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Kalanggaman Island

5.0 Stars
Great Outdoors

My Favorite Sandbar/Island in PH!

Super picturesque!!! :)

we stayed here for 3 days and 2 nights. :)

Home = Tent life is 128525128525128525
Food = 1st day, we bought lechon manok for linch and liempo for dinner. 2nd day, spam, egg( paluto kay ate), century tuna, coke and Cold Beer!!!!
127866 Beer and 🏝 Beach perfect combination!!!

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Perth Paradise Resort

5.0 Stars

Love at Perth sight!!!

Wow! Perfect! I can stay here all day! :) how about you?

Our entry point here was in Dumaguete, we travelled about 5-6 hrs just to reach this place. From dumaguete, ride the 11 am ceres bus going to sipalay. Or if you didn't catch the 11am you can do the cutting trip, about three transfers.

And when you arrived in sipalay proper, you can ask any trike driver to make hatid you in perth paradise. I think every manong trike alam yung perth.

We arrive there at 5pm and able to catch the sunset! The sunset, is so awesome! Amazing! Picture pirture first before we check in. Haha.

For aircon around 2800 only good for 4 persons. Not bad db? For tipid travel you can get their fan room. 1200 per night! For the food, sad, they dont have stocks, so delights (de late) muna! But they have cold coke and cold redhorse, san mig. Uhmm perfect!

The highlight of our trip is, we are the only guests on that day! Woooo!!!! Floaters are ready, outfit, and cam! Pictorial time! :) pak sa pic naman db?

This is one of the hidden gems in Sipalay!

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5.0 Stars

Happy Easter!

We need to celebrate!

We did it!

After 40 days of no meat, and no social media accounts, we need to reward ourselves! :)

We decided to eat in Manam. Our comfort food!

Here's our order:

1. Sinigang na beef with watermelon - super sarap. Maasim na matamis. Best seller!!! A must try!

2. Calamares - super soft! Sarap! Wala ako masabi. (Seafood lover here)

3. Pinakbet - sarap. Pero since im ilocano, i have high standard on pinakbet.

4. Crispy sisig- super crispy at hindi oily! Kaya sarap!!!!!!!

5. Shakes- we ordered their best sellers. Super yummy. Parang dessert narin.

Sorry super nagamit ko word na yummy at sarap. Dahil namiss ko siguro ang meat. Haha. :)

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Recovery Food

5.0 Stars

What to do after your 5K run? You need to recover right?

Full recovery for me!

Tapa de morning! Uggghhh. Sarap! Heaven and their suka is the best! Chow time! :)

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5.0 Stars
Ramen or Noodle


Hands up!!

Best ramen so far! We went here last tuesday for our meetup with my highschool barkada!

We ordered agamaru special and agamaru-tamago and fried gyoza!

Ramen is love!!!! Super love! Must try! :)

Kung hindi ka lang masarap! D kita dadayuhin. Hehe. :)

Their customer service is good! Ambiance is nice. The cr is very mabango and malinis!


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Tokyo Tokyo

4.0 Stars
Fast Food

Nutty caramel snow ice!

Yummy! Pasado sa aking panlasa! Peanuts. Caramel. Whip cream and ice. Super sarap! :)

Try it!

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4.0 Stars

Since Yabu is my default katsu set meal And last saturday it was jam packed i decided to try this place. :)

I ordered Chicken katsu set. :)

After i ordered, they served cold tea and i looked for the sesame seed ( to kill my waiting time ). but i look at their sauce and the seeds was included. I tried to taste their sauce it was good but I prefer yabu.

My chicken katsu arrived! Mmmmmm. it was thick and flavorful. But the presentation is nah. They don't have brown rice. :(

The ambiance is good and relaxing. But their customer service is slow. :( but some of their servers are gwapo. Haha. Plus point. :) hehe.

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Mang Rudy's Tuna Grill And Papaitan

4.0 Stars

Inuman with my broken hearted friend! Buti nlng 1:32am puede na kumain ng pork. Hahaha.

Sarap mag inum. I miss alak. I miss ma broken hearted. Its been 1.5 years na wala na ako boyfriend. Nakakamiss yung feeling na ang sakit sakit. Pero ang saya kasi i know where what i want to do now. I know what i want. And my direction is getting brighter. :)

Thanks x boyfriend for breaking my heart!

Nweiz. Affordable food here. Super mura ang good for 2. Hehe. Basta font be maarte nlng. Hehe. :) ok din ambiance.

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Ludo: Boardgame Bar & Bistro

5.0 Stars

Board games! ;)

Japanese food and board games!

We ordered japanese carbonara. Pesto, fries and gyoza! Super sarap ang creamy ng pasta.

Saya ng mga board games nila! At accomodating ang mga taga turo ng games. Buti super konti ng tao! :)

Visit na guys. :) fully booked sila ng friday night and sat. Kaya weekday pumunta. Hehe

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