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BLK 513

5.0 Stars
Frozen Yogurt

Hola guys! I’m back with another review... this time with my one and only fave ice cream!!!

BLK 513 is the first activated charcoal-enhanced frozen yogurt in Manila, Philippines. The dark color of the froyo is a result of of the charcoal which promotes anti-aging and anti-bloating properties. In addition, they also use frozen Greek yogurt resulting in a creamier and thicker mouthfeel compared to other froyo places.

There are 2 froyo options at BLK 513, cup at P185 or cone at P170.

Dark Skim Cup

1 crunch
2 fruits
1 sauce
Total 7 layers
Dark Skim Cone

2 topping
Total 3 layers + dark gaufre

I want to share with you my fave combination for the Dark Skim Cup. Here’s what i’m usually getting at BLK 513:

Crunch: Anti-oxidant
Fruits: Double Mango
Sauce: Either Strawberry cheesecake or their new sauce Blue Velvet. Both of them I love so much!!!

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Banapple Pies & Cheesecakes

4.0 Stars

It is my rest day today so we decided to celebrate the Mother’s day in advance since I have work on Sunday...

Banapple is my mom’s fave resto. She loved the entrees, pasta, and especially the cakes here. Plus, it is super sulit because all of their foods are good for sharing.

For entrees we ordered their best sellers, the Chicken Parmigiano ₱250, and the Bacon Fried Chicken Steaks with Milk’shroom Gravy ₱250. Both are super delish!!! We loved it!

For pasta we ordered the Baked Creamy Cheesy Penne ₱250. Loved how super creamy and cheesy it is!

And for cakes we got the Super Caramel Fudge Cake ₱135 and the Very Berry Custard Cake. The Very Berry Custard Cake was okay, but I enjoyed most the Super Caramel Fudge Cake!

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Treasure Mountain

4.0 Stars
Great Outdoors

Officially known as Treasure Mountain Educational Campsite, this large property is privately-owned and offers a place especially designed for weekend warriors. It's just a couple of hours from Manila, and doesn't require you to go on a trek to get there. You could trek to there, but the path is easily accessible by vehicles. It is definitely an effortless hike.

We were so excited about the sea of clouds that we are about to experience, but got so disappointed when we didn’t see any!!! The locals explained to us that the sea of clouds usually won’t appear when it is about to rain. We were very disappointed 128546

How to get there:

Treasure mountain is located in Sitio Maysawa, Brgy. Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal


From Cubao, ride a jeepney that bounds to Cogeo gate 2 via Marcos highway. Fare is PHP 25.00
From Cogeo gate 2, walk along Olalia Rd. until you reach the jeepney terminal going to Sampaloc near City Mall of Antipolo. The fare is PHP 45.
Get off at Sitio Maysawa Circuit jump off. It’s 15-20 minutes from Masungi georeserve. From there, you can either take a walk or ride a tricycle. It will take 30-45 minutes of walk to reach treasure mountain while 15 minutes when you ride a tricycle. The fare is PHP 50.


You can ride a Jeep that bound to Tanay along Ortigas extension. The fare is PHP 47.
There is also a jeep terminal near EDSA Shaw Parklea beside Starmall EDSA Crossing.
Drop off at Tanay Public Market, then ride another jeep going to Sampaloc. Fare is PHP 28
From Sampaloc, ride a jeep bound to Cogeo and drop-off at Sitio Maysawa Circuit. The fare is PHP 23.

It’s just an hour away if you take the Marcos highway route going to Cogeo.
Go straight to Marilaque highway and follow the road until you reach Sitio Maysawa Circuit
You will pass Palo Alto, Boso-boso resort and Masungi georeserve.
Sitio maysawa is on the left side.
From there, go straight and park your car to the campsite.


4 AM to 3 PM(the next day)
Entrance fee is PHP 150.00 per head

4 PM to 1 PM(the next day)
Entrance fee is PHP 200 per head

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San Juan Surf Resort

5.0 Stars

So last year, me and my bestie planned a Day Trip to La Union.
Started travelling at 12am and got off at 4:30am. I’m expecting we’ll arrived at 6 in the morning. But not complaining tho 128540

We chose not to stay in any hostel there because we’re on a tight budget. Good thing, the locals there were very accomodating! We just leave our stuffs to them while we surf.

Surfing with instructor cost Php 400.00 and Php 200.00 w/o instructor per hour.

