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Starbucks Coffee

4.0 Stars

My college friends and I ended drinking at past 12am. Thinking that most Starbucks in MOA were already closed, we drove to Bluebay Walk to have coffee. Sadly, that certain branch was so full, and the J.Co beside it was about to close. Good thing there's another Starbucks nearby, the one in Blue Wave.

It's been a very long time since I last visited Blue Wave. I think ever since MOA was erected, i wasn't able to hangout or stroll around this place.

Starbucks in Blue Wave was very spacious, but outside. When we arrived here, there were still few seats available. I was so glad and thankful for this branch because it saved us from going home right away.

I had my Caramel Frappe with extra drizzle again. 128513

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Bawod Bar and Restaurant

2.0 Stars

After having dinner in 8 Cuts Burger Blends, my college buddies and I decided to have few drinks while catching up. Since we wanted the drinking to be affordable, we searched the supersized SM MOA for a resto that can give us a 'mahaba-habang inuman' experience.

Gerry's Grill's queue was not worth waiting, as we were the 12th in line. We went to the bay area and searched for a restobar that would fit our requirement. My friend suggested Bawod, since they have bucket-of-five beer and 'pulutan' promo at a very affordable price. We then settled here.

We sat outside where a lot of people are seated. I liked their wooden chairs and tables, but that's just about it. The was a projector screen where they play movies and... Cock fights! Seeing it in a bar where I was drinking made me feel like a drunken dad whose family money is wasted on cockfight bets. LOL!

After finishing a bucket of San Mig Light, we decided to have a sweeter drink, hence the Tequila Sunrise tower. We wanted a sweet cocktail, but we didn't want it THAT SWEET! It really tasted like juice, the concentrated one. Also, we ordered food that tasted so-so for its price. What's more disappointing was the Cheesy Balls. That's what the menu said, so we thought it was balls of cheese. Much to our surprise, their Cheesy Balls meant squid balls topped with cheese! Boy, were they clever! Haha!

Anyway, I'd rather get in Gerry's Grill's queue next time than drink here. Too bad there weren't any Central-like bars in MOA.

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8Cuts Burgers

5.0 Stars

I have several 'barkadas' back in college: two groups from my block, one in our student council, the free section peeps, and several others in other blocks. Yes, I was a friendly kid back in college. LOL!

One of my block 'barkadas' planned a get together since we hadn't seen each other for two years. It was great to know that our friend, who lives in Valenzuela, was willing to go to the south just to spend time with us. Thus, we decided to hold the much-awaited reunion in SM Mall of Asia.

A lot has changed since we last met, like two out three became foodies, and all became fatter. LOL! Since one of my friends was also into trying different restaurants, she suggested 8 Cuts Burger Blends. I have read numerous positive reviews about it here on looloo, and since it was recommended to me by Ara H, it was worth a shot.

Its MOA branch's façade looks really good, as the glass, the black foundation of the resto, and the huge signage compliment each other. Its interiors looks great, too, with colorful tables and and chairs, as well as bright yellow lights.

Our server was very friendly -- always smiled and gave us a positive dining experience there. He also helped us decide what to order, their best sellers are, and more. Because of his expert advice, my friends ordered the Q-Daddy Burger (P295).

Aside from that, we also ordered Creamy Shrooms Spaghetti (P245), Skinny Fries (P45) and Onion Rings (P65). I had their newest offering called Three Kings (P345). All of it tasted great! Their 1/3 and quarter-pound burgers melted in our mouths along with its other ingredients. Also, the spaghetti was creamy, and the fries had a hefty serving.

The highlight of our dining experience in 8 Cuts was the onion rings. I can say that it's the best onion rings I tasted ever! I love that they add powdered flavoring on it which tasted similarly to chips'. Even my friends went crazy after trying it out.

I'll definitely go back here for more of their burgers and onion rings. 128513128077

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UCC Park Café

5.0 Stars

Okay, fine. I haven't been writing reviews here for some time that my looloo duties already piled up. LOL! Here's another late review.

After making our feet sore from what seemed like endless walking, standing, store-hopping and gift-looking evening, we found ourselves begging for a relaxing time. We were thinking to hang out in Starbucks 6750, but since we were really tired of walking, we stopped at UCC Park Café instead.

This coffee-and-dining shop at the heart of towering buildings and malls is very refreshing to the eyes of an urban wanderer. Its zen-like façade surrounded by lush greens with wooden floor would make one feel that he is in his own garden having quality time with family or friends.

Its interior resembles more of a typical coffee establishment, where yellow lights, couches, cake display, tables and chairs are present. It was raining that time, so we stayed inside.

We ordered Strawberry and Blueberry Cream Coolers to soothe our bodies from the tiring shopping experience. They cost P155 and P175 respectively, which how smoothies in a posh place like this would normally be priced.

