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I always order the Menchi and seafood katsu set whenever I dined at YABU but I am disappointed to know that they have changed their specs and from squid they changed it into asohos fish. I am sadly known by this
a. The server did not informed me that they revised the compositions of it.
b. No proper training for the staff I even asked him first what was the specs of a menchi seafood katsu ser and he is not sure so I said go and look the menu.
c. What if I am allergic to that kind of fish remember not all guest are the same on your menu it is clearly stated squid etc.

I am very sad but the good thing the manager approached me and even asked me anything I could ask so that she could immediately replace it I ask for salmon and she did gave me a side salmon.
You could contact me anytime.
this happened 4pm of 10.20.15

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