Elyu is my new favorite place here in the Philippines. Locals there are very kind and accomodating, the beach is very clean, even the sand (even if it’s not white), so many cool restos and cafes there (very instagrammable). I just love the place so much!

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Karate Kid

4.0 Stars

So me and my brother were craving for jap food but we are really on a tight budget. Good thing we saw the promo on Karate Kid. Rice bowls for only 99 pesos (including the red iced tea which is so good just like in Tokyo Tokyo).

So I got the Spicy Calamari P99. It was okay... not that spicy tho 128532

My brother had the Korean Chicken P99. I think it’s good naman because he finished the bowl within 5 minutes 128514

And my cousin had the Mixed Tempura P99.

We also had the Gyoza. Which is good also. Very tasty.

All in all it was good. Plus the Iced tea is so delish! I loved it! Sulit naman for 99 pesos 10084

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Torch Restaurant

4.0 Stars

Torch - Home of Incredible Sushi, Pizza, and Steak.

Torch offers a wide variety of dishes. They also carry American favorites like buffalo wings and baby back ribs, as well as offer sushi on top international staples like salads, pasta, pizza and steak. So really, you won't have to argue with your dining companions if you wanted to satisfy your sushi craving while all 'em were fixated on having pizza!

I always have the cravings for sushi so we ordered their best seller: Cream Cheese Salmon Roll P339.95. A bit pricey though. Although it might not look extravagant, this tasted delish! Sweet, savory, creamy with a nice crunch. It also comes with a savory unagi sauce and Japanese mayonnaise that beautifully complement the flavors.

Then we ordered the Philly Cheesesteak Pizza (P369.95) it’s definitely one of their best sellers. Imagine the stuff found inside a Philly Cheesesteak, but instead of a bun, dump it all on top of an oven-baked thin pizza crust topped with mozzarella and cream cheese! Aaah perfection!

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Kenny Rogers Roasters

4.0 Stars

This is my go-to resto whenever I’m HAAANGRY. 128523 I always ordered the COMBO PLATES P135 (Combo 3: 1pc. Chicken, 1 regular side, Rice and Muffin) You can choose either Roasted or Fried Chicken, and for the sides, there’s so many variety to choose from!

PS. I always ordered their Caesar Salad because it’s so good and affordable!

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Burot Beach

5.0 Stars
Great Outdoors

Last 2016, me and my friends decided to do a Day Tour trip here in Burot Beach after work.

Burot Beach in Calatagan Batangas is one of the most popular beaches near Metro Manila. A favorite among weekenders and backpackers, the burot beach is often crowded during weekends, long weekends and holidays.

How to get to Burot Beach:
Via Public Bus: Take Celyrosa Bus going to Calatagan along Pasay Rotonda EDSA near MRT Taft Station (at the back of McDonald's). First trip is at 5:00 AM, travel time is around 3 hours and fare is 180 pesos. Ask the bus attendant to drop you at Calatagan Public Market. From here, hire a tricycle for PHP 150.00 or PHP 60.00 per person going to Burot beach. Travel time is about 20 minutes.

Via Passenger Van: There's a van terminal near the Bus Station and MRT Taft Station in Pasay where vans bound for Calatagan can be found. Travel time is around 3 hours and fare is 180 pesos each. Upon arrival in Calatagan Public Market, hire a tricycle for PHP 150.00 or PHP 60.00 per person going to the beach. Travel time is about 20 minutes.

There are so many things you can do during your stay here in this beach but for us, we just went Island Hopping. We rented a boat that costs P1500. We’re Four so just do the math 128540.

The sand was so fine and so white! The ocean was crystal clear. Plus we traveled there on a weekday so the place were all mine! We really enjoyed our Island Hopping there!

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Dialyn’s Bakeshop

5.0 Stars

Last February 2016, we went to Baler to celebrate Valentine’s day! We stayed at Sabang Beach (I can’t remember the name of lodging inn)

But the highlight of my trip there was this pastry shop!

Baler’s best pastries at the most affordable rates can only come from Dialyn’s Bakeshop. My most fave pastries from Dialyn’s is the YEMA BREAD! It only cost 10 pesos per bread. Very simple but rich pastry! It has yema in the middle. It’s oozing with goodness! Definitely a must try in Baler!

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4.0 Stars

Caliburger is one of my fave burger joint in the metro! Their fries and onion rings are also the bomb!!! It’s a bit pricey tho but whatev! You should try it anyway!!!

Anyways, Caliburger in Timog was closed now. I don’t know if they have any other branch other than in Timog. Please comment below if you know it! Thanks!!!

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