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Texas Joe's House of Ribs

5.0 Stars

My my my... Where would I start first?

The location: it is located in the front beach of the subic bay so it's a yay...

The place: the ambience live up to what their brand is. The whole cowboy thing is like fun. You can have a selfie in each corner. They have an outdoor area which you can watched hollywood movie that has a Texas grove and they also have a karaoke. They also have a miniature and life size pony's you can ride to. On the inside they have a billiard/pool area. They also have some memorabilia items which is related to their theme. AND THE MUSISC, my God... My father can't stop singing along with them. Hahaha

The bar: flawless and wide array of choices

The food: one word AMAZE-BALLS!!! We order 2 kinds of platter which cater their specialty and they do justice to every food. The spareribs, back ribs, grilled chicken and the slices of beef are freshly grilled, you can taste the smoky flavor. The burger is okay. But what I was hooked up is their side dished. They havE THE BEST mashed potatoes and gravy was the bomb.... Coleslaw was fresh. The cord bread it self can stand as a meal.... Their dirty rice version was by far my sister's favorite and take note she only ate white rice. Ao their dirty rice is a game changed. The potato peels is a love as well as their nachos. AND MY FAVORITE PART IS THEY HAVE THEIR OWN 3 to 4 OWN CRAFT BARBECUE SAUCE, unlimited! depends on your preference.

The service: they have the most friendly and attentive staffs you can approached to. All of their staffs are dress and cowgirl and cowboy outfit which includes the owner.

The price: very affordable... For 700 you have their platter of grills with vegetable on the sides and 2 sidings of your choice...

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St. Marc Café

4.0 Stars

The ice cream is to die for. And I really love their sandwich club which have fresh ingredients. I also enjoy their churos. 💟

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