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5.0 Stars
Fast Food

IF YOU'RE AN UBE FAN LIKE ME, THIS IS A TREAT YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY TRY!!!! If you’re not yet a fan, this is still worth a try, PROMISE!!! Who knows, your taste buds might just fall in love after one bite. 128513

Golden brown, flaky, slightly sweet crust with a pleasant ube filling in thick sauce. 

What I like about the ube content of this dessert is that it was not too sweet unlike the UBE desserts that I usually buy. The ube in the pie was the kind of ube that was not too sweet.

It’s nice that JOLLIBEE incorporate a favorite Filipino snack on their menu. Grab one today! 128521

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Shakey's Pizza

4.0 Stars

Shakey's is one of those classic restos that have been around since you've been a child. I always take my friends and family to the nearest branch whenever we feel like bonding and craving for some decent and affordable food.

This branch has the friendliest staff so far. The service is really good especially considering how busy it gets. They even approached us to check if everything is fine.

Food served hot, we did not wait that long for our food to be serve.

I love Shakey's Fried Chicken! It belongs to my list of favorite fast food Chickens together with Wendy's and Greenwich. I also love their gravy, and the mojos always hits the spot.

The pizza was hand tossed with a nicely flavored chewy crust with plenty of toppings. The pizza was served hot and fresh within 20 minutes and was very good for the price. 

As always Shakey's did not disappoint. The food we ordered taste excellent and matches our hungry tummies. My family loved their spaghetti with meatballs! Price was reasonable enough. Good value for money.

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TuanTuan Chinese Brasserie

4.0 Stars

One of my favorites in the metro. If you're looking for Chinese comfort food, Tuan Tuan is just across the Greenhills Theater Mall, located at the new building where you'll find this authentic Chinese Brasserie.

Tuan Tuan is hard to missed because of their French-inspired ambiance, elegant interior with chandelier at the ceiling. The seating area here is smaller compared to their Megamall branch.

An advantage of dining here is that it is near the side entrance of Promenade. It is easier to get in, dine and leave as compared to the Megamall branch wherein you have to wait a while for the elevator to arrive.

⏺️BBQ Pork Snow Buns (Php 148) are consistent and delicious. Light and crispy shell, pillowy soft interior, milky in taste, and filled with an assortment of fillings. They are among the must try. Even better than those from rival Tim Ho Wan's.

⏺️Pan Fried Halibut Belly with Soy Sauce (Php 428)
This is a must order because every soft morsel of the fatty fish is packed with soy flavor. Just be careful of some fish bones though.

⏺️Honey Garlic Spareribs (Php 328), it’s sweet, salty and citrusy. The meat falls off the bone easily. You can’t stop at one piece. 

Everything tasted fresh and simply delicious. Their price is a bit on the high side for simple noodle soup, but they are just about relatively average for decent mall restaurant.

Will definitely eat here again the next time we visit Greenhills Promenade.

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Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea

5.0 Stars

Thanks to Yi Fang, we can fancy anytime the freshest local fruits in season with our favorite tea. Their drink is awesomely delicious!

Yi Fang is also a great spot to sip on some unique and tasty drinks while catching up with friends, this is the place you want to go and get one.

Brown Sugar Pearl Tea Latte (Php 140 - Large)
I am hooked to Taiwan style bubble tea in particular. Sugar levels as well as amount of ice can be customized to your personal liking. We opted to change the sugar levels and ice at 75% They had a decent tea flavour and aroma – refreshing but nothing. overpowering. The drinks were also properly sealed with the plastic wrap.

They have an extensive categories of drinks: from milk tea and fruit tea, ensuring that there’s something for everyone here.

Overall, Yi Fang is a companion one can rely on to keep you energized and refreshed all year round. Once you got to try Yi Fang, you will thank me for it.

They continues to remain popular due to its quality and stylish vibe, so you should expect a wait if you decide to go on a weekend afternoon.

Hopefully, they can add more of their branches to taste those year-round summer goodness whenever, wherever any time of the day.

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Genki Sushi

5.0 Stars

Why not head to Genki Sushi for a fun and relaxed meal, imagine craving for Japanese comfort food where the sushi is served on a conveyor belt and the entire ordering process is automated. 128561127843127844

Genki Sushi was founded in 1968 with the promise of bringing sushi to the masses. With chain restaurant all over Japan, they already expanded in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Indonesia, Singapore, China and now in the Philippines with five (5) branches around Metro Manila, and another branch that soon to be open in SM Mega Fashion Hall.

