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Dekada Historic Filipino Cuisine

3.0 Stars

Nice place. I was having second thoughts going here since I have never seen it in Trinoma, I haven't heard a lot about it(there was only one review in looloo), and the moment we get there there weren't a lot of people inside. But hey, it's something new to me, and I'm always ready for something new.

It's located at the far edge of the restaurant lines outside the cinema area of Trinoma. I don't think they have a great location, so I guess that's why they don't catch much attention from customers especially looloo reviewers. However, they have a really good interior. From outside to inside, it appeals as filipino heritage classy(I'm sorry for the hard attempt on combining these words. I don't know what term to use. Haha!) which is exactly their theme. You'd see more of it in their menu. They named their menu items as death march pinakbet, rizal lechon manok, martial law buko halo-halo, etc.

Their dishes are for sharing but they also have dishes good for one person like their breakfast sets. The dishes are very filipino and delicious. Some really made a mark but there are also some that didn't. But all in all I think they are yummy. I'd give 3 1/2 stars for their food.

Their staff were very attentive, friendly, and accomodating. However the service was quite slow. The staff would readily approach you if you need something but would take a little bit of a time when bringing what you requested. For this, I'd give 2 1/2. I think they really have to up their game on the pace.

As for the price, I think it is quite reasonable. We were a party of 5 with 2 kids and ordered 6 dishes, plus rice and drinks which got our tummies full and our bill was around 31++.

Dining here is worth a try. Maybe you'll find a dish or a few that you'll really love that you'll come back for. Also, I think they also need more reviews like this, so they can improve more.

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Recipes by Café Metro

4.0 Stars

Recipes is a very humble restaurant for me.

It doesn't have elaborate decorations, strange fonts for their signs, nor attention grabbing color theme. Their take on their restaurant setting is very simple; minimalist if that is the right term. So I guess that's why, even though I've been seeing it around the metro, I didn't really had the strong urge to try it. But since a couple of their branches are visible in the public scene, especially malls, and since a couple of my friends have said that their food is good, I decided to try it. I was wondering what can they offer despite their toned down atmosphere.

I am surprised that under the simplicity, they serve delectable filipino dishes. As filipinos, of course, it's hard to please are palette with the taste of our own cuisine since we know how every spoon of it taste. However, I'm surprised that my taste buds really liked how they flavor the food.

Unlike other filipino cuisine based restaurant, they don't boast of their 'authentic' flavors. Just like I said, they are pretty laid back when it comes to appealling to the customers. Despite this, I think it also has an advantage on them. In my case, I was impressed with a somehow underplayer for me.

However, the price is not that cheap. Though I can say it is affordable since each dish are considered for sharing(I think it's good for 2-3 persons? Correct me if I'm wrong please). I also think that their price is reasonable considering how tasty the dishes were.

For people who doesn't want a lot of chechebureche or kaartehan before eating, I think you will enjoy this place. It's filipino dining straight to the point.

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4.0 Stars

First time I tried Yabu!

There were a lot of people so it was a right decision for us to already get a number (in the waiting line) eventhough our friends are not there yet. If I rember correctly we're 12th on the list and it took 1 hour before we were seated. (We didn't really waited. We stroll around G5 while waiting)

Service: 127775127775127775127775
Their staff are attentie enough. Just enough. How I like it.

Ambiance: 127775127775127775
Not too special. But just right for a restaurant where friends are family get together and dine.

Food: 127775127775127775127775
Great! It didn't disappoint me. The revews were right and I loved it. I love the big servings and really tender meat. Really, dining here is very sulit. I will definitely come back but I would like to try other branches.

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4.0 Stars
Latin American

Ate was very friendly attending us. That was really nice...

I looove looove looove their Calamares. Not undercooked/overcooked and really soft. Their sweet potato wedges were also really nice. And their poppers (thier version of dynamite)!

This is a great place to have ypur finger foods!

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A Taste of Heaven Milkshake Hub

3.0 Stars

If you're really looking for some place to have your milkshake cravings fixed, then go here. But if you're planning to go here to end a great meal with a great drink, or most especially to start a food trip with a refreshing drink, you should think twice, thrice? Haha!

Their milkshake is a meal on its own, a sweet meal on its own. I don't think it is really meant to be paired up with anything else. I really really think you should just enjoy it by itself.

Milkshake lovers would love their milkshakes. They got a lot of lovely (and diet guilty) flavors that anyone crabing for simething sweet will have their eyes sparkly.

Their staff were friendly enough to suggest what's best to order depending on what you want.

The place is a little crampy (nothing new in maginhawa) but veerryy cute.
※ There's a doodle board you can emjoy woth your friends in a corner.

And again, as parting words, visit a taste of jeaven to get your milkshake/sweet cravings fix then you'll definitely looove the place!

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Friuli Trattoria

4.0 Stars

1. I love their menu. They got a lot of pizza and a variety of pasta you can basically think of.

2. I love their food! Flavorful and tasty. You wouldn't ever think that something's missing. You'd get what you expected from what you saw and ordered.

3. Small place though, but that's how things inaginhawa are.

4. Not the best service you can get.
4.1 the dishes weren't served altogether so we still have to wait for every dish (coming one by one) to be completed.
4.3 Serving time was a little bit long. Thank God I have my friends to talk to while waiting. The mozarella took way too longer than the others. But as how my friends describe it, it's worth the wait.
4.4 The staff weren't THAT attentive enough. Thu keep on just passing by us when we call their attention.
※ Note though that they have this button at every table to call the staffs' attention. We had that mistake 'cause the button was located in a way that I hide it when I am seated. Haha! There is that button though. You just have to find it.

