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Durian Garden

5.0 Stars

Beautiful and relaxing! 9786128525128516

It's a garden/restaurant/souvenir shop/zoo/recreational venue/events place in one. 128048128053128038127802127795127800127807127885127946127835127860127846127816127852

Garden - So many durian trees, other trees with nice bearing fruits, different kinds of flowers and home of the biggest gumamelas!

Restaurant - They also serve durian dishes/food products such as ice cream, pie, cake, candies and others.

Souvenir Shop - They have few souvenir items but plenty of food products to be brought home as pasalubongs.

Zoo - Seen more than 2 kinds of monkeys, more than 5 kinds of rabbits, birds including peacocks and ostrich.

Recreational Venue - You may play basketball/volleyball using their court, football and even hide & seek on their very wide/spacious field! Hehe.

Events Place - I think I saw 2 or 3 function rooms. A garden event is also ideal.

Other amenities - They have a pool (for kids & adults). Room accomodations. Beautiful benches all over the area, a great date place indeed. Also an ideal pre-nup photoshoot venue or whatsoever.

Expect a full phone memory after visiting this place because photo worthy shots are never ending! 128247128241128249

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General Santos International Airport

4.0 Stars

I'm surprised to see that most reviews got 2 stars. I mean yeah there's no cart and it's too small for an international airport but this one will sure favor all backpackers. Besides, you don't really need a cart since the check-in counter is like 10 to 15 steps away upon entrance when departing, same goes when arriving - from the baggage carousel to the cabs.

Unless you're like relocating or having a grand vacation and got too many stuff, then you need help from the Kuyas already. It won't hurt giving them P10-P40, it's their official "hanapbuhay" and it's decent. They are nice too!

It's simple, your bags will be checked, check in your baggage, you wait, board and fly. The routine is actually faster than in our airports here in Manila.


Arrival: I was able to go down the plane and walk to the airport in just 5 minutes. I was able to get my baggage right away!

Departure: I was able to check in my luggage with no sweat and with less line (thanks to web check-in). I had plenty of time to shop for goodies and souvenirs since the stores are very near. Waiting was ok since there's TV with local channels.

GenSan: No traffic, wide roads. Distance like Pasay-Pasig will only take 15 to 25 minutes.


Departure: Still found myself waiting in long lines though already web checked-in. It took us more than 10 minutes to reach the waiting/boarding area. No TV.

Arrival: From the plane, it took us a freaking 15 minutes without carts (realize the difference) to reach the baggage carousel. Imagine the real hassle going through the escalator.

Manila: Super traffic. Pasay to Pasig it took us 2 hours with a P300 cab fare!

P.S. Minus one star because the terminal fee in GenSan Airport is now P100 per head! It used to be P40.

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Cafe de Bonifacio

5.0 Stars

(September 12, 2013 - Thursday)

Pinoy food at its finest! 128525

We had a snack meeting with Sir Fred, owner of Cafe de Bonifacio, that went great plus left us super full and happy. He is super nice too! 128076

Chef Ojie Reloj, former Chef Instructor at CCA and currently endorser of Ideal Pasta, developed most of the dishes for them. 128104

We had their:

Pancit Espesyal - saucy complete with scrambled egg, sausage and other veggies.

Adobo Roti - almost like humba with its flaky flavor combination of sweet and salty wrapped in a roti.

Pastillas - yummy and milky worth P75 per box.

Ginumis - looks like a halo halo but the taste is soooo ginumis ("labo" - haha), you must really try this one!

I will definitely go back and tag boyfie along. 128107

Special mention: Sir Fred was all eager and proud to tell us that LooLoo visited, he specifically mentioned Roegan T! Hehe. 128583

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4.0 Stars
Latin American

It's been a long time since I passed a looloo review... 128530 to the point that my food photos are starting to pile up, or should I say, eating up my phone memory. 128561

Anyhow any loo, I "finally" was able to dine in at Brasas. Coming from a hispanic bloodline (Hola! Saludos donde Mexico! Haha!), I was expecting it to be really good... and it did not disappoint me! 128077

Mi unico amor and I 128107 had their Pollo Asado Platter whereas his hermanas 128109 had something else that I honestly forgot what (something beef). 127835

We also super love their Carne Asada Fries and few desserts.

I promise to go back and will try their Puerco Asado. 128513 I hope it tastes good as it looks!

4 stars because they did not refill the water. 128539 I'm a water person! 128166 Haha! But overall it was great.

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Seattle's Best Coffee

5.0 Stars

Very nice! I love their Tomato, Mozzarella and Pesto Panini. Oozing with cheese but guilt free at the same time. 128523

The place is also quiet and spacious enough for a good chit chat with friends after a long day's work. 128241128221100029999128210

I think I'm gonna order it again! 9749127838

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Bon Appetea

3.0 Stars

Try Nirvana! Though I bought their Mango drink. 128540127865

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The Café Mediterranean

5.0 Stars

It's my first time and I loved it! Oppa! 128076

I had their Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet and lots of Garlic Mayo all over it! 128541

✅ Food Quality
✅ Served Hot/Warm
✅ Attentive Staff
✅ Place
✅ Amount of servings
✅ Plating
✅ Money's worth

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Wendy's Hamburgers

4.0 Stars
Fast Food

I love their Cheesy Bacon Melt! I love how soft and chewable their buns. Yum yum!

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Pig Out!

4.0 Stars

I know... I know... It's somewhat ironic when it's literally "pig" out yet the only thing I liked is their salad. 128541

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