The place was set up like sushi places in Japan. It's quite fun to order food at Genki Sushi because you place your orders through their tablet and it's served to you through their sushi train or known as conveyor belt.

I also like how every dish has a photo which makes it easier for you to decide what you want, especially if you are not familiar with the meaning of certain Japanese dishes.

As a foodie, one of the things I’ve always admired about the Japanese is their ability to present some unique elements into their dish.

We were able to try different kinds of sushi and maki during our stay, namely the following:

⏺️Fried Salmon with Cream Cheese (Php 160)
This one is definitely a must try! There’s a reason why they put this among their popular dishes, and it’s because it’s pretty good! Smoky burned glaze on top really brings a whole new fragrance to the entire sushi roll.

⏺️Spicy Double Salmon (Php 160)
perfect combination of spicy, sweet, and savory. The salmon turns out juicy on the inside, crispy and brown on the outside and spicy from the combination of seasonings.

⏺️Salmon Taberu Layu (Php 130)
The taste that you'll surely can't resist! Hand-pressed rice topped with fish was this salmon one with scallions, garlic and layu or chili oil.

⏺️Tuna Tataki (Php 120)
The flesh is flash-seared so it's crispy on the outside but still rare inside, resulting in a delicious melt-in-mouth flesh of the fillet, a truly perfect seasoned tataki.

⏺️Shrimp Garlic Butter (Php 140)
Two pieces of pale shrimp atop sushi rice, the whole thing doused in melted garlic butter.

Rice Bowls

⏺️Salmon Black Pepper Chicken Don (Php 220)
If you’re going to pick a rice meal, you should probably go for this. It’s basically fried salmon cooked in an onion and black pepper-based sauce that nicely coats the salmon and japanese rice.

⏺️Tuna and Tofu Rice Bowl (Php 380)
It’s as typical as it can get! But a tuna is still a tuna, so I still quite liked this and thought the portion they served was big enough.

⏺️Chicken Oyako Don with Salmon Miso Soup (Php 290)
consisting of a bed of rice with chicken meat, beaten egg & sweet onions that is best paired with sweet and creamy soup.

Aside from the sushi and rice bowls, they do have some Bento Boxes that are filled with your Japanese favourites and a better value for money.

⏺️Chicken Katsudon Bento (Php 480)
⏺️Chicken Black Pepper Bento (Php 480)
⏺️Shrimp Tempura Supreme Bento (Php 650)

We also got a chance to try some tasty and whimsical play on their dessert that are too adorable to eat.
⏺️Chocolate Gunkan (Php 220)
⏺️Mango Nigiri (Php 220)
⏺️Strawberry Nigiri (Php 220)
⏺️Strawberry Gunkan (Php 220)

What really made the trip fun was the innovative conveyor belt which reminded us of the bullet trains. The biggest difference is the touch screen interface for ordering and the train to serve orders. The automated ordering process makes this Japanese fast food a worthwhile destination. 

Customers can also make their own green tea. Each table is equipped with a tap of free-flowing hot water and a little container of matcha powder, so that they can have as much tea as they want, when they want it.

Overall, Genki Sushi is worth trying out especially their sushi and sashimi are pretty good and fresh with reasonably priced. And the taste are not that far from what sushi taste like in Japan! Ambiance has a welcoming and bright atmosphere. I assure you that each bite is worth the penny! 128521

P.S. Be mindful of your bill though as it could easily sky rocket without you realising it. 128513

Thank you to Ms. Mary and Ms. Elaine, management of Genki Sushi Philippines, to Peanut D and Roegan T for inviting us and finally got a chance to meet fellow |ooloo Reviewers / Community Ambassadors in person
Bea Patricia J
Charlzz C
Jairus d
Jayson J
Julie L
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Will C

128153 Raymond S and I are so thrilled to try this place together with you guys!

Full disclosure: This is a sponsored post. The author did not pay for the food mentioned in this post, however it does not affect the personal opinions stated above.

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Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea

5.0 Stars

For thirst quencher, or just want to satisfy your next tea craving, grab a drink and enjoy a fresh new take on teas at Yi Fang.

They already have two branches up to date but they’re currently on the works for few more branches somewhere north.

Yi Fang Signature Fruit Tea (Php 120)
This drink has a generous amount of fresh apples, lemons and oranges. It also has a good number of passion fruit seeds, for some extra munch.

We learned that most customers did not like passion fruit seeds, and they opt to keep this out. But for us, it was a good addition as it adds flavor and crunch, and keeps out mouths busy.

They also have a space to sit down and just enjoy your orders peacefully. Limited number of tables are available on the side of the store.

