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TAS Roofdeck

2.0 Stars

Check your bill.
Might not be correct.

Dont get drunk here. Lol

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Starbucks Reserve

5.0 Stars

Looks like i have found another starbucks branch near my new location. Thanks to fellow southies for pointing out where this is. It started out when i saw the FB ad new drink of SB that will only be served in three branches (Power plant mall, three E-com, and this branch only!)

128204128525 Cold Brew Malt
I was right the moment i tasted this drink, it’s a milkshake, only made better with rich malt taste, ice cream, and cold brew! I recommend this for the not so coffee lovers because this drink generally tastes vanilla ice cream and malt. You could only taste the coffee last, only for a short while because at the end, it’ll taste malt again. It’s served fancier of course, witha bitesize of a crusty cookie similar to “Royal Dansk”. To end this drink’s review is this special price: 270PhP. I only discovered it after 4 hours of drinking it. I didn’t had time to ask how much was it. 🤪

128204 Almond croissant @95PhP
Not the best croissant, because it’s not fluffed up. I just like it because it has a lot of almonds on it.

128204 Classic Cheese Tart @75PhP
This is included in their Christmas roster of food. I am please with the crust, always make sure it’s served to you warmed. But because i ate the croissant first, it got a little cooler, the cheese wasn’t that cheesy, it just tasted commercial cheese in your pan de sal 128517

Try the reserved branches especially the other two branches i have mentioned above. They serve ice cream floats, affogattos and a lot more new coffee concepts.

Btw, this branch got a separate bar that will serve your special order of coffee. So go directly to the center bar and claim your drink after settling your bill in the normal bar.

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Starbucks Reserve

3.0 Stars

Just a tip, if you only see two slices of cake left, think again if you’re getting it.
In my case, i got an old stock cake. The sponge cake was dry, it got some elasticity on it already. Not so nice right? No matter how i like the taste, it’s old.
Any way, it still is a three because i like the ambience.

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2.0 Stars
Frozen Yogurt

I could not believe it.
I thought i was ready to give it a three.

I was here to claim a free sanum, the service was just okay. My order was quickly taken by the crew service. I was just surprised that there wasn’t anything special anymore when they did the order.

Then i started digging in. I was just sad because i did not like the texture of yoghurt. It was icy like the third picture. It was far from the first time i tried llaollao. Back then it was smoother than this.

What happens if something icy as this order melts is it becomes watery than syrupy. You wouldn’t like a watery treat right?

I hope the mgt would try to investigate on this case, hope this is just a bad day.

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Don Bao

5.0 Stars

Hey foodiestalkers,
Try Don Bao, i’m sure you will enjoy as we did in this rendezvoos. The place is at Rada, and it can hold upto 50 pax. It’s a little dim inside, but can be a place for an intimate meal with family or a late night hang out with friends. We were served the following:

128204 Kani nachos (185php)
It’s actually potato chips drizzled with Kani shreds, cheese dip and Japanese mayonnaise with some greens.

128204 spam musubi (120php)
This is recommendable for spam lovers, i love the glaze on the rice, it got some salty seaweed-sesame taste.

128204128525 ninja roll (280php)
I could not believe this is just an appetizer, because it really is a big serving! I think it’s 8 pcs of rolls with tiger prawn in the middle. It’s not a bad choice if you’re going here solo and order this appetizer.

DONBURI: (rice all you can!)
128204128525 chicken teriyaki (240php)
This teriyaki has some Chinese-touch with its skin. It’s a little bit savory compared with the authentic clean taste of chicken and teriyaki sauce.

128204 special tendon (295php)
This is composed of tiger prawn tempura and Kani tempura. Anything drizzled with the Japanese mayo is good. The tempura batter remains crispy after being served for quite sometime; however i still think there’s still room for improvement as for the quality of the batter.

128204128525 spicy tonkotsu ramen (299php)
Although i’m not a fan of spicy stuff, this one just gives enough tease of spice in my tongue. I love the thin slice of tonkatsu in the bowl and the perfectly cooked cured egg.

128204 seafood ramen (299php)
This got a little lighter soup— recommended for the less adventurous tongue. It has a piece of tiger prawn tempura, kani, cured egg, with a lot of bread crumbs for added texture.

