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Forget Me Not Cafe

4.0 Stars

Never knew that Marikina have their very own Kapitolyo. The street is filed with nice tasting food. If you come to pass by Marikina, drop by this place and you can taste one of the good tasting lava cake in your life.

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Three Sisters Restaurant

5.0 Stars

All i can say is AWESOME

Must try:
➡️ sizzling stuffed pusit
➡️ pork bbq
➡️ sinigang sa miso
➡️ sago't gulaman
➡️ butterfly tilapia
➡️ calamares
➡️ lahat na!

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Banana Leaf

4.0 Stars

We thought this was just another Pinoy resto where you eat Pinoy specialties such as sinigang and adobo, but we're surprised on the type of food they cook here. Asian food such as Thai and Singaporean. They have Roti with curry sauce which was better tasting than what we ate when we were at Singapore. I ordered black pepper beef which was sort of sweet spicy and creamy. Their Thai Tea was fab too! I'd like to come back to taste the rest of what they offer.

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