot of foods like:

➡3 inshake (insane shakes)
Mocha-aahhh Inshake (149.00)
Coo-kiss in Dream Inshake (169.00)
Back for-rest Baby? Inshake (169.00)

I ordered their mocha-aahhh inshake. It was not too sweet and had lots of toppings--marshmallows, stick-o, wafer, ice cream cone etc. It can get matabang na sa bandang dulo bat i think it was because napadami na yung kain ko ng toppings

➡Little Ferdies (269.00)
6 pcs mini colored burgers that's good for sharing. And it kinda reminded me of that episode from spongebob where they sell colored krabby patty. It was delicious too though a little bit spicy --my tolerance for spicy foods is very low that's why (269.00)

➡Yummy Carbonara (169.00)
this is very tasty too. I really love their carbonara!

➡Squad Goal Bundle (350.00)
it includes shoestring fries, rainbow nachos (but for some reasons they told us that their nachos were out of stock sp instead they added more fries), onion rings (i love their onion rings), and hot dog rolls. It was good for sharing also.

➡Choco Candy Waffles (89.00)
since were very full already we decided to just ask the staff if we could take out nalang the waffles and my 1 ferdie's burger.

Overall total was not even exceeded to 1500 including their 8% service charge.

They also have board games which you can borrow. (Monopoly, jenga, exploding cats, chess etc.,)

will surely go back here again soon.

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Don Day Korean Restaurant

5.0 Stars

This would mark as the first korean restaurant that i've ever been to. Pa birthday treat sa amin ng pinakamamahal naming kaibigan. I was also not yet a fan of anything related to south korea during this time (but i've been watching kdrama na here) so i have actually no idea of how to eat and what to eat here hehe. Buti na lang the birthday celebrant was an avid kpop fan so she taught us how to eat samgyupsal, what side dishes should we put kasi i was looking for rice para sa samgyupsal 128514

Rate here per person is 399 pesos. You can add 40 pesos each for the bottomless iced tea. And we also bought a bottle of soju para ma-try (i liked it! I learned from my sister na mas masarap siya if you will mix it with yakult and sprite). We went here lunch time of a weekday kaya medyo wala masyadong tao and we were able to enjoy our almost 4 hours of stay here (2 hours maximum if madaming tao but since wala masyado they allow us to over stay here)

the ambiance was nice. The music were all kpop. And since i was watching to the beautiful you during that time nakarelate naman ako ng pinatugtog nila yung OSTs ng to the beautiful you.

This was a review for my first experience here, and as of now i think several times na ulit ako nakakain dito. I've even tried their branch in south triangle with my workmates a few months ago but still same na okay pa din ang service and foods nila. Just make sure na lang siguro na wag paclosing time na kayo magpunta since medyo paubos na yung mga foods nila.

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Koko Kofi Cafe

2.0 Stars

The only pro that i think i can see here is the unlimited pasta, cakes, and ice cream for just 169 pesos. What a sulit right?

I know but there are really a lot of things that's need to be improved here especially their reservation process. Imagine pumila kami ng 4 pm then nakakain na kami ng almost 7 pm! I understand naman since it's peak hours that we went here and holiday pa during that day kaya sobrang haba ng pila siguro. They will give you number once na dumating ka if magpapareserve. They only allow walk ins as of the moment.

Beware that once they call your number and you are not there automatically cancelled na yung reservation mo and you need to get another number kung ipupush mo talagang kumain dito.

The foods were not good except for the carbonara. Medyo closing time na din kasi ng makapagstart kami kaya siguro puro latak and tira na lang yung napunta samin. Yung noodles nila medyo matigas na, the spaghetti sauce and the noodles also, may after taste (i don't know how to explain pero almost lahat kami ng mga friends ko nalasahan namin), their carbonara and baked mac is okay. (Not sure if gutom lang ako or okay talaga siya). I think their roll cakes were from goldilocks (ni hindi na sila nag effort tanggalin sa black na lagayan yung roll cakes. Kaya nahalata namin na from goldilocks siya). The ice cream machine is self service (it was easy to operate naman if sanay ka bumili ng unli twirl ice cream aa family mart, same lang din siya) but unfortunately since medyo closing time na kami pumunta, tunaw na yung ice cream na nakuha namin.

I'll add their interior to their pros. Very instagrammable and unique yung mga design ng mga upuan but unfortunately ulit. Hindi namin natry kasi they gave us the seat na lamesa and upuan lang talaga. We were asking the staff if pwede kami lumipat since may paalis naman na na group but not allowed daw. 128532 We were only able to take pictures sa mga cribs nila nung pauwi na kami since nag uwian na yung ibang mga customers.

I saw my friend's pictures here during off peak hours and mukhang ok naman siya. I suggest not to go here ng medyo pa-close na because of our experience. And besides, to everyone na not familiar sa monumento it can get really scary and medyo dangerous na to walk alone there pag gabi na.

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