Their drink tasted great, as there really were berries in it. I loved munching on those blueberries while sipping on the smoothie. Those drinks were the perfect choices for our condition.

I already tried their pasta before, and it was good. I am yet to try their wide array of breakfast meals and other cuisines. It never crossed my mind to dine here, because I always see UCC Park Café as a coffee shop more than a restaurant. Hehe. 128516

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Pizza Warehouse

3.0 Stars

This one's a very late post.

Decided to join the Christmas shopping rush, we went to Glorietta to look for gifts. But before braving the crazy crowd of shoppers, we armed ourselves with energy-boosting and carbo-rich food a.k.a. pizza.

My partner had been telling me to try eating in Pizza Warehouse since he already tried there several times, and he loved it. So, that moment when we had to eat, we went there without batting an eyelash.

There were an array of choices, but we went straight for the all-meat variant. It costs P109 per slice, which is just right for an 18" pizza. Matched by their thirst-quenching, 47-peso, 22oz. iced tea, it was already a meal we needed before joining the hustling and bustling people in Glorietta.

Their pizza might not have its niche, flavor wise, as it tastes similar with Yellow Cab's or S&R's, but if you're the type who likes the two afforementioned pizza place, then this one's for you, too. You can also opt to eat their calzone, chicken, hotdog, and baked rolls if you are not in the mood for pizza.

Their service was fast, even faster than Yellow Cab's. We waited for a good 5 minutes for the pizza to be served; hence, enough time to prepare ourselves for the food we're about to ingest.

As for the place itself, it has a very limited space. So, don't let your kids run around, or they might end up roaming around the mall instead. LOL

In summary, Pizza Warehouse is a place for people who crave for pizza a hefty serving of the food with decent taste. I am yet to try other flavors and options. For now, all I can say is that this pizza parlor is okay.

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Kimono Ken

5.0 Stars

After not seeing each other for more than two weeks because of his measles, my partner and I met in SM BF to have dinner and watch Exodus.

While waiting for the movie, we decided to have dinner first. I suggested Shitamachi since both of us haven't tried eating there yet. He was craving for maki that time, and since there aren't any on Shitamachi's menu, he then suggested Kimono Ken.

I initially wanted Ramen, but after seeing wide selection of this Japanese resto's menu, I decided to get Yaki-Udon (P240) instead. We also ordered Beef Teriyaki (P295), Ebi Tempura (P410), Kimono Roll (P265), and Kani Salad Maki (P160).

I loved their Kani Salad Maki and Kimono Rolls. The maki's cucumber salad on top of it perfectly fused together with the crab sticks and mango in my mouth. The rolls' large slices make it hard to eat in whole, but I still tried doing it, anyway. Hehe. It, too, was very delectable.

Same goes for the Beef Teriyaki and Yaki-Udon. As for the teriyaki, the sauce and sesame seeds went perfectly with the tender beef, making every bite worth chewing and swallowing. The Yaki-Udon was a bit sour, but still had that pancit-like taste to it. It was quite a handful, since its noodles are very thick. I wasn't able to finsh eating it because I was too full.

Then there's the tempura. No Asian restaurant has an all-meat menu, unless it's the only thing they serve. My partner had me try one, and it's a good thing that the prawn didn't have any taste. I liked it, but people will still have a lot of convincing to do before I get to love seafood. Haha!

The lady at the reception area was very courteous and helpful as she assisted us to where we wanted to sit. The servers were also very polite and fast. We were able to eat without having to wait for more than 15 minutes.

Going back here would be easy, since this mall is just near my place. I'll definitely go back for their maki, and perhaps try other cuisines on their menu as well.

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Chili's Grill & Bar

4.0 Stars

After years of not seeing each other, my high school friends and I reunited in Greenbelt 5 to celebrate one of our friend's arrival from Australia. A lot has changed since the time when we were all in uniform, goofing around like any adolescent would.

My friend, who picked me up at SM BF, and I arrived late because we spent 30 minutes engaging in Greenbelt's parking war. It was survival of the fittest in looking for a space. Boy, were we stressed that time! Haha! We then headed to The Link, and instantly found a parking space.

After meeting up with the early birds, we didn't know where to eat; there were a lot to choose from. One of the requirements was to have beer or any kind of booze. I then suggested Chili's, 'cause I know that they serve liquor, too. I'm sure that there are a lot of resto bars in the area, but they all agreed with my suggestion. So, the other restaurants can take a back seat for now.

The place was huge, but the outside was more spacious than the inside. They had us wait for 5 minutes to prepare the tables, then they assisted us to where we would sit.

We ordered Big Mouth Burger Bites (P465), Fire-Grilled Chicken, Bacon, and Ranch Quesadilla (P450), Shrimp Alfredo Pasta (P535), Fajita Trio (P695), Full-Rack Orginial Baby Back Ribs (P965), and Tripple Dipper (P510). We also had a bottle of beer for those who wanted to drink.