BAO— they have a lot of kua pao and they served us
128204128525 p.king bao (125php)
They’re best seller!! Inside is tender chicken, kropek, cucumber with that familiar hoisin sauce— overall imitating that peking duck taste served in Chinese Restaurants.

128204128525 crazy bao (125php)
This one is for seafood/kani lovers, because it has this rich taste of Kani and Japanese mayonnaise.

128204 soFISHticated bao (125php)
Fish for our pescetarians, flavor is less subtle seafood than the one above, their fish is enveloped in a slightly thick batter, good if eaten fresh; otherwise it’ll harden and will less enjoyable.

128204128525 milo w/ condensed milk (99php)
This one reminds me of the silver bread we order at Chinese restaurants— turned out to be fried baos covered with milo. I like that the baos are a little too toasted giving off a nice bitter fried-taste, because it absolutely harmonizes with the sweet milo powder. The condense milk only synergises a tolerable sweetness level.

It was a puzzle for me if this is really a Chinese or a Japanese cuisine; at first i was liking my hypothesis of this place being Chinese restaurant with only a little touch of Japanese. Turns out the other way around as confirmed by the owners (who are Chinese, btw). Nevertheless i like their creation and still would like to tell everyone that this is not comparable with other Japanese restaurants.

Don Bao also caters to parties; they bring along their small cart with all their baos— it’s both for kids and adults. The owner soon plans to open in malls, but would gladly remain as “outside” restaurant as of the moment.

Street parking is the wisest. If you’re planning for a purposed visit, try this on a weekend, so you won’t get stressed on parking. Place is also recommended for drinking— pay as low as 60PhP for a bottle of beer!

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TAS Roofdeck

3.0 Stars

There’s a nice roof deck bar along Aguirre by name of TAS, it got its name because of its location— “taas” the place is a nice place to stay to enjoy the sunset, it’s also a plus if you’re a smoker, because you’re free to do so here. They do also have a non smoking area, over all 80pax max sitting capacity. I was already running late, too bad i wasn’t able to try all the food served. Nonetheless

128204 BBQ Ribs with Sidings 825PhP
This is new in their menu. The serving size is huge, it’s served with this special barbecue sauce. It does make the ribs really tasty; without it it’s a little bland. The half rack of ribs needs a little more marinating and tenderizing to do. Anyway, it’s already good for pulutan.

128204128525 Sisig and Pita 280PhP
Do get this when you visit the place. This sisig is best to go with their garlic sauce. It’s not your usual super crunchy sisig, but tastewise it’s above average.

128204 Sampler Platter 595PhP
Their sample platter— i was able to try:
Tofu - it was a little hard
Falafel - so good! Order this and enjoy it with rice and their garlic sauce.
Chicken inasal - it does taste like satay
Chicken barbecue

128204128525 Falafel Shawarma 190PhP
Anything with their mushy falafel is fine to order here at TAS.

128204 Classic Sangria Bottle 395PhP
It’s a little too strong. Needs to improve on the sweetness.

It’s also cool how the they came up with the menu— drunk idea of wrapping up some barbecue in a slice of pizza. Well, it did work out fine afterall. I like that their tables got hook for bags, and there’s about 5-6 parking space.

They also cater to events, so do include them in your next party. What’s challenging here is the ingress/egress where there’s no other way but this winding metal staircase. There’s no problem with the width and plight of the staircase; it’s just a little risky after a night of alcohol.

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Coffee Syndicate

4.0 Stars

This is relatively a new cafe. It just opened this August. I came to know this cafe through Cindy S’s friend comment at IG.
Boom. Thank heavens for a Saturday free time, there’s always a party for one. This place got two floors, total capacity is about 50 pax excluding the outside area inside the mall.

The cafe is legit, not something like the notorious CP—who knows where they get their beans?! Anyway, I like the ambience, it’s the usual 3rd wave cafe, there’s enough power outlets for your electronics. Interior is mostly wood.

128204128525 Grilled Cheese @310PhP
Another good discovery, but still i like Melt’s the best. This one got 5 cheese in it, as their menu says. It’s the reason why it tasted a little too salty for me, tolerable, i must say. You can either choose to have salad or marbled potatoes for sides. I chose the salad. It’s dressed with balsamic vinaigrette; it also got carrot and beet rings. The tomato dip is quite remarkable, actually, the basil in it made it remarkable. The bread is sourdough. It’s sliced uniquely and it’s a little thin— it’s the reason why it’s a little crunchy too.

