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Project Pie

4.0 Stars

I know I haven't posted a review in a while, but as soon as I got to visit Project Pie last night, i was pretty resolved to write.

I am a pizza person and the hype this place is getting was mostly what got me curious. Expectedly, the place was packed on a Saturday night. What I wasn't prepared for was the 1-hour wait lining up and the limited seating capacity.

Project Pie's main selling point was its "Design. Build. Eat." concept, but for a first-timer like myself, I opted to stick to the pre-chosen pizza selections on the menu. In compensation, their food actually didn't disappoint. Their staff were also very friendly from the get-go.

As you can tell, I am one happy customer. I got my fill of good (though not great) pizzas and their Banana Nutella pie just totally blew my mind. I deem it unjust to leave Project Pie without getting even a tiny bite.

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Leona Art Restaurant

4.0 Stars

A visit to Leona's is much like going to a high school classmate's house. It lends a cozy, homey feel without being pretentious.

Leona's Art Restaurant takes pride in their pizza, and so I tried it out. I ordered their 3-Cheese Pizza, plus the Chicken Pesto Pasta to match. Presentation-wise, I was very disappointed. None of the two looked appetizing nor appealing.

On the bright side, the food was actually good. Pasta was cooked al dente. It had just the right amount of everything in it. The pizza on the other hand, despite looking every bit bland and pale, wins in terms of product delivery. It's oven-baked goodness that doesn't leave you thinking something's missing or lacking.

Another restaurant discovery success I recommend you try for yourself! It may not be Poco Deli or Gino's Brick Oven Pizza level, but it sure is a good enough alternative.

P.S. Aside from the food, the commendable service is also worth taking note of ☑

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Shi Lin

5.0 Stars

Always gives me such joy to come back to this place. Value-for-money Chinese food you can't go wrong with.

Although seemingly ordinary, Shi Lin serves the BEST xiaolongbao in town. Don't know if it's the pork, the soup inside or the dough, but they all just make one bangin' combination—which often leaves me torn between ordering an entire basket for myself, and hesitatingly so, sharing it with the rest of the group. Its xiaolongbao beats the likes of Lugang, Crystal Jade and Choi Garden. (Can you believe it?!)

Reasonably priced at Php148 for 6 pieces and Php246 for 10 pieces, need I say more?

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IHOP Restaurant

4.0 Stars

Being the go-getter, and ever the “No, I won’t take NO for an answer” foodie that I am, my boyfriend and I braved the long lines at IHOP in High Street last Saturday (it’s opening weekend) to get our fill of pancakes. It took us an hour to get seated, which is weird if you ask me. There are no zigzagging lines that go all the way outside in San Francisco.

When finally settled, my boyfriend and I each had the Pick-a-Pancake-Combo for dinner because we are such avid fans of breakfast, the yummiest meal of the day. Or I think that’s mostly me, and I just have this uncanny ability of manipulating him into ordering the other food items I like in the menu with ease. :p The Pick-a-Pancake-Combo is made up of two pieces of pancakes, two eggs cooked in whatever style you want, a hash brown, plus either sausage links (this I highly recommend you order!!!) or crispy bacon.

Of course what set our meals apart was our choice of pancakes. I ordered one of their best-sellers, the NY Cheesecake pancakes. Much to my dismay, this was actually a bit of a letdown. I liked the buttermilk pancakes stuffed with cheesecake bits inside. I wasn’t too happy with it because the strawberries weren't fresh. You can tell. The strawberry syrupy liquid topping my first pancake ruined its fluffy texture and turned it into a pancake-stuffed-with-cheesecake-with-strawberry-tasting-water mess. It was like eating pancakes slightly dipped in strawberry-like water. Really. Good thing this only happened to about a fourth of my first pancake and didn’t do much damage.

The Chocolate Chocolate Chip pancakes, on the other hand, speak of a totally different story. These pancakes are heaven-sent. Chocolate pancakes cooked crisp outside, but perfectly moist on the inside. It smelled crazy good, too. If you’re non-adventurous with food, try it as is or pour some Old-Fashioned syrup for an extra dash of sweetness. My best bet though is eating it with one of IHOP’s signature syrups: Butter Pecan. Can’t help but salivate at the memory of those awesome chocolate pancakes now…

I'm definitely coming back here soon to try out their omelettes and other offerings. Hopefully for breakfast or brunch!

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My Kitchen by Chef Chris

5.0 Stars

No need to trek all the way to Pampanga for your panizza fix, Chef Chris’ array of Italian offerings (and more!) is now in the metro. Located at the ground floor of Oasis Park Hotel is My Kitchen by Chef Chris. My dad has been raving about the place for the longest time and so we spent my parents’ 23rd anniversary here.

For our dinner, we had the OASIS SALAD—a mix of artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, capers, caramelized onions, sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, arugula and Romaine lettuce with red wine vinaigrette. If you are not exactly experimental with salads, the default Caesar Salad is always a quick and easy choice.

Served next was one of the highlights of our entire night: the SAINT JACQUES PANIZZA. Scallops, shrimps, a hint of tomatoes and chili flakes in a bed of five different kinds of cheese and herbs, on fresh, crisp dough. Each panizza comes with a bowl of arugula and alfalfa sprouts. Personally loved our choice of panizza and I honestly think I can eat one whole during my next visit!

The main courses Seafood Marinara (forgot what it’s called in the menu) and RISOTTO CON POLLO arrived shortly. I barely got to taste the pasta, but I give the risotto two thumbs up!!! Slow braised boneless chicken wings and roasted chicken tenders, blended in parmesan risotto with fresh mushrooms and herbs, this food item is already good enough as a meal.

To give justice to the cover photo of this entry, I have to say the BISTECCA, all 500g of U.S. Prime Angus flank steak effortlessly took center stage. Cooked to medium-well perfection, these slabs of meat come with oven-baked potato slices, roasted carrots, squash and Italian broccoli. A must-try for anyone in search of great steak.

Dessert cannot be missed. While the staff recommended the Decadent Chocolate Cake, this was unfortunately unavailable then; hence, I turned to the LEMON AND LIME CHEESECAKE. No regrets. A combination of tanginess and sweetness on a thin almond crust. (Tip: Off the menu, ask for their WHITE CHOCOLATE GELATO for your fill of sweets!)

If you're on the lookout for seriously good food, I think My Kitchen is worth going all the way to Paco, Manila for. Just remember to reserve ahead of time and not just on the day itself since the place easily gets full.

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