I was only able to eat the quesadilla, pasta, ribs, and Tipple Dipper. I conquered my fear, or at least my lack of interest to eat seafood, by eating the shrimp on the pasta. It was a huge step, but I gave all the others to my friends after trying one. Haha!

Anyway, the pasta tasted okay. I would have loved it to have more flavor to it. The ribs was also okay; I'd still go for Rack's without batting an eyelash. The stars of the night for me were the quesadilla and the Southwestern Egg Rolls. Both were creamy and tender, and the flavors really exploded in my mouth. The egg rolls were a bit spicy, but it's very tolerable.

Customer service was great. There was a designated server for our table. Eerily, the server's name was the same as mine. So, whenever his colleague called him, I also looked back, thinking it was me being called out. Haha! When his shift ended while we were still there, he endorsed us to someone else, and the service continued. The manager even approached us to ask how the food tasted and if we were served politely and promptly.

Talking about babies, having a family, and living with one's in-laws were the highlights of our never-ending chat with each other. At that very moment, it occured to me that we REALLY are getting old. Hahaha! 128516

In conclusion, the service was great, as well as their quesadilla and egg rolls. I'll definitely go back for those two. 128077

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Flavours of China

4.0 Stars

After mom and sis did some quick Christmas shopping, it was time for early dinner. Because of our mother's undying love for seafood, we then went to dine in Flavours of China for the nth time.

They never fail to entice me with their free kropeck while waiting for the food to be served. Whenever we eat here, I always look forward to their unlimited serving of those chips.

I didn't like where we sat, which was outside the resto. I found it uncomfortable eating while passersby walk from behind. We didn't have that much choice, then, because the place was full of hungry customers.

We ordered Crispy Salt and Pepper Spareribs (P255), Steamed Fish Fillet with Fresh Garlic in Light Superior Sauce (P220), Crispy Noodles with Assorted Seafoods (P220), Chicken Feet with Taosi (P98), and Yang Chow Fried Rice (P200). All of it were still satisfying and delectable. 128077128513

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Jay-J's Inasal

4.0 Stars

I first found out that this restaurant exists when I visited Home Depot in Ortigas. It was amusing to see how people from the North appreciate the ambience, food, and experience, in general. But I think patrons go to this certain branch for booze more than their food.

Then they started expanding; hence a branch in SM Sucat. It is situated at the back most part of the mall, near the parking lot. We decided to dine here after my sister did some quick Christmas shopping.

The ambience is okay; somewhat resembles a classy Filipino restaurant, with glossy dark tiles and all that. This is very far from the vibe that the one in Ortigas gives. The one in Home Depot felt more like Central, but wasn't dim.

We ordered Pork Sisig (P175), Crispy Liempo (P295), and Bulalo (P395). Everything tasted great, but the stand-out for me was the Crispy Liempo. It tasted a lot like bacon, and who doesn't love bacon, right? It had bagoong atop a chunk of salad as its side. Others might love it, but I didn't. I made sure that every strip I ate didn't touch the fermented shrimp.

Customer service was also good, but not exceptional. I guess there weren't much customers that day, so the attention was on us. Let's just say that their service is what you'd expect in a restaurant like theirs.

In conclusion, Jay-J's Inasal can be a contender when it comes to restos that offer various Filipino food. I would love to try out their other cuisines.

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5.0 Stars

I can still remember the time when this was only in Greenhills (but I was a kid then, so I'm not 100% sure), and we'd go there just to have a taste of their delicious ribs. Good thing they now have many branches, and the nearest to me is in MOA.

While we were trying to figure out where to dine, we passed by Racks. Since we already missed their famous ribs, and for us to stop thinking and debating, we settled here.

Racks' interior is pretty much the same on all of their branches. It has that homey vibe to it, with its walls and other adornments. I like the feel of their resto, although, in this branch, it is a bit cluttered with tables and chairs. We didn't worry about that, because we opted to sit outside, where it was spacious.

We ordered their full-slab baby ribs with 2 side dishes, and a pitcher of iced tea. For P828, we got a mouthful piece of tender meat that was grilled to perfection. Yes, it can be a bit pricey, but since it's ribs - and it tasted great - we didn't mind at all. It was seasoned well; not too salty nor sweet. We chose mac&cheese and corns&carrots as our side dishes. They were just okay.

But the highlight of our dining experience here was their signature sauce. Oh, don't get me started on that one! I have been loving their sauce since I was young. My mom would even buy some for us to dip in grilled food at home. They have the original and extra hot variants. I always go for the original, since I am intolerant of anything spicy.

Overall, our dining experience here was great. The food tasted awesome, and even their customer service was commendable. I have been visiting this place, and I will definitely go back again.

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