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Not a newbie in this branch but first time to try their Spaghetti Bolognese!! So disappointing!! They should change its name to Spaghetti Soup to set proper expectations next time. Eew!!!

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Beauty & Butter

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Nail Salon

Got a mani / pedi here just today. Not a first timer but was pretty satisfied during my first visit hence I decided to come back with the hubby. Not a good experience this timeI Got Mayer as my nail technician and she murdered two of my toenails!!! She didnt even say sorry. I noticed she wasnt focused with what she was doing the whole time and keeps on looking at other customers entering the salon.

Also when we were about to pay, she documented that hubby got foot reflex instead of just pedicure. Of course, foot reflex is more expensive. Good thing we double checked the receipt.

Will we come back? I dont think so. 128078

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