128204 Flat White @160PhP
They use Conspiracy Beans (espresso blend) for this one. It’s not as dark as Toby’s, but it’s good enough, quite acidic in my opinion. They don’t do latte art in their coffee (or at least in my flat white)

They have an array of pastry to choose from. Their salted caramel cake looks interesting.

Bacolod coffee culture is also their partner. Coffee Culture is the one in charge of getting their beans for their pour overs,.. I wasn’t able to check if they have their comfort room of their own, but parking here— at commerce center is ver affordable. Spent 20 pesos for my stay.

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Starbucks Coffee

4.0 Stars

New donut flavor from starbucks
128204128525 matcha Almond donut @65 PhP
I just got curious, got some extra time so i tried one. I’m the type of person who would go for the dark matcha taste, but i like this one even though the matcha isnt that dark tasting. It tastes a little jasmine, in fact. Make sure to warm it before consuming

128204 Chocolate Peanut butter bun @75PhP
New bun. If you like something heavy. Im not a fan. I think it needs to be more nutty.

The Christmas Bark seems interesting.

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Starbucks Coffee

4.0 Stars

Starbucks rang their Christmas bells just a couple of days ago. I was actually excited to finally have a cup of warm peppermint mocha.

No questions asked, the first drink that i bought from the roster of SB’s Christmas drinks was peppermint mocha.
128204128525 peppermint mocha
Duh? I love it! 128514
(Contains 5 pumps of peppermint and 5 pumps of dark mocha)

Also, i tried their
128204 Snowy Cranberry White Mocha
It was really more of white mocha drink, just with a small hint of sweet smelling cranberries— i guess that is why they call it “snowy” 128514
I really dont appreciate this one (maybe i didnt maximized the 5 pumps, i only asked for 4; but will 1 more pump makes a difference?)

128204128525 Blueberry Vanilla Cake @195PhP
Hooray! For those who loves blueberries like me, rejoice! It’s like eating a blueberry shortcake (not the traditional one) it’s a three layered heavenly vanilla chiffon cake. The blueberry syrup in between was great, there were bits of preserved berries too. Try this if you like some light flavored dessert.

128204128525 Chocolate Oatmeal Cheesecake @195PhP
And for something dark, this cheesecake is recommendable for chocolate lovers— milk and dark! Three parts—
1. the crust which also extends to the side of the cake, is made up of oatmeal hardened by chocolate!
2. The filling is further divided into two— the chocolate cheescake fills the inner portion while plain flavored cheescake fills the outer portion. (This portion can actually be cloying)
3. Save the best for last is a dark chocolate top which is absolutely creating that decadent dark chocolate statement.

Also, they released matcha donuts which does not interest me.

Yet i really like starbucks cake this Christmas season. Hope they create a blueberry drink next year.

It’s also great to know that SB stickers is no longer divided into 9-9 drinks. For this year, just collect 18 stickers by ordering drinks of any kind. Don’t have to force yourself on buying a exactly 9 Christmas drinks and 9 normal drinks.

On the sad part, i think they did increase the price of their drinks. Over 200 na ang venti

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Ella and the Blackbird

3.0 Stars

Being serious at work on weekdays, i make sure to have quality me time every weekends. This is when i really plan and go out to try something new, i mean new to me.

So when i discovered EABB, i thought it was situated at Esteban, Makati. My bad, it’s at QC 128517

It’s advisable to go here with grab, because parking here (especially on weekends, is terrible! I like spent 10 mins looking for available space. There’s only 5 allotted parking space for this cafe, and it’s another challenge to look for the guard who will take away the barrier.

Place is small, it could accommodate about 30? 40? Pax.
128204128525 Chicken Honey Mustard Sandwich @190PhP
Love this order. Sourdough bread with some chicken chunks, lettuce, and honey mustard sauce.
The sourdough is grilled with rosemary, so just imagine how aromatic the sandwich is. It’s also served with salted potato chips.

128204 Minty Mocha @150PhP
Meh. Not really good. I dont think their beans is as good as others? Or maybe with just this experience. The drink was rather below average, quite bland. The mint and espresso was weak for me. The chocolate was there though. Latte art— ok, for plus points. Lol.

I might not find another reason to visit the place, but i find it okay for some me time because the ambience is quite conducive for such.

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