5. The price? Oh, very affordable. You cam order three dishes without feeling too guilty about your wallet.

Just one sentence to summarize them all?
Great food at a great price!

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Microtel Inn & Suites UP Technohub

4.0 Stars

Microtel review
We visited last July 18 since typhoon Glenda caused our power supply to be cut off for 3 days already so we decided to check in at a nearby hotel. Lucky for us they opened last July 15, I think.

The hotel is not that big. I think it only houses more or less 120 rooms. Since it is a new building the place is veeeery clean. It actually still smells a little bit of paint, I think. Just like any other hotel they have function rooms and has one (so far?) restaurant called Millie's. However, they don't have a pool.

There aren't a lot of furnitures in the room which makes it spacious and really clean. Although the view outside the window is not a beachfront and there weren't any balconies, the reading nook beside the window is a plus for me.

The breakfast included was also nice. Maybe not the best but enough for a boost of energy in the morning.

The staff were also very nice. Though at the time of check out I think the staff didn't really check the room thorougly bringing us a little bit of inconvenience. I just hope they do something about this. Also, it took us a long time checking out since there were a lot of people and they weren't able to accomodate them efficiently.

As for the rates, it is not that too expensive but it is also not that cheap. Given their rates, I just hope there would be more amenities just like a small pool or jacuzzi, I guess. A play place for the kids or a small gym inside the hotel. They have just started operating so I guess they can still offer more.

All in all, it was good to know that there is a good hotel nearby. If they would further up their amenities and their staff training, we'd go back to check it out again. I actually left a suggestion/comment at our room and we also received a 50% discount coupon, so I would really like to check it out again.

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Mesa Filipino Moderne

5.0 Stars

It was my second time trying Mesa. I didn't enjoy it the first time so it didn't really left a good impression on me. Thanks to my sister, she insisted dining here.

I have tried a lot of places and have been into places with great filipino dishes that's why I'm a little but hard to please when it comes to Filipino restaurants. However, Mesa impressed me.

We ordered the usuals. Sinigang na salmon head, Laing 2 ways, Beef 2 ways, Lechon Kawali (not sure if bagnet or pata), and etc. We don't usually order for crabs but sonce the table not far from us tempted me to order one, we did. And we didn't regret it.

I love the chili sauce in the crab and of course the crab itself. The sinigang na salmon head is very malinamnam and the beef 2 ways, especially the laing 2 ways have some magic in it. You get to try two versions of one dish, compare and enjoy.

The interiors and exterior of the restaurant is very poshy filipino. I love their bamboo inspired utensils. It's so cute.

I give them 5 stars for the value for money. We didn't just pay for what we ate but we also enjoyed it.

The staff are also very friendly and accomodatong enough to us.

Will definitely go back there. =)

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Kichitora of Tokyo

3.0 Stars
Ramen or Noodle

I'm not really a fan of ramen so I'm trying them little by little to see if I can grow a fascination on them.

I think their recommended(おすすめ) dish is the paitan ramen. It comes into two: Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se, a ramen fully loaded with toppings, and Paitan Ramen, the regular one, with toppings of pork, naruto, bamboo shoots, and other green veggies. Zenbu no Se looks really big and I don't want any leftovers for me so I ordered the regular paitan ramen.

Just so you know some of their ramen comes in two sizes, regular size (the normal big bowl ramen) and a small size. With just a 100 pesos of difference the difference in bowl sizes looks big but I think the small can already fill those with small apettite. But if you've got a big one, I suggest getting the regular size.

The soup of the ramen is great. Better than what I had somewhere in Little Tokyo. The toppings were also great. As for the noodles, I didn't notice any significant difference. Or maybe I'm just not really the noodle type of person but still I'm looking for the noodle that would strike me and change the way I look at noodles.

Their menu does not showcase a lot of variety but I think that's alright. The ambience of the restaurant is great! I liked it. The interiors and furnitures are beautiful and gives off the feeling of a japanese restaurant. Their staff is also very friendly. Thumbs up for that! As for the price, I think it's alright. Not too pricey but not that cheap too. They served me what I paid for. So as for the value for money I give them 4 stars.

All in all it was a great eat. Another ramen experience for me. They actually took my standards for ramen a level up.

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Tender Bob's

4.0 Stars

My family was craving for something american, steaks and potatoes, got to see reviews for this place so we decided to eat here for my birthday.

(Just a disclaimer though. They are located at SM City North Edsa The Block 3rd floor and not on the 4th floor)

There are dozens of choices in their menu so we had a little bit of hard time choosing. Fortunately, the server brought us a group/set meal choices. I just hoped she did that immediately after seeing that there were a number of us.

We ordered the Hungry and Starving group sets and, just like what you'd expect from an american restaurant, the servings were huge. Hungry group meal was good for 3 people and Starving group meal was good for 4. There were 8 of us but still we weren't able to finish it all.

The food was great! Delicious! Steak is good. (I'm not really choosy when it comes to steak. Just like any other average Filipino I like it medium to well done). Pastas are fine. Their spaghetti's al dente which I like. Their Garlic Fries is great! Garlic Fries itself is already a treat. Calamari is also soft. I'm just not really a fan of Onion Rings. Their fish fillet were also tasty and soft.

Staff was very friendly. They were kind enough to keep my birthday cake and serve it after we finished our meals and keep it again since we're too full for dessert. They also sang me a surprising birthday song and served a complimentary crepe.

I also loved how they prepared our take outs. Very neatly and nicely prepared.

I think my family were satisfied with the meals. That's why I give them 4 stars. As long as they're happy, I'm happy. #Cheesy hahaha! =D

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