Yi Fang emphasizes freshness and use no artificial flavouring. For those who aren’t fans of milky drinks or strong tea flavors, this place is the best! Definitely try to give Yi Fang a try if you're in the area, you’ll be surprised at how good their fruit tea and milk tea tastes like.

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Choi Garden

5.0 Stars

Choi Garden has one of the best Chinese cuisines in Manila. It's all a matter of where to find good quality chinese dishes that are worth it. Choi Garden is one if them on the list. I especially love to dine at night when the red lanterns outside is a sight to behold. 

It’s a great place for special occasions especially because their fresh seafood really makes the dining exemplary and memorable. The ingredients are fresh and the taste is unparalleled by any other Chinese restaurants in the area.

Among the must try dishes are the ff:
BBQ Pork Asado
Roast Meat Combination
Broccoli with Garlic
Peking Duck 1 way or 3 ways
Steamed Prawns with Garlic
Hot Prawn Salad
Duck Salad
Egg Yolk Pao

If your craving for Chinese food this is the best place in San Juan. Even though the price is quite expensive but I can say that the food is really good as well as the service. Be sure to make a reservation ahead to avoid the crowd. They can get so full that waiting time can be disappointing. Parking is very limited in the front so most of us were just dropped off.

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Starbucks Coffee

5.0 Stars

Seems that Starbucks lovers are up for some good times this May.

Starbucks offers a new promo for their customers, especially when it’s on their signature Frappuccinos! One Frappuccino flavor every Wednesday of May, they will be having different Frappuccino Beverages from 3 pm to 6 pm. 

Matcha Hazelnut Cream Frappuccino® 
Matcha added with hazelnut syrup, finished with whipped cream and dusted with matcha powder, and you’re left with this delicious treat to cool you down on hot summer days.

Coffee is a masterpiece here at Starbucks. There's no question when it comes to quality of food and coffee, as well their customer service. Wherever you are, Starbucks is always a must visit for coffee lovers. It is a good choice for students and working adults. Especially with their comfy seats, it is a good location to study or have simple business dealings at. I like the environment and do often sit with a drink and good book in hand on lazy weekends.

What are you waiting for? Run to your closest Starbucks and line up for their Grande Wednesday!

If you don’t know where the nearest Starbucks is, you can find one using the |ooloo app.

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Krispy Kreme

5.0 Stars

What can you say about Krispy Kreme other than their doughnuts are delicious, hot and fresh?

We stop by Krispy Kreme whenever we are near one. Today we had an exceptional visit. The staff was very nice, they are all friendly and always giving free hot samples. They have an amazing selection of doughnuts and you get to see them be cooked and glazed.

Original Glazed Doughnuts
Light and airy, non greasy these are an indulgent treats. Melt in your mouth. I did enjoy two warm glazed donuts.

These are EXCELLENT when the doughnuts are warm. So you take to your hotel or home, be sure to heat for 7 seconds to get the best flavor. 

The red light "HOT NOW" flashes on the sign when they are baking donuts. they also have flashing signs in the windows so you know when they are HOT. the process is amazing to see - from when the hole is cut - to the cooking to the glazing.

Any time day or night if you get the slightest inclination for a snack, go to Krispy Kreme and eat this amazing hot snack. It is always crowded when hot and people are amazed.

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Mendokoro Ramenba

5.0 Stars
Ramen or Noodle

This is an excellent ramen restaurant and the proof is the long lines at meals time. But the wait is worth it, especially on cold rainy nights, when you just crave for something hot and spicy.

Tantanmen Tonkotsu Ramen (Php 440) is so flavorful. I like the spicy kick to it. Each sip of the broth, along with each bite of the noodles with the pork, is satisfying, just the way I like it. Noodles has just a right bite, perfectly cooked in an al dente way

Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen (Php 410) is a bowl of slightly curly noodles, mushrooms, and a piece of chashu, all swimming in a nearly white broth, topped with sesame seeds and spring onions. First sip of that milky broth, i just wanted to keep quiet, and quietly savor my soup with noodles, and the chashu is soft and easy to cut with chopsticks.

Gyoza (Php 200) was heaven in a bite. It didn't feel overwhelmingly greasy or oily or too tasteful. It was the right amount of tastiness.

Serving size is huge so use the waiting time to build up an appetite. Reminds me of the ramen houses in japan. Will have to come back for some more to try the rest of the menu.

I wish they set up a shop somewhere in the North so that I don't need to travel too far just to get my fix of Mendokoro when I get my ramen cravings.

Go early, there's always a long line waiting because of so many customers especially